‘Spider-Man’ Reboot To Feature Two Female Leads

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Here is an interesting twist in the (seemingly) never-ending story that is the casting of the Spider-Man reboot – it turns out that the film will feature not one, but two leading ladies opposite Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker.

We previously reported that Mary Jane Watson will not be the love interest in the webslinger’s reboot – which led us to assume the red-haired gal would not appear in the film at all.  Sources close to Sony are now saying that both classic Spider-Man ladies Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy will appear in the new movie, which would confirm our suspicions that Gwen will be the object of Peter Parker’s affection this time around.

Two actresses with recent commercial hits under their belts – Emma Stone (Easy A) and Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) – have reportedly met with director Marc Webb and read opposite Garfield, presumably for the roles of Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy, respectively.

Both Stone and Wasikowska are up-and-coming talents who seem like natural fits to star opposite Garfield – who moviegoers will get a better look at when The Social Network opens next Friday – in the “grittier” Spider-Man pic.  Neither one is officially being touted as a front runner at this point in time, but that could easily change over the next few weeks.

Spider Man with Mary Jane Gwen Stacy Spider Man Reboot To Feature Two Female Leads

Spider-Man has less luck with Mary Jane, left, than Gwen Stacy, right.

Wasikowska has proven herself adept at playing likable but introverted characters in films like this year’s Alice and the indie pic The Kids Are All Right.  The Spider-Man reboot could feature an incarnation of the Gwen Stacy character that is your stereotypical “good girl” in high school – attractive and intelligent in her own right but a bit socially awkward and not the kind that goes out of her way to attract the attention of her peers (except that one geek she has a crush on, ie. Peter Parker).

The high school version of Mary Jane would (appropriately) be the exact antithesis of Gwen Stacy – outspoken, less thoughtful, and more interested in a stud football player than a lowly nerd like Peter Parker.  Stone has a pleasant onscreen persona and could work well in the role of Miss Watson by making the character’s condescending attitude towards the costume-less webslinger more palpable for moviegoers.

Spider-Man begins filming this December, so we should hear an official announcement about who will play the female leads sooner than later.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. I could see Emma Stone as a good MJ.

    • Emma Stone in my opinion is the perfect MJ.I think shes pretty hot,especially in zombieland

      • As long as a woman has a gun she’s hot!

  2. noooooooooooo! not emma stone! they need to get someone hotter who would later become a model!!

    • Let me guess; you would like Megan Fox to take the role. Please say, “No way”? :-)

      • no way :S

  3. I aprove

  4. Two talented actresses. Could make it an interesting triangle provided their stars don’t rise too high to afford them for the sequels.

    • @ greenknight333

      I admit, that was mostly just me being speculative about what Mary Jane’s character will be like in the film.

      I could be way off, but something about the casting rumors and everything I’ve heard about this reboot so far got me thinking that this could be the way things go.

      • Sandy I haven’t read the Ultimates Spiderman so I’m not sure if MJ acts this way in that title..I don’t have much interest in this film and it will have to be the best promotional material released by any company for any film to get me to buy a ticket to see it..I said before I waited over 30 years for a Spider-man film and I think Spider-man 2 was pretty much the best the comic book genre could offer along with Batman Begins and Iron Man..

        Rosalie Octavius: You need to sleep soundly tonight.

        Love that scene!


        Dr. Otto Octavius: Did Edison sleep before he turned on the light bulb? Did Marconi sleep before he turned on the radio? Did Beethoven sleep before he wrote the fifth?

        Peter Parker: Did Bernoulli sleep before he found the curves of quickest descent?

        Dr. Otto Octavius: Ahhh, Rosie, I love this boy.

        • Great reference Knight. Great film. I wont say this new one will top any of the original films, but I will say this: If it has anything to do with the Ultimate books, I will watch it (I do agree that some characters are really screwed over, but most are pretty interesting in a modern version).

        • @ greenknight333

          You and I must be around the same age. I started reading comics and in particular collecting “Amazing Spiderman” since 1975. I still subscribe to “Amazing Spiderman”. It’s one of a few titles that I have an almost complete run of.

          I have also taken your recommendations for “Avengers ” titles and placed my order at my local comic book shop.

          I have a few of the “Ultimate” Spiderman books and I’m not particularly fond of them. The original flagship title “Amazing Spiderman” is still the best representation of the web slinger as far as I’m concerned.

          The PHONEY SONY “Ultimate” Spider-TEEN is obviously targeting a younger crowd.

          This Sony franchise is about milking the cash cow for all it’s worth by adapting the “Ultimate” route and perpetuating the High School stories.

          My point has more to do with the fact that we’ve already seen Peter in High School. It’s time to move on.

          Okay , so this is a reboot and it’s not following any of the MARVEL continuity, BUT the fact remains from the original mainstream source material “Amazing Spiderman” issue #28 (Sept. 1965), which featured Peter’s graduation from High School.

          WOW! Marvel moved on 45 years ago after only 2 and a half years of High School and Peter began attending Empire State University in #31 (Dec. 1965), the issue which also featured the first appearances of friends and classmates Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn.

          I don’t expect Sony to follow that continuity but the question remains, what we are all still doing in High School when the books since (1966) have been portraying a mature hero in adulthood?

  5. Emma Stone is very hot and will make a great MJ. Mia Wasikowska is ugly as a mud fence. Why in the world would they get her to be Gwen Stacy? I wasn’t even all that impressed with her in Alice in Wonderland. But Emma Stone is hot. Good thing Gwen dies off.

    • Wow. Why don’t you tell us how you really feel…?

    • Luckily Spider-Man’s not as shallow as you

      • Pikachu, you know Spider-Man’s not real, right? And Gwen IS supposed to be beautiful. Mia is not.

      • It’s a really good thing that the guy playing Peter Parker is Ugly too. That way it is believable. It really has nothing to do with being shallow. I am stating a fact. Gwen Stacy was 4 alarm hot. Even when she was drawn kind of geeky. Take away the glasses and fix her hair and she was smokin. I don’t think even Xibit could pimp that ride. It is no wonder that he picks MJ over her. Now that was shallow.

  6. Wow. We seen both Mj & Gwen Stacy in Spidey 3 and get to see both again in the reboot film. So when are they gonna announce the villain/villains as im most curious about?

  7. They are both HOT so any will do :)

  8. Both weren’t my first choice, but are good ones. But are pretty good choices nonetheless.

    One question I have is the portrayal of Gwen. Is she gonna be that sweet All-American high schooler
    like in the original comics, a nerdy girl with a secret crush on Parker like in the Spectacular, or a bit of rebel daughter of cop like in the Ultimate Spider-Man (Hopefully with the twist of her being murdered by and morphed into Carnage). Pretty much Mary-Jane has been the same in all continuities.(Except Spectacular)

    • Well, this film is supposedly going to be based on the Ultimates, so I’m gussing it’s that version.

      • I know, but they can always change it up to fit some continuity so it can go one way or the other. I’m just wondering what would be the best way to present the character.

  9. Foopher and pikachu

    See i was in ipod when i posted the second comment,i thought u two were talking to me lol now im on computer!

  10. Andrew Garfield is a lucky guy

  11. TELL US VILLAIN NAMES , than we will talk about it’s gonna be a good movie or just a rippoff from the other three.

  12. yes whose gonna be the villains?

  13. I’m starting to get a “Twilight” vibe from this movie. Thankfully, I still have Raimi’s first two Spider-Man movies.

    • Haha I swear to god if this ends up being like Twilight I will be PISSED off.

  14. I can understand the appeal for Mia since she is easy on the eyes and after seeing “The Kids are All Right”, I know that she can act, but I don’t know why but I’d rather see her in indie films like “The Kids…” and the upcoming “Jane Eyre” film she’s currentlyshooting instead of this big budget film.

    As for Emma, I just don’t see it, after Easy A I’m so used to seeing her as a sarcastic teen spewing punchlines every time she opens her mouth that I just can’t see her as MJ.

  15. First off, Emma Stone IS hot, and talented too. Wasnt inpressed with mia in alice in wonderland… and thats a bad pic, she looks like a survived abortion…

    I hope that the villian(s) would be… one, MAYBE(!) two… like in the dark knight where one is the main villian… Ild stick to one though…

    No vulture please… a 90 year old man with wings that make him live longer wouldnt add to the action in this movie…

    I didnt say goblin only cause this is a reboot, and ild like to see him slowly spiral into madness… the second he should be dressed up…

    • if its the King Pin bring back Micheal Clark Duncan dude did great in Daredevil and wants to do it again. But I say the Shocker, he looks bad a and I think it would be a good villain for a reboot.

  16. Electro! If they know anything about Spider-Man, they have to make the villain Electro. He’s one of the first villains he encounters on a personal level, even before the Goblin. I’m really hoping for Electro. But I’m sure they’ll screw up his costume like they did with the Goblin’s. Still…

  17. Electro is bad ass!

    • Agreed. Love that costume. I think I’ll be him for Halloween.

  18. Wasikowska & Stone could make me want to see this a little bit.
    But, as of right now. I refuse.

  19. Please step to the left to avoid the vomit on the floor when I read about Wasikowska being a possible Gwen Stacey. In fact, I have to do a laundry; bean soup is all over my shirt.

    Give me a minute…

    Okay. Much better now. Emma Stone is a good choice for MJ, but if the braintrust writes her up and the actress (Stone or whoever) plays it the way you conclude, step to the right…

    • Great comment. Great comment.

  20. We want action in spiderman which i think it will lack look at twilight it has ZERO action if spiderman is like this just bla bla bla oh how i love you,then yes Sin you have no idea how pissed id get…..

    • SM3 had fun action, and it was bad, just sayin.

  21. Anyone else notice that in that photo Mia looks a LOT like Mary Jane in the picture on the left? I wonder if they’re each up for the other role.

    Not that I know much of anything about Spidey’s ladies, their looks or personalities.

  22. I think both Emma Stone and Mia Wasikowska are good choices. Make-up, a personal trainer, and a push-up bra can do amazing things. They are both decent actors. The story will be the main thing. If the story sucks it won’t matter who is playing who.
    As far as villains go, I think they should keep him street level. Muggers, pick pockets, and move him up to organized crime. Some of the best spidey stories were when he was taking on the mob.
    Kingpin would be good for that. A Kingpin who doesn’t really like to get his own hands dirty. You could pick almost any of his enemy’s but I think Kraven would be the best. They would have to make him dark a la “Kraven’s Last Hunt” maybe not the killing yourself at the end part but still. Just don’t make him goofy like Crocodile Dundee or Steve Irwin.
    Oh well, I’m sure they’ll probably just mess it up anyway.

  23. they said a “grittier” spiderman, is twilight gritty? i know theyre going for a darker take, and more relationship stuff somewhat like twilight, so a mix of twillight and the dark knight?

    • A mixture of Twilight and The Dark Knight? What the hell?! Isn’t that a really broad range? They have absolutely nothing in common.

      • Hmm lets reboot Spider man while its fresh in everyones mind, and then mix it with elements of the Dark Knight, one of the best films ever, and Twilight which will cause every comic fan to self destruct when they see this…
        If there is any hint of twilight in this i will never watch Spider-man untill it gets turned over to Marvel and will sue the makers of this film…just saying
        Stone as MJ looks good, maybe if they had another pic of Mia would i change my mind about here as Gwen

  24. Spidey 3 was good!

  25. Uhh, you guys all know that this is taken from Ultimate Spider-Man right? If so, stop complaining. MJ and Gwen really were that way in the Ultimate Universe. If you hate the movie, don’t watch.

  26. What is all this talk about Twilight? That piece of garbage has no business being talked about here. It is not like Spidey is going to sparkle.