Should Jamie Bell Be The Next Spider-Man?

Published 5 years ago by , Updated June 27th, 2013 at 3:14 pm,

[UPDATE: The new Spider-Man has officially been cast.]

Like a bad game show that will never die, we’re at it again with another update to the casting process behind Sony’s Spider-Man reboot. After a large pile of of recognizable names were rumored and quickly shot down for the title role in Spider-Man 3D, we reported two weeks ago that director Marc Webb and the studio had narrowed down their selection to five Peter Parker candidates.

We had moved from the likes of Taylor Lautner, Jim Sturgess, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Logan Lerman and Rob Pattinson to the lesser known and more realistic shortlist of Jamie Bell, Alden Ehrenreich, Frank Dillane, Josh Hutcherson and Andrew Garfield.

While it’s good to get an idea of what direction they may be heading in for the impatient franchise reboot, we’ve played this game before and know better. We saw a list of “final candidates” for Thor a long while ago and Marvel ended up choosing someone who wasn’t even on that list in Chris Hemsworth.  More recently, we saw this phenomenon again with the selection of Chris Evans as Captain America. Evans wasn’t on the earlier lists of final choices and after it was all said and done, almost every young actor imaginable was at some point listed as a candidate.

So here we are with another large-scale superhero movie, one that moviegoers already know very well, and a plan to start anew with a fresh face to portray a much younger and innocent version of our favorite webslinger. The Spider-Man rebirth will follow a younger variant of Peter Parker as he attends high school, once again enduring the wondrous angst of teenage romance and drama.

By all accounts, Marc Webb’s take on Spider-Man will in – in some fashion at least – mirror the Ultimate Spider-Man comics take on the character. The movie will be grittier, “darker” and more real. From the official press release, the movie is based on, “a script by James Vanderbilt that focuses on a teenager grappling with both contemporary human problems and amazing super-human crises.”

With that in mind, how does director Marc Webb and the producers make their selection of the new face of the franchise? Initial word had them aiming in the expected direction of choosing a young (cheap) unknown to lock-up with a long-term multi-picture contract.

It made sense then that Josh Hutcherson became the top-rumored choice back in April. He’s 17 years old with plenty of acting experience and just at the beginning of his career. At 17, he’s already had major roles in Journey to the Center of the Earth, Zathura, Bridge to Terabithia and the upcoming Red Dawn remake among many others, but his name still isn’t known (yet).

Today’s rumor however, goes in the opposite direction with Jamie Bell now tapped as being the young man to play Spider-Man. The folks at Bleeding Cool are reporting that they’ve heard from several insiders that Sony has made their pick and that the pick is British actor Jamie Bell. Bell is many years older than Hucherson, at 24, and is much more recognizable, having had big roles in Jumper, Defiance, King Kong and is starring as the lead in the big budget Tin Tin adaptation from Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg.

Of course this isn’t confirmed yet so if history tells us anything, this could very well be entirely off the mark. We can’t really say either way at the moment but we can look deeper into the possibility of Jamie Bell as Peter Parker…

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  1. Honestly, I think Nicholas Hoult from the Brit TV show Skins, would be perfect for Peter Parker.

    • Good call

    • Yes his wittyness and him are perfect for the roll

  2. This guy just doesn’t fit the part.

    • Actually I think he looks the part and he’s got a lot of acting experience.

      I still say Lerman was the best choice out of all of the guys. Or Kick-Ass. I really just hope they get somebody in their 18’s at least.

      Bell has my vote if it’s going down.

  3. Sheesh, they should just cast Justin Bieber already so they can get all the 10 year old girls in to the theater. It can be about Spidey getting his first pimple and agonizing if MJ will ever talk to him.

    They should be shelving SM for at LEAST another 5 years.

    • But Sony won’t do that. They’ll churn out another Spider-Man every two or three years from now on, lest they lose their ill-gotten rights back to the people who would use them properly…

  4. They need to cast someone in their teens as Spider-Man if they want to take the high school route. Logan Lerman is my top choice because he looks the most like Peter Parker to me, but I would be fine with Josh Hutcherson

  5. Bell is a terrific actor but I feel he’s too old to play an high school aged Peter Parker.
    If they’re starting over I’m sure they’ll take it all back to highschool.

    Maybe Bell could play Electro , or a young Vulture just entering the criminal workforce.

    There’s gotta be another superhero that this guy could still play :)

  6. So who should be the villain? Im thinking electro or vulture…..

  7. I am not familiar with Bell, but I would have no problem with Parker only being in high school for the first film. I don’t really want the reboot to be all about Peter Parker’s high school social life. That’s not what I look for in a superhero movie.
    That being said, I am still very excited for the reboot. I’m not going to bother researching Bell until anything is actually confirmed though.

  8. Ermm…at first glance it doesn’t feel quite right, but once you’ve given it some thought, it could be a unique pick. I don’t think the whole “British-actor-American-role” scenario is an issue anymore. We have an Australian Wolverine, Australian Joker, British Batman, to name a few. But I seriously doubt they’ll pick this dude. His age doesn’t fit the bill. The way I see it, they’re making Spider-Man into a mondo-blockbuster version of a teenage-romance flick with some Twilight in it. Marc Webb will bring all those elements to the plate. So far superhero movies have had a majority male audience. I think Sony’s trying to change that, and they’re doing it at Spidey’s expense.

  9. Also, the only way I’d be interested in this flick would be if Venom was the villain and it opened up with an intense fight scene between the two. Venom deserves to be done right, and I think Sony can somewhat redeem themselves a lil’ by creating a Venom worthy of the big screen, unlike the atrocity that was Spider-Man 3.

  10. i think he’s a great actor but looks too old to play a teenage spiderman

    i was warming up to Donald Glover doing spiderman but now i think of it, by the time they start filming, he too may outgrow the part.

    but i do like the idea that they are thinking outside the box

  11. he is a very good actor. and i wouldnt mind if he was picked for the role. Though i was thinking since we know its going to be highschool peter/spidey that they would go with one of the younger guys from the rumor top 5 list like hutchson 18 or that guy 19 yrs old. But cant wait to see who lands the role.

  12. What you people forgot? This is still SONY making this.

  13. Nicholas Hoult would be an inspired choice… can he pull off an American accent? He was great at playing an awkward geeky kid in About a Boy. However, out of the five apparent finalists, Jamie Bell is a solid pick. He played the angsty, tormented teen really well in Chumscrubber, very underrated movie from a couple years back. I think that’s what they’re going for in the Spiderman reboot. I have no problem with this choice.

    • Nicholas Hoult was brilliant in Skins. That was a show he recently starred in. Check it out.

  14. NO!!! HE SHOULD NOT BE!!! Damn we cant get anyone better then the ones they are giving us?? I mean sheeesh.. Do they even read the comic books? Peter Parker should look something sort of like how he looks in the comics! At least like the Romita Parker right?

    • The “John Romita” Parker is the older Peter Parker in college and then adulthood. It’s Peter Parker the MAN and his alter ego Spider-MAN.

      This is Sony’s reboot following the “Ultimate” Spider-TEEN. Sony are not at all interested in producing a realistic mature treatment of the web slinger.

      I reckon that will probably happen once MARVEL STUDIOS get back the film rights. One can only hope. :-)

  15. Wow! you guys are just sucking this reboot up like its mothers milk.

    I won’t support this reboot. Down with the teen demographic! And Sony can bite me!

    I don’t support this crap,!!!

    • What do you want from the Kool Aid drinkers?

      No, seriously, 790, there’s nothing we can do about it…
      We don’t have to watch it…

    • I hear ya 790. I don’t agree with you on everything, but with this I am with you 100%! This is gonna be Spidey meets Twilight. And it’s gonna suck. They should have just kept on going with the progression in the movies, even if they had to recast Peter and MJ. The whole reboot with the original film not even 10 years old is ridiculous. But you know this film is going to rake in the cash, which means we’re going to be subjected to even more of this crap.

  16. I support this reboot!

    Not sure about Bell as Peter Parker though, surely he is too old to be playing a teenager, he is a fantastic actor though.

    I’d rather see him in a sequel to Jumper, which probably wont ever get made, which is a shame.

    I dont really care who plays Spiderman, just so long as they get the villains and story right, the Raimi films were awful (maybe 2 isnt that bad) and this really needs to be good because I’m getting the feeling comic book movies are about fizzle out both creatively and financially.

    • WTF?! Jumper needs a sequel. Maybe Mr Beckett you should be working for the MTV movie awards in deciding which films win what if you already don’t that is.

    • Look, for the last time the facts are Sony pushed Spider Man 3 over the edge. The mess that developed was not Raimi’s fault. He did make two good Spider Man movies.

      • I don’t believe Raimi to be faultless in the Spiderman 3 debacle, they may have forced venom on him but the rest of the film was awful and the acting was terrible, as director these things are his responsibilty. He was never the right director for such a massive franchise.

  17. Finally, a good choice. But, you know Sony.

  18. no way hes a little old

  19. I agree with 790 to the point where everyone seems to be drinking out of a batch of Kool Aid when it comes to this “wonderful concept”.

    I bet it would take a big committee and think tank to come up with the title “Peter Parker : The Spectacular Spider-Man”.

    And yes, I do take this with a grain of salt. If Jamie Bell was playing the part, what would be the point of the reboot? Just call it Spider-Man 4 : 3D and call it a day. All you are doing now is recasting not rebooting. Peter Parker stays in college, stays in the Bugle. Jamie Bell is not old for one film, but for a franchise that takes place in Parker’s HS years? He is. I also think he’s better off as another character.

    My personal choice remains to be the name not on the list, Carter Jenkins. Off the list it is Alden Ehrenreich. But that’s only for reboot teen Parker purposes. The more I hear, the more I think instead of reboot they should revert….and pick up where Spidey 3 left off…they can keep the 3D.

    Seriously. Cast Jamie Bell.
    Then what was the point?

  20. Yes…yes…and yes. Jamie Bell would be perfect.

  21. No way,he’s a geordie from Newcastle where i’m from! we dont have superheros, just whingers!( Except for the Glove, of course!)

  22. Well I hope this uncomfirmed report ends up being purely speculation. Not that I think Jamie Bell would be a bad Spider-man just not the right one if the plans are still to return to high school for a new trilogy. As you point out his age is an issue and although he still looks young now that may not be the case when things finally get rolling. They need to start thinking outside of the box and going for someone who is at the start of their career and at an age which makes the possibility of a trilogy more tangible.

  23. Good Lord, the more I hear about this movie the less I want to see it. And being a HUGE Spidey fan, it saddens me to feel this way.

  24. Does it even matter until it’s confirmed? I used your own words. 😀

  25. The fact that Spider-Man remains with Sony rather than Marvel Studios is so frustrating. How many times do they have to screw up before they quit?

  26. umm how about an AMERICAN actor to fit the bill lol, Peter Parker is american after all, thats as bad as going with say(as rumored in the past)a gerard butler for a snake plisskin role

    • Having a welshman play Batman is ok with you then? Or does that not conform with your casual racism/typical american xenophobia?

      • nope, never said it was did i?? which is why i wont be seeing the a-team…

  27. More than ever we need to cast Americans to play American icons like Spider man. If a British actor is picked to play Spider man, it will be a running joke and the movie will lose support immediately. Just think of these bullet points so far.

    Spider man 4;
    produced by Sony not Marvel,
    starring a relatively unknown British actor,
    directed by an indie director with one successful movie.

    Not very promising so far Sony.

    • yeah I’m just going to repost this comment for you as well.

      “Having a welshman play Batman is ok with you then? Or does that not conform with your casual racism/typical american xenophobia?”

      • clearly youre an idiot

  28. “Jamie Bell, Alden Ehrenreich, Frank Dillane, Josh Hutcherson and Andrew Garfield.”

    Man-oh-man!! I have never heard of any of these guys..I’m getting older (not old)..could care less about this reboot and I certainly could care less that they are rebooting it for the tweens and 15-20 year olds..

    I waited my 27 years to see the first Spiderman film and was happy with the trilogy(S3 not so much but i enjoyed it none-the-less)…my SPiderman kraving was fixed with the trilogy so I don’t need a reboot and will probably avoid this movie because I feel they have taken the films in an unnecessary direction…Reboot a franchise that is less than 10 years old WTF?!! And a highly successful/critically acclaimed one at that…

    I truly hope this backfires on SOny so at least the property can fall back into Marvel’s hands..