Excellent Fan-Made ‘Spider-Man’, ‘Captain America’ & ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Posters

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fan made posters post Excellent Fan Made Spider Man, Captain America & Dark Knight Rises Posters

[Update: We’ve added an awesome Captain America fan poster as well!]

Fan-made posters have been floating around the internet for quite some time. As more people become familiar with graphic design software tools, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, we find more high-quality fan-made movie posters floating around on websites like Deviant Art.

Today we’ve found three fan-made posters for the upcoming Spider-Man reboot and Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. While the Spider-Man poster is cool and visually appealing, it’s basically just the titular hero striking a familiar pose in the new spider suit. The real interesting posters come from two different artists who have presented their renditions of Catwoman and Bane in Dark Knight Rises.

So far people have either loved or hated Spider-Man’s new and brighter suit – though we suspect the super-saturated colors are to compensate for shooting in 3D. Personally, I think the suit has its high points – I’m fond of the new Spidey emblem – but there are also some low points such as the “boots” and the fact that it looks like a Speedo Fastskin LZR swimsuit the Olympic swimmers wore.

The poster below was made by the artist Jamie Issachar from Mexico and he posted it on his Deviant Art page for everyone to see. He has some other great work you can check out HERE and also has a wallpaper version on this poster for you to use on your desktop.

spider man fan poster Excellent Fan Made Spider Man, Captain America & Dark Knight Rises Posters

Check out the HiRes version HERE

The Dark Knight Rises

Some big news hit the movie world a couple of weeks ago, we learned that Christopher Nolan was not only including Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman and the fiendish villain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, but that the characters would be played by the Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy.

Though Nolan hasn’t disclosed the possible story points for The Dark Knight Rises, we have discussed in length how both Bane and Catwoman will fit into his story, as well as,  possible roles for Joseph Gordon-Levitt (my money is on Alberto Falcone). We found the two posters below on Daily Blam and the Selina Kyle/Catwoman poster was made by “El Gato”, while the Bane poster was made by “Ryan Luck”.

Check them out:

catwoman the dark knight ri Excellent Fan Made Spider Man, Captain America & Dark Knight Rises Posters

Check out the HiRes version HERE.

bane the dark knight rises Excellent Fan Made Spider Man, Captain America & Dark Knight Rises Posters

Check out the HiRes version HERE.

catwoman2 the dark knight rises Excellent Fan Made Spider Man, Captain America & Dark Knight Rises Posters

Check out the HiRes version HERE.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Hot on the heels of the Captain America movie trailer, we’re proud to present this fan poster which was created by Steve Deneault. You can check out more of Steve’s fan art HERE.

Captain America Movie Poster 570x874 Excellent Fan Made Spider Man, Captain America & Dark Knight Rises Posters

Check out the HiRes version HERE.

Fan-made art is on the rise and with movies like Black Panther, Iron Fist and The Avengers on the horizon there will be plenty of material for aspiring poster artists to work with.

Spider-Man swings into theaters July 3rd, 2012 while The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012.

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Source: Daily Blam, Hyzak, Film Totaal, Steve Deneault

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  1. that spiderman one is awsome

  2. I like the Spider-Man poster. First time we´ve seen the mask from the front.

    • Superherohype.com has tons of pics from the set of the Spider-man reboot that show the full costume. You get pics from the front and back.

    • Superherohype.com has tons of pics from the set of the Spider-man reboot. Many pics of him in full costume front and back. Even a video of him webswinging.

      • I know. But non of those pics or videos showed us a clear look at the mask like this poster.

  3. Both of the Batman ones are very good indeed.

    • nah. they totally look fan made the spiderman one out does both 100% and lohans goin back to jail for stealinga knnecklace…

      • Neither of them look fan made to me at all, they look very professinal compared to the SPider-Man poster, Hathaway looks stunning on that poster and kind of makes me come around to the idea of her in the film.

        Both Batman posters are better than most movie posters that are around these days.


        • The posters look great. i think that the movie companies should buy those graphic posters from those artists.

      • the spiderman one looks very fanmade as well… but its still very cool! same as the batman ones.

      • Non of them look fan made maybe their just going in a different direction with all of them. THE LOOK VERY GREAT AND PROFESSIONAL.

  4. If I didn’t know that the bottom poster was “The Collector” I would’ve thought they were all real. Awesome! Someone needs to hire these people

    • @foopher – yeah that laced up mask is very easy to identify isn’t it?

      • The collector+The expendables .. But its fantastic :)

      • Haha. They’re still great! For fanmade posters they look very professional. I am impressed.

    • LOL, I was about to say that Foopher.

  5. More –

    • Whoa! Some of those are really good!

    • I really like the one with all the bats flying between the burning buildings.

    • @gargamel – thanks for the link. I’ve added one of the better ones to the article. :)

    • The one with the skull is awesome. Cool idea.

      • Thank you and Welcome guys :D

        as the saying goes… “Adde Parvum Parvo Magnus Acervus Erit”

  6. Wow I love these posters. The bane one is freaking amazing!

    • … it actually looks like a way to do him in the movie that would work

  7. So everyones certain that catwoman will appear??

    • Not at all. There has been no proof of that being the case. Selina Kyle could be a totally different character to the one she is portrayed as in the comics.
      However, I think it would be a shame if they didnt include.

  8. Love these posters I’ve had the bane one as my profile pic on Facebook for a bit now

  9. @ Paul Young

    “though we suspect the super-saturated colors are to compensate for shooting in 3D”.

    Don’t know where that notion comes from. It technically doesn’t make sense because you can adjust parameters with these cameras after the fact, as color, gain and sharpening can all be done post capture.

    So the final image can be as dark OR as bright as you want it be. The color grading done in post will be suited to the type of aesthetic the DOP wants for the film, and the lighting requirements for the shooting process were decided upon in pre production once again by the Director of Photography.

    I think the more accurate assumption is that 3-D playback in the cinema with those 3-D glasses darkens the image on screen, so they’ve made the costume brighter using rich saturated colors. Now that makes sense.

    If you were to see a RAW image file from the RED Epic digital cinema cameras, you would wet your pants with excitement. I know I nearly did when I saw these cameras at an industry demonstration.

    The principle photography achieved by these cameras is of the highest possible resolution and comparable to 35mm film and second only to 70mm film IMAX.

    They produce the most amazing and stunningly beautiful high resolution pictures in their native RAW form. As single camera systems, they themselves are not 3-D cameras. It’s only when rigged side by side and placed on 3-D camera rigs which have a 3-D beamsplitter system attached to them enabling them to shoot 3-D.

    The RED Epic digital cinema camera uses a sensor measured at (5120 x 2700) pixels, more than 5 times the number of pixels of the very best HD camera rated with a (1920 x 1080) pixel sensor.

    There are no exposure limitations with these cameras. They are extremely sensitive and in fact EXPOSURE, in the form of SHUTTER and IRIS / APERTURE STOP settings is the ONLY FINITE adjustment that needs to be made at time of image capture.

    So, the fact that you’re able to adjust parameters after the fact, as color, gain and sharpening can all be done post capture, doesn’t mean the Director of Photography is capturing dark 3-D images that need to be fixed later on, but rather quite the contrary.

    The post production process will include image adjustment in terms of color grading but I suspect the bulk of it will be more to do with CGI & FX. :-)

    Sorry for raving on too much. I can’t help it. I’ve developed a real passion for these cameras. :-)

    • Are you selling these camera’s? ;)

      • @ DSB

        LOL, I wouldn’t mind getting a job with these guys. I should enquire to see who the dealer is in Australia. :-)

        I would love to buy one for myself but they start at US$25,000 just for the camera body and then you need a set of prime lenses, zoom lens, matte box, memory sticks, batteries………the list goes on and on. :-)

        I think I read here on Screenrant that Peter Jackson is using these cameras on “The Hobbit”.

        • I admit, they are a cool technology, you certainly seem very interested and informed on the subject.

          • @ DSB

            It’s just my background as a film camera assistant that keeps me in the loop. RED’s technical support department have been really cool in supplying some info.

            • Really great stuff Mag-eye! Totally dig the tech side of things and your input for alot of us to understand. I am really so happy no one attacks you for your vocation like has been done to me before. I cannot share anything I know and have done with the SR Community without being lambasted as just “someone who cleans up puke in a movie theatre.” Nothing could be farther from the truth.
              Cheers Lad! Keep us informed!

  10. amazing work on those poster.

  11. I guess I should comment on the posters. They all look pretty cool. Love the Bane one the best. :-)

  12. That Spider-man one would have been better if it was advertising a SEQUEL, not an unnecessary remake. Gosh, that remake makes me madder than the Joker.

    • It’s a reboot, not a remake. If the new Spider-man film was a remake, it would be the exact story from the first Raimi film, just with a new cast and few changes. A reboot is a new story, that doesn’t even have anything to do with the originals.

      Take Batman Begins, it was a reboot of the Batman film franchise. It didn’t have Batman flying the Batwing over Joker’s parade, then getting shotdown and having to save Vicki Vale. It was it’s own film.

      Reboots are different from remakes.

      • @ Gary

        True. I’m hoping for a reboot by MARVEL STUDIOS one day. :-)

        • Don’t worry….Spidey will go thru yet another reboot of Spidey as well F4, Punisher, Daredevil, Hulk in another 5 years.

          Marvel loves them some reboots after they screw it up the first two times.

  13. They look ok. Except for sex-craved fans, the 1st Batman poster reminds me of Nicole Kidman in Batman Forever, even has quote mentioned by Batman. 2nd Batman poster, all i can say is i hope Bane wears a shirt. And the 3rd Batman poster looks like a alternate ending for Batman Returns. Spider-Man reboot looks nice.

    • Wallywest,

      (“Except for sex-craved fans…”)

      That poster of Anne with bare back is MEANT to be for sex-appeal. There is absolutely no other meaning coming out of that costume or (the absence of it) and that standard deadly pose. That particular pose almost always is dead sure to fulfill its aim.

  14. so there are rumors going around that levitt will be playing alberto falcone :D some anon tipper on the inside. reported like 30 minutes ago

    • This is not news….most people in the know…already knew he would be Alberto Falcone!

      Man, they need to CGI Garfields head to make it look smaller.

      His head is so freakin huge, it will look odd when he dons the mask and it will look obvious that he is Peter Porker. Ugh

  15. Anne Hathaway needs to wear contacts like that if she is going to pull off the role in my opinion.

  16. Nice!

    The Spidey one needs to have a bigger head though. Since Garfield has a huge noggin that looks all weird compared to the rest of his lanky body.

  17. Anne hathaway is only going to play the “Selina Kyle” part. NOT Catwoman.

  18. Why is Cap looking down and ashamed? Why is he using his shield to cover up his privates?


  19. ‘Stunning’ in every sense of the word. The posters are not amateur at all. I think these fans whoever made them are professionals. That Cat is turning me on. The Cat from both the posters.

    As for Bane, that poster just creates the needed atmosphere. The Calm before the Storm. The only thing I would have suggested was that the Bat-Symbol should have been in some way marked or scarred or burnt to point towards an enmity towards the Bat.

    • On second thoughts, Do you all really believe a Cat will exist in ‘TDK-Rises’? Because, I don’t think so. And like a lot of guys said it before me, The Warner Bros. and Marvel should immediately buy off those superb creations and save themselves the trouble of creating one …except for Batman. Surely these guys will provide that one too.

  20. The Bane n Captain America posters are awesome….

  21. that poster of bane is really bad ass

  22. yeah i couldn’t think of how bane would look like… the fan made poster really gives a good(GREAT) look of him now

  23. this were made by me…
    hope you like and post them!
    THANK YOU!!!!

  24. Whoa… Those poster designs look really cool especially the one with Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. I recently just got a poster design made at www logodesigncreation com and it turned out great. For the price I paid it was indeed a steal! My poster design was not as sinister as those posters designed by fans but it is still as exciting. Can’t wait for this movie! And Anne Hathaway will be in it. That’s a plus.

  25. Hey, try this http://ego-alterego.com/2011/07/the-dark-knight-rises-45-amazing-fan-made-posters/ i think you’ll like it, there are so many good ones that they could be easily considered original ones. :) Cheers!

  26. These fan posters are amazing. They can’t help but to build the anticipation. Check out my fan-made theatrical poster for a “Batman Beyond: The Dark Knight Reborn” movie: http://me.lt/9P8uk5 << Feel free to share!

  27. see this…the new catwoman, wow!!!