Jim Sturgess To Play Spider-Man?

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Spider Man Jim Sturgess Jim Sturgess To Play Spider Man?

With Spider-Man 4 officially scrapped by Sony and a reboot already on the way, the big question heading into it is who will be replacing Tobey Maguire as our favorite web-slinging superhero? Naturally, there has been wild speculative rumors flying around about who will get the role – including the inevitable rumors of Twilight stars, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson, as well as High School Musical heartthrob, Zac Efron.

Of course, none of these have turned out to be true, although IESB got a scoop saying Lautner had met with studio execs about an unknown role. I can just see it now: Twilight fans ecstatic, and Spider-Man fans less than content…

Now we have a new Spidey casting rumor to add to the list, in the form of Jim Sturgess. AceShowbiz reports the rumor that Sturgess has been offered the role of Peter Parker: his possible attachment came to light when Hollywood News noticed a retweet by Adulthood director, Noel Clarke, to actor Arnold Oceng in which he stated, “Got inside track. jim sturgess has bin offered the new spiderman in spiderman reboot, U know I always get da inside scoop.” This was written two days ago and when asked by Hollywood News if what he said was true, Oceng replied, “Of course it is.”

In case you’re not familiar with Sturgess, he’s appeared here and there over the last few years in such films as The Beatles musical homage, Across The Universe, the entertaining gambling film, 21, and most recently the Harrison Ford film, Crossing Over. He also appeared in a gritty British crime film called Fifth Dead Men Walking, in which he put on one of the greatest Irish accents I’ve ever heard done by an non-Irish actor.

Fifty Dead Men Walking still 570x321 Jim Sturgess To Play Spider Man?

Jim Sturgess in ‘Fifty Dead Men Walking’

Of course, there’s no official confirmation of Sturgess’ involvement, so until we get confirmation take this strictly as a RUMOR. But just for arguments sake, say Sturgess is attached to the role of Peter Parker – is he right for it? He’s more than a decent enough actor and he’s not really that well known, so it would be easier in way to see him wearing the Spidey suit.

However, word is that the untitled Spider-Man reboot will see Peter back in high school; Sturgess is currently 28 years old and although he looks pretty young for his age, he doesn’t look THAT young. Is Sony expecting us to suspend our disbelief, are they not going back to high school with Peter Parker or is it simply that Sturgess isn’t in the running for the role? I’m inclined to believe the latter.

Would you like to see Jim Sturgess take up the Spidey mantle? Does it sound like this rumor has any truth to it or it just another rumor and nothing more?

The Spider-Man reboot is scheduled for a release in the summer of 2012. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for Spidey news as it comes out.

Source: AceShowbiz and Hollywood News

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  1. If this is Legit then it shows Sony isn't fooling around, they are getting serious because Sturgess is a quality actor from what I have seen.
    He does not look 28 at all, I agree. Tobey did not look his age either for his films.

  2. Sounds great. I can totally see it; I really didn't have any particular actor in mind as far as who could be the next Spider-Man. Even though it's just a rumor, I really like the thought of Sturgess taking on the role of Peter Parker.

    Still not sure about the reboot though. If Sony was just moving forward with Spider-Man 4, this rumor would have made me go ape-s*** with enthusiasm.


  3. As rumors go, this one seems interesting. I could see Sturgess in the role, but I think this unlikely for two reasons.

    1. He has boyish looks, but he'll only pass for a high school student for so long, if that's the reboot series' longterm plan. Hard to say, but I get the feeling that “Twilight's” influence will make that most likely.

    2. His character in “21” was an incredibly similar role to Peter Parker, and he nailed it. This is probably why the rumor has sifted to the top of the pile, but I'm not sure this actor wants to be typecast in that manner.

    Admittedly, I'm sure money talks even if he doesn't want to be typecast, but I just don't see this happening. I'm sad to say that, because I think Sturgess would make for a great choice in this role (far better than Jake Gyllenhaal who seemed to get constant buzz as potentially replacing Toby Maguire), just not as a high school student.

  4. He wouldn't be good for a high school Peter, but I wouldn't mind it otherwise. I liked him in Across the Universe.

  5. I have no idea who this guy is and I could care less, Sony has killed Spiderman as far as I'm concerned, and I have no intention of seeing a Spiderman reboot, unless I'm REALLY impressed with the cast, director and the trailer. Marvel needs to step up and seize the rights to Spiderman away from Sony.

  6. I think he'd be a good actor for this part. he looks the part and they can only really do a high school reboot for 1 movie. if not him then i say logan lerman.

  7. I think he'd be fine if Spider-man isn't taking place in high school.

    I almost would prefer a Hulk style reboot with Spider-Man. Have it so that it could act as a sequel but make no direct mention of past events. MJ has moved away years ago, Peter is alone trying to graduate university and of course be Spider-Man. Gwen is still around and have the Daily Bugle staff figure prominently into the story. Have them along with Stacy investigating some crime spree which JJJ believes Spider-Man is involved in. Make Spider-man more of a wise-ass when he's fighting as a way for Peter to compensate for the loss of his friend and MJ leaving. Do something shocking like have aunt may die.

  8. Jim Sturgess is a very fine actor. I don't see why he wouldn't be good for the role.

    My only concern is that Sony is making this picture and not Marvel Studios.

  9. If this rumor turns out to be true then I have a little more faith in this reboot. Jim Sturgess is a very good actor. I loved 21 and Across The Universe and now Fifty Dead Men Walking is on my list for what I must see.

    Now, they have to get a good production team.

  10. I haven't seem much of this guy apart from in “21”, so to be honest I am quite happy with him being Peter Parker.

    But to be honest, how many times are we all going to hear the words ” And The New Spiderman Is…. ( insert any name you like )” kind of stories. Im guessing one a week.

  11. Terrible choice. Get a real high school actor.

  12. Yea he was great in Across the Universe. He looks like a good pick for the new direction.

  13. I loved him in 21 and I think he's a very good actor. He would definitely fit. To tell the truth though I haven't seen anything with him for a long time and I can't remember: did he use an American accent in 21? Because I know he's British. If his accent is good I'm 100% for him as Spider-Man. He doesn't look high school age, but if they scrap that part he would be great.

  14. Wow! It would be Fit for a New Face of Spider-man!!!

    In the Movie 21 Jim Looks Peter Parker
    & I Love how he play that Role!

  15. I agree with what seems to be the consensus, I would enjoy him as an older Spiderman, but if the plan is to go back to High School then it would just be too difficult to pass him off as someone that age…That being said I would rather them try to pass Sturgess off as a high schooler then give the role to Twilight boy

  16. Yeah too old for high school. It is also hard for me to view him as a high school student when he has already played college-aged characters in the two movies I know him from, 21 and Across The Universe.

    I like him in the role. I hope they drop the high school angle all together. I would much more like this to be an indirect sequel type reboot (ala The Incredible Hulk).

  17. Your post just made me realize that J.K. Simmons might not be back to play JJJ. And this makes me sad. If they bring JJJ into the movie, they had better keep Simmons. I know it's a reboot and all, but Bond got to keep Judi Dench, so there's a precedent.

  18. I haven't seen Sturgess in anything, but it seems like he's a good actor, but Spider-Man? He doesn't have the right look for me. Toby just looked like Peter Parker, but this guy…? He doesn't really look like a Peter Parker to me. I would sooner believe Taylor Lautner, but however they do it I'll be there to see it… Unless it just looks bloody awful, which hopefully it won't.

  19. I actually thought this back when “21” came out. This is the only positive news on the Spiderman reboot; if it is in fact true that is

  20. THIS is good news.

  21. I think I'm going to have to unsubscribe from all my threads. Disqus sends me everything like days late. It would be easier to just come back to the site. I am very fed up with Disqus…

  22. @neontiger21

    Hang in there man. I've had problems at my end too and I live in Australia. All seems to be working smoothly now.

    Perhaps someone with a lot of PC troubleshooting experience on this site may be able to help.

  23. neontiger,

    I've forwarded your comment to my Disqus rep. Delayed subscription emails are unacceptable. Thanks for letting me know.

  24. I forwarded it to you. To be honest I'm a little confused by the time zone thing haha. I got it at 4:04 PST. I live on the west coast. So yeah. I'm resubscribing to some stuff. Hopefully it works better. Thanks!

  25. Hell no! Too old. Soon be in his 30's. May as well keep Tobey then.
    I know for a fact that actors were submitted as of last Friday and it was
    considered a gathering of names for consideration. No one would be named.
    It is all very much up in the air.

  26. Hell no! Too old. Soon be in his 30's. May as well keep Tobey then.
    I know for a fact that actors were submitted as of last Friday and it was
    considered a gathering of names for consideration. No one would be named.
    It is all very much up in the air.