Spider-Man 4 Villain Is A Vampire?

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spiderman morbius Spider Man 4 Villain Is A Vampire?Sam Raimi, Director of all movies in the Spiderman franchise, spoke in the latest issue of Empire magazine and told them who he’d like to be the featured nemesis of Peter Parker’s alter ego in Spider-Man 4.

“I like it in the Marvel comics when Spider-Man fights Morbius,” said Raimi. “He’s really cool. A vampire! I like that combination of superhero plus supernatural.”

After Spider-Man 3, it was assumed by many that The Lizard would play a major role if there was to be another sequel as he was featured as an important secondary character in the movie playing a mentor-type role to Peter Parker in that film.

It would make sense to see The Lizard and Morbius as the two villains as they would work well together in the same film having had quite a bit of history together in the Spider-Man comics. On top of that, they share obvious similarities: Both are/were doctors, both work with different animals for their experiments and both achieved power from the same method.

Dr. Curt Connors (The Lizard) had his arm amputated due to an injury sustained by a blast while being a military surgeon. Later in life he studied the limb-regenerative capabilities of lizards and long story short, he turned into a humanoid-lizard hybrid.

Dr. Michael Morbius on the other hand, was a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist who suffered from a rare blood disease. Using experiments involving vampire bats and electroshock therapy, he ended up with super strength some side-effects similar to that of Vampirism and now he must drink blood from his victims.

spiderman lizard Spider Man 4 Villain Is A Vampire?

I think this is a great idea for the next Spider-Man movie and if done right, can make up for the mess that was Spider-Man 3. This time they can focus on two characters and the film can be darker-themed with the nature of the characters involved. That being said, I’m getting a little tired of all of the Spidey villains partly redeeming themselves at the end and not being truly bad. That applies for both of these characters who are not entirely bad guys.

We should also not forget that Vampirism is definitely a current hot topic with the success of the Twilight books and movie which is turning into a series of films as well as the True Blood HBO series which is pre-production for a second season.

What do you think of The Lizard and Morbius making their big screen debuts?

Spider-Man 4 brings together Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi yet again, and is expected to hit theatres in 2011.

Source: /Film

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  1. what is he if he`s not a vampire?

  2. @37 radius comments-
    “but I still think it`s complete utilized b******* that Manowar doesn`t think it`s destined for Venom to return in part 5 and to team up with Carnage”.

    Hmmm, so am I lying about how I think now? Alrighty then.

    And as for your opinion on Venom and Carnage being the most essential Spidey villains?? How so? I guess it depends on what you mean by essential. There’s alot of other villains who made way more appearances then these 2. Veneom didn’t make his first full appearance till Issue #300 I beleive. Morbius’ appearance was in #100-102 i think.

    Oh, and Originally Morbius was not a “true vampire”. I think he kinda got his abilities threw scientific experiment with bats and spideys blood or something. Either way not a True vampire but he had vampire-like abilities.

    Blade didn’t use any magical weapons. Just silver-based weapons as far as I know.

  3. ok you guys go ahead and watch these next 2 movies, farewell friends

  4. @37 radius

    My friends would never judge me by the films I see. (They trust that I’ll watch bad things for learning purposes)

    You must not know me that well. You have been a poor friend. I’m not sitting near you for Observe and Report.

  5. you know what, i change my mind, i don`t want to give up on Spiderman so easily, but seriously, how old are you guys? oh and please don`t change the title.

  6. Ok people just wana say that morbius isnt gona be in this one Ive seen a Sneak peak at the trailer. the villans are going to be Carnage and the lizard. And yes i agree about Venom he was spidermans greatest nemisis number and should be back but not as that scrawny lil venom make him proper all buffed up with muscle. Topher Grace was the worst choice to play eddie brock

  7. LOL, sneak peak?? They haven’t even written the script yet…

  8. ok, now i`m really serous, i`d like to know if you guys are movie raters or something.

  9. actually yes the script has been written and yes there has been a offical trailer has been leaked if you look hard enough youl find it

  10. Scott, so all this time they never used Morbius in the script? i`m very confused

  11. sorry random poster and Manowar, even if he isn`t really supernatural i can`t even stand the basis of a real vampire. i think the only problem with the Venom/Carnage plot is that Venom can automatically tell Jameson the answer to what he`s dreamed of finding. i`m not sure how they can hold that up during the whole movie, so let`s just see what we can see for now. if there is a way they can solve that(not completely sure if there is) then i want Carnage to be introduced at the end of Spidey 4, i don`t want them to wait for part 5 to put him, it`s just not gonna work. and i think these are the things loved about the symbiotes: look scary, very powerful, very creepy. hated: spiderman`s suit, carnage has no discretion.
    However those things get sorted out, it`s still all raimi`s decision. but i`m still wondering if you guys are fans or movie raters.

  12. ok, i get it, you guys are online critics trying to convince the fans on these websites they don`t need any more symbiotes. but it starts back when you see the full image of Venom on the screen seeking into a lunge of a usually anesthetizing zone then later on you think about the plot for future films about what can go right and what can go wrong and you`re trying to think of the right villains to follow the story and instead of using Venom and Carnage you use villains like Rhino, Vulture, Shocker, Electro? those are the kind of villains that circle the story around? Greenknight, i really can`t see how Venom and Carnage are the most superior villains.

  13. AREN`T the most superior villins

  14. guys i really need an answer from you are you online critics or facebook people or something if you are why do you care so much about the villains? why are you so boisterous over not using any more symbiotes other than the plot is kind of complicated? do you really think lots of fans are going to see Spidey 5 if there is no Carnage or Venom? Sam Raimi i can`t force it upon you although you know you`re going to ruin Spiderman for the fans if you don`t use any more symbiotes don`t you why are you so willing to make a movie you know nobody is going to see? If there are no symbiotes then i`m done but i can`t force raimi.

  15. ok raimi is not a big fan of Venom cuz they are too childish but wen you compare symbiotes to those other exotic villains like Alien, predator, alien raders, starship troopers, come on they`re rated r films but they`re all ORIGINAL. even though symbiotes are villains that those 10-year olds like still it should be very terrifying for them cuz they are made of ooze and have the ability to slither on walls no matter how dramafying those other alien types of villains look you should know that symbiotes are the perfect kind of mysterious, frightening, all-state creepy kind of villains and should be alot more scary than those alien, predator villains. you saw the image of how a symbiote looks on screen with their sharp animal teeth and their moving tentacles after it got disattached from brock come on which is scarier that or Alien/Predator…? Venom sucked cuz sandman was involved with that last fightscene he still got plenty of hits on Spiderman and sneeked up on him after Harry beat the sandman.

  16. guys, these 2 villains are very scary and can make it very exciting. you really think that Manwolf, Electro, Mysterio, all those comic book characters can handle scary and exciting like these 2? GUYS WAKE UP, IT`S 2009, how long have we been alive now? haven`t we got to see lots of characters similar to those Electro/Mysterio villains? Have you ever got to see anything like Venom and Carnage on screen before(except once) but then you`ll have to watch Spiderman 3 AGAIN. think about how long you`ve been strolling through life, when you see SPIDERMAN VS. Electro flying around your city and compare it to Spiderman vs. Venom and Carnage flying around your city, Spiderman vs. Electro is the kind of movie you can walk to the theatre thinking”oh my god, i`m so excited, my heads gonna blow up” and not Venom and Carnage? even though putting them in the Venom spinoff would be putting them on screen it still- uuh- wouldn`t be with SPIDERMAN, our favorite superhero, and it`s 2009 now, come on. did they have to push it back to 2011? tobey`s gonna be so old, does Raimi have to direct “evil dead 4″

  17. ok seriously guys, this earth has existed for a very long time and we have seen so many things. how many characters have you seen on screen now? when will you ever realize that you`ve seen so many things in life and now you need a new corner of this features of human nature world? when will you ever want to see something so mysterious,extreme, etc… after every benefit your mind got to flash lights through? when, when once in you`re life have you ever got to see something like a picture of these 2 on your actual vision eyes before? why, why do you want to see all those characters from the comic book like you know you haven`t ever received a speech thrusted toward your imagination before? with all those Peter/Mj problems out of the way and J.J. thinking Spiderman is not a criminal why is it going to be such a problem using them in Spiderman 5? why do you not want to have them in a movie together? why does there need to be so many arguements over and over again about whether or not they should appear on the screen? as you should know, these are the 2 most terrorizing characters and would really give you a heartbeat when you see them at theatres fighting Spiderman, why, why do you want all those comic characters that don`t have anything like these 2 have?

  18. I NEED CARNAGE REALLY BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. WHERE IS EVERYBODY???????????????????????????????????

  20. WHY, WHY DOES EVERYBODY THINK SYMBIOTES WILL RUIN THE SERIES???????????????????????????????????????

  21. i loooooovvvvvvvve SPIDER-MAN

  22. cheese guys, they`re just making a movie, this is just a world, now really, do you really want to just leave something that you have never got to see before and see those other villains? you have lived so long, with so many journeys in life and you got to explore the past and the long-observed physical features occupying this earth, so don`t you want something new to get added to your imagination for once? when, when will you ever get summoned by the fact that you want to see something more reputated, supreme and exciting, usu. like these 2? why do we love Spiderman? because he is a very sensitive, believable, intamate character with the perfect kind of interesting abilities to walk on walls, websling and trap thugs in webs, imagine if there was someone in your city who had these abilities. if you saw this occuring and you feel like there`s something revolving around your mind what would you know you would want the best for to make the reality air to refresh and clean the cap of the thing containing all of your aspects? come on, Venom only sucked cuz he didn`t fit with those 2 other villains, Sandman and new goblin. but why not use them in Spiderman 5? they should be able to get the story straight, and the effects and ratio of the camera zooms can`t be the trouble becuz they`ve done this before with so many characters even more descriptive than these 2. although shouldn`t they hire people to help them with the costume making?



  25. by the way, Topher Grace is 5`11″, or rounded to 5`11″ but really like 5`10.75″, come on that`s not so bad. i mean sure Venom was like huge and buffed but come`on.

  26. Alright i realized that the fact that Venom was in it to make it 3 villains was the reason why they had to make Sandman not ACTUALLY a bad guy, AND that caused most of the fightscenes to be kind of short.
    And i have to admit, i guess after all SM2 wasn`t that bad. I`ve been watching it lately, and actually, as a matter of fact, it was great! I used to think Doc Ock was one of the more weaker villains but i heard once that each of his arms weighs a ton. That makes sense cuz he`s DOCTOR OCTOPUS, and an octopus`s arms DEFINITELY weighs more than a ton! But if he was only as strong as i thought he was i would`ve much rather preferred him in the first movie and Green Goblin in the second movie. The first movie was kind of early for the Green Goblin, i thought.
    But not ALL of the fightscenes in Spiderman 3 were terrible!!!!!!! At least the first fightscene with Peter and Harry was cool!!! I thought that was the best fightscene in the franchise even though Spiderman 2, i admit, was the best. That fight with the 2 friends was WAY better than the fights with SM and GG1 in SM1. For me,(a huge Spiderman fan) the first movie could`ve been ALOT better as an intro to the series.
    And since i keep hearing that they don`t have enough energy to keep doing more than one villain, even though i`m not sure if it would keep me 100% satisfied, i`d rather just have Lizard alone. What, does Lizard NOT have a story without Kraven? Ok, if the Kraven/Lizard is as cool as people say, then guess i wouldn`t mind launching a shot for it into the hoops. But wait, that`s 2 villains, although Kraven doesn`t really count as a villain and since they both have a story together i don`t really think they would run out of energy to fit them both in, also if this story is as good as suspected then i think it`d keep me 100% satisfied for later movies.
    Oh, and listen, if Morbius isn`t a real Vampire enemy, then i`ll just say that he`s an OK choice but just not all of a worthy choice. I heard lately that they decided not to use him, though.