The Ultimate Storyline & The Ultimate Age

Peter Parker is going back to highschool and Sony wants (at least) a new trilogy to continue their super-profitable superhero franchise. No longer will they let years and years go in between subsequent installments and no longer will overinflated contracts restrict development.

With the aim of keeping Peter Parker young and the story not confined to his relationship to Mary Jane, Jamie Bell doesn’t seem the right choice. He’s currently 24, meaning he’ll be around 27 when the Spider-Man 3D comes out in 2012. That seems like the same problem they ran into with Tobey Maguire and it really holds them back on the idea of him being a high school student.

Would the new Spider-Man series follow the path of Sam Raimi’s trilogy and only have him in high school for the first film? Will the supporting cast all be 7+ years too old to actually be in high school as well?

Jamie Bell is one of the most established and recognizable actors on the current shortlist and there no questioning his talent. He’s going to be a star and that’s already happening, but is he right for Sony’s current plans for our favorite webslinger?

Jumping the Gun

I already brought up this point but I’ll reiterate; We need to be careful before we jump the gun on rumors like this. At the moment, the Jamie Bell report is still unconfirmed and we know very well from the casting process behind Green Lantern, Thor and most recently, The First Avenger: Captain America, that the shortlist and “leading contender” for any given comic book movie can seemingly change on the flip of the dime as can the legitimacy of the information that hits the web (no pun intended).

It even happened leading up to the cancellation of Spider-Man 4

Does Jamie Bell work for you as a high school Peter Parker?

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The Spider-Man reboot is set to hit theaters July 12, 2012.

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