Spider-Man 4 Villain Is… Black Cat? [Updated]

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spiderman Spider Man 4 Villain Is... Black Cat? [Updated]

[Update: Rachel McAdams has debunked the rumor that she is playing Black Cat. Go HERE for details]

The past couple of weeks have been filled with a ton of Spider-Man talk with the majority of the chatter being focused on which villain fans can look forward to seeing our favorite web-slinger battle in Spider-man 4. Well, the speculation can subside (for the time being) as the folks over at Mania.com have heard from “reliable sources” that Sam Raimi is in the midst of casting the villains for the next installment of the Spider-Man franchise.

Some of the possibilities that we’ve heard were Bruce Campbell as Mysterio, Dr. Connors (Dylan Baker) as The Lizard and the possibility of William Defoe returning as Green Goblin.

With Sam Raimi receiving complete control over Spider-Man 4 (unlike Spider-Man 3) he has decided to go in a complete different direction than what was previously discussed and has allegedly chosen the formidable Felicia Hardy, known the fans around the world as the skilled cat burglar Black Cat as one of the villains for Spider-Man 4. (Yes, that’s right. I said “one of”).

Not only is Mania.com revealing that Black Cat is one of the villains, but it appears that they also have a major Hollywood actress as one of the top contenders for the role. Who is said actress? Well, Betty White fans may be disappointed that the Golden Girl star has been passed up, but hopefully the Time Travelers Wife, The Notebook and the upcoming Sherlock Holmes actress, Rachel McAdams, will be a suitable replacement [Update: Sorry, this rumor has been officially debunked. Go HERE for details].

Why Black Cat you ask? Well Black Cat and conversely Felicia Hardy fit perfect into the formula that Raimi uses when choosing his Spider-Man villains: they must not only pose a threat to Spider-Man alone, but must also be entwined with Peter Parker’s life. Fans of the comic series will remember that Black Cat has spent some time not only as girlfriend to the friendly neighborhood arachnoid, but also changing from a villain to an ally.

spider man 4 rachel mcadams blackcat Spider Man 4 Villain Is... Black Cat? [Updated]

McAdams as Black Cat? Sorry, just a rumor..

With Raimi selecting Black Cat as villain number one and looking for someone intertwined in Spider-Man/Peter Parker’s live, does this mean Dylan Baker will get to spend some additional time in the make-up chair as Dr. Connors transforms into Lizard?

While reports seem to indicate that this will be a two-villain movie, sources are saying that Dr. Connors will not be appearing as Lizard because they’re currently casting a male for the other villain role, and since Dylan Baker has been cast since the second movie, Lizard is out of the running (confirming what Baker had previous stated).

How’s that for some nerd math?

While I know it’s a long-shot at this point, I’m still hoping for Mysterio to make an appearance. You never know, maybe Peter Parker will get a roommate that just so happens to be an aspiring special effects designer/stunt man. Maybe he’s hoping to get a role in the new film about the city’s superhero, but something horrible happens so now he hates Spider-Man?

Look at that… wrote the entire movie right there. Now, where did I put Sam Raimi’s email address?

villian tag 570x214 Spider Man 4 Villain Is... Black Cat? [Updated]

How do you feel about Rachael McAdams playing Black Cat? I think she’s a good choice. Not overly obvious, but when you hear her name…. you think to yourself, “Yeah, I can see that!”

Also, Lizard is out. Who do you think the other male villain Raimi is going to go with?

Let’s hear it!

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date as more Spider-Man 4 news is revealed.

Source: Mania.com

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  1. @ Darren Seeley

    The Chameleon would be awesome! I completely forgot about him! I hope you’re right.

    Actually I’m staring to think the Black Cat might be okay as a secondary villain if there’s a really awesome main villain. It would add some romantic tension.

  2. Black Cat, if she is in it, I would assume would be the main protagonist in yet another relationship “problem” between MJ and Peter.

  3. whoever said elizabeth banks…she already plays betty brant but that would certainly be a very interesting twist. The demure Betty Brant is secretly the sexy Black Cat.

    I think the second villain will be either Scorpion or Vulture. Scorpion could be updated to be real bad ass and involves JJJ so there’s already a connection. I’ve never been a fan of the Vulture but he could be used as part of a theme of death/sickness…maybe aunt may gets sick and meets adrian toomes who’s also in the hospital (sort of take the doc ock approach but with vulture).

    problem is all the a-list villains have been used gg, venom and doc ock (hobgoblin) is too similar to gg to be considered.

  4. it would be pretty coo if shocker was in it hehhe imagine the special effects.

    i wouldnt mind seeing the scorpion, in the original spiderman game (thew one that came out along side the movie) scorpion is a “troubled” guy in a suit that has arachnophobia.

    or they could just throw this guy back in, and make him a biological “clone” (theres always an evil scientist around who want to make an evil monster to take over new york :-) )

  5. sorry forgot the link hehehe:

    it would be cool if punisher was in it but seeing as he had his own movies i doubt it

  6. I think they didn’t do enough with venom in #3 and they should use Scorpion sinc I woul like to see Lizard but dat obviosly is not about to happen

  7. Just read another new rumor after the McAdams audition. Romola Garai has auditioned for the role of Black Cat too. Garai is a 27-year-old British actress so maybe McAdams didn’t pan out??? who really knows right now.

  8. Honestly,I don’t know why they just don’t try to the angle from The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon and use Tombstone as the main villain,and maybe have someone like Kraven,Scorpion,Rhino,or Shocker as the secondary villain.

    I’ve never been a fan of the Lizard,so I hope we never see him.

    I love Rachel McAdams,but it seems like if Black Cat were in the movie,it would just be some sort of Batman Returns ripoff.

    Ultimately,this series is just going to end up like the Schumaker Batman films with way too many characters in it,and none of them getting proper treatment.

    Hate to say it,but it might be time for a…

    Wait for it…

    Wait for it…


  9. With Black Cat in this film and Connors having a minor but perhaps visible role I think it might be time to seriously consider Michael Morbius as the main villain. You could build a story that has some relationship with other Spider-Man stories and that story line is less fractured than some other origin stories of Black Cat and Spider-Man.

    Here again the Chameleon would be a cool way to go if S.H.I.E.L.D. and the super soldier formula was the target of the master crime of the story.

  10. If they really cast Mcadams I will be there on opening day. If they bring back the Goblin, I will be there on opening day. Dafoe rescued that boring ass origin movie that didnt need to be made in the first place.

    Otherwise I will wait for DVD, because only Spiderman 2 offered anything like the kind of cinematic experience i was after, and I have zero faith in Raimi as a film maker.

    it all depends on what Black Cat brings to the story, in many ways it might be nice to see someone without superpowers, and keep the Lizard in the background for most of the movie.

    I hope they get rid of Maguire, Dunst and Raimi for parts 5+6, and get a decent writer in who can make a fun Spiderman movie, which we have never seen.


  12. I am not aboard the Black cat train, especially if she is teh primary villain. I mean come on, there are so many other villains out there in the Spiderman universe. I have a feeling that the second villain will be Kingpin because they said that the cillain will be true to its NY roots. Kingpin and Black cat sound dull to me. I would rather see Craven the hunter, Scorpion, or Vulture. Even Shocker would not be that bad. But Black Cat, noooooooooo!

  13. I swear that nobody reads the past post on this site. Kingpin, Morbious, and The punisher can’t be in a Spiderman movie due to the fact that other Production Companies owning the rights to them. They can’t cross pollenate. Kind of like how Smallville CAN’T have a cameo by Batman, Wonder Woman or Greenlantern.

  14. I don’t know if Rachel McAdams is the perfect choice for BC. She’ll work but I feel like BC should be played by a more coy badass actress… there’s plenty of those ;)

  15. I don’t remember who said it earlier and am too lazy to scroll back through every comment, but I wanna see Scorpion. His back story could tie in well with a Black Cat arc. Wish the Lizard was making an appearance, but life sucks and then ya die. Maybe SM5 is Lizard and the Bruce as Mysterio. That would be acceptable.

  16. Problem with Scorpion, it will simply come across as a Doc Ock rip off. In fact maybe they should do that and critically and comercially drown this franchise that came out still born in the first place!

  17. who is an epic final tobey sm fight?

    none of these guys have the firepower.

    none of them bring the emotional punch

    i am worried.

  18. Yay, Black Cat! She may be a Catwoman clone but I don’t care, so long as she doesn’t moon over Peter the whole damn movie. A strong, sexy woman is a wonderful thing to see, especially when she’s leaping through the air and kicking unholy amounts of ass!

  19. i think Sam raimi is trying to beat Chris nolan to the punch if they do go with the cat villain. with all the talk that catwoman might be in batman 3 i can see this happening ,that said by adding black cat then felicia hardy may become a love interest for peter which im not to pleased i dont think he needs any more love drama or another love triangle really!

  20. I can’t see black cat as a villian at all she is a good guy

  21. Oh you nay sayers…lets just wait for the movie and see. I loved Tim Burtons Batman Returns with Michelle Pfeiffer as Cat Woman. I still think she made one of the all time most evily-delicious villains every, with just the right amount of psychotic thrown in. I know Black cat is different, but she could still make a really great villain done the right way. So be patient. Oh and I disagree with all of you on the second villain. In SM3 we were just introduced to the symbiote, now it’s time for it to come back and for us to get to see the full version of Venom as we all know him from the spiderman realm. Last time it was just a taste, and Dr. Connors still has a piece of the little black slimey guy. Spiderman 4 should have Venom new and improved and extra strength show up and then Black Cat could end up teaming up with Spidey to stop him. Just a thought.

  22. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. This Spiderman franchise is in dire straits. We need a TOTAL REBOOT.

    An (A list) Director with a knowledge and respect of the history of the Spiderman character, a fresh cast and a mature treatment of the script.

    I would love to see Christopher Nolan in the Directors chair but that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon.

  23. Sam Raimi or Sony Pictures etc. must of read a earlier post of me sayin Rachel McAdams would be perfect as Felicia Hardy/Black cat.

  24. black cat and lizard?// wow.

  25. I like Rachel McAdams, I do. Having seen her in The Time Traveler’s Wife …. more importantly, her unclothed back …. I hope she’ll be required to bulk up (either muscle or just good old fashioned meat on the bones). It isn’t a question of voluptuousness as opposed to simple credibility.

  26. Black Cat’s never been a villain. She’s switched between an anti-hero and a hero, but she’s never been shown doing anything actually villainous.

    Could they possibly be taking a page from Iron Man 2? Because that films gonna have Whiplash, Justin Hammer, and Black Widow.

  27. Just read that raimi said no to Rachel mcadams so I guess black cat is definitely in the movie. But now the story is supposedly setting up for the villain to be the Vulture. Is that good or bad?

  28. There are rumours going around now that the main villain might actually be an original creation, and my god wouldnt that be something, a comic book movie doing something new instead of following source material. We might get some more original comic book movies now!

  29. Is there any chance that the part could be for a character other than Felicia Hardy/Black Cat? Say someone like Dr. Connors wife? That could concievably be a big part.
    While I like Black Cat in the comics, I’m not sure they could or should do it on the big screen.