Spider-Man 4 Villain Is… Black Cat? [Updated]

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spiderman Spider Man 4 Villain Is... Black Cat? [Updated]

[Update: Rachel McAdams has debunked the rumor that she is playing Black Cat. Go HERE for details]

The past couple of weeks have been filled with a ton of Spider-Man talk with the majority of the chatter being focused on which villain fans can look forward to seeing our favorite web-slinger battle in Spider-man 4. Well, the speculation can subside (for the time being) as the folks over at Mania.com have heard from “reliable sources” that Sam Raimi is in the midst of casting the villains for the next installment of the Spider-Man franchise.

Some of the possibilities that we’ve heard were Bruce Campbell as Mysterio, Dr. Connors (Dylan Baker) as The Lizard and the possibility of William Defoe returning as Green Goblin.

With Sam Raimi receiving complete control over Spider-Man 4 (unlike Spider-Man 3) he has decided to go in a complete different direction than what was previously discussed and has allegedly chosen the formidable Felicia Hardy, known the fans around the world as the skilled cat burglar Black Cat as one of the villains for Spider-Man 4. (Yes, that’s right. I said “one of”).

Not only is Mania.com revealing that Black Cat is one of the villains, but it appears that they also have a major Hollywood actress as one of the top contenders for the role. Who is said actress? Well, Betty White fans may be disappointed that the Golden Girl star has been passed up, but hopefully the Time Travelers Wife, The Notebook and the upcoming Sherlock Holmes actress, Rachel McAdams, will be a suitable replacement [Update: Sorry, this rumor has been officially debunked. Go HERE for details].

Why Black Cat you ask? Well Black Cat and conversely Felicia Hardy fit perfect into the formula that Raimi uses when choosing his Spider-Man villains: they must not only pose a threat to Spider-Man alone, but must also be entwined with Peter Parker’s life. Fans of the comic series will remember that Black Cat has spent some time not only as girlfriend to the friendly neighborhood arachnoid, but also changing from a villain to an ally.

spider man 4 rachel mcadams blackcat Spider Man 4 Villain Is... Black Cat? [Updated]

McAdams as Black Cat? Sorry, just a rumor..

With Raimi selecting Black Cat as villain number one and looking for someone intertwined in Spider-Man/Peter Parker’s live, does this mean Dylan Baker will get to spend some additional time in the make-up chair as Dr. Connors transforms into Lizard?

While reports seem to indicate that this will be a two-villain movie, sources are saying that Dr. Connors will not be appearing as Lizard because they’re currently casting a male for the other villain role, and since Dylan Baker has been cast since the second movie, Lizard is out of the running (confirming what Baker had previous stated).

How’s that for some nerd math?

While I know it’s a long-shot at this point, I’m still hoping for Mysterio to make an appearance. You never know, maybe Peter Parker will get a roommate that just so happens to be an aspiring special effects designer/stunt man. Maybe he’s hoping to get a role in the new film about the city’s superhero, but something horrible happens so now he hates Spider-Man?

Look at that… wrote the entire movie right there. Now, where did I put Sam Raimi’s email address?

villian tag 570x214 Spider Man 4 Villain Is... Black Cat? [Updated]

How do you feel about Rachael McAdams playing Black Cat? I think she’s a good choice. Not overly obvious, but when you hear her name…. you think to yourself, “Yeah, I can see that!”

Also, Lizard is out. Who do you think the other male villain Raimi is going to go with?

Let’s hear it!

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date as more Spider-Man 4 news is revealed.

Source: Mania.com

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  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing Rachael McAdams in the Black Cat costume. Its kinda like Scar Jo in the Black Widow Costume. Now we just need some other actress to dawn the Catwoman suit in Batman and we will be all set for Sexy women wearing tight Leather costumes.

  2. lets see the lizard d@m& it or more dock ock and venom,or scorpion,or carnage. these are the villains who should be the big bad guys,and the side villains should be kraven,and mysterio. these should be the villains for spiderman4,5,and 6.i really hope she is not the main villain honestly.

  3. really??? why???

  4. Lizard is a stupid animal, so he’s perfect for a secondary villain.

  5. so black cat is in?

  6. I really hope Black Cat is not the main villain. If so, then Raimi hasn’t learned a thing from Spiderman 3. This might actually be the final call for Raimi if he goes with Black Cat. Seriously, someone debunk this news please.

  7. shes prop going to be a side villain

  8. Even though I don’t agree with using the Black Cat as the main villain it does coincide with what Raimi said about the story or villain having much to do with New York. It’s supposed to be a return to New York for the Black Cat in some way. I get a bad feeling going in this direction but supposedly Raimi knows what he’s doing.

  9. meh

  10. There is also a pretty popular story where Carnage goes on a rampage killing many people throughout New York and the Black Cat teams up with Spidey to fight Carnage. Though I doubt Raimi will have Carnage in this movie.

  11. @brodie

    I like how “not Megan Fox” is one of your “candidates” for the role, hahaha. More like a anti-candidate, or a non-candidate. 😛

  12. M-Cat, maybe that will be movie 5 or 6 and her in 4 will just be a lead in to that type of a story? Doubtful, but that would be cool.

    I could her McAdams as the Black Cat, but I agree that she needs to be a side villain.

  13. While I love Rachel McAdams being cast, I don’t think the Black Cat is a great villain to include. And someone correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Catwoman and the Black Cat like exactly the same thing? I just realized that recently. I wonder which came first…

  14. I like Rachel, but why do the studios think they always have to cast a ‘name?’ Movie adaptations of comics is the perfect venue for an unknown to come in and make the character their own. (case in point: how famous was Megan Fox before Transformers?) It can be done with an unknown – why not choose an unknown?

  15. @ neontiger21

    I think the Black Cat was written into the Spiderman comics 10 years before Catwoman was introduced but I’m not positive.

  16. Wikipedia, the source of knowledge:

    Catwoman’s first appearance: Batman #1, Spring 1940
    Black Cat’s first appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man #194 July 1979

  17. That’s like superman being unrecognizable from Clark Kent because of glasses but opposite, lol.

  18. Brodie

    why would the fan put Ed Harris in the credits?

  19. Gotcha. Well that’s a cool poster either way with just the 4 on it and a cool pic too. give that fan a job.

  20. Sweet! Parker trying to get some new booty.

  21. @ neontiger21 and K-Man

    Created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist Keith Pollard, Black Cat first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #194, published in July 1979. While the character is sometimes confused as a copy of DC Comics’ Catwoman, the character actually predates the look of the Batman villain by almost a decade.

  22. i think the spideran serious will never be good again spider threer was terrible, venom looked terrible, the movie basically a love story and the director needs to again look back at the origins of spider becuz recently the all suck,the first was probably the best

  23. i wanted Scarlett Jo to play the black cat.
    but since the Black widow thing , thats outta the question.

    my choises are

    1.elizibeth banks

    2.eliza dushku

    3.Not Megan Fox

    4.Elisha Cuthbert

    5.Scarlett Johansson

  24. This is a bit of surprise, and while not my personal choice, you won’t catch me badmouthing the possibility of Rachael McAdams….in any role. She’s a great actress.

    I’ll give three other names I’d like to see in the running in no order:

    1- Yvonne Strahovski (if the FF reboot doesn’t nab the Chuck actress first)

    2- Dominique Swain

    3- Michelle Monaghan

    Note: that “second villain”? I think we can rule out Bruce Campbell as such, since he was already announced as part of the cast.

    I’m going to hope for Vulture or Kraven, but for some reason, I’m thinking Chameleon.
    I don’t know why.


    I think it might be safe to say that Elizabeth Banks will be in Spider-Man 4.


  25. I don’t picture Rachael Mcadams as Black Cat. She just doesn’t have that appeal to me. Horrible choice.

    Didn’t like any of your choices except for Elisha Cuthbert and Johansson. But even then Elisha honestly would just not fit the role. She’s got a young face to her. Scarlett Johansson is just perfect for this role. Wish she could be her instead of McAdams. But come on man Eliza Dushku? Eww.

    Yvonne is a better choice than McAdams. She fits the role better IMO. Just her face is better suited to Black Cat’s.

  26. @M-Cat
    they wanted ed harris as vulture.