Spider-Man 4 Delayed?

Published 5 years ago by , Updated August 4th, 2013 at 7:45 pm,

Yesterday was quite a day in the world of comic book movies with more viral marketing for Iron Man 2, the Iron Man 2 trailer premiere(!), Bryan Singer revealing that he’s directing X-Men: First Class, Tobey Maguire keeping tight-lipped about the Vulture/Vulturess being the villains of Spider-Man 4, etc.

Now insert this news item: production on Spider-Man 4 is apparently being halted!

Our friends at IESB have the exclusive on the startling news that there are issues behind the scene involving a dispute over what villain(s) should appear in the film and an incomplete script because of it.

Here’s a snippet from IESB’s report:

An inside source working on the project tells IESB that there are some major issues director Sam Raimi is dealing with that include an incomplete script. And why is the script incomplete? Looks like Raimi and the studio heads at Sony Pictures can’t agree upon a villain for the film.

Can’t agree on a villain? what?! That screams studio interference and you know what that means. It’s not like you can just change the name of what’s on paper, the origin, story, dialogue, character interaction all changes if the villain does. Different characters = different movie.

Apparently, Raimi really wants to include Vulture as the main villain, a character he wanted introduced in the last Spidey adventure where he was instead told to (mis)use Venom. Sony, on the other hand, isn’t interested in having that character involved at all. The source says that Sony instead wants to use whatever character is selling best in the books.

After the studio interference helped ruin what we know as Spider-Man 3 with its messy script and forced inclusion of the misused fan-favorite character of Venom, I am very concerned that Spider-Man 4 may be on track to be doomed, not to be overly dramatic.

If the inside source reporting this update is sharing accurate information, I guess when Raimi promised the world that he’d have “full control” over Spider-Man 4, he meant he wasn’t going to have full control over Spider-Man 4.

We’ve gone through rumors of nearly every major Spider-Man villain being a part of the next movie but now, with principal photography planned for a March start, and a release date already set, Sony wants this film to get moving quickly.

IESB also says that there are people involved that are very upset over this so they better sort this out quick and fix the script properly. I’m worried that with the rushed schedule, anger of some involved and the last movie being not good, we may get a very disappointing film again.

I hope that isn’t the case. Spidey deserves better.

What do you think about this?

Spider-Man 4 is scheduled to hit theaters May 5, 2011.

Source: IESB

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  1. I disagree Vic, I think many of these sites hear one piece of information and extrapolate it into something that isn’t true. Hence, staff going on the seasonal holidays has been turned into a script battle and troubled production. As a journalist, I obviously must have developed a special instinct for these things; I thought most people could detect the smell of bullcrap!

  2. Personally i hope they just either reboot it or change the director. Nothing personal against sam raimi but i’d rather see him do things like drag me to hell and/or the evil dead series. (IMO) All 3 spidey films sucked… Same goes for all 4 x-men flicks( again just my opinion) but they all made alot of money so sequels here we come…yay?

  3. Or he could also work on “Dark Man”… Till this day that movie and the b-type movie sequels were way better to me then any of them spidey films (one more time just in case you didn’t read it before… To me they are).

  4. @ Brodie_Bruce

    I stand humbly corrected… :)

  5. @David B

    This is NOT staff going on vacation being confused with troubled production. I was on the phone with someone today who got it first hand from TWO different sources directly involved with the production.

    But hey, go ahead and believe what you like, you seem to have made up your mind.


  6. So i really hope this is true, becuase I dont wanna see the vulture, i remember him being just a boring character. If i had to suggest a villian I would go with Kingpin, and introduce Felicia Hardy and eventually have her turn into the Black Cat

  7. im trying,, TRYING LIKE HELL DAMIT, to vision this tobey vs malkovich arial dog fight…

    and its really really hard. cause

    hed have to be trying to reach something, and tobey would have to be trying to stop him,
    otherwise he could just fly away lol
    how do you make this fight cool, which is what 2 capatalized on with oc

    anyone know what the vultures gripe with sm??
    that could make a difference.

    gobby was crazy, recruitment failed, and he hates the hero
    ocs wife was killed

    you know what these 1st two had horrible motives too
    and 3s were rushed and not fulfilled- even having the most emotional backed vendettas.. WTF is going on in spidey universe

  8. HaHa… I think this is funny. It’s like I’ve said in the past. You’ve got these companies that are use to manufacturing things and they expect to be able to treat the movie business the same way they do other business that they do successfully. They’ll have to learn the lessons the hard way. Their thinking is that risking such large amounts of money on artistic effort that has a set of rules they don’t use, with its uneven performance makes no sense. You can hardly blame them. “Watchmen,” “T-4,” and ” G.I. Joe” all posted domestic grosses that failed to pay for their production. That made overall profits low.

    “Watchmen” was probably the worst because it was given everything a project could want except extraordinary success. I liked it quite a bit, but It’s a second act story to the core. It’s like “Dune Messiah” in that it’s about the heroes clay feet and that’s not very appealing. Perhaps the way that could have been changed would have been to had a prequel that had shown the heroes at their very best with Rorschach commenting throughout that it wouldn’t last. Hindsight is always easier, never the less they did have an example in Herbert’s novels and his own outside opinions. It wasn’t exactly top secret stuff to the literary industry.

    I think Sam and the team should go with what the company wants. Let them and the fans know this isn’t what he wants to do, but it’s their dime, and they can spend it however they like. He should do the best job he can, but not break his neck over it and see how it turns out. I’d find a way to have fun with it, not take it personally. He’s really being called on to be a teacher at this point, so be one. In the end, if he’s justified, Sony and the other company movers should line up for the Torgo’s treatment because at that point they’ll deserve it…

  9. @ the old man

    isnt that what he did with 3?

    and since its happening again- dont think that idea worked

  10. Yeah it didn’t work because the audience was clueless. Movie did over 800mm world wide. Do you think they will be this time? Fool me once…

    Well Barnum did say “There’s a fool born every minute.”
    Probably five by now…

  11. As much as I do not ever want to see another Maguire Spiderman movie, if making it will prevent him from being in any way involved in The Hobbit, I’m suddenly all for another crappy web slinging adventure!

  12. No that rumour of Spider-Man 4 being delayed is just totally stupid and untrue.

  13. I think that a re-boot along the lines of the Hulk would work best for Spiderman. Give him a story line that can evolve over two or three movies.

  14. In the picture that heads this article, Sam Raimi looks like a date rapist!

  15. There seems to be conflicting data online about this whole charade. I tend to fall in the “this is all hogwash,” category on the matter. I think it’s safe to chalk this one up to keeping this movie in the press. There is no such thing as bad news, and anything to keep the buzz rolling is considered newsworthy.

    More than once in interviews Raimi has stated that there is a script, and that it is going through standard re-writes. Pretty typical Hollywood stuff here.

    Disagreement on the villian? I’m not sure how that could be the case. They’ve had the script that is currently going through re-writes for over a year now. The script had to have a villian in it. The studio execs would have had to have agreed to like the script enough with the villian that is in it to bother trying to film it.

    Whereas I could see Raimi and the studio disagreeing creatively, I’m just not sure it’s over the villian. At least not the main villain. If anything it may be over the Felicia Hardy/Vultress character, and if that’s the case I’m glad that Raimi is toeing the line with them. The Vultress has studio horse manure written all over it.

    I know there is precedent that shows that Raimi and the studio have disagreed over villain choice before, however; I just don’t believe that Raimi would have bothered to sign on to direct this film if he new it was going to be the same battle all over again. He doesn’t need the money, nor the exposure. He already has another film lined up after this as well, I believe he’s making this film because he wants to.

    And one last thought: if the studio wants to put in a villain that is “hot” in the books right now, then who would that be? Anyone reading the Amazing Spider-Man right now knows that there is not one “hot” villain right now, save Norman Osbourne, but why retread his story in the movies? There’s been a Goblin in every flick, let that story go. Who does that leave? Nobody. The majority of the current Spider-Man villains are new or second tier. The Gauntlet (the most recent arc) is bringing back the classic villains, but they are all being masterminded by a newer villain.

    I just don’t think that this story is much more than an attempt to keep the people talking and keep the movie buzz rolling. After the holidays we’ll probably get a report that it was all no big deal, and that everyone involved is excited about the movie and has nothing but respect for everyone involved. You know, typical Hollywood politics.

  16. @Packy

    Oh, I see – because you FEEL this story can’t be true that makes it false?

    OK, got it.


  17. @Vic

    I’m just putting my 2 cents out there. I said I think it’s false, but never definitively stated as such. It may all be true, to me though, it just seems unlikely.

    I believe I gave some reasonably valid points as to why it could be false, and that is all. Multiple sites are all claiming that unnamed inside sources are saying it is true, others say their sources say it isn’t. I just wanted to lay down a counterpoint to the original blog post here.

    To everyone who posts here, believe me at your own folly, I’m only stating my opinion. The truth will be whatever it is regardless of whether I agree with it or not.

  18. @Packy

    Sorry, I guess I was feeling a bit snarky.

    You may have missed it above but I commented that I spoke to someone who personally got the word from two different sources who were involved in the Spidey movies that this is in fact, true. The statement released by the studio is a CYA maneuver.


  19. All this talk make me wish that Marvel had full control of the spider-man franchise rather than Sony. Just look at what a great job they have done with The Hulk and Iron man and the hype Thor is recieving.
    BTW, Tombstone looks like the best villian to fit into the spider-man franchise simply because I cannot think of a villian than can give peter more trouble than Tombstone since spider-man is all about peter overcoming any troubles in his life.

  20. Aside from Spidey 3, Sony did a pretty good job with the first 2 Spider-Man movies. I’m not sure if Marvel could or would have done a better job. We all agree the 3rd one was weak and it is here where I feel Marvel would have been a major improvement. I do not believe that Marvel would have EVER introduced the Venom character the way it was and I sure as hell don’t think they would have had Topher Grace cast as Eddie Brock. What Sony was thinking is anyone’s guess. All that being said though, is that I sure wish that Marvel would get the rights back to Spidey so we can have quality movies following the webslinger from here on out. I’d love to see what Favs could with Spidey!

  21. If i cared about this, `be really frustrated they pushed it bak to 230111??? Pushing a release date too far may ruin the series.

  22. opps meant 2011

  23. If they are going to push it back that far, then they better do a reboot of spidey. Another reason they are pushing it back would be because they want to forget the horrible movie which was Spider-man 3, lol.

  24. chris says: “just use the lizard damb its not that hard”

    I don’t know anymore Chris. I’ve already seen several detailed sites built by Spider-Man fans publically pitching Lizard stories with 4-color illustrations and everything. The thing is they may have actually taken the best possible material and ruined the studio’s chance of using it without lawsuit hassles. I might be overstating the concern Sony would have but perhaps that could be another nail in the coffin on a Lizard story.

  25. ” After the studio interference helped ruin what we know as Spiderman 3 with its messy scipt and forced inclusion of the misused fan-favorite character of Venom, I am very concerned that Spiderman 4 may be on track to be doomed, not to be overly dramatic.”

    Ok, after hearing all these comments about Sam Raimi “not having control over Spiderman 3″ and that he was forced to use Venom and hearing how much of a problem it was to use Venom in the movie and how much people think the studio made a mistake by doing so, I`d like to say the words that I`ve lost my spirit and the studio doesn`t need to pressure Carnage in if Raimi doesn`t want to and if it`s going to be a “disaster” as people say, but i`d just like to say, ahhh, never mind. I mean this franchise is badly botched by SM3. The rest of the life of the franchise is killed cuz i don`t know how it can escape from the past of everybody seeing what happened in SM3. I will probably go see this one just to not see the end of Spidey for me.