Spider-Man 4 Updates: Mary Jane & Morbius

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spider man 4 morbius Spider Man 4 Updates: Mary Jane & Morbius

Sam Raimi, director of the Spider-Man films, revealed back in January of this year that he has an interest in the character of Morbius and that sparked rumors that he would be (one of) the featured villains in the upcoming Spider-Man 4.

To me, this made perfect sense as it would allow the next movie to explore a darker and more realistic tone (compared to the more extreme Sandman and Venom characters). Even more than that, Morbius shares plenty of Marvel Comics history with the Lizard character (Dr. Curt Connors) who we saw introduced in Spider-Man 2 and play an important role in Spider-Man 3.

To keep the speculation flowing, the idea of Spider-Man duking it out with a vampire was brought up with Sam Raimi in an interview with FearNET about his upcoming horror film, Drag Me To Hell. Raimi gave a very coy and humorous response to the question and then went on to discuss how the idea of a vampire-like villain is very appealing and gave some reasons why that would be interesting for the movie.

There is still no confirmation on the villains and we shouldn’t expect any until we see the script completed. There’s also a bit of an issue surrounding which studio owns the film rights to the Morbius character that will need clarifying if in fact, the character is to appear in the next movie.

Switching gears, let’s move on to the character of Mary Jane… [Continue to Page 2]

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  1. Sorry Darren, but “Venom” was a joke(bad one at that) and was the second worst thing about that movie next to MJ whining about her career and you can say that was part of the story all you want, but the story is supposed to be about Peter/Spiderman….not MJ whining.

    “Venom” was one villian tooo many….all three of those villians put together were not as great as Doc Ock was.

  2. Kristen blows,….at acting.

    Will Rogers said, “The first thing to do when you find yourself in a hole is to stop digging”

    ANOTHER vampire….great idea!

    Like many of you I’ve just frankly given up on this franchise. I’ll just wait and see what damage they’ll do next.

  3. I agree with Matt Keith, too many villains/good guys. They obviously forgot about the travesty that was ‘Batman & Robin’

  4. I’m sorry, but Kirsten Dunst just looks like she’s on drugs ALL THE TIME. I can’t even tell what emotion she’s trying to convey because she just looks like she’s high off her mind…


  6. I think Spidey 4 should start with the Lizard. Spidey can’t catch him and JJJ hires Kraven to come in and hunt the Lizard. Kraven decides he is going to go for the big kill and bag Spidey, too. That would be my Spidey 4!

  7. First things first


    After reading the above comments, it seems most have forgotten that the character is not a “supernatural” vampire, but one made by science. That said, would I want Morbius in a Spidey film? Not really. I wouldn’t mind, but…yes, should there ever be a Blade 4, I’d either want to see the character in there (where he would work perfectly, given the status of where we left the last film and possibly even the series) or in a solo film, set in the early 1970′s.

    Although I wonder in mixing it up with Lizard and possibly Morbius, we might get a brief scene of a six armed Spidey….

    There’s plenty of characters to choose from, any one of them could be suitable. If I really had a choice, it would be Lizard and Black Cator Vulture or Kraven.


    As for Dunst as an actress. She’s fine.
    As for MJ however, no more kidnappings and heights!

  8. Maybe they will come out of left field with a “SpiderWoman” appearance.

  9. Just because Vampires have gotten popular among Gothic youths and other youths does not make them gay are any less badass.

  10. I like Morbius. unfortunately Benecio Deltoro is already filming Wolfman, so I doubt he would do Morbius, althoug he would be perfect.

    Either way, we need a villain that will strike realistic terror & “FEAR” (pun intended for comic fans) into Spidey, and make the audience feel it!!! Venom just didn’t do it.

    A well done Lizardman or Morbius could do it.

  11. If any of you have read the comics you know that Kristen is not a good MJ. Maybe on the 1st one,but not since then. She is not sexy enough,plus her personality doesn’t match the MJ
    I know.

  12. Let it die already, please! Quit while your ahead, Spider-Man 3 was terrible.

    Lie low for a while and then start over I say. There are plenty of other Marvel characters who need movies fast tracked, Spider-Man isn’t one of them.

  13. Morbius…it works in comics, but I don’t see a vampire working in a Spider-Man movie. That will be seriously cheesy. But vampires, that’s right up Sam Raimi’s alley…

  14. Morbius sounds cool. I would like to see his transition on the big screen. Looking forward to that and also the Lizard. Does this mean that we’ll finally see Felicia Hardy aka The Black Cat in the film (before she is the Black Cat of course since she’s Morbius’ love interest)?? And when is Gwen Stacy going to die!!??
    Mary Jane needs to return. I never liked Dunst so if they replace her its not an issue. They could find someone who could really play that feisty, sexy part where Dunst seems to lack in the films.
    What is Spidey without MJ?! As a fan that would upset me not to see her there; unless they make up a storyline as to which she left for some reason but will return. But they do need her there.

  15. I think that morbius could be a nice addition to the franchise however I am glad that Sam has tighter control on this one because from what I’ve been reading it looked like the studio tried to take control of spiderman 3 which could be good or bad but in the case of a marvel movie is badd. Venom should have def been way more fleshed out he was quite important in the comics/tv whatever. Heres my two cents on what direction I think they should go. I think they should defff throw carnage in the mix. I know he is similar to venom but he is just strate nuts and you could have a lot of fun with that as a director. Also, Rhino would be sweet seeing him level buildings and anything else that got in his way. I do like the fact that the lizard dude will appear since we have been waiting for him to show up since spidey 2. By the way I think spidey 2 was fosho his best flick because you really did get a great sense of emotion out of parker. You really did feel how he was torn between being a normal guy with a hot girl and saving NYC from not so good guys. The other thing I enjoy is how Sam Raimi gives depth the the villians ( except venom in SM3 ). But like green goblin, doc ock, and even sandman. You learned a little about these characters and their motives which made you care about them a little when they confronted the wall crawler. Thanks

  16. i do not think its appropiate to nix MJ out of the whole movie. I do beleive it will be good to have her role minimized and just show her prescense.

  17. If kirsten dunst does not reprise her role as Mary Jane then end the character. Spidey and Mj already ended on rocky terms the third movie so we can accept that she leaves Spidey.
    We have been intdouced to Gwen Stacey so work with that. If Kirsten decides to come back then great! If not then people will need to deal
    The whole vampire thing is getting ridiculous now, as we have way to many vampire-inspired concepts in our entertainment world. Give me a break. In addition Spidey is a kids movie as well. Vampires a dark craetures of the night. If you make vampires anything less than dark your outcome will be a cross between Twilight and Spiderman and we do NOT need to see that; wasnt Wolverine bad enough come on.
    There are so many villains out there taht would be very interesting and not all that far fetched. We know Lizard as a villain has been put on the back burner, but why? If they avoid the CGI and make it a man with scaley skin and super strenghth it could work; we already have been intr’d to the character. Or what about shocker? Scorpion? The Vulture would be a great idea. Anything else and I dont know how it would work…the other spidey chracters are not really known, I personally have never heard of Morbious and I have just recently heard of mysterio and craven. Doing Carnage would be too out there and would just make this 4th movie another Batman and Robin and lead the franchise to a reboot.

    Do it right, scientific, and smart. Let Raimi have full control and let him go with what is right in his gut honestly…although if he goes with Morbious be prepared

  18. I think the vamp isn’t a bad idea. I’d like to see a darker side of the spiderman world. Then in the fifth one bring it to a good ending and be done until they reboot it cause lets face it they reboot everything now. But as far as MJ goes yes she needs to be in it the finally bounced out of it. I’d like to see Morbious maybe the Lizard but I really wish they’d bring black cat into the mix. They could replace MJ with her and its a good fit with the whole dark look of a vampire. Besides who wouldn’t want to see black cat???

  19. I’m loving the heated debate over Morbius as the next villain. I agree a vampire could be cheesy, but if it’s Raimi, I think there’s a good chance it’ll be pretty sweet.

    If anyone’s interested, here’s the interview where Raimi explains why vampires intrigue him: http://www.fearnet.com/videos/b15668_sam_raimi_on_spider_man_vs_vampires.html

    Jaynie with FEARnet

  20. WOW, WOW, WOW, these 2 villains are NOT more believable,and like if Morbius is not ACTUALLY a Vampire but has those abilities BASED on a Vampire then he can`t be more realistic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a college Professor`s DNA getting transformed into a giant monster just as well is NOT MORE believable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Spiderman 2 did NOT have a believable/more realistic kind of villain!!!!!!!!!!!!
    By the way, there`s no such thing as “AS” realistic you can get for a superhero flick, because when it starts off with the superhero getting his powers, and then a bad guy gets their abilities, it doesn`t get “MORE” realistic, it just gets more unrealistic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AS realistic you can get for a superhero flick is when the superhero fights a bunch of helicopters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I think the should do Lizard and Carnage simply bc they have been leading up to it forever already and I always loved carnage I hate the way they did venom bc come on ERIC FREAKIN FORMAN!!!!! he is skinny and looks like a nerd in the comics usually eddie was always muscular

  22. dis iis so cool duder i know di shiyt w

  23. y do spiderman got 2 die i fil sorry my amar said suc his dick n hav a great day 2day

  24. i will see spiderman 4 i like tobey magiure and kristen dunst i will see them on spiderman 4 on spiderman 4 tobey as spiderman team up with venom played by topher grace vursus morbuis played by jeff hardy carnage played by jim carrey this is cool im so exciting i love you tobey magiure and kristen dunst i will see them on spiderman 4 in theatres may 6th 2011 see ya.

  25. Well,I tink u guys are cool,don’t listen 2 critics,continue wt what u do best.

  26. I think that it will be a wonderful film.I love Tobey Maguire and Kristen Dunst.I’ll wait to see”Spider man4″.

  27. i want you to put spider 4 to be available now.

  28. i want you to put spider 4 to be available now.