Spider-Man 4 Villain Is A Vampire?

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spiderman morbius Spider Man 4 Villain Is A Vampire?Sam Raimi, Director of all movies in the Spiderman franchise, spoke in the latest issue of Empire magazine and told them who he’d like to be the featured nemesis of Peter Parker’s alter ego in Spider-Man 4.

“I like it in the Marvel comics when Spider-Man fights Morbius,” said Raimi. “He’s really cool. A vampire! I like that combination of superhero plus supernatural.”

After Spider-Man 3, it was assumed by many that The Lizard would play a major role if there was to be another sequel as he was featured as an important secondary character in the movie playing a mentor-type role to Peter Parker in that film.

It would make sense to see The Lizard and Morbius as the two villains as they would work well together in the same film having had quite a bit of history together in the Spider-Man comics. On top of that, they share obvious similarities: Both are/were doctors, both work with different animals for their experiments and both achieved power from the same method.

Dr. Curt Connors (The Lizard) had his arm amputated due to an injury sustained by a blast while being a military surgeon. Later in life he studied the limb-regenerative capabilities of lizards and long story short, he turned into a humanoid-lizard hybrid.

Dr. Michael Morbius on the other hand, was a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist who suffered from a rare blood disease. Using experiments involving vampire bats and electroshock therapy, he ended up with super strength some side-effects similar to that of Vampirism and now he must drink blood from his victims.

spiderman lizard Spider Man 4 Villain Is A Vampire?

I think this is a great idea for the next Spider-Man movie and if done right, can make up for the mess that was Spider-Man 3. This time they can focus on two characters and the film can be darker-themed with the nature of the characters involved. That being said, I’m getting a little tired of all of the Spidey villains partly redeeming themselves at the end and not being truly bad. That applies for both of these characters who are not entirely bad guys.

We should also not forget that Vampirism is definitely a current hot topic with the success of the Twilight books and movie which is turning into a series of films as well as the True Blood HBO series which is pre-production for a second season.

What do you think of The Lizard and Morbius making their big screen debuts?

Spider-Man 4 brings together Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi yet again, and is expected to hit theatres in 2011.

Source: /Film

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  1. FYI, Blade’s dad is Lucas Cross.

  2. I saw a spiderman cartoon on TV and Morbius and Blade were both in it and Morbius was Blade`s father. Who the hell is Lucas Cross?

  3. @ 37 Radius

    Manowar is right, it is lucas cross. however, i don’t think Marvel edited Blade’s bio, even on their site. Furthermore, the cartoons are awesome and are usually accurate about 97% in terms of actually following the comic book. That’s a heck of a lot better than the big screen movies of comic book characters. But the spidey cartoon of the 90s was off in that Mobius was Blade’s father. That’s just something the cartoon creators added. By the way the animators were not Marvel employees, but highered by the network (who had the rights in making slight alterations to the character(s) and their bios).

    @ Manowar

    I think Cross is actually his dad from one of the many alternate earths marvel has in the Omniverse.

  4. Frankly I think the next movie for comic book movies are crossovers. Marvel does it all the time in the comics and their crossover volumes are usually awesome. I wouldn’t be surprise if we saw Blade pop up in one of the spidey flicks. Those two usually join up. I would like to see Ghost Rider in a spidey flick or spidey in a ghost rider flick. That’s another duo that usually gets together. Another would be Spiderman in an X-men movie, or Wolverine showing up in one of Spidey’s movies. Wolverine and Spiderman have teamed up several times in the comics. If any of these characters shows up in a spidey flick (whether it is spidey 4, 5, 6, 7, 25, 50, or whatever) they probably would show up at the end to get the fans pumped for the next movie to come afterwards.

    It makes sense to me…crossovers have got to be the next move for the superhero flick.

  5. Ya I feel that it’s time for crossovers. Screw the rights to each studio owning each character. Sign one big deal to use all characters that belong to other studios to make cameos or guest stars. And enough of the reboots already. It will get to the point where we will already know origins so why not get into the rest of the universe of the characters. Spider-man is doing that now with the next trilogy, movies leading up to the Avengers will be an other. Maybe one more reboot with some of the franchises but after that, just continue into the rest of the story’s and out of the beginnings. Of course I don’t expect the same actors to go all the way through though, I hate recasts.

  6. Crossovers are for sure the way to go, even if it’s just a cameo. People in theatres were freaking out whenever there was a cameo even if it only lasted less than a minute.

  7. alright no, sorry, you can`t use Morbius as part of the story. You can`t just drop in on random villains because of who you like. Villains like Rhino, Vulture, HobGoblin, and Mysterio can`t automically be chosen for Spiderman 4. You have to think about what they`ve got on the connection to Spiderman`s path. And why should carnage and venom be left out, it really doesn`t show any price to me to plunge the story`s course.

  8. oh yeah, i was just wondering, did you guys also know morbius was in the Spiderman 3 game?????

  9. Ok, so you say you can’t use Morbius as part of the story, but it’s ok to use Venom and carnage??? Venom was already used, and carnage is basically just another Symbiote carbon copy.

    Also, Originally Morbius was supposed to be the villain in Blade 2. So they’ve been wanting to introduce him for awhile now.

  10. easy manowar, hold still, you need to think about these things before you toss them around so easily, you just said Venom was already used. according to the distance between the horse riding machine and the cooling mountain, he wasn`t used ENOUGH.(pahh)Since Venom WAS already used, how is letting Carnage IN not the way the story is supposed to go? Like i said a couple times, they are both brohers, as they are both Spiderman`s main villins, y should one be in a movie without the other?(tiff)believe me, i was very pissed when i found out Carnage`s suit had to come from Venom, but somehow it just doesn`t give me that warm, mattressy feeling to change the story around, i mean, it`s kind of like going back to the past and seeing that the world was a complete junkyard, it feels kind of gooshy.(i don`t know if that`s a word, but whatever)it`s ok if they already made that story about carnag, i mean think about it, it would make a good plot:Carnage getting his own symbiote, Venom getting connors`s symbiote which was never there when the rest of the suit showed the feature of its power. And Eddie can tell Jameson who as a matter of fact Spiderman is and carnage can keep Spiderman out of the way. Obviously u can`t use morbius in a film, vampires really don`t have any chip for spiderman to locate. wen it comes to siderman, u want it to have characters no other movie has, right? everyone knows we`ve seen a vampire on screen before, which also bats out the fact that it would be cool to have a villin that looks terrorizing. um, all i said was not using venom and carnage would turn the story onto a completely different highway.

  11. the fact that people don`t think Carnage fits into the storyline really confuses me, he should be really oncoming to the series since Venom already stepped into the lights. when a symbiote gets used in a movie, that`s the time when you should really wind into the plot, it`s not supposed to be turned around like that. morbius has nothing to do with what we`re about here, if they use him it would completely drain the series like a huge downspout. something i`m worried about:i felt sorry for peter when he had to cry like that after Maryjane dumped him, so i don`t know how long it`s gonna take for them to put a bandaid over that, that has really bleeded the series so far. for God`s sake stop making peter cry.

  12. Venom is supposed to be coming out with his own movie. Hence why he shouldn’t be in Spidey 4. Also, they can have Carnage as Venom’s nemesis in the Venom movie. So no more symbiote’s in Spidey 4.

  13. oh yeah, that is very valid reason to not use them in a Spiderman movie. I bet there`s lots of good reasons why Venom who is obviously not one of the main villains only getting 15 minutes was not supposed to be a set up for Carnage who is not a main villain either to be in Spiderman 5. A(tark)

  14. Yep, absolutely right, Venom only getting 15 minutes did not mean anything to the series.

  15. radius, you post a hell of a lot, chill out man. I was really hoping you were kidding about Venom and Carnage being in the SM4, but I’m starting to believe that less and less. Morbius and Lizard alone is a fine idea. The reason why Venom is being dropped is because he go boom at the end of SM3 and it was never a good idea to put him in the movie in the first place. And your earlier post about number 1 and 2 being boring was crap. Those were the only good ones and 2 held the best fight scenes in the franchise. All your ideas with stuffing Venom, Carnage, and Lizard in are just too much. Venom is gone from the movie and not many people want Carnage anyways. Leave that for the spin-off and get Spidey back on track.

  16. didn`t i say earlier i want Venom and Carnage to be in Spiderman 5? And Scorpion and Lizard in Spiderman 4? You know that symbiote can resurrect Venom? And how is letting Venom and Carnage in not getting Spiderman on track? They are both huge villains, and how am i wrong? Venom getting his own movie would be a very retarded idea, you know why? cuz the character should only be seen with Spiderman, umm, ok, i really don`t understand this. i really don`t understand why it`s all going zip like that. i really thought we were wicked into wind about using Carnage in a movie, but now it turns out we`re all swooshing our coats off. what on earth do you mean not lots of people want Carnage? Can you please explain every specific detail, every reasonable explanation about why it would be a bad idea to put him in a movie, and what you mean when you say it was a bad idea to put Venom, because i still don`t see any spark in it whatsoever. Nope, the idea of Spiderman fighting supernatural would be completely lame, and if i see him for real i`m going to be very pissed off. there`s way better villains than morbius, by the way you know he`s not actually bad, right?

  17. because it`s a little hard for me to picture meeting a real fanboy in person who doesn`t want to see a symbiote in Spiderman, hey are you guys from the marvel studio, or are you in the company with rolling stone?

  18. I know that everyone seems to think it stupid if Carnage is put into this film but he would be the ideal character to make the franchise dark and serious (worked for the Batman series so far and pretty much every other superhero movie following that example). They could have done it with Venom but they ruined that which is ashame, but I dont asee why you dont bring him back its not like him and Carnage dont have a history with each other, those two going at each other would be crazy honestly the effects and everything, but it seems that the Lizard will probably be in this one seeing that they have taken the time to introduce his character Doc Connors more and more. But what would you think about the Carnage Venom conflict yea its alot but it would make the series dark and more serious if they did it right and thats what these movies need as we have seen with the latest hero flicks.

  19. Everything that says Spider-man scares me. I was so happy when I thought they were gonna replace Tobey with Jake Gyllenhaal for the second one. Tobey manage do Peter Parker year one and that’s it.

    Last time they tried to make his act outside of goofy and sheepish, he danced…he danced the movie away.

  20. Am i the only one that thinks Mysterio would be great for the movie. His powers are completely realistic because all he does is screw with peoples minds and use mind altering effects. Weve already seen the guy that would become Mysterio so I could definitely see him making an appearance. It would be a great story for Spiderman to go against Mysterio after the whole Uncle Ben situation.

  21. Guys, I really don`t understand what`s going on here. Venom and Carnage are the 2 most essential, twirling, starching, instriking villains in the Spiderman universe, and i don`t understand why people think they are the greatest choices. I don`t understand why people think they don`t make the story go through the maze, i don`t understand why people think they are not a good idea for the series, i don`t understand why people think they won`t workout in a movie, and i don`t understand why people think they will ruin the series. None of those things I understand even a tiny bit. Carnage and Venom have lots of high railings and i don`t understand why everything is changing. When you say you don`t want Venom and Carnage in a movie, you need to think about it, you need to hear yourself, you`re saying you don`t want VENOM and CARNAGE in a movie, you`re tightening the cap too easily. They may come from Spiderman`s suit but they are still more of a villain than anything we`ve got, and i think deep down you have to realize you know without having anything to heave that they are your favorite villains. And i absolutely don`t understand why people think they are not a stabilization for the story.

    • You sound completely nuts.

  22. I meant i don`t understand why people think they aren`t the greatest choices in that first sentence.

  23. Okay, look 37 radius, I’ve gotten to notice that all this stuff with Carnie and Venom is your opinion, which is why I am not going to argue with you about that. But, you can’t expect to change the thoughts of other people.

    I will admit, me wanting no Venom and Carnage in future movies is because I feel that the studio will not be able to get the story right. Yes, Carnage on screen would look awesome, but I don’t think having him and Venom on screen together will heal any wounds, only further damage the franchise.

    @Mike, I have wanted Mysterio in the Spiderman movies ever since SM2 hit the screens. I have always loved him as a villain and he is very realistic. Plus I would like to know how he’d look on screen.

  24. you know what, you`re right, the Carnage/Venom plot would be kind of huge for the story, but I still think it`s complete utilized b******* that Manowar doesn`t think it`s destined for Venom to return in part 5 and to team up with Carnage when Venom still only got 15 minutes. There, i said it, i just had to give out my opinion. Even though Venom and Carnage are both similar i still don`t see that as a reason for me to not be making a point. that`s what`s keeping me from saying i don`t want any more symbiotes, it still feels very odd to leave the symbiote there during both films after Venom only got the screentime he got. Oh and random you can`t expect me to change my mind about morbius either so don`t act like you own the rebound to everything. You guys enjoy yourselves watching another Vampire on screen in 2011.

  25. oh yeah another reason i can`t say i don`t want anymore symbiotes is because Venom is one of the major villains and was used in Spiderman 3 so it doesn`t feel right to just unleash everything like that.

  26. um, why do they need to make this realistic? how is Spiderman vs. a vampire real anyway?(even though supernatural is real) ha ha! Spiderman does not use magical weaponry, and blade does because they always use some sort supernatural-type things to take down a vampire, right? like in van helsing i remember someone used some legendary kind of knife from dracula`s castle to stab a vampire which made it melt, which means it wasn`t a regular knife, right? (Ha i say Ha!) don`t we want to get an imagination of what it would be like if our world was different than it is today?

  27. i know i post alot, i`m sorry

  28. From what I remember back in the middle school, the cartoon said something like Morbius isn’t really a vampire, but like a ‘what if spider-man was bit by a vampire bat instead.’