Josh Hutcherson is (NOT) the New Spider-Man

Published 5 years ago by , Updated August 11th, 2013 at 4:06 am,

[UPDATE: False alarm, Josh is NOT the new Spider-Man, but there has been an official announcement from Sony. Click here to learn who is the new Spider-Man.]

Blue Sky Disney Blog is breaking the exclusive news that Josh Hutcherson (Bridge to Terabithia) has been cast as Sony’s new Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot, which is being directed by Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer).

This ends month of speculation about who would play the new Peter Parker/Spidey and (as with any big answer) opens the door to new questions…

So the new Spider-Man isn’t Jamie Bell, or Alden Ehrenreich, Frank Dillane or Andrew Garfield. Sorry Donald Glover, it seems your dreams of being black Spider-Man will have to wait. But with Josh Hutcherson we do get an actor who has shown some solid range in the past – and, most importantly, is appropriately young enough for the Spidey reboot we were promised.

Sony said early on the goal was to make the franchise more ‘youth-oriented’ and ‘gritty’ (apparently that’s not an oxymoron); Webb was hired to direct likely because of the stylish youth-cool vibe he created in 500 Days of Summer, and of course, the glaring pun of his name. But then we started hearing actors being nominated for Peter Parker who seemed a bit too old to be playing high school students (sorry Jim Sturgess).

Hutcherson is almost eighteen and has acted in big-budget young adult fare like Zathura and The Vampire’s Assistant, as well as dramatic fare like The Kids Are All Right and the Red Dawn remake, which is currently stalled over at MGM. Added bonus: with Journey to the Center of the Earth under his belt, Hutcherson has already tackled big-budget 3D action. The kid looks pretty solid from all angles, really.

spider man 4 villains Josh Hutcherson is (NOT) the New Spider Man

I’m sure Sony will be quick to put out something official about the casting. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, we can start in on the next big questions: Who will play the villain (it’s probably The Lizard), and who will play the love interest?

The Spider-Man reboot will be in theaters on July 3, 2012.

Source: Blue Sky Disney Blog

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  1. Wasn’t he in BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA?

    • Yep he was the lead male in THE BRIDGE TO TERRIBLE; the absolute worst live action film based on a children’s story that Disney has veer messed up.

      If you were lucky enough to not see BRIDGE TO TEREBITHIA then don;t be tempted to as it will ruin your outlook on the chance this movie will be good. Nothing against this kid but TEREBITHIA was awful and The Vampires Assistant, which he was also in wasn’t that OK either.

      • I heard it was good. It even got an 85% on Rotten Tomatoes. Still not gonna watch it though.

  2. i kinda wanted logan lerman, but josh hutcherson was my second choice

  3. This is great news, now its up to the director to screw it up. Let’s see how the rest of the casting goes, and who is the villain.

  4. I’m willing to bet that he isn’t cast. Just like how Logan Lerman and Jamie Bell were also supposedly 100% locked for the roll. If I listened to all the sites claims on who the new Spider-Man is, we would be seeing 6 Spider-Men in this upcoming reboot.

    • Yeah other sites claim he that he auditioned because he confirmed in an interview. I’m gonna wait for more to see if this true. I just read 2 min ago that he confirmed his audition.

      • 6 Spider-Men… or is that Spider Mans? Hmm, what is the plural of Spider Man?
        But seriously, still don’t care about this reboot.

  5. He was pretty good in Bridge to Terebithia, so I know he has the acting chops to do this. Good for him.

  6. If this is official I’m a 100% lock for not watching this. The only chance of me watching this was Logan Lerman or Kick Ass kid. Now I will not see this film if this is our Spiderman. He looks more like he should be in Twilight than he should be Peter Parker.

    • the kick ass kid is ok but aparently he only does movies where he has a sex scene (Kick-ass, The Greatest, Nowhereboy) he just seems kinda smug for spiderman. he was good in Kick-Ass but i’m a firm beleiver of one comic book character per actor, even if they do never meet (except Ryan Reynolds, but thats because he’s naturally awesome)

      • To me this is like putting Tom Cruise as Iron Man instead RDJ.

        Hutcherson doesn’t exactly feel like he would fit in the Marvel Universe at all.

  7. still holding my breath for Anton Yelchin but I would be ok with.

    • this

  8. woohoo! my top choice from those given

    he’s got the experience and age right for spiderman

    most of those guys are in their mid-late 20s and this is a teenaged spiderman were dealing with. get a teenaged actor

  9. the villian? lizard, without a doubt. they set it up with raimi’s version and it’ll be a shame if they dont continue it. if they dont however, scorpion or maybe kraven the hunter, all the while setting up the green goblin, in my opinion they kinda rushed his origins in the first one. i wouldnt want vulture in it because an old guy with wings that allow him to live a much longer time wont do much to draw me in. so in this one lizard, and in second is scorpion, and third would be kraven the hunter. sooner rather then later i would like venom, just because that sm3 didnt do him justice, besides, tobey grace was playing eddie brock…

    • I respect your points Brandon. ALL of them! Set up a thorough villian for the…
      Rebooting of Spider-man? So soon even. Not feelin’ it. They had EVERY chance initally. Couldn’t those in charge be blessing us with another desirable Marvel character?! (Dr. Strange, Inhumans, Powerfist/Luke Cage, Moon Knight, Alpha Flight, Silver Surfer, Sub-Mariner, Cable, Nova, Venom, etc, etc). Plus there’s so many MORE. What happened to the creativity in Hokeywood? Pish! Do we really need another Spider-Man flick?

  10. I don’t know why anyone want the lizard this is not Raimi franchise the lizard should not be introduced with out a proper build to Peters relationship with conors and with out establishing his character. There should not be a lizard until number 2 I feel the same with Goblin I think they should of built osbourne more before bringing in the Goblin. I’d like to see a small team of smaller villains like scorpion non of them on their own can carry a film but as a team they stand a chance.

    • @”I don’t know why anyone want the lizard this is not Raimi franchise the lizard should not be introduced with out a proper build to Peters relationship with conors and with out establishing his character.:

      I agree. That’s why I think that rumor is just BS.

  11. The the bigest mistake Raimi made was not having Gwen Stacy as Peter parkers first love and by not using it we never saw the reasons why Peter hated being Spiderman at times. I gope they dont do a Raimi remake and do the kinda film fans really want to see.

  12. I STILL want to see Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat! Could have be a few years older than Pete but not more than college age. I also want to see Venom done RIGHT! As for SM3 I did like Sandman as played by Thomas Hayden Church. As for a love interest in this reboot, it’s either going to be MJ or Gwen.

  13. Vic -

    I realize that the THIS WEEKS POLL is kind of moot now that Josh Hutcherson is reported to be taking the role but maybe before you change the poll you could leave it up for a few days more and add to it the following addition and see how the votes change in a few days?

    Which remaining contender should play the new Spider-Man?

    * NOT Josh Hutcherson
    * Jamie Bell
    * Frank Dillane
    * Aaron Johnson
    * Logan Lerman
    * Alden Ehrenreich
    * Andrew Garfield
    * Anton Yelchin
    * Michael Angarano

  14. This is worse than wen spidey 4 was canceled now it’s totally gonna suck on so many levels they should just forget the whole thing

  15. Logan lerman for spidey !!

  16. saw the news earlier. Hopefully there is an official confirmation soon from sony if he is the new spidey. I like him, he was one of the names i thought would get it. Though i still thought with wb wanting to fast track journey sequel that is due to start shooting when spidey is due to start up too. I hope reboot does well.

  17. isnt he contracted for the sequel To journey To the center of the earth?

  18. Josh is a good choice. But now lets hope they make good choices on the other casting such as harry, gwen (if shes in it), mary jane, etc. I really hope they don’t pick a crappy villian. I’m guessing it would be the Lizard too. If not, I would hope they do someone like Electo.

    • I wasn’t saying the Lizard was crappy either. I would like to see the Lizard on screen. There just are some more lamer villains in the comic that wouldnt be cool to see.

  19. Worst. Casting. Ever.

  20. This guy sucks! Looks like a little prick…I can’t stand this guy in anything he’s done.

  21. I wasn’t too crazy about “the short list” but this was the last young actor I thought they’d pick.

    I don’t think it’s official.

  22. i’ve read the first collectors edittion of ultimate spider-man, and im kinda syched. shocker and goblin make cameos, which is wat we need in at least the first reboot. osbourne made parker who he is, and studied him. thats how he became the bad guy. i dont feel like i wud like the this guy. to me he’d be a douche as spider-man.
    hope for the best

  23. At this point I don’t care who acts in the movie so long as they don’t kill off the villain this time around. Doesn’t anyone remember the Sinister Six? It was the ultimate group of villains, all brought together to do one thing…kill Spiderman. If they can make that possible, by not killing off villains and possibly going for the second or third Avengers movie, they could have an awesome tie in.

  24. i like josh hutcherson. i don’t want logan lerman just because he messed up percy jackson. i also think that the lizard would be cool but if they do the lizard, they should make it look like a real lizard not a fake lizard like cough cough venom cough cough. i like the casting. i think that the mom from that 70′s show should be his aunt and alexz johnson should be mj.

  25. I like this choice. Didn’t see it coming and still not sure it’s “official” but we’ll see what happens. Please for the love of fans everywhere do not make another Kirsten Dunst kind of mistake with MJ. Please!

  26. I feel it’s too late to finally have lizard in it. They had three chances already. We need a different villian who hasn’t had screen time yet. I’d rather see someone like Carnage, or Rino but I don’t think you can have him with out Venom and Venom has be done… kinda. Who ever they chose for the villian it’d better be good.

  27. it doesn’t matter I getting burned out on all these reboot movies I’ll just stay home the rest of this year and next year

  28. I may get hell for this, but my top three movies of 2012 are:
    1. Star Trek Sequel
    2. Avengers
    3. Spider Man Reboot

    • bad-ass movies!

  29. Im sorry,but this kid works for me.I liked The bridge of terabithia.The movie was not horrible if it has 85% fresh rating.And jesus,everyone said the same thing when Heath was casted as Joker.Some of you movie fanboys are extremely annoying with how you complain before you see anything.He could be the best guy for the part,and blow you away.But you guys complain and criticize everything…Give it a chance,and I hope he gets it for sure…

    • Why use the LORD’S name as a swear word? Why not use Allah, Buddha or Krishna? :-)

      • He didn’t capitalize it, so he was probably talking about his landscaping guy, “HAYSOOS”. :P