Spider-Man 4 Planned For Early March 2010 Start

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spider man 4 5 Spider Man 4 Planned For Early March 2010 Start

MTV News had a chance to speak with Sam Raimi today and got him to reveal the planned start date for Spider-Man 4.

The official Spider-Man 4 release date was set way back in March when Marvel Studios pushed back and re-arranged the release schedule for their upcoming films. From reports and speculation, we had an idea that it would start principal photography next spring but now we have an even more precise estimate, thanks to Raimi.

“We’re hoping that it’s the first week in March”

Raimi also touched on the production status of the project, revealing that Gary Ross is currently still working on the script and refers to him as a “great director and a very fine writer.” Great timing for this comment considering this week we found out that Ross will be writing and likely helming the upcoming Venom spin-off solo film.

“He’s working on a draft… I just gave him some notes and he’s doing a rewrite right now.”

As for the casting, Raimi says they’re just beginning to plan and think about that but as we know, two of the leads are back with the role reprisals of Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane and Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man,
Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web, any size,
March 2010 will see him fly
Look Out!
Here comes the Spiderman… again…

We’re just starting to see the ball roll forward with one of the next major superhero flicks. Are you excited for another Spidey adventure led by Sam Raimi?

Raimi says he’s got full control over this one, partly deferring blame for Spider-Man 3. No excuses this time, I want a good Spider-Man movie.

Spider-Man 4 hits theaters May 6, 2011.

Source: MTV

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  1. meant to put “wondering” in there taaahh…

  2. @ Gigan300,

    I think I agree with you, I’ve never been so disappointed by a movie before as I was X3. :(

  3. hey how are they gonna keep the balance between Peter and Mj if there are FIVE spidermans? And they`re are things that don`t make sense in these films like Harry being lied to by his father that Peter killed him with the glider? Even if it does set Harry up as a villain still how would it make sense for his father to LIE to him? is that how he became a villain from the comic? Also remember since Green Goblin was in the first one they couldn`t wait too long or too soon to put the New Goblin in there, and no matter what villain(s) they team up against it would have to be a bigger challenge than Harry, such as Electro or Hob Gblin. It might`ve been kind of early to bring those villains in, and i don`t wanna be too keen with this whole too early thing but would you want villains to come too late as well? Which is why i said, it wasn`t a good idea to put the Green Goblin in the first one, so that`s why you never want to put villains in there that aren`t necessary to be needed for the film, and with Harry already dead and Peter and Mj been through a long time now, how`re they gonna keep carrying stories for movies? There are many things that have to be solved in the series if there`s a way for it to be solved, doing another movie after this one doesn`t give you more space to recover, it just makes you look foolish. Somehow I got kind of interested to hear people`s movie reviews on Youtube on Spiderman 3 to see if they hated it or not, i guess i wanted to tell them they`re opinions are crap, but then i saw the movie`s bombings. I was still interested to hear if people thought it had too many villains, some people did, and i think they`re too judgemental. Obviously 3 villains isn`t too much for the movie, maybe they weren`t needed, it doesn`t matter, what matters the drama in it that makes the movie look flenched, i mean seriously after the third movie i`ll probably just go see this one to see how much they ruin the movie more and more, because with all the things upside down in this series, nothing really makes sense anymore.

  4. “like Harry being lied to by his father that Peter killed him with the glider?”

    Dude, his father never told him that. That was all in Harry’s head. It was his butler who held the truth back from Harry. Norman Osbourne was dead, Harry THOUGHT Spider-man killed him. All those scenes with Norman in Spiderman 2 and 3 were just in Harry’s head they weren’t real.

    “is that how he became a villain from the comic?”

    That doesn’t matter because this is the live action film series, not the comics.

    ” i guess i wanted to tell them they`re opinions are crap”

    So, are you suggesting that other people’s OPINIONS don’t matter, and that your is “right”? Do you honestly expect anyone to take you seriously after that?

    “i`ll probably just go see this one to see how much they ruin the movie more and more,”

    LMAO. And by doing that you’ll be helping another Spider-man get made.

  5. I said i USED to think they`re opinions are crap, but i never said they`re opinions don`t matter, every thinks something for a reason. And obviously i can`t stop there being another Spiderman movie since they`re already in it.
    But Even so i`d still stop at 4 movies. They are just putting more work on themselves if they keep doing more.

  6. Oh, and i`m not the type of person that goes up in people`s face telling them i`m “right” and their “wrong”. I`m 25 years old, and i never have since i was a kid.

  7. I cant believe people are complaining so much over Spidey 3 and Spidey 4 being made. Especially the 4th film when they dont know jack about the film yet. my opinion it make up for how spidey 3 turned out. I have to say Spidey 3 wasnt all that bad. Yes peter cried, so what? Wolverine cried in the
    X-men film or was ready to so has Batman etc. And peter’s dancing on the sidewalk scene was dumb but its not like it lasted 10 mins. Every movie is gonna have its flaws. There even things in TDK but i still enjoyed the movie. It would be nice if people try little more to just enjoy the film and not think too much about its flaws.

  8. Spidey 4 might make up for how Spidey 3 turned out, sorry for the mistype

  9. “I have to say Spidey 3 wasnt all that bad.”

    Nah, it wasn’t that bad. Just one of the worst comic book films ever made, thats all.

  10. I`m not complaining about SM4 being made, i just don`t want them to turn Spiderman into a bigger pile of junkhouse, that`s all.

  11. Chrisj,
    It`s kind of tough to make a movie without any flaws. Things got really lethal-looking in Sm3 though, which is why they have to try focusing on not putting too much drama in there. They just had to be active enough since they were gonna survive through hell at the end.

  12. @ John K
    I know its tough to make a movie without any flaws. Point i was makin was people being too picky over that issue. And theres no perfect directors whether its someone like Chris Nolan or James Cameron. Even Cameron had a film that sucked. Its just my opinion some people over exaggerate how bad a film is.

  13. Oh yeah when i said people`s opinions on 3 were “crap” i meant they really don`t know what they mean, till i saw all it`s “errors”. And when i said “all” superhero franchises seem to be cursed, i meant “most”, i`m not sure if the Superman franchise had an actual “curse” since it came bak as the first comic book franchise, Superman Returns i believe may have had a tiny bit of flaws but i don`t remember because the movie just sucked, and YES, i agree, i even saw some flaws in TDK as well, but when a movie has too many flaws, everyone looks mysterious to watch the movie no matter how great the “action” in the film was, even if it doesn`t have that many flaws a flaw can still be a very affective thing like in SM3 some things didn`t make sense, maybe it doesn`t matter if it doesn`t have that many flaws but when it comes to a hero like Spiderman, you can`t focus too much on having all this type of stuff in there with mysterous things happening to the superhero, because then it gets uglier from point to point. There has to be some movies that live without any flaws, or else how it`ll recover? Anyway, i really can`t get excited about this movie at all, i`ll never recover from the mistakes made on SM3, ever. I hate saying that, i used to enjoy the film, but people might be surprised that there`s even going to be a SM4 instead of a reboot, why they even starting with a SM5? Anyway, that`s all i`m saying.

  14. The spiderman films have been a bit of a disaster, 1 was far too power rangery, 2 was a quantum leap forward for all involved, and the less said about 3 ruining one of the best comic sagas of all time.
    I think Rami has lost his way as a director, Drag Me To Hell was one of the least scary pieces of trash i have ever seen.
    And what is there left to do with Spiderman, they killed off Harry, the only interesting character.
    Has anyone else noticed how Kirsten Dunst got less attractive in each film? She looked hot in 1, by the time 3 ended I would have gone off with Gwen Stacy instead!

  15. By the way, i`m just saying, what`s gonna happen, i mean isn`t Stan Lee gonna die soon?

  16. @ Dr. Sambeckett
    If you hate all the Spider-man films, why bother goin to anymore then? are you that difficult to impress? Dont tell me you expect the films to be takin place in a real world kinda franchise.

  17. Alright, maybe like again i can get excited for this movie if they don`t use up the “classic” comic book villains and stuff and if it makes everything look like SM3 didn`t exist, but i don`t know.

  18. And NO venom spinoff WTF!!!

  19. Ok, i just read all articles that have been posted about Sm3 in the past before the movie came out. Seriously, i wish these could just be some normal, dark, scary, intense movies made for the big screen. I wish these movies have been treated normally with some dramatic stories in them and the right villains in them, and instead it`s all been turned into ****. Seriously, i don`t know what to think, they`ve treated Spiderman so wrongly using villains in movies that didn`t belong and showing too much of Spiderman`s superstrength from scenes in SM1 and 2 where Peter`s lifting the kiids in the carnival ride and spidey stopping the train. after what`s happened to Spiderman and Maguire being too old i really don`t know what to say, seriously, i really don`t.

  20. @ John K

    “i really don`t know what to say, seriously, i really don`t.”

    be quiet then, we have all heard your opinions it doesnt mtter how often or how inarticulately you present them, they are your opinions… they hold no more weight than anyone elses

  21. @ Shamose

    Thank you.