Should Jamie Bell Be The Next Spider-Man?

Published 5 years ago by , Updated June 27th, 2013 at 3:14 pm,

[UPDATE: The new Spider-Man has officially been cast.]

Like a bad game show that will never die, we’re at it again with another update to the casting process behind Sony’s Spider-Man reboot. After a large pile of of recognizable names were rumored and quickly shot down for the title role in Spider-Man 3D, we reported two weeks ago that director Marc Webb and the studio had narrowed down their selection to five Peter Parker candidates.

We had moved from the likes of Taylor Lautner, Jim Sturgess, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Logan Lerman and Rob Pattinson to the lesser known and more realistic shortlist of Jamie Bell, Alden Ehrenreich, Frank Dillane, Josh Hutcherson and Andrew Garfield.

While it’s good to get an idea of what direction they may be heading in for the impatient franchise reboot, we’ve played this game before and know better. We saw a list of “final candidates” for Thor a long while ago and Marvel ended up choosing someone who wasn’t even on that list in Chris Hemsworth.  More recently, we saw this phenomenon again with the selection of Chris Evans as Captain America. Evans wasn’t on the earlier lists of final choices and after it was all said and done, almost every young actor imaginable was at some point listed as a candidate.

So here we are with another large-scale superhero movie, one that moviegoers already know very well, and a plan to start anew with a fresh face to portray a much younger and innocent version of our favorite webslinger. The Spider-Man rebirth will follow a younger variant of Peter Parker as he attends high school, once again enduring the wondrous angst of teenage romance and drama.

By all accounts, Marc Webb’s take on Spider-Man will in – in some fashion at least – mirror the Ultimate Spider-Man comics take on the character. The movie will be grittier, “darker” and more real. From the official press release, the movie is based on, “a script by James Vanderbilt that focuses on a teenager grappling with both contemporary human problems and amazing super-human crises.”

With that in mind, how does director Marc Webb and the producers make their selection of the new face of the franchise? Initial word had them aiming in the expected direction of choosing a young (cheap) unknown to lock-up with a long-term multi-picture contract.

It made sense then that Josh Hutcherson became the top-rumored choice back in April. He’s 17 years old with plenty of acting experience and just at the beginning of his career. At 17, he’s already had major roles in Journey to the Center of the Earth, Zathura, Bridge to Terabithia and the upcoming Red Dawn remake among many others, but his name still isn’t known (yet).

Today’s rumor however, goes in the opposite direction with Jamie Bell now tapped as being the young man to play Spider-Man. The folks at Bleeding Cool are reporting that they’ve heard from several insiders that Sony has made their pick and that the pick is British actor Jamie Bell. Bell is many years older than Hucherson, at 24, and is much more recognizable, having had big roles in Jumper, Defiance, King Kong and is starring as the lead in the big budget Tin Tin adaptation from Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg.

Of course this isn’t confirmed yet so if history tells us anything, this could very well be entirely off the mark. We can’t really say either way at the moment but we can look deeper into the possibility of Jamie Bell as Peter Parker…

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  1. I dont support the reboot,I want them to continúe were they left off and have the same actors! But Im not gonna change their minds. Weve gotta xcept wateva theyre gonna do with the series and if the reboot sucks and it’s a twilight ramantic type o’ garbage then it’s really gonna suck!!!

  2. NO NO NO NO he is NOT CUTE at all! Peter should be CUTE

  3. Why the hell would producers even consider making Spider-Man more realistic and grittier?
    Parker has always been the most fun of the Marvel characters, and the first three movies were absolutely in character (except for killing off most of the villains).
    Replace the actors. Leave the formula the same.

    • I agree they should keep the formula the same. I am also in total agreement they Peter is the best marvel character. There is another exception though other than the killing of most villains. Spidey needed to cut up and be a smart @#% more. That was his way of semi dealing with all the turmoil he had to go through. Spiderman is my favorite and I cant wait for the reboot. Even though i enjoyed all the movies thus far. I just hope the villain will be fresh. Also Im not sure about Bell. But then again I thought Tobey was a terrible choice before I saw the first film. My opinion now is I think he did great. With those two exceptions.

  4. I like bell as an actor but he might be too old to play a younger version of spiderman. He’ll be going into his thirties by the time the sequel comes out. I hate to say it but Webber should go with somebody who is actually in their teens. He was good in King Kong and Jumper though.

  5. If they are going to go with an older actor, why not utilize Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Hes a solid actor and already has a rep with Webb. He can do awkward science geek and suave trash talker, and he actually is very intelligent and witty. Shave his face and call him 16. bada-bing

  6. No. How could he? Jamie Bell doesn’t even look young enough. It’s bad when you go into a movie role not fitting the part. If they want gold, they should get someone younger and cuter. Maybe I’m biased, but I really like Logan Lerman. He’s cute, young enough, and did really well in the movies he acted in.

  7. Tobey Maguire or GTFO! Sorry, but Tobey is the only way to go for Spiderman now imo.

    • You’ve got to be kidding. Sam Raimi’s version of Spiderman was a little too cartoonish, predictable and wearisome to say the least. I think he’s an over rated director who got sick of being pushed around by Sony.

      Let’s not forget Tobey Maguire’s deadpan acting. The guy was too short, too goofy looking and acted nothing like the Peter Parker/ Spiderman from the comic books.

      In fact Tobey Maguire had never even read a Spiderman comic book nor was he ever interested in them growing up. And it shows through his lackluster performance as an actor simply going through the motions.

      Kirsten Dunst was the absolute opposite of her comic book counterpart. As obvious as chalk and cheese. Along with Tobey, it was another disproportionate casting.

      Sam Raimi’s franchise had a great supporting cast, some wonderful aesthetics but in retrospect now seems more like a caricature than a faithful adaptation.

  8. Wat about Daniel Raddcliffe,he’s said he’d love to play spiderman in the past,Id say he’d do great and he looks high school aged if that’s the route they wanna take……….

  9. Jamie Bell would be fantastic as spider man. Toby was never believable as Spider Man. Too pathetic or whiny. Bell would bring that personal intensity required to be a vigilante.

    • a brit would not be fantastic as spiderman lol

  10. Daniel Raddcliffe has type casted himself.

    Toby was fine they didn’t need send him and Rami off.

    I’m no longer interested in Sony’s direction of the franchise. I’d rather they not do it at all if there going to fall into the same trap the Superman franchise is in. I also don’t watch 3D films so its over.

  11. Daniel Raddcliffe is a great actor but Harry Potter is written all over is face, so it wouldn’t be good for Spider Man franchise.
    Logan Lerman is very good to but he’s in a franchise already.
    Zac Efron has the face for Spider Man.

  12. Well I say they should take they’re reboot nonsense,throw it in the trash,and continue with part 4!!!!!!

  13. This guy doesn’t look like Parker he looks like a thug in the making. Really, if you would have given me the choice my money would be him playing someone like Cletus Kasady (Carnage) prior to this article.

    Whenever someone mentions Ultimates in the same breath with Spider-Man, I immediately think like the first two movies. Been there seen that. What else you got?

  14. After reading some of the responses, no one is asking the question that do we need to re-boot spiderman already? All because sucky producers with sucky writers can’t make another movie work, so lets go back to the beginning again and make it ‘edgier’ and ‘darker’ (it’s all about the buzz words) all because it worked so well with Bat-Man. The thing is with Burton’s version of Bat-Man was more comic book and they needed to get away from that. If Tobey and Sam Rami no longer want to do it fine. Have the character grow older and use person in the role. Simple. It can still be edgier and darker. But unfortunately Hollywood dumbasses don’t think that way.

  15. Let’s face facts- there are some movies that just shouldn’t be rebooted at all, simply because they are still mega hits all over the world. Here are all the movies that should be rebooted from the Marvel world :

    1)Captain America, which is already being done
    2)Fantastic Four definitely
    3)Daredevil, was good but it just didn’t seem to leave a lasting impression on us fans.
    4)Elektra, most of definitely!
    5)Ghostrider, not so much, but my dear bro Nicholas didn’t suit that role

    I think these should definitely be done over and some may agree.

    The Marvel blockbusters that should not be rebooted and the one that should not even be in the process of rebooting are as follows (in my opinion) are:

    1)X-Men should not be rebooted, of course one’s talking about rebooting that franchise but then again we know how Hollywood punishes amazing franchises.
    2)Spider-Man is an excellent addition to the Marvel world of great movies. But we all have different opinions about Spider-Man since the third installment(which I think is a great story told) but then again mixed reviews :-)
    3)Iron Man is good as it is, Nuff said.

    And some movies that were rebooted nevertheless are Hulk, Punisher. In my opinion if the two Hulks were combined together, it would be one ‘smash hit’!

  16. This movie should not be made. Sony must hand over the rights back to Marvel so they can do a really great movie; comic-book fans can make this happen.

  17. Oh i forgot and also must not be hyped. We can do it comic-book fans

  18. Seriously Sony Made a huge mistake in taking the right away from Raimi and Tobey..Im no longer interested in Spiderman because of what happened with Raimi and Tobey..They had a great direction with the Lizard or Vulture and they had already had everything in place..Dam You Sony for messing this up for all of us..Because of your selfish greeds of wanting to bring back Venom in the 4th movie you messed it up for all of us..None of these actors seem suitable for the role..and if they choose one it probably wouldnt turn out well anyway..its not the same once you remove or replace an actor in the film..Thats how it was with TDK and IM2 it wasnt the same anymore..Same is going with the F4 and XMEN. I dont care about Spiderman anymore.

    • Boo Hoo you don’t care about Spiderman anymore. LOL! You know what I wasn’t terribly thrilled with the whole Raimi / Maguire / Dunst collaboration. I think they were absolutely terrible in their roles and nothing like their comic book counterparts.

      I’m not that excited about this “Ultimate” Spider TEEN reboot either but it doesn’t make me care less about the Spiderman character I grew up with.

      In fact I look forward to the day when MARVEL STUDIOS will produce a mature realistic treatment of Peter Parker the MAN and his alter ego Spider-MAN.

      People who think Spiderman isn’t gritty or realistic have obviously never read the original “Amazing Spiderman” comic book series which is still going to this day. I for one had had enough of Raimi’s big budget cartoon formula.

      • I didn’t grow up on “Ultimate” anything in the Marvel Universe..Spiderman was good before Venom**gasp!!** and before the Ultimates…SO we agree on that..I was a big fan of Raimi’s treatment of the character cause he did seem to care about Peter/SPiderman…we disagree on that.. :)

        I am not interested in a reboot because SONY doesn’t care if people in my age group see this film..I won’t buy into the mass merchandising that goes along with this therefore I am not in the “key” demographic..I will see this movie someday..probably when it goes in the discount bin for 5.00 bucks but not in the theater…

        • Yeah to be fair and to put my cynicism aside for a moment I must say that Spiderman 2 is the only film out of the franchise that I kind of like. :-)

          You’re right though, not many people seem to credit or even give a damn about the pre “Ultimate” Spiderman which is where the true mythos of this character was forged and continues to be MARVEL’S top seller in “Amazing Spiderman”, a book I still read and collect.

          As far as supporting this current franchise at the cinema will be highly unlikely. I get far more enjoyment, entertainment, and satisfaction from reading the books.

          It will fall by the wayside for me just like the X-Men films and will probably only see them if my mother in law (bless her) buys the DVDs for Xmas or birthday gifts.

  19. christopher gorham could’ve been peter parker. no reboot. spider-man 4 should’ve tackled a more mature setting, like what happened in precursors of the clone saga in the comics. money destroyed that storyline, the meddling of the money department of marvel with the creative writers doomed it. now, it’s happening again in the films.

  20. christopher gorham could’ve been peter parker. no reboot. spider-man 4 should’ve tackled a more mature setting, like what happened in precursors of the clone saga in the comics. money destroyed that storyline, the meddling of the money department of marvel with the creative writers doomed it. now, it’s happening again in the films.

  21. they wont do that though, hollywood is too stupid

  22. God! The farther the story goes, the more pathetic Spiderman becomes ))

  23. Okay, How are you going to reboot the series, send your main character back to high school, and cast a 25 yr old to play him? That just doesn’t make any sense what so ever. Whoever it is, he needs to be young, good looking, and FROM NEW YORK!!!!!! If there is one thing I am sick of with all these movies it is the lack of attention to detail. Peter Parker is born and raised in New York City. I have never met anyone from New York that didn’t have a NYC accent. Gambit was even worse but that is a story for another day.

  24. I keep reading up on ScreenRant’s Spiderman reboot news to see when Sony will just give up and admit that this reboot is WAY TOO SOON.

  25. Please NOT HIM!!! UGGGHH!

  26. Josh Hutcherson fits the part he’s young and a good actor not Jamie bell he’s 2 old 2 be in high school

  27. we’s kinda cool but i bet Logan Lerman as Peter Parker..

  28. Please lets get an american for the part. There must be one American young
    actor then could do this. How about Ryan Kelley???

    • i think that tobey maguire should be always the one and only spiderman. because i think he has a great expirience of being a spiderman.

      • With all due respect GYAN,

        Tobey Maguire acted nothing like the Peter Parker / Spiderman of the comic books. He has been quoted as never having read a Spiderman comic book ever in his life, nor was he ever interested in them growing up, so his own interpretation was a fairly dead pan one to say the least.

        He was just going through the motions of acting to a script having no real knowledge of the character at all, i.e. the true and real essence of a character that can only be gained through familiarization of the books.

        You need to remember or take hold of the fact that Steve Ditko drew Peter the most nerdy and that’s where Sam Raimi drew inspiration from for Tobey’s look. In fact Raimi’s version of Spiderman really appears to be based on the very early “Amazing Spiderman” books.

        When John Romita took over from Steve Ditko in 1966 he drew Peter slightly more mature and handsome and certainly NOT as goofy or as nerdy. Peter had graduated High School and moved into College leaving some, but NOT ALL of those nerdy and geeky teenage traits behind.

        The other thing about Tobey was he was too short and displayed NONE of Spidey’s wise cracking humor. WOW, one of the key components of the character missing.

        Both the Director and actor NOT doing their research. Not very outstanding as far as I’m concerned.

        Raimi had a great supporting cast but overall it was an overblown big budget cartoon rather than a realistic & mature adaptation of the “Amazing Spiderman” comic book, MARVEL’S flagship title that has been featuring stories about a GROWN UP Peter Parker the MAN and his alter ego Spider MAN since the mid sixties. :-)

        • Just as the comic books have had various writers and artists working on them, there is absolutely no reason why other actors can’t play the role of Spider-MAN.

          Tobey Maguire is NOT the definitive, quintessential representation of Spider-MAN. We have yet to see a TRUE & FAITHFUL adaptation of Spider-MAN.