Spider-Man 4 Planned For Early March 2010 Start

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spider man 4 5 Spider Man 4 Planned For Early March 2010 Start

MTV News had a chance to speak with Sam Raimi today and got him to reveal the planned start date for Spider-Man 4.

The official Spider-Man 4 release date was set way back in March when Marvel Studios pushed back and re-arranged the release schedule for their upcoming films. From reports and speculation, we had an idea that it would start principal photography next spring but now we have an even more precise estimate, thanks to Raimi.

“We’re hoping that it’s the first week in March”

Raimi also touched on the production status of the project, revealing that Gary Ross is currently still working on the script and refers to him as a “great director and a very fine writer.” Great timing for this comment considering this week we found out that Ross will be writing and likely helming the upcoming Venom spin-off solo film.

“He’s working on a draft… I just gave him some notes and he’s doing a rewrite right now.”

As for the casting, Raimi says they’re just beginning to plan and think about that but as we know, two of the leads are back with the role reprisals of Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane and Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man,
Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web, any size,
March 2010 will see him fly
Look Out!
Here comes the Spiderman… again…

We’re just starting to see the ball roll forward with one of the next major superhero flicks. Are you excited for another Spidey adventure led by Sam Raimi?

Raimi says he’s got full control over this one, partly deferring blame for Spider-Man 3. No excuses this time, I want a good Spider-Man movie.

Spider-Man 4 hits theaters May 6, 2011.

Source: MTV

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  1. Seriously, all the other comments i typed was from smoking drugs last year. I already quit smoking because my doctor warned me.
    Anyway, it would make them look foolish to do more than 4 movies, maybe, hmmmmmmmmmmm, actually, maybe they could`ve just ended with Venom carnage, and Lzard in this since it`s the only way to make the franchise look right. Then they should`ve let it rest for about 4 or 5 years then do a new versioned sequel pretty similaR To superman returns called “The Amazing Spiderman” with a different cast. so actually, maybe they could`ve done a Sm5, i don`t know. But yeah really NO venom spinoff and i`d appreciate it if it was just a little dark just a little dark so it doesn`t have to all be for kids but after the crappy third movie once again i`m not sure if i can get excited about this film and the way they decided to do a SM5 i`m surprised. Shouldn`t have had Maguire embarrass the **** out of himself where it`s a party fiasco wehere kids can tell their friends at school and adults can tell their friends at work that they went to see this movie with their kids it was a classic humor as on the Jay Leno show.

  2. Sorry, you know what i mean with misplaced sentence structure.

  3. chris j

    no, i don’t think im going overboard by saying the franchise was ruined with the third film. can they make up for it? of course they can with a great fourth film but we shall see. i love all superhero movies and loved the first two spiderman movies. the third one i don’t know. I’ll be skimming the channels on tv and see that spidey 3 is on and I don’t even watch it. that’s pretty bad considering i love spiderman and have been reading the comics since i was a little kid.

  4. I really can’t believe that no one else was bothered by Spider-Man’s origin being ruined. Oh well.
    Aside from that and the horrid dance scene, my problems were with the other two villians. Actually, the way they were handled. They built up the Harry Osbourne story through two movies. James Franco was easily the best actor in the movies. S3 should have been him alone.
    And I completely agree with Shamose. I’ve always said that venom should have just appeared at the end as a teaser/cliffhanger for part 4. That would have given more time to show just how dangerous the black costume really was as well as Spider-Man’s struggle to rid himself of it. I think that would’ve made people care a bit more. The symbiote is a character of its own and should’ve been treated as such. Now, on to Venom. He just wasn’t as visually exciting as he is in the books. That made no sense to me. Why would they change the way he looked? The people that were clamoring for him were the fans of the books. It should have been obvious that the fans would be upset. You could tell it was Venom, but it didn’t look like the popular, modern version of him from the books. I also could’ve done without Topher Grace, but that’s a different rant.

  5. Heres a video that explaing the OBVIOUS holes, and how they should have been done:


    The sad part that video makes more sense than the actual movie.

  6. I STILL can`t believe they`re doing 5 films, with Venom, Carnage, and Lizard under the cliffhanger i would`ve given them as much time as they needed, but there`s no good way to react, huh.

  7. I`d like to repeat, i am just bored. And sometimes you can`t ask TOO much for a great Spiderman movie, sometimes it has to focus on other drama, too.

  8. If they use any ordianry villains(s) there`s no solid story easy to carry.

  9. Ok then there`s no easy way to have Venom and Carnage, ever. It`s really not necesarry to use any other villains to close the franchise other than those 3 villains at all. They`re gonna ruin this movie big time. Again, I am really furious.

  10. It seems a lot of folks are forgetting some things about Spidey 3:

    “..even if Venom wasn`t in the movie Spiderman and Harry “teaming up against Sandman” just wouldn`t work.” (John K)

    True; the story would be slightly different. Instead of Venom we would have had The Vulture and as for Flint Marko shooting Uncle Ben? That’s loosely taken from Marvel’s Ultimates, which they are so keen on for reasons unknown.

    As for the locket, I assumed that it had either fallen out of Marko’s pocket and not in the radius of the machine around him, or that the machine could not turn some metals into sand.


    If they hope for a March shoot, we should hear of casting for new character(s) shortly.

  11. Don’t expect to see Carnage until Raimi steps down.

  12. @ chrisj

    Flint Marko’s clothes aren’t organic. They turn into sand like him. By that logic, he should have left more behind than the locket. Like I said before, not a huge deal compared to the rest of the film… but it is a hole. If their reason is as you say, then they didn’t follow the movies internal logic.

    @ Darren seeley

    Of course, either of those explanations are possible. But it is still sort of funny. To me, it would have been cooler if the locket did turn into sand and he rematerialized it, so it became part of him.

    But no, we are just left to wonder and make up reasons like “it fell out of his pocket” and “it doesn’t work on gold”.

    To me, that qualifies as a “hole.” Maybe not major, but still.

  13. OMG i CAN`T BELIEVE THEY`RE DOING A SPIDERMAN 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. spiderman 4 release date in march 2010? yes im all for it please make it happen, i simply just cant wait.

  15. The film is gonna start SHOOTING in March. Its not supposed to be released until May 6, 2011.

  16. by far one of the best and well done superhero comics to movies. spidey 3 seemed like someone was driving with a blindfold on and someone else telling them where to go. but still with that said – the movie stands above xmen, blade, superman returns, daredevil, and on and on. well, except for showgirls. that was prob second on the all time comics to movies. :)

  17. @gigan300 – great link dude. NO NARRATING!

  18. Shocker and Electro I`m guessing are the villains for this film. This franchise is in the complete wrong position. Then again, i wish Spiderman was taken into normal hands.

  19. Actually maybe they could`ve used some of the “classic” comic book villains if there was a new and improved Spiderman film “The Amazing Spiderman”. I would say i can`t believe they decided to use out the vogue villains from the “comic book” just because “Spiderman is so popular” but i`m just getting bored more and more. Though they can`t keep making Spiderman movies forever, just because it`s a beloved character doesn`t mean it can keep living on.

  20. i meant the “vogue” villains for the 4th film.

  21. @ John K
    Ummm, Why are you like so many people nagging so much about Spidey 3? it was hell of alot better than other hero films like Steel, Daredevil, Elektra etc. People like you act like you can do better.

  22. @ OrangeRush2112,

    I disagree slightly. The first X-Men is incredible in my opinion and the second was very well done too. The first two Spider-Man films were also perfect comic book movies but the third installments in both franchises were both bad for a ton of wrong reasons :( I’m not sure I can say which was worse…

  23. Chris J,
    I used to think Spiderman 3 was great but if you watch it again you`d see where everything went wrong. If maguire has to leave after 4 it would stink but i couldn`t blame him. Once in a while every comic book franchise gets turned into a piece of cr*p, but what do you know. All superhero franchises seem to be cursed.

  24. Rob,

    I would say that X3 is worse. Because I can actually sit through the action of “Spider-man 3″, but I can’t even sit through 30 minutes of X3.

  25. as long as there is no egotistical Emo Dancing.

  26. @John K

    “All superhero franchises seem to be cursed.”

    Nolan knows what you mean.

  27. @ John K
    Id say the main problem is people these days are far too difficult to impress when watching a movie, superhero flick or not. Seems like im always hearing somthing about a movie happens but couldnt happen in real life etc. For Example are the Superman films, i try not to pay attention to all the behind the scenes stuff like tryin to see the wires holding Christopher Reeve high above. Doin that just makes me not want watch the movie anymore cause its pretty much all fake. Im just one of those people who try to enjoy the movie and not think of it happening for real. i could care less if Nolan wants to think his Batman franchise could be a real world thing, sorry that i dont see it that way. Every movie has flaws. As for spider-man 3, If they took Venom out and just replaced him w/ another villain or just have it be between Sandman & New Goblin being in the film with harry later helping Peter fight Sandman, movie could be even worse. It’s just my opinion people over exaggerated how bad Spidey 3 was.

  28. Actually i can`t tell if that`d be better or worse chrisj.

  29. ok god daamit if ross is writing a draft of the venom spinoff then he should stop obviously that`s a bad idea. And on a site before i said i`m done giving my comments out, well, i`m just really repulsive, seriously i have a funny story that started it`s been making me all different.

    Oh, and i was anybody heard about the recent Disney/Marvel relationship? And has anybody heard stuff about Iron Man 2, Thor, Avengers, etc. they`re all big movies coming out and anybody heard about a Superman reboot? possible Batman 3 storylines like bringing bac Joker or Two-face and Catwoman?