Spider-Man 4 Updates: Mary Jane & Morbius

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spider man 4 morbius Spider Man 4 Updates: Mary Jane & Morbius

Sam Raimi, director of the Spider-Man films, revealed back in January of this year that he has an interest in the character of Morbius and that sparked rumors that he would be (one of) the featured villains in the upcoming Spider-Man 4.

To me, this made perfect sense as it would allow the next movie to explore a darker and more realistic tone (compared to the more extreme Sandman and Venom characters). Even more than that, Morbius shares plenty of Marvel Comics history with the Lizard character (Dr. Curt Connors) who we saw introduced in Spider-Man 2 and play an important role in Spider-Man 3.

To keep the speculation flowing, the idea of Spider-Man duking it out with a vampire was brought up with Sam Raimi in an interview with FearNET about his upcoming horror film, Drag Me To Hell. Raimi gave a very coy and humorous response to the question and then went on to discuss how the idea of a vampire-like villain is very appealing and gave some reasons why that would be interesting for the movie.

There is still no confirmation on the villains and we shouldn’t expect any until we see the script completed. There’s also a bit of an issue surrounding which studio owns the film rights to the Morbius character that will need clarifying if in fact, the character is to appear in the next movie.

Switching gears, let’s move on to the character of Mary Jane… [Continue to Page 2]

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  1. morbius would probably be sweet because it should make the movie darker but I’m getting kind of sick of vampires in all these movies.

  2. Vampires are gay, but I guess they have to attract the teenaged goth kids some how, lol, just kidding. I STILL haven’t seen Spiderman 3… I did finally see TRON though, that was actually quite good! But I heard Spiderman 3 wasn’t that good so I guess my motivation to go out and rent it isn’t really there…

  3. I would rather have the Lizard and not Morbius, b/c they had Dr. Connors already setup and should go ahead w/ the lizard and ONLY the lizard.

    As far as MJ is concerned just give her a small role b/c fans really need a break from her.

  4. Ken J,

    Just spare yourself the misery of watching “Spiderman 3″.

  5. @ matt keith

    Lizard could be good if done right. When Todd mcfarlane started writing spiderman comics it was dark and it was serious. It was lizard and kraven in the 5 part story and it was great. Mj had minimal involvement but needs to be in it a little.

  6. @Matt

    Yah, that’s kind of the way I feel, but I should watch it just so I’ve seen it, good or bad, so when SM4 comes out I won’t be lost, lol.

  7. I love Vampire mythos, but I never like Morbius I thought he was a horrible character and I wouldn’t even watch the film with him in a main role. I also wouldn’t watch it if they dropped Dunst. I like her as an actress and I think MJ should be a part of the film, but what ever hopefully the world has already ended before they plan to release this movie.

  8. Wow, you think Dunst is a good actress?

  9. I’d rather not see Morbius. There are more prominent classic villains like Electro or even the Vulture (whom I dislike) who could be used. I don’t see how a vampire would make a superhero movie any more realistic.

    If you really want something darker or more realistic bring in Kraven and do a modified Kraven’s Last Hunt storyline but with the Lizard taking place of Vermin.

    Although if they could redo Spidey 3 it would’ve made more sense to have Green Goblin and Lizard considering all the setup instead of shoehorning both Sandman & Venom into it.

  10. I find it a bit strange that in most of her films, Dunst tends to do an okay job, but in Spider-man, she hands in a pretty wooden performance.

  11. The Lizard and Mysterio without the goldfish bowl, that would be better than morbius. Vampires are so banal now, lizard men and mind twisters are still fresh.

  12. I do like the idea of Kraven hunting the Lizard, as long as neither character dies in the end. The only downside to using the Lizard is that he’s another “genius scientist gone bad” like the Green Goblin & Doc Ock. Throw in his friendship with Peter and you kind of tread on familiar territory…

  13. Ugh, I hope not… I have had enough of a “darker tone” in Spider-Man movies. Tobey as Peter is emotional enough for my liking – I actually think the franchise should lighten up a bit, allow us to enjoy Peter as Spider-Man more.

    Morbius is not a bad character but he’s more appropriate for the Blade or Ghost Rider franchises. He always seemed out of place whenever he appeared in Spidey’s books too. Let’s NOT have a six-armed Spider-Man, please. Imagine the derision that arc would receive.

    Give me Lizard, Mysterio, Electro, Jackal, Shocker, Swarm, Jack O’Lantern, Vulture, Chameleon, anybody who fits in Spidey’s universe better.

  14. I’d be ok with MJ, prefer someone other than Dunst, but MJ in a limited role would be ok. I was never crazy about the Morbius character, like Phil said, he never seemed right in the Spidey world. I would LOVE to see the Lizard storyline with NO other villains. Do a great story with the Lizard without having to worry about 3-4 different storylines coalescing. Kraven the Hunter would also be a cool story, too. I’m just waiting for a Black Cat appearance, but I don’t think they can do that without bringing Catwoman into the minds of everyone. Although I do think it would be interesting to introduce the character of Felicia Hardy.

  15. Morbius would probably suck,mainly because vampire stuff has just been done to death,so why do they feel that they need it in a Spidey flick,especially since he has an enormous amount of villains to choose from.

    Personally,I would like to see Mysterio as the main villain in the next movie.I never liked the Lizard,so if he was secondary,I guess that would be o.k.,but he should in no way be major.

    I can actually see that if this next movie is a critical failure like #3,I wouldn’t be surprised if you started to hear the term “reboot” thrown around,and the following movies would get the moniker,”Web Of..”,”The Amazing…”,or “The Spectacular…” Spider-Man.I actually hope that this does happen,because chances are that Raimi won’t be back at that point,and this series needs something creatively fresh,imo.

    If they did do a reboot,I would hope that they would follow the storyline from the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon,where the main villain is Tombstone ,and hopefully they would make it kinda gritty like the new Batman movies.

  16. Well, although the Tombstone/Robbie Robertson dynamic was pretty cool in the Spectacular Spider-Man series, I still say I don’t think the Spider-Man franchise needs to be “gritty.”

    “Gritty,” I think of Daredevil or Punisher. Although I realize the comics have been gritty for Spidey in the recent past, I’ve always liked his stories better when they were more light-hearted, more like a teen superhero soap opera.

    But I guess it may just be me…

  17. The Lizard ‘has to show up after 3 movies hinting at him – also Rhino is a brilliant super villian – but 2 baddies does clutter a superhero movie unless done extremely well – home director can still cut it!!!

  18. Thank you Phil! At the least there is someone I could talk to. Good commenting bro.

  19. I want to see Kraven and Lizard. I have no interest in Morbius. I really wouldn’t mind a reboot.

  20. kirsten dunst was the worst thing to happen to this franchise. She was so bad her name isn’t worth capitalizing. Sam Raimi is slowly destroying Spider-Man and somehow he keeps being allowed to do more. Morbius? Are you kidding me? Where’s the Vulture? Electro? Carnage? Hobgoblin? Scorpion? All classics and important characters and he goes with another freakin’ vampire. Unbelievable. He’s an idiot.
    Sorry about my anger but I used to love Spider-Man.

  21. Hey dude, no need to be all cranky ok. I know you didn’t say that when seeing her in the last two movies.

  22. Alex,

    Yeah I would like to see the Scorpion and the vulture….and as much as I like Carnage…I don’t wantt them to use him after the way they “shafted” Venom.

  23. Hey Matt, they didn’t “shaft” Venom, ok? All they needed to do was to put a little make-up on Eddie’s face and aheavier voice. Venom was awsome.

  24. this is the spiderman movie i would actually want to see. the morbius story arc back in the 70′s was one of the best.

  25. stop picking on kirsten. she is a very good actress.

  26. I agree Rick, but what about little kids and the vampire?

  27. And you’re absolutely right: Kirsten is one of my favorites.

  28. I think there are way too many neglected characters for them to even think about having Morbius.A Kraven story “could” be good,but I just don’t have a whole lot of faith in Raimi anymore,at this point.

    As for Dunst,who cares,it was screwed up from the beginning by not having Gwen Stacy instead of Mary Jane in the first movie.
    Bring back Bryce Dallas Howard,she’s great and deserves more screen time.