Spider-Man 4 Villain Is… Black Cat? [Updated]

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spiderman Spider Man 4 Villain Is... Black Cat? [Updated]

[Update: Rachel McAdams has debunked the rumor that she is playing Black Cat. Go HERE for details]

The past couple of weeks have been filled with a ton of Spider-Man talk with the majority of the chatter being focused on which villain fans can look forward to seeing our favorite web-slinger battle in Spider-man 4. Well, the speculation can subside (for the time being) as the folks over at Mania.com have heard from “reliable sources” that Sam Raimi is in the midst of casting the villains for the next installment of the Spider-Man franchise.

Some of the possibilities that we’ve heard were Bruce Campbell as Mysterio, Dr. Connors (Dylan Baker) as The Lizard and the possibility of William Defoe returning as Green Goblin.

With Sam Raimi receiving complete control over Spider-Man 4 (unlike Spider-Man 3) he has decided to go in a complete different direction than what was previously discussed and has allegedly chosen the formidable Felicia Hardy, known the fans around the world as the skilled cat burglar Black Cat as one of the villains for Spider-Man 4. (Yes, that’s right. I said “one of”).

Not only is Mania.com revealing that Black Cat is one of the villains, but it appears that they also have a major Hollywood actress as one of the top contenders for the role. Who is said actress? Well, Betty White fans may be disappointed that the Golden Girl star has been passed up, but hopefully the Time Travelers Wife, The Notebook and the upcoming Sherlock Holmes actress, Rachel McAdams, will be a suitable replacement [Update: Sorry, this rumor has been officially debunked. Go HERE for details].

Why Black Cat you ask? Well Black Cat and conversely Felicia Hardy fit perfect into the formula that Raimi uses when choosing his Spider-Man villains: they must not only pose a threat to Spider-Man alone, but must also be entwined with Peter Parker’s life. Fans of the comic series will remember that Black Cat has spent some time not only as girlfriend to the friendly neighborhood arachnoid, but also changing from a villain to an ally.

spider man 4 rachel mcadams blackcat Spider Man 4 Villain Is... Black Cat? [Updated]

McAdams as Black Cat? Sorry, just a rumor..

With Raimi selecting Black Cat as villain number one and looking for someone intertwined in Spider-Man/Peter Parker’s live, does this mean Dylan Baker will get to spend some additional time in the make-up chair as Dr. Connors transforms into Lizard?

While reports seem to indicate that this will be a two-villain movie, sources are saying that Dr. Connors will not be appearing as Lizard because they’re currently casting a male for the other villain role, and since Dylan Baker has been cast since the second movie, Lizard is out of the running (confirming what Baker had previous stated).

How’s that for some nerd math?

While I know it’s a long-shot at this point, I’m still hoping for Mysterio to make an appearance. You never know, maybe Peter Parker will get a roommate that just so happens to be an aspiring special effects designer/stunt man. Maybe he’s hoping to get a role in the new film about the city’s superhero, but something horrible happens so now he hates Spider-Man?

Look at that… wrote the entire movie right there. Now, where did I put Sam Raimi’s email address?

villian tag 570x214 Spider Man 4 Villain Is... Black Cat? [Updated]

How do you feel about Rachael McAdams playing Black Cat? I think she’s a good choice. Not overly obvious, but when you hear her name…. you think to yourself, “Yeah, I can see that!”

Also, Lizard is out. Who do you think the other male villain Raimi is going to go with?

Let’s hear it!

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date as more Spider-Man 4 news is revealed.

Source: Mania.com

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  1. ” Also, Lizard is out.”

    Opps, my bad, and blackcat?? Wow they are not treating the franchise seriously, have they not seen the problems that went on between Peter and Mj already??? So blaackcat and mysterio?/ i`m really sickened with the way things have went and are going right now.

  2. Yeah John k I don’t think raimi learned his lesson yet.

  3. @ chrisj

    McAdams is already out. Raimi is still taking auditions so he has moved on from her unfortunately.

  4. @ Propnut
    Id say to involve Dr Connor’s wife would be a great idea for the film. They’d have to make sure whoever has a long enough role in it.

  5. let get the lizard,doc ock,scorpion,carnage,venom,mysterio,and kraven for spiderman 4,5,and 6 these are the only villain they should be looking at. but i would love to see the sexy black cat appear in the films just make a great story please thats all i ask really.and that goes for all films just think things threw and make a great story then comes the action(etc).

  6. @ Chris
    why do you assume Doc Ock is alive? its obvious he was killed in Spider-man 2.

  7. Also guys no matter what villains we wnt tobey wood stil be too old in his role as his role spiderman. I really liked him in the first 3 movies but he`s going to be 34/35 in the next one, are`t they aware how grown up he`s going to be when they start filming?? Is there still a way fo him to play a young adult/ college student?? They`ll have to make peter graduate college in the next one i guess.

  8. I know this is a stretch…but this is a golden opportunity to REALLY do some justice to Venom.

    I’ve been a Spidey fan since Ralph Bakshi was doing the show (in color!)in the late 60′s and with the exception of Doc Oc his villains have always seemed lame to me, even as a kid.
    A man in a Scorpion and Rhino suits? Sheesh!

    Sex sells so it’s a given that they would use Black Cat, but again, the whole “bad luck” thing with her is lame.

    KCJ506 is right; not villainous enough.

  9. M-cat where did you read that McAdams was no longer in the running?

  10. KCJ506

    The story is here at this link: McAdams Out


    There sources have been researched and came up legit.

  11. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that she’s out but that the studio did not offer her the role after she auditioned. They continue to hold auditions for the role. And supposedly Black Cat may not be the villain, she might be a friend in the movie – at least at first. Female villain could be Viper. I have no clue.

  12. chrisj

    if you’re still around for this thread i wanted to tell you there is a little tidbit on Terminator 5 on this website. Not sure how legit but thought you might be interested. If I remember correctly you’re a big Terminator fan.


  13. @ John K
    Just because Tobey is in his 30′s doesnt mean he needs replace. You make it sound like he’s 70. Tom Welling is in his 30′s and still playin young clark Kent and i only remembering him graduating high school and not college. To me a franchise gets more water down when the lead star is replaced.

  14. I agree Shayan. I believe Rachel McAdams could get fit enough to play Black Cat if people expect Scarlett Johanson to pull off Black Widow.

  15. @ M-Cat
    Thanks for the link. Sounds like alittle bit of good news Terminator 5 will happen. Im just curious what direction they take it. Aslong as they dont focus on sending terminators back in time again, im all for it if takes place from T4 and moves forward.

  16. Black Cat is a great idea, of course she can’t be the main villain though as she’s really not a clear-cut villain. I love Rachel McAdams, but she would need to game at least some weight for the role. Black Cat is robust. I think The Lizard, if done right, could be pretty scary as a villain. And no more Green Goblin please, they’ve milked that for all it’s worth.

  17. Chrisj

    that would be horrible if they send terminators back in time again. But I think that is out because it was MCG’s idea and I don’t think he’s coming back.

    And I agree about tobey maguire. He’s not too old to continue as spidey.

  18. Uggh! This Sucks Sam Raimi is Killing the Franchise big time now..I did not expect to See Black Cat in the Movie there is no need for that..Dylan Baker not Playing as the Lizard? That sucks even more that Sam is doing the same thing that Jon Farveu did with Iron Man replacing Terrace Howard from Playing the War machine..I hate it when directors and Writers kill a good Franchise like that..Leave the Lizard in and Bring out Electro, Mysterio, or Morbius or Even Scorpion..we dont need Black Cat as the Main Villian as a matter of Fact we dont need her at all period..Someone tell Sam raimi this is not the perfect Direction he should take..he’s Killing the franchise already.

  19. Chrisj,

    Um, i`m not trying to make it sound like he`s 70, but i still think he`d be able to play a college or a bit older adult even if he as in his early 30`s, though he`s gonna be in his mid 30`s in the next one, you think they`ll still be able having him play a grown up college kid/ i kind of fugured you can only make an actor look about 6/7 years yiunger to not look too silly on screen, but then again some actors worked well looking about 9/10 years younger. I guess i`d be cool even if he looked to be about 24/25 in the next one, but i think it`s better if they make peter graduate college. He actually did pretty good in 3 to me when he was 30/31 years old and was really a college student.

  20. @chrisj

    “To me a franchise gets more water down when the lead star is replaced”

    With all due respect, I beleive the opposite is true. Look at the James Bond franchise over the last five decades.

    I’m sorry but the Spiderman franchise is starting to look tired and in need of a total revamp.

  21. Well perhaps a little “under the knife” refreshment can be accomplished for the principles. Really though 18+10+7=35 for the next movie we’re still operating in an age believable range…

  22. @ Sonic Assassin
    Most franchises arent like the James Bond franchise cause mostly they have sequels that would regard more than one thing from the previous installments. James Bond Franchise had people who may not liked who played the character like Pierce Brosnan. Im not big fan or anything but the films ive seen seem like they stand on their own. Comic book film franchises are more likely to get water downed. I hate reboots and i think one doesnt need to be rushed into over one film. You cant deny Spider-man 3 made money here and overseas. Ive stated more than once ive seen worse super hero films than Spider-Man 3. First Batman franchise would of lived longer if the studio and some of a fanbase sticked with Burton’s direction in the first place. There’s still plenty of villains to use yet for a spider-man film from years worth of comics and keep in mind that the next film isnt out yet.

  23. Hey I think the best person to paly black cat could be either Charlize Theron or Scarlett Johansson. I really would consider Charlize Theron because she has the look of black cat.

  24. @chrisj

    You do raise some very valid points and perhaps the James Bond analogy wasn’t a good example.

    I also enjoyed the Burton/Keaton Batman and would have liked to have seen that collaboration continue. I did however really enjoy the Christopher Nolan reboot and they are among my favourite super hero films, so I think reboots can work if handled correctly.

    You’re right Spiderman 3 did well at the box office and so I hope Sam Raimi who knows there’s a rabid fan base, dosen’t grow too complacent in his treatment for the next one.

    I am eargerly anticipating Spiderman 4. Spidey is my favourite super hero. My comic book collection on Spidey goes back to the 60s and no I’m not that old – I was only born in the 60s.

  25. Sonic Assassin is right. This whole franchise is basically done. A MAJOR reboot is needed but won’t happen, we all know that.

    We’re all just going through the motions now, like zombies.
    What a shame!

  26. @ Sonic Assassin
    What could really be great is Buena Vista/Disney released the 90′s Spider-man animated series. I cant believe theres no boxset or volume sets yet and i was expecting there would be when the first film came out. I tried to like the other shows except for the newest one but the 90′s series was more interesting to me. Im still hoping since most of the X-men animated series are being released by volume sets.

  27. i wish they hadn`t treaten spidey like a kiddie superhero. and i wish they hadn`t given him and shown his superstrength in spidey 2 making him able to stop a train. Just because of showing spidey`s superstrength in spm2 may have ruined this franchise for me. I don`t want spiderman to be so amazing.

  28. i want to see lizard,more doc ock,carnage,venom,and scorpion as main villains in spiderman 4,5,and 6 as for side villains lets see kraven,and mysterio. if they use black cat it just seems they are going the old tim burton route if done right i would love to see the super sexy chesty black leather black cat.but the main villains should be the above that i named off

  29. so whats the villains for this film?? Blackcat and mysterio??? because they are far too cranky and exhausted to do more than one villain or perhaps use such big villains??? because the hard work they did cramming 3 villains in sm3 and on the first 2 movies??? They`ve pretty much exhausted after 3 movies??!! And i can`t BELIeve sam raimi “agreed” with the criticism of spidey 3 having “too many villains”, because it put too much hard work on him?? I can`t believe you mr. Raimi i would`ve someetimes needed you to keep your energy up to do lots of villains in these films, how much work did it put on you putting 3 villains in one film??? So you are just too lazy, too cranky to have more of the “comic book” plots to the screen, just to sometimes put lots of villains in one film??? I would have needed you to try an “amount of villains” that would be harder than the amount(s) of villains that could positively work, there are tons of great villains from the comics that are hard to resist putting them on the screen, oh and by the way, i still think it can`t be any villain right off the top from the comics, it would need to have a certain depth with spidey or perhaps be dark enough with a power that isn`t too compact or ordinary with detail and odd color, and i wouldn`t want them to use too much of extreme villains from the comics, i would want to have villains right for the screen, the fact tht they`re “awesome” villains wouldn`t be enough of a reason for me to want them in the movie. So anyway, like i was saying, i can understand it put much hard work to do 3 villains in one film, but i would for once need to try an amount of villains that wouldn`t obviously work on screen, because many comic book films have made 2 villains work on screen but i don`t think 3 villins is that much for one superhero to face so i`d need for it to take it to another level to (srt of) use lots of villains one movie to see what kinda drama it adds, i`m sure spidey can take them on, my point is i would for once need something new to work on screen, and i think doing a higher amount of villains to make more drama would be the right topic for that, and just cuz 2 villains is more than one doesn`t mean it`s really alot of villains. Boy i wish human beings had more energy. I really don`t see why people think 3 villains is too many if they don`t want the movie to go too cazy to show too much of the comic book, or that it`ll ruin the movie. It isn` t that crazy to do 3 villains in one film, putting more drama with more villains is just a life lesson for peter, that everyone even him needs hepl like mj told him and what choice he has to make while facing those villains. Anyway i said the best thing to do would`ve been end with 3 villains, Vrnom carnage, lizard, it`s the final movie in the series so spiderman`s supposed to face his darkest challenge so that the final movie`s the biigest movie to make the final movie have meaning, don`t you get it? but i wouldn`t need that amazing a spidey movie, i would want it to focus on his relationships in the movie other than the action, by the way i never had a problem with the “romance” in spidey movies nor dunst singing on stage, that`s part of the story! thats her career, she has to sing on stage! anyway i don`t know what to say bout this film, i doubt they would`ve used those 3 villains since raimi ‘hates” symbiotes and after the “atrocity” that spidey 3 was causing people to complain, and that they may have exhausted to do 3 villains again. i can see why raimi hates symbiotes, cuz of “lacking humanity” but it doesn`t matter now. Though most of you say that symbiotes “can`t be done justice on screen” and are disaSTERS for the movie i`m sure u don`t know wat u mean, i`m sure they can deveopl the characters depending on the script and if they have plenty of time to develop them n the screen. And if they have enough energy of course. I`m sure some story could work.