‘Spider-Man’ Set Photos & Video Show Close-Up Web Slinging Action

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Set photos for the Spider-Man reboot are a dime a dozen these days, especially after the official first image of Andrew Garfield as the titular web-slinger was released.

We’ve seen Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Garfield as Peter Parker and Spider-Man, and now we get to see him in some fairly action-packed scenarios, like – climbing! And swinging! And standing up on top of moving semi-trucks! Not to mention my personal favorite, sitting down and taking a breather!

Most of the set photos are pretty much what we’ve come to expect from the Spider-Man film franchise. Frankly, the best part about these photos is that we get to see Spider-Man’s new costume from every single possible angle. Seriously, I bet you could put all these shots together and create a shoddy (but functional!) 360 degree diagram of the costume. Any takers?

Before we get to the set photos, check out this video of Spider-Man web-slinging from a moving semi-truck (which seems to come from the same scene as this video). I’m pretty sure Spider-Man has swung from moving semi-trucks more times than he’s kissed any lady-friends:

Now, check out the copious set photos below:

Opinions on the new Spider-Man costume vary from love to loathing to everything in between. Some people are worried it’s too bright but, keep in mind, because the movie is being shot in 3D, the colors will be dampened onscreen. Also, some people are worried that the lenses are too red, something that will likely be touched up in post.

Personally, I’m a huge fan. The truth is, they could’ve kept the costume exactly the same as the previous films and I would’ve been completely content with it, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a little flourish here and there – to give the reboot costume its own personality. Regardless, they obviously didn’t massively screw up on it – and I can’t wait to see the suit officially in motion.

The so far unnamed Spider-Man reboot, directed by Marc Webb, hits theaters July 3rd, 2012.

Source: OnLocationNews & MSN Singapore [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. What’s with the Spidey “slippers”? They appear to be different from the costume itself. Hope this is a pre-production thing that gets touched up.

    • probably just fro stunt work

  2. I like the material of the new costume. The only thing that bugs me a BIT is the missing “belt”. The mask looks like it´s drawn by John Romita sr.

  3. it kinda reminds me of 2099 spiderman, just a little.

  4. I LOVE IT!

  5. This looks great! I am really excited about this film. The Spiderman origin story is my favorite, and I’m looking forward to Webb’s version. Raimi did a nice job on the origin film, but I certainly don’t think it SHOULDN’T be redone or that there is no room for improvement. There’s a real here opportunity for Webb to tell a better story than Raimi. Let’s hope he does.

    What I really like about what I’ve been seeing is the use of physical stunts. Though I’m sure there will be CGI use in the film, it’s cool to see a real person doing the swinging and wall crawling. Nice!

    And I actually believe the suit looks great!

    • Yes, the use of physical stunts is awesome! This may mean Webb is daring enough to even have a practical Lizard (at least at times). I sure hope so. This movie is looking great!

  6. What confuses the heck out of me is… This movie picks up where 3 left off… or at least it appears to.. We’ve got Peter with Gwen… The Lizard… The protogoblin (maybe)… but in highschool… This is a reboot… I understand that… But is it a James Bond esque reboot, where they move forever forward with different stories never retelling the same tale and disregarding continuity altogether? Or is this like Batman Begins where the shame and embarassment of the previous installment calls for wiping the slate clean??

    • “where the shame and embarassment of the previous installment calls for wiping the slate clean??”

      From what I understand they are startign over.

      • They are starting all over.

  7. The suit looks awkward. I hope they do a lot of touch up work in post-production.

  8. lol to the photo of spidey with the jacket on

  9. The silver slippers are a little weird. So are the fading to blue fingertips. WTF?

  10. I like this A LOT! The mask looks bad-ass! And something we all need to keep in mind is that we don’t know the context of this suit as it’ll appear in the movie. I’m sure others have mentioned this, but it could be Peter’s first stab at a costume. Check out the link I’ve attached in this message. Apparently this is from a Spider-Man mini-series from a few years back (by the way, does anyone know exactly what this mini-series was???). This is supposed to be Peter’s first costume before the main suit. Notice the surprising similarities to the one we’re seeing in these shots?

        • Scapegoat – thanks for your answer. I’ve been wanting to know exactly where that image came from.

          • You´re welcome.

  11. This is probably a really, really stupid question, but is that actually Andrew Garfield in that suit or a stunt double?

    • I’m guessing Double, it looks like there is something like a bullet-proof vest underneath the costume.

  12. I like how the cop has to give him a boost up the truck… 😉

  13. interesting

  14. I hope this gets touched up.. if it wasn’t for the rain jacket, I would have been convinced that the shiny Spider-Man was a plastic toy.

  15. …that costume just isn’t getting any better-looking to me…

  16. Def a stunt double.

    Oh and I don’t see this topping Rami’s films.

    • I agree 790. Just looks bad IMO.

      • Let´s just wait and see. We have enough time to bash the movie (if it sucked) when we actually have seen it. I think it´s unfair to judge a movie by a set of pictures that are out of context.

  17. the suit looks so weird.
    i’ve very sceptical about this movie, lets leave it at that for now 😉

  18. I’m loathing everything about this reboot. FAIL.

    • Same here. PHONY SONY Spider-BOY counterfeit CRAP! = BIG EPIC FAIL :-)

  19. Finally one picture where he’s not running!! He really is Spiderman!*laughing*

  20. I personally am not falling for the hype. My wishes are for this movie to flop big time, that’ll teach Sony to make a mockery of Spiderman by rebooting it 7 years after the last one. The costume looks terrible, Mary Jane being absent from a Spiderman flick is ridiculous. I hope all the fanboy wannabees who love the way this is looking enjoy their new heart-throb Spidey trilogy, maybe Edward from Twilight can cameo in one of these.
    Wouldn’t that be dreamy?

    • Exactly what I was thinking!!!

    • i get where your frusteration is coming from but one thing ive learned is to not put too much of your energy into something you cant controll. you claim you hate the reboot but yet all you have is set pics and a costume you dont perfer. wait for the darn movie to at lease come out before you bash it. you’ll probly even like it given its a movie on spiderman and your what a “spiderman fanboy?” grow up….

      spidey is my favorite super heroe and im lookin forward to it because i wanna see a good portrayal of spiderman and not tobeys emo version. (apart from the first movie; he did a good job)

      this being said im goona end it with some knowlegde for you’s… when amazing spider-man comic fist started mary jane didnt even exist. gwen did. mary jane didnt show up until after the goblin killed gwen and parker was out of high school. so a movie without mary jane doesnt seem so “ridiculous” after all does it.

      haha and youre the fanboy hahah its just a movie playa.

      • Just a correction Spidey kills gwen technically because he snaps her neck when she falls off the bridge….trying to grab her leg with the web…. and just crack…. but i’ve been more excited about this reboot than i was when i heard the originals were coming out
        i hope they can combine Peter Parker’s emoness and genius… with Spidey’s comedic prowess… remember spidermans nickname is the sarcastic superhero

    • and clearly you have never read a spiderman comic in your life or you would know that everything you said makes no sense…

    • I have very mixed feelings about this. I agree with you on the suit, and while aspects of it look cool, you can’t change an icon. You simply have to keep the original spider-man look. Anything short of that (or more, for that matter) is blasphemous. I’m glad that they are using the shooters instead of organic web but what is with the spidey shoes??? That looks SOOOO lame! I have to disagree on using Gwen Stacey, though. I thought it was dumb for the original movie to start with Mary Jane when clearly the story starts with Gwen. The Gwen story, to me, is really important to any movie dealing with Spider-man’s origin.

  21. Everything about this movie is looking down.. which saddens me,because I’m really hoping for an incredible reboot.

  22. Turns out it’s almost exactly the same costume used at the beginning of the “Ultimate” series for his wrestling uniform. No evidence it will be the final suit.

  23. A lot of these shots really match Spider-mans movements. I really hope the one of him talking to the guy driving the truck is in the film because everything about that looks hilarious and I’m really hoping for some humor in this movie.
    But judging from the studio image and the pictures here I think the color tone we’re going to see is going to be dramatically different from these set photos. I heard that the costume had to be brighter to show up on the camera they are using.
    I really think this is going to be a great film. I have a lot of faith in it.

    • @ cal

      I really don’t know where the idea of the costume having to be brighter to show up on the camera comes from. They’re using 4 RED EPIC cameras. These are the BEST digital cinema cameras on the market with highly developed sensors capturing 5K images which is comparable to S35mm film resolution.

      It’s not like these cameras have crappy exposure limitations. :-)

      The very best HD cameras offer a true (1920 x 1080) pixel sensor.

      RED EPIC uses a sensor measured at (5120 x 2700) pixels, more than 5 times the number of pixels of the very best HD camera and, most importantly, records the signal as RAW, with DEPTH OF FIELD equivalent to S35mm film.

      This is as close as these digital cinema cameras get to matching the high resolution quality of 35mm film, BUT with instant access to real time image acquisition playback for much less of the cost associated with film processing.

      The advantage film has currently is one of Dynamic Range. With each generation of RED sensor development, the gap becomes narrower and narrower.

      Now back to the costume being brighter, I don’t know the reason, but the RAW file captured on a RED enables the user to adjust parameters after the fact, as color, gain and sharpening can all be done post capture.

      The sensor simply captures what it sees and all processing takes place in post, offering the ability to make all adjustments for the perfect picture in the editing process. However, a very crucial point is that EXPOSURE, in the form of SHUTTER and IRIS, is the ONLY FINITE adjustment that need be made, at time of capture, to obtain the best Dynamic Range in the image.

      Sorry for all the tech talk. I’ve tried to keep it simple. I love talking about cameras and the RED website has stacks more information. :-)

      • Nice work Mag Eye…..That was refreshing! Thank you!

        • @ Tacoscat

          Thanks! You’re welcome. :-)

      • What??????

        • @ SteveM

          What don’t you understand? It’s pretty straight forward cutting edge technology.

          If you own a digital stills camera, the sensor inside determines the quality of the picture you take.

          RED EPIC digital cinema cameras use the most highly developed sensitive sensors available for shooting motion pictures.

          It doesn’t take much of a brain wave to understand what a RAW image is, what S35mm film stock is, what pixels are, what Dynamic Range is, exposure and Depth of Field, , or what shutter speed and iris aperture do.

          It’s basic photography and digital technology, except that the RED EPIC cameras are highly advanced innovative cameras that can truly simulate film in terms of picture resolution and then some. :-)

          This reboot will look fantastic, but I’m still not sold on the costume nor the “Ultimate” Spider-BOY route. :-)

      • The thing is that they’re shooting it in 3D and when you shoot in 3D the final image tends to be a bit darker. So with that in mind and all the post-processing that’ll be done, I wouldn’t worry about that costume looking to bright on set. Cheers :)

        • @ Sho

          I am going to reiterate somewhat what was an initial reply Loco Lobo 73 & cal. :-)

          The RAW file captured on a RED Epic digital cinema camera enables the user to adjust parameters after the fact, as color, gain and sharpening can all be done post capture.

          So the final image can be as dark OR as bright as you want it be with the color grading suited to the type of aesthetic for the film & lighting requirements decided upon in pre production by the Director of Photography.

          Just to clarify, the RED Epic cameras that are being used are single camera systems, that can be placed on 3-D camera rigs which have a 3D beamsplitter system attached to them.

          The cameras themselves are not 3D. It’s the 3D beamsplitter system attached to them. I’m fascinated by the camera technology more but I wonder how this 3D beamsplitter system compares with James Cameron’s 3D technology.

          Information for the 3D beamsplitter system rigs was sent to me by RED’S technical support department after my inquiry into the cameras used on this production.

          RED are fast becoming very important players in the film industry with their digital cinema cameras. It’s great to see this innovative company based in California gaining momentum. :-)

          • Company shill alert!

    • Someone posted on here a while ago that he knew the costume designer. He wrote that the costume had an effect which allows Spider-Man to become almost “invisible” in the shadows. The red turns to blue and the other way around. If you look at the official picture closely you can see what he meant. The texture shows little dots (I don´t know any better word to describe it) that turn to black. Maybe that´s why the costume has this bright color.

      • I actually red that the bright ness of the costume actually has to do with the 3D cameras

        • That is also a reason.

        • @ Loco Lobo 73

          Just to clarify, the RED Epic cameras that are being used are single camera systems, that can be placed on 3-D camera rigs which have a 3D beamsplitter system attached to them.

          The cameras themselves are not 3D. It’s the 3D beamsplitter system attached to them. I’m fascinated by the camera technology more but I wonder how this 3D beamsplitter system compares with James Cameron’s 3D technology. :-)

          RED are fast becoming very important players in the film industry with their digital cinema cameras. It’s great to see this innovative company based in California gaining momentum.

      • Lets hope your friend is right about the suit becoming invisible, because at least then we will not have to endure the bland actor or naff spidey suit…..hooray!!!!!

    • the reason people are frowning is because tobey was the only spider man

      • tobey was a horrible spiderman he wqas too old too much of a downer read the orginal spiderman comics this new guy is a perfect fit

  24. I think this will not be a bad reboot. Frankly speaking Tobey Maguire never fit in the goofy slapstick comic guy persona that Peter Parker had. I mean int he comics and cartoon series Spider-Man was one hell of a comedian. Tobey was just a crybaby throughout. Garfield looks promising as he is capable of being humorous and looks the part with his lean look. Most importantly he’s very young and with all of the superhero movies coming up Tobey would have looked real weird as traditionally in the comics Spier-Man has been mostly the youngest of the superhero lot.
    And Mary Jane not being in the movie does not make a difference as she can easily be added in the sequels which will surely come. Kirsten Dunst was a very bad choice for the role as the character of Mary Jane was a kickass girl with balls. Dunst was just a damsel in distress all the damn time.
    Good times ahead for Spider-Man!

    • I agree with you about Dunst. I mean, MJ is supposed to become a supermodel and I just can´t picture Dunst as a supermodel. And let´s not forget: Parker was in love with Gwen Stacy before MJ. So it all makes sense.

  25. clearly we are watching another universe of spider-man. I mean we all know how well the Ultimate Spider-man comics did compared too the Amazing Spider-man comics….oh wait, that’s right they failed. My bad.

    • I don´t think they failed. I liked the updated ultimate version of Spider-Man. The “Ultimate” universe began to suck when Jeph Loeb came along and messed up everything Millar and Bendis created.

      • that’s true. i agree with you there. i was speaking generally s’all.

    • So the Ultimate line was canceled? I mean if it failed there should be no more comics as no one is purchasing them correct?

      It is your bad as clearly you have no idea of what you speak of. The various titles were canceled under their titles then relaunched under the Ultimate Comics.

      I still believe it is going on and hasn’t failed.

      Sorry while I enjoyed Raimis Spiderman this one I do believe will do much better. It appears Sony may have hit this one on the head. Now to see if people will hold onto this formula (if it is as good as I believe it to be) and not get to.. cocky.

      • Yes, the ultimate line was cancelled and brought back to life after being revamped. You don’t normally revamp something unless its going badly. Which it was. And there are a fair number of bad reviews on Ultimate Spider-man to prove that. So, if something is cancelled that equals fail. Revamping is only a way of grasping, trying to keep something going. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t…the revamp hasn’t been going long enough to say whether its going to work out long term.

    • Your version of “failed” apparently is synonymous with “revitalized Marvel as a company it was so good and successful.”

    • Failed , Ultimate spiderman is still one of Marvels best selling comics, the Ultimate universe did nt fair well, but ol web head is doing just fine, in fact I like the current storyline alot better then what they have been doing in the regular MU.

      • I don’t recall saying the Ultimate universe failed.

        • I’m a fan of the Ultimate Spider-Man series. It adds a sense of realism that Amazing Spider-Man didn’t get to until way later in the series. With USM, you get governmental and political influences, emotional character interactions, good morals and lessons, interesting stories with twists and turns, all the stuff needed to make a good comic book series. It all comes down to personal preference really. But USM did what it was supposed to, it got a younger generation interested in Spider-Man and boosted sales, so it can hardly be considered a “fail.”

          As for the movie, I’m excited for it. Garfield is the perfect choice.

          • ExistentialistMe, I totally agree with you. And let´s not forget the art by Spider-Man veteran Mark Bagley.

          • @ ExistentialistMe

            I’m sorry but I wholeheartedly disagree. :-) All of the attributes you mentioned from USM already existed in ‘Amazing Spider-MAN”, which is where the true mythos of this character was forged and continues to be MARVEL’S top seller, a book I still read and have been collecting since 1975.

            I certainly don’t believe the throw away statement that 47 years of back-story had made “Amazing Spider-MAN” inaccessible to new readers, so therefore a modernized re-imagining was needed. The book gets modernized every time a new creative team comes onboard. It’s a lame excuse and has become a tired old argument. :-)

            USM boosted it’s own sales and did well like many of MARVEL’S other titles, especially in the original (616) Universe. The “Amazing Spider-MAN’S” letter pages have always published letters from young and older fans alike. The younger generation have always been there. :-)

            The quintessential character of Spiderman can be found right where it all began in the original flagship title. We have a mature age GROWN UP Peter Parker, a great cast of characters, well written realistic mature stories and sometimes with a dark tinge, great artwork and of course Spider-MAN’S great sense of humor and sarcastic wit.

            Spider-MAN fans have to put up with yet another franchise that depicts his teenage years. That is such a small window in Spider-MAN’S history and we’ve been there done that with Raimi’s version.

            In “Amazing Spider-MAN” that period lasted for 38 issues. USM perpetuates the teenage years in an alternate re-imagining.

            So please understand that some folks in these neck of the woods would prefer to see a movie based on the ORIGINAL comic book series, a TRUE & FAITHFUL adaptation of a MATURE GROWN UP Peter Parker the MAN in a proper Spider-MAN movie. :-) Cheers!

        • Right, you said Ultimate Spider-Man failed, and you were…wrong?

  26. I know Mary Jane is important… But isn’t Gwen his FIRST love?

  27. @ everyone
    Looks like spiderman to me. You have to put exclamation points on certain things, silver web shooters and flashy sneaker/boots to communicate that this is a movie version Spiderman, for the same reason Raimi used chrome green battle armor and not a latex mask and ripped tunic for Green Goblin. Liberties will be taken, but what’s more important is the final portrayal of the characters and what they mean to us. Wait for the final product before you dole out a final assumption.

    • You´re right with everything you say. Let´s just wait and watch the movie. If it sucks we still can bash it. 😀

  28. Even when you consider that what we’re seeing here is unfinished; the vast majority of “Fan Made” art is better than the basic suit design they came up with for this film!