Spider-Man 4: Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin is Done

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spider man 4 willem dafoe green goblin Spider Man 4: Willem Dafoes Green Goblin is Done

In recent weeks, there’s been some chatter as to what characters, or more specifically, villains, we will see in the upcoming fourth installment to the Spider-Man franchise.

First, we heard arguably crazy speculation that Bruce Campbell’s larger role in Spider-Man 4 would see him playing a villain such as Mysterio. Unlikely in the eyes of many fans, but we followed that up with a report on director Sam Raimi discussing the Spider-Man 4 villains where he admitted he favored the idea of The Lizard but wasn’t keen or familiar with the idea of Carnage.

Then, we finally got one confirmation on the topic of potential villains: Dylan Baker would in fact be returning as Dr. Curt Connors in the next movie but that didn’t necessarily mean he’d be transforming in the scaly green two-armed lizard, especially not if you can take Baker’s words as complete truth (he says he’s a background character). Of course, this was followed with more rumors where it was said that The Lizard could be Spider-Man 4′s only villain.

So, what about going backwards and playing with the villains of before? A little hard seeing as how in the first two movies, the bad guys died and it’s doubtful we’ll get Venom again this time around with his own spin-off coming (I think we’ll see Venom in either Spider-man 5 or 6).

MTV had a chance to chat with the talented Willem Dafoe who of course played Norman Osborn in the first Spider-Man. With the Spider-Man 4 in development with a confirmed release date and plenty of headlines to go around, MTV took the opportunity to ask the actor if he’ll be making a return to the franchise in any form (even though he’s dead).

There wasn’t much from Dafoe’s response other than he said he hasn’t been called but he thinks it’s possible (or that’s just a standard media-trained response):

“I think it’s possible… But I haven’t heard anything.”

Admittedly, Raimi and company do go out of their way to tie each movie to the previous but from all accounts it seems that Spider-Man 4 will be a fresh start where Sam Raimi will have “full control” over the project and they may distance themselves from the existing trilogy. We’ve had three movies of goblins, it’s time to move on.

spider man 4 willem dafoe norman osborn Spider Man 4: Willem Dafoes Green Goblin is Done

The Green Goblin story is over, Harry and Norman Osborn have passed, and so there’s no real reason to have Dafoe return unless it involves Peter having flashbacks or Mysterio creating illusions of Spidey’s prior villains. That (Mysterio’s illusions) would be a neat way to at least have a scene for every character we’ve met in the trilogy – makes for an interesting look-back and Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire conclusion movie for their part in the franchise (I don’t expect to see them back after Spider-Man 4).

I love Dafoe as an actor but I think he’s served his role in the Spider-Man franchise and that it’s time to move on. Don’t count on seeing him again.

What did you think of Dafoe’s portrayal of the Green Goblin and would like to see him cameo again in another Spider-Man movie in memory, flash-back or illusion?

Spider-Man 4 starts production next March and is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2011, the year of the super hero.

Source: MTV

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  1. did you guys know that in the scene were emo spiderman/parker dances with gwen, Willem Dafoe is sitting at the table behind gwen, hehhe and paris hilton is in parkers class (i think in the beginning)

    i think one villian would be enough, the could focus on parkers change(s) and still have an awesome bad guy

  2. Pretty sure that there is going to be a Spider Man – Super Man tie in with this film. It makes sense and would really explain those viral teasers that are popping up all around the internet lately. Either way, whether the villain is Super Man or Dr. X, I am ready!

  3. Superman? He’s a DC character where Spider-Man is a Marvel character. Geesh……do I REALLY have to point that out?

  4. Conbot is smoking something good this morning. :)

  5. @ Jwalka & Jose
    Id hate to bust your bubble but that was just someone who looked like Willem Dafoe. Others thought that and found it to be false. One website is IMDB for you to check it out.

  6. Flash back maybe but green goblin has been done to death in one way or another. Bring in someone new.

  7. Interesting

    I have no problem with Dafoe’s Goblin being gone, his costume was just way too catoonish and CGI’d. He did bring a lot to the character however; amazing actor.

    Harry Osborne however, is still a great storyline. Parker’s best friend turns foe. If done right, that could’ve been great. But I think they neglected that storyline in the last 2 movies enough for people to loose interest.

    Too bad.

  8. You don’t think raimi or tobey will be back for spider-man 5. What are you stupid. Tobey has already been paid for two more movies. It’s in a contract. And why would they change the main character 4 movies in with two to go. Your an idiot.

  9. @jc its called a reboot of course they will change it up man. after this movie i can gaurantee tobey will not be back they are gonna want a fresh new actor by 2012 or 2013 by the time spiderman5 actuly comes around. think about it tobey will be pushin like 35 little old to be peter parker

  10. JC,

    While nothing’s confirmed, there’s been plenty of discussion from the producers and writers that chances are, Tobey’s not coming back after this one.

    As for Raimi, I think it’s possible that he’d do another one, but I wouldn’t that. Especially if 5 is supposed to reboot things.

    I never would have considered bringing Dafoe back anyway, so this isn’t that big a deal.

  11. I don’t know about you. But, I personally couldn’t picture anyone else playing Peter Parker. After 4 movies, I think Tobey is the best.

    I don’t know if I would see another movie without Tobey.

    Does anyone know of any actor that could portrait Peter better?

  12. ok, i`d like to say so far hearing more and more about this movie has just continously made me sufficate. Rob says “it`s doubtful we`ll be seeing venom again.” I really am surprised that the foundation is that for a hero like Spiderman needs to be this messed up, i think a villain a villian like Venom isn`t supposed to be blocked out from ever being in one of these movies, what`s goiung it be for this one, Rhino, shocker? Those villains don`t have enough depth with spiderman or just aren`t dark enough., there is so much i have in my mind right now that i am really unhappy and surprised about. It was supposed to end with sidey fighting venom,carnge,lizard in this one, not villains like rhino, shocker, and vulture, people ssay “Venom can`t be done justice on the screen” and i rally don`t see what they`re talking about, anything can work on screen if you know better about the history of movi-making, but right no i m fed up, if raimi and some fans are unhapppy he was ” pressured to use venom” and are now glad that “he`ll have control” then i should just let that live. they have ruined thiss franchise for me so fR THAT`S ALL i can say.

  13. @ Jose
    Lol in the world today, there would be atleast one person who would look like someone else.I know what scene you’re thinkin its him but it only looks like him,lol And the guy playin Flash in a cameo means nothin when hes just another character.

    @ Sin
    Id hate to see Maguire get replaced, especially if they plan to make two more films after Spidey 4. They might aswell finish the whole thing with Tobey and down the road they could reboot with a different actor in the role. Replacing the title character is self-distructing as the previous Batman franchise shown.

  14. @ chrisj

    Exactly man! Thanks for bring up the Batman Franchise.
    They should stick with who does it best! If they would have stuck with the Tim Burton, Michael Keaton match-up the Batman Franchise would most likely haven’t done so badly up to Batman Begins!

    They should stay with Raimi and Maguire!

  15. @ Sin
    No problem. Im glad someone sees eye to eye with me on that. Especially when i favored Keaton as Batman over Kilmer & Clooney. Burton/Keaton would of kept that franchise up better but oh well, past is the past. I was surprised to find out that Christian Bale tried out for the part of Dick Grayson/Robin in Batman Forever. Lol bet he’s happy about it lookin back now.

  16. enough with the goblin story. i want the lizard,more doc ock,scorpion,and carnage. also for side villains bring in kraven,and mysterio.

  17. Two villains. That’s what Raimi said. The Lizard and Electro would get my vote. Now, who wouldn’t want to see an electric-powered man take on Spidey?

  18. chris j and sin

    im with you guys when it comes to Keaton as Batman. I preferred him over Clooney and Kilmer. The version with Kilmer was pretty bad IMO especially seeing the versions of Two-Face and the Riddler. I thought it was pretty bad. Keaton’s version of Batman was the best of those three by far.

  19. Deifinitly!
    Although, I did like Jim Carrey’s Riddler!

    Batman & Robin was horrid though now that I’m older and watching it. When I first saw it I thought it was good, but I was younger.

  20. Again id have to agree with Sin. I liked Jim Carrey’s version of the Riddler but i agreed to people who’ve said Tommy Lee Jones’s Two-Face was too much like the Joker. Aaron Eckhart’s was the Two-Face i enjoyed. I admit i liked Batman & Robin too when i was younger but lookin back on it i can see why it was unpopular upon fans. Especially how they had Bane played out, ticked me off.

  21. Tommy Lee Jones is a brilliant actor. And this portrayal of Two-Face wasn’t HORRIBLE, but it wasn’t great. That’s just my opinion.

    Aaron Eckhart’s Two-Face was the s***(take mushrooms) though. (Haha. Vic is that allowed?)

  22. hilton is in the third one, im pretty sure she’s somewhere in the beginning, during peters class with connors.
    it could actually be Willem Dafoe they just didnt mention him in credits etc, imdb is useful but sometimes wrong (ironfist was supposed to come out more than 3 years ago hehehe)

  23. @ old man, your probably right they do look similar, and the camera was focused on Maguire, so yeah it was a bit out of focus.

    can anyone confirm whether that was Willem Dafoe in the bar scene? it would be pretty cool if it was hehehe

  24. Yes Joey! I agree!
    Lizard and Electro!
    I’d love that duo of evil,,, good call my man!

    By the way gang their shooting Spider-Man 4 and 5 back to back,,,

    I’m sure if they pull of a one two punch, the original cast will be back for 6 and probably the end to a kick ass cliff hanger!!!!

    Can’t wait as Spider-Man is my fav supe in cinema at this point. Iron Man and Nortan’s Hulk behind.

  25. You should rename this article to something less concrete. The title, “Spider-Man 4: Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin is Done,” makes it sound like you have a direct quote from someone stating that he won’t be back; and you don’t. This article is based on nothing more than your opinion. False advertisement…

  26. You know something I’m beginning not to care who they put with Lizard, just get us the Lizard already. The creepy potential is enormous and with Spider-Man in the mix you just know it will be good.

    Bring on the finally in the sewers I’m ready… ;)