Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man First Image!

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Andrew Garfield Spideman header Andrew Garfield as Spider Man First Image!

Had your fill of gazing over photos of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone getting snuggly atop the bleachers on the set of Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot? Well, now you can take a gander at the new Peter Parker himself (Garfield) sporting Spidey’s classic (but remixed) red and blue spandex outfit.

The first official image of Garfield in costume as Spider-Man has been unveiled and, if it’s an indicator of the reboot’s tone, then this may very well be the grittier comic book flick we were promised.

Tobey Maguire previously played Mr. Parker in director Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy and his portrayal sat well enough with fans and casual moviegoers alike. Garfield has a lankier, more streamlined build than the stocky Maguire, who bulked up and amassed a good deal of muscle to play the hero – even though a good chunk of the fight sequences in Raimi’s Spider-Man pics involved a CGI version of the character and not Maguire in costume.

Principal photography began last month on the new big screen venture of Stan Lee’s super-powered everyman, which recently added C. Thomas Howell to its rather impressive cast. Garfield has spoken out a handful of times in the past about how he’s been mentally and physically preparing himself to convincingly play Spider-Man – and now fans can at last check him out in the actual costume.

Have a look at Garfield as Spider-Man (via Columbia Pictures) below:

Andrew Garfield as Spider Man Andrew Garfield as Spider Man First Image!

While this image features Garfield’s web-slinger in the aftermath of some rough combat, his costume looks more stylishly dark and textural than Maguire’s outfit generally did. The redesigned spider logo on the chest is rather slick as well and the suit works nicely with the Social Network star’s skinnier frame. Overall, this image offers a good reason for fans to get excited about the direction that Webb seems to be taking with his reboot.

Check out a closer look at Spider-Man’s new logo and one of his mechanical webshooters (which did not appear in Raimi’s trilogy) below:

spider man chest detail1 Andrew Garfield as Spider Man First Image!

spider man web shooters1 Andrew Garfield as Spider Man First Image!

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The Spider-Man reboot swings into 2D and 3D theaters around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: Columbia Pictures

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  1. Sorry, over it’s a fail.

    Can deal with the different texture of the suit And the mechanical web shooters but the spider symbol is awful, his “lankier” look is not right for the character, and the impression I’m getting is Twilight meets Spiderman.

    They can go darker but couldn’t they do it in a more heroic manner?

  2. I don’t want to appear snippy or mean spirited, but I do think the costume could have done with some attention around the dick area. He looks quite small. Of course we wouldn’t want a massively hung dude distracting viewers with his package, but it’d be best to leave Spidey’s dick to the imagination (if that is what people want to imagine) rather than present a superhero with a chipolata.

  3. please no web shooters unless they are just for helping the organic webs.

  4. there is no way a web shooter is going to be able to create as much webs as spiderman needs to swing threw the city like he does and web up bad guys use the organic, and have a web shooters help build the organic if anything. man they really know how to mess things up with little holes in films, i think im about done with comic book films, lets get some horror/monster sci fi thriller, and killer animal films all with great stories and character.

  5. Wow one heck of allot of comments about a costume. The costume isn’t going to make or break this movie, nope, the story is going to make or break it. And I still feel the same way I felt since they killed the last iteration. It’s too soon to go backwards like this. If the Raimi setup was wrong then I think moving forward was still a better idea than going back. I won’t set through this because it’s too much a rehash or at best leftovers. I’ll wait for the second one.

    I will say this about the costume. If your going with mechanical web shooters then where’s he storing all the fluid since he has no belt?? Is the belt supposed to be under his costume? Just seems like a gap in logic if you ask me…

    • Maybe he keeps extra web cartridges in his gloves?

      • Well I always thought the comic showed he had a ring of cartridges around his wrist but he also carried spares in his belt. But then too Michael where’s the Spidey tracers go? Don’t forget in this day and age he needs room for his Spidey credit card too! 😉

        Well maybe the costume is an evolutionary thing. It’s not like it never changed in the comics. It takes time to work out the kinks…

    • I think the whole idea of the Spider-Man movies as we know them are changing. I do not think this will set very well with the audience as a whole. The suit dosen’t even fit. I cannot believe Stan Lee is going along with this. It looks cheap and unworthy to carry the name.

      • @ David

        Sadly Stan Lee has no say in it. MARVEL sold the film rights to PHONY SONY and they will do what they like.

        The audacity of PHONY SONY to perpetuate the high school era is astounding and simply a CASH COW milking exercise aimed at the TWEEN market.

        Spider-MAN fans have to put up with yet another franchise that depicts his teenage years. That is such a small window in Spider-MAN’S history and we’ve been there, done that with Raimi’s version.

        I couldn’t care less for “Ultimate” Spider-TEEN. The “Amazing Spider-MAN” books for the last 45 years have depicted a MATURE GROWN UP SPIDERMAN. :-)

        • I couldn’t have said it better, Magnetic Eye. It’s comforting to find people who can understand exactly what these bastardizers are doing here.

          • @ Semblance

            Thanks man. There’s a few over at MARVEL’S website who feel the same way.

            I still think the “Ultimate” Spiderman series from 2000 – 2009 depicting Spidey’s teenage years in an alternate universe as non canonical, really; when compared to 47 years of “Amazing Spider-MAN” back-story, it pales into insignificance.

            I certainly don’t believe the throw away statement that 4 decades of back-story had made “Amazing Spider-MAN inaccessible to new readers, so therefore a modernized re-imagining was needed. What a lame excuse.

            “Amazing Spider-MAN” the ORIGINAL flagship title is modernized every time a new team of artists and writers come onboard. That’s why it’s still going strong to this day. :-)

    • Spidey’s belt is purely aesthetic. just makes him look good. I think the suit looks good on him, but i definitely miss the original costume.

  6. There are things I like and dislike about the new costume. I don’t like the small changes they made with costume, like with the gloves and lack of webbing on the suite it’s self. I also think they could have made it less reflective of light but, I do like it over all better than Tobey’s costume. I think the fact that they are using Garfield’s natural body instead of a muscle suit is a big plus. The biggest thing I am happy about is that spider-man will have mechanical webshooters! I do want to see this movie but, I also think it is to soon for a reboot. They should do a “Spider-man 2099″ in 3D instead of this.

  7. Putting aside the fact that there isn’t really any integrity behind the reasons for this reboot and it’s blatantly another means for the studio to make more money, I am still intrigued and I can’t really help but look forward to it.
    I reckon he could have built a bit more body mass than this. Not necessarily Maguire standards but perhaps slightly more ripped. I’m keen to see how they will explain the construction of these webshooters and also where he gets the suit from. If it stays true to the comics and he makes it all himself, that seems a tad ridiculous, unless you’re Bruce Wayne and you have a tech. department and billions to throw about.

    • film studios are in the business of making money. this will accomplish that easily. it’s not like they care about the actual fans of the comics.

      • @ John

        How very true. Yet Warner Brothers and Christopher Nolan cared enough with their Batman franchise and I think that did quite well at the box office. :-)

  8. @Peteyc, So your saying it is ridiculous if they have peter parker make his own webshooters but, It is NOT ridiculous to see him crawl up walls, use his spider strength and all of that? He is a comic hero. Every thing about him is ridiculous.

    • I take offense by that. Just because he has superhuman powers, doesn’t mean you can bring some logic and reality into it. Especially since this new reboot will be more serious and gritty. Why are you even commenting here if you are not a fan of Spider-Man?

      • @ Viktor

        I think you’ve taken what Big V said out of context. He was actually defending the use of mechanical webshooters in his reply to Peteyc. :-)

      • You’ve fallen pray to a cheap-shot marketing ploy. Sony wants you to think that the new movie will be more “serious and gritty”, and over all deeper and more philosophically fulfilling or disturbing. If you call taking a pretty British boy and shoving him into a tight rubber suit, having him brood dramatically, and prussing him up with the “bad-boy” messy look a DEEPER and more realistic take on Spiderman, then you need to take another look outside. The many associations that have been made to Twilight are appropriate and not founded faultily, as this movie is being made to be “serious and gritty” in the same vein Twilight was. It sells to fools who have no respect for the franchise. The only real grit I can see here is the dirt they rubbed in his suit and the scratches he probably put on there himself to make himself look cool.

        • Man oh man Semblance! way to go there pal :-) telling it as it is. Good to find another kindred spirit who isn’t fooled by Phony Sony’s counterfeit adaptation.

  9. the way i look at is, i like Andrew Garfield more than tobey maguire, i like Emma Stone more that Kirsten Dunst. Martin Sheen is a great actor, the costume looks pretty dope. Think if you were a 15, 16 year old hero, would u prefer Maguires costume or this one. And last but not least, a movie filmed in 2011 has to be better than a movie filmed in 2000-01. Im crossing my fingers that the action is good.

    • “a movie filmed in 2011 has to be better than a movie filmed in 2000-01″

      That’s the biggest load of foolishness I’ve ever heard. Is there no room in your stereotypical, superficial, consumer mind for movies like Platoon, or Saving Private Ryan?

  10. What the heck is that suit made out of? It looks very rubbery/plasticky looking. Almost like a plastic action figurine. Looks uncomfortable like it would be sticky and chaff a lot.

  11. i like that they re tried, bt second time unlucky, dont think he will give the real peter parker image. the comic and tv shows portray a man, this guy looks like a “kick ass wannabe”
    still, doubts aside, im not picking fights, still wanna see it as much as the next marvel maniac.

  12. when i say they portray a man, a man as apposed to a kid, which i think he will be more of a kid…

  13. tobey should at least play a small role in the new spider man..dont ya think? just sayin’

  14. i think tobey should at least play a small role in this spider man..dont ya think?. just sayin’

  15. I agree at least have Tobey play a scientist or have a small cameo, but that won’t happen

    • well, you never know.

  16. Toby McGuire filled his suit a bit better. This poor guy is starving!

  17. So there were a bunch of people who thought that Peter Parker couldn’t have come up with the Spider-Man costume in the Raimi movies. While this one does look cheaper, I still don’t think I high scholl/college kid could have made that… let alone mechanical web shooters

    • @ foopher

      Peter Parker is a science genius. Using his scientific prowess, he designs and constructs a pair of artificial web-shooters that attach to his wrists. The highly concentrated adhesive web fluid is compressed into cartridges ready to connect to his web shooters.

      How he does it could be shown in a variety of logical ways. A highly intelligent science geek could consult or utilize a number of resources: school lab, trade workshops, hardware stores, boilermakers, text books, textile industry, the internet even. :-)

  18. why would he need a mechanical web slinger if he was genetically altered/mutated and bestowed Amazing web slinging abilities with unlimited supply

  19. ahhhhh first impressions… i really have nothing to say right now until more pictures (especially with his mask) are posted. I’m curious of what his mask will look like. They seem to be really following the comic on this one by having web-shooters rather than the plot changed unlimited “organic web” from the last trilogy

  20. @Magnetic Eye, Yes you are correct, I was defending the use of mechanical webshooters and thank you for clearing that up for Viktor. @ Viktor, I am a BIG Spider-man fan. Take some more time reading the post’s, you might understand them better.

  21. He needs to gain a little more muscle mass.

  22. It seems as if most of you have already made up your mind – which, of course, will complicate your honest thought of this movie. If you >>> FROM ONE PICTURE! <<< analyze and conclude that the movie will, indeed, suck – what do you expect to think once you finally see it? Personally, I was extremely happy once I heard Andrew Garfield's playing Peter Parker / Spider-man. He's an ambitious, "serious-funny" and giving kind of young actor. I think his body mass is near perfect. It's going to be very interesting to see the result!

  23. I personally am still excited by this movie, and feel that this is the only way to go after the disaster that was Spidey 3. Spidey 1 was excellent, Spidey 2, a masterpiece as far as comic based movies are concerned. But the third film was a slap in the face to the whole franchise, and a reboot really was the only solution. Look at Batman; progressively worse after the second film. The only thing to do was remake the whole storyline.

    If this film is darker, grittier than the last few, then it will fly with audiences.

    And to the “it’s too soon” crowd: It’s been 9 years since the first film. Nearly a decade? Long enough.

  24. Maybe Spider-Man 3 wouldn’t be as bad if Raimi had more control as studio said he would. I thought it was a decent sequel, nothin to give up after. And Batman reboot doesn’t mean this Spider-Man reboot will have that same spark. And i think the (Too Soon Crowd) were implying this reboot is coming too soon after Spider-Man 3, not the first film.

  25. I like it. Andrew Garfield looks like Peter Parker and it’s an interesting costume re-design.

  26. Looks cool.

  27. I’m digging the suit not digging the web shooters. I thought Spider-Man having mechanical shooters in the comic was lame and loved how he eventually evolved in the comic and developed web shooters with the need for mechanical ones.

    The last three films cut the evolution and had the webs shoot from his wrist which was fantastic why go back to the original concept.

    Let Spider-Man evolve not just his costume.

    • I disagree, you see spiders create webbing from the foods they eat. tht knowledge got passes on to peter when he got bitten. he uses this knowledge as well as his scientific genius to create web shooters for himself.

      If he mutated like a spider and created webbing on his own then like a spider, he would be shooting webbing out of his ass!

  28. Oops meant to say “with out the need for Webshooters”. I hate when I make editing mistakes. DOH!!!