Spider-Man 4: Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin is Done

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spider man 4 willem dafoe green goblin Spider Man 4: Willem Dafoes Green Goblin is Done

In recent weeks, there’s been some chatter as to what characters, or more specifically, villains, we will see in the upcoming fourth installment to the Spider-Man franchise.

First, we heard arguably crazy speculation that Bruce Campbell’s larger role in Spider-Man 4 would see him playing a villain such as Mysterio. Unlikely in the eyes of many fans, but we followed that up with a report on director Sam Raimi discussing the Spider-Man 4 villains where he admitted he favored the idea of The Lizard but wasn’t keen or familiar with the idea of Carnage.

Then, we finally got one confirmation on the topic of potential villains: Dylan Baker would in fact be returning as Dr. Curt Connors in the next movie but that didn’t necessarily mean he’d be transforming in the scaly green two-armed lizard, especially not if you can take Baker’s words as complete truth (he says he’s a background character). Of course, this was followed with more rumors where it was said that The Lizard could be Spider-Man 4’s only villain.

So, what about going backwards and playing with the villains of before? A little hard seeing as how in the first two movies, the bad guys died and it’s doubtful we’ll get Venom again this time around with his own spin-off coming (I think we’ll see Venom in either Spider-man 5 or 6).

MTV had a chance to chat with the talented Willem Dafoe who of course played Norman Osborn in the first Spider-Man. With the Spider-Man 4 in development with a confirmed release date and plenty of headlines to go around, MTV took the opportunity to ask the actor if he’ll be making a return to the franchise in any form (even though he’s dead).

There wasn’t much from Dafoe’s response other than he said he hasn’t been called but he thinks it’s possible (or that’s just a standard media-trained response):

“I think it’s possible… But I haven’t heard anything.”

Admittedly, Raimi and company do go out of their way to tie each movie to the previous but from all accounts it seems that Spider-Man 4 will be a fresh start where Sam Raimi will have “full control” over the project and they may distance themselves from the existing trilogy. We’ve had three movies of goblins, it’s time to move on.

spider man 4 willem dafoe norman osborn Spider Man 4: Willem Dafoes Green Goblin is Done

The Green Goblin story is over, Harry and Norman Osborn have passed, and so there’s no real reason to have Dafoe return unless it involves Peter having flashbacks or Mysterio creating illusions of Spidey’s prior villains. That (Mysterio’s illusions) would be a neat way to at least have a scene for every character we’ve met in the trilogy – makes for an interesting look-back and Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire conclusion movie for their part in the franchise (I don’t expect to see them back after Spider-Man 4).

I love Dafoe as an actor but I think he’s served his role in the Spider-Man franchise and that it’s time to move on. Don’t count on seeing him again.

What did you think of Dafoe’s portrayal of the Green Goblin and would like to see him cameo again in another Spider-Man movie in memory, flash-back or illusion?

Spider-Man 4 starts production next March and is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2011, the year of the super hero.

Source: MTV

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  1. I thought they decided to shoot Spider-man 5 & 6 back to back after seeing how well Spider-man 4 does? Im curious on how they’re gonna pull off the Lizard. Hopfully they can make him work better than what they did with Venom.

  2. I understand that contracts have been signed and money paid for Raimi and Maguire, but personally I would love to see a total reboot of The Spiderman franchise.

    Let Sam Raimi finish up with Spiderman 4. He has done a great job thus far considering the hassles he went through with Spiderman 3.

    I would love to see a new director and cast breathe some fresh ideas into the Spiderman franchise. Some here have mentioned a mature treatment of the script.

    I agree that a little more realism in the acting and some gritty hardcore fast paced action sequences would be awesome.

    I’m still going to dream on and suggest James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, or Ridley Scott as possible candidates for future films. Other suggestions include: Paul Greengrass, Louis Leterrier or Doug Liman.

    And furthermore as much as I think Kirsten Dunst and Toby Maguire are talented actors, I have never really taken to them as Peter Parker & Mary Jane.

    Sure they played their roles well, but IMHO I find Tobey Maguire TOO short, TOO goofy looking and TOO nerdy in his acting as Peter Parker; and Kirsten Dunst was NOT as vivacious, or as uninhibted and perky as the MJ from the comic books.

    Just check out ASM issue # 601 – 603 to see what I mean. In fact you could check out any issue of Amazing Spiderman.

    Personally, I would have preferred a Gwen Stacey story line with MJ added a couple of movies down the track after the Green Goblin kills off Stacey (or is that being too nostalgic)?

    Even though I’m probably in the minority here, I for one would welcome a total reboot of the Spiderman franchise with a new director and a new cast.

  3. Old man, I have to say you link to some really offbeat and entertaining sites. That one and the two you posted on the Pyro thread: like ’em. I think you’re right if they go with the Lizard – keep it shadowy as possible so at least half the work’s done in the audience’s head (and the idea KCJ506 related on the “Lizard Only Villain?” thread about the Lizard operating in a citywide blackout caused by Electro certainly works for me). The Thing still plays on the mind now because of both John Carpenter’s exemplary use of light and shade, and the awareness you have of the transformed humanity underlying the grotesque abominations he depicted.

  4. Go to IMDB’S Spiderman 3 trivia, it says Willem Dafoe is sitting behind Peter and Gwen at the Jazz club,if you haven’t heard Tobey Maguire has been paid 50,000,000 and given family time(early evenings and mornings to spend with his wife and daughter)to star in Spiderman 4 and 5, both are even featured in his IMDB page, it’s a done deal, and I think Dafoe did a fantastic job in Spiderman and wouldn’t mind a 4th cameo ( mirror apparition in 2 and 3,in jazz club, part 3.)

  5. Imdb is wrong 75% of the time. Not a good source to go by at all. All the statements should say rumor after them because that’s all it’s good for.

  6. Yes Big D and I hope tone wise, Raimi is headed in that direction! Thanks for the compliment by the way. Projects like SeaOrbiter are good first steps in redefining what a human habitat can be like. Once an equatorial community develops and a self sustaining colony forms, the knowledge and resources we’ll gain will allows us to take the next step on the road to populating the Galaxy.

  7. i want harry osborn back

  8. @ 790,

    I’m pretty sure Four is by itself now, no?

    Initially the contract talk was for 4 & 5 together but I thought it came down to one movie … plus a different writer is currently working on 5 & 6 as interconnected movies so I don’t think 4 & 5 are together.

  9. Hey, I have a question for anyone who can answer it.
    In the comics/cartoons, did Harry ever die? I don’t remember that personally.

  10. @ Sin
    I dont know about the comics, but in the 90’s animated series Harry was put away to get mental help that he needed. After Peter won MJ back he crashed their wedding because without MJ he believe he had nobody. Especially since he hated Peter at that sametime. In the end, Liz who is one of MJ’s friends always had alittle crush on him and thought of him being too lonely and she convinced him that MJ loved Peter and he had to come to terms with it and finally told him how she hoped he could have a future with her. And he voluntered to go back to get help that he need, knowing someone besides MJ cared about him.

  11. Okay. Let’s get this baggage out of the way:

    1) In one of the commentaries, it is mentioned that Willem Dafoe is in the niteclub, although just as an extra and not as “Norman”. He is slightly out of focus. Willem Dafoe did reprise his past role for the ghost/mirror/hallucination scene as he did in Spider-Man 2.

    2) Paris Hilton is not in the classroom.

    3) I would actually want to see Joe Manganiello reprise Flash Thompson (it was the actor as the character at the end of the last film) to some extent, and get the “friendly rivalry” aspect of the friendship with Peter Parker going, as it happens in the comics.

    As for Dafoe “returning” in Spider-Man 4, the answer is pretty unlikely. The Goblin arc is complete, even if someone named Roderick Kingsley came by and took over OsCorp, he would not be haunted by The Ghost Of Norman.

  12. what happened to the rumor abotu morbius being the main bad guy in the new film

  13. you guys are funny

    if 4 does extremely well then raime and tobey are coming back. i do mean extremely (iron-man) well though.
    and thats the bottom line.

  14. In the comics, the goblin was somehow trapped in another dimension. That could explain his reappearances. If there are more movies, there is plenty of room for Dafoe to keep haunting Spidey or even coming back. Any excuse to put Dafoe in your movie, right?

  15. i think that wielem dafoe will make a great green goblin villan in the 2011
    movie spider-man 4 that would be so cool, says, brandon lee detroy, and sam
    rami bet not cancel this movie, i want spider-man 4 the movie to be in
    theatres.., with many more characters, tails tailsko, fiona fox, female sonic, female knux, and with sexy big breasted grown squirrel girl sally alicia acorn, for support to help spidey out,..