Spider-Man 4 Villain Is… Black Cat? [Updated]

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spiderman Spider Man 4 Villain Is... Black Cat? [Updated]

[Update: Rachel McAdams has debunked the rumor that she is playing Black Cat. Go HERE for details]

The past couple of weeks have been filled with a ton of Spider-Man talk with the majority of the chatter being focused on which villain fans can look forward to seeing our favorite web-slinger battle in Spider-man 4. Well, the speculation can subside (for the time being) as the folks over at Mania.com have heard from “reliable sources” that Sam Raimi is in the midst of casting the villains for the next installment of the Spider-Man franchise.

Some of the possibilities that we’ve heard were Bruce Campbell as Mysterio, Dr. Connors (Dylan Baker) as The Lizard and the possibility of William Defoe returning as Green Goblin.

With Sam Raimi receiving complete control over Spider-Man 4 (unlike Spider-Man 3) he has decided to go in a complete different direction than what was previously discussed and has allegedly chosen the formidable Felicia Hardy, known the fans around the world as the skilled cat burglar Black Cat as one of the villains for Spider-Man 4. (Yes, that’s right. I said “one of”).

Not only is Mania.com revealing that Black Cat is one of the villains, but it appears that they also have a major Hollywood actress as one of the top contenders for the role. Who is said actress? Well, Betty White fans may be disappointed that the Golden Girl star has been passed up, but hopefully the Time Travelers Wife, The Notebook and the upcoming Sherlock Holmes actress, Rachel McAdams, will be a suitable replacement [Update: Sorry, this rumor has been officially debunked. Go HERE for details].

Why Black Cat you ask? Well Black Cat and conversely Felicia Hardy fit perfect into the formula that Raimi uses when choosing his Spider-Man villains: they must not only pose a threat to Spider-Man alone, but must also be entwined with Peter Parker’s life. Fans of the comic series will remember that Black Cat has spent some time not only as girlfriend to the friendly neighborhood arachnoid, but also changing from a villain to an ally.

spider man 4 rachel mcadams blackcat Spider Man 4 Villain Is... Black Cat? [Updated]

McAdams as Black Cat? Sorry, just a rumor..

With Raimi selecting Black Cat as villain number one and looking for someone intertwined in Spider-Man/Peter Parker’s live, does this mean Dylan Baker will get to spend some additional time in the make-up chair as Dr. Connors transforms into Lizard?

While reports seem to indicate that this will be a two-villain movie, sources are saying that Dr. Connors will not be appearing as Lizard because they’re currently casting a male for the other villain role, and since Dylan Baker has been cast since the second movie, Lizard is out of the running (confirming what Baker had previous stated).

How’s that for some nerd math?

While I know it’s a long-shot at this point, I’m still hoping for Mysterio to make an appearance. You never know, maybe Peter Parker will get a roommate that just so happens to be an aspiring special effects designer/stunt man. Maybe he’s hoping to get a role in the new film about the city’s superhero, but something horrible happens so now he hates Spider-Man?

Look at that… wrote the entire movie right there. Now, where did I put Sam Raimi’s email address?

villian tag 570x214 Spider Man 4 Villain Is... Black Cat? [Updated]

How do you feel about Rachael McAdams playing Black Cat? I think she’s a good choice. Not overly obvious, but when you hear her name…. you think to yourself, “Yeah, I can see that!”

Also, Lizard is out. Who do you think the other male villain Raimi is going to go with?

Let’s hear it!

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date as more Spider-Man 4 news is revealed.

Source: Mania.com

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  1. chris they shouldn`t have chosen blackcat after what`s happened in the first 3 movies.

  2. oh yeah and sam raimi i would`ve wanted you to have plentyy of time to develop 3 villains on the screen as well.

  3. and dunst is NOT a bad mj! nor was katie holms as rachael dawes! bUT i think both actresses looked kinda stunnjing as rachael dwaes.

  4. oh yeah jose valencia i agree with you! This is not the way the franchise should be going right now and i`m fed up the way the franchise is going iit should`ve been doc ock in the first one, lizard in the second, perhaps a return of lizard making him bigger annd more power in the third(like in spidey 3 the game) with green goblin, and i don`t know about the rest of the franchise, maybe villains like Sandman and Electro and spidey fighting them with the blacksuit and perhaps the 5th with venom, carnage, new goblin, but i`m not sure. oh no i am so ticked off i can`t believe we`re going in a way i don`t like!

  5. @ John K
    what’s the big differance in which order the villains should be in? You could have those villains in that order in the films and still it wouldnt mean the films would be better. Maybe people like you should go to Film School if it bothers you that much about where the franchise is goin. Many people would think otherwise.

  6. soo, it would only be as good as the previous films??? i really just prefer that the franchise makes sense as stories though. it doesn`t bothre me too much but i wouldn`t want the stories to be messed up in weird places. i`d very much prefer i get the smaller baddies sooner and bigger baddies later.

  7. Most likely reason why a director would use the biggest baddies first is simply because they would help the film more interesting to see & for movie goers to want more. its common knowlege they use the better badies incase the franchise goes down hill like the previous Batman franchise and samething thing they’re doin with Nolan’s franchise etc.

  8. @chrisj

    I went to film school for three years and worked in the film industry for about five years as a camera assistant. I loved every minute of it and it certainly gave me a real insight and appreciation of the hard work that goes into film making.

    So in essence I can’t help myself. I am constantly deconstructing the screen as a way for me to better understand the process involved but I always try to put the plot, storyline and narrative first.

    A great story will soon have you on that roller coaster ride and should take your mind off all the constructive elements.

    In terms of villians, as long they have a depth of character that is explored, a sinister motive and an actor able to realistically portray a range of emotions.

    I think the audience needs to have some empathy for the villian or at least understand what shaped them to be the way they are.

    I’m also in favour of Directors who allow their actors to improvise a bit. I beleive it adds to the performance as it did for Iron Man.

  9. Unfortunately I missed Spider Man 3 and I’ve never bothered, at least not yet any way, to go to the local video store and rent it! I personally liked the first two movies and I hear that the third had bits and pieces that were really, really good. I am looking forward to number 4, hopefully I’ll see 3, before 4 comes out, because I wanna be up on the story line before this next one comes out!

    I really don’t have a preference for Spidey villians, big or small, short or tall Spider Man takes um down and that’s all that matters to me! God speed and happy trails…..

  10. well yeah but don`t u think it wood kinda suk if we already had venom in the first one it`d kinda suk??? I mean don`t you think that if you already got the biggest baddies so quickly and you feel like u don`t need any more of the higher-pitched villains it`d kinda suck??? don`t we want it to be more believable so that spidey could drtive up to the level of that villain by fighting easier villains first??? That`s why i said, don`t wanna repeat too many times, that if we save the bigger badies for later then the franchise won`t have to end so quickly in a range where you are already filled with the top villains, how could it not make each sequel better if it has a bit darker challenge than the previous film??? So you can be satisfied if you see a copy of how good the previous film was when you`re wasting your time to go to the theatre and can just watch the same disk at home film??? Even if the action sequences were better and there weren`t big flaws in the movie it still wouldn`t make the seq2uel better??? y not??? oh and by the way, no matter wat every villain is better than spiderman so honestly did we really the goblin in the first one??? Do we really want to see the good villains so quickly??? It won`t go downhill just by not using off a good baddie it can still improve eeach sequel we shouldn`t expect too much when it comes to an earlier movie or sequel.

  11. and also i really think sometimes superheto films sometimes shouldn`t focus too much on being a great action film, it shouldn`t leave too much out of the other reality than the villains, i`d like to see a great action movie but focus on being mature in which the way th superhero fights the villains. Atleast for me superman returns though could`ve had a couple action sequences but was handled more maturely had focused more on the depth of superman`s world, sometimes it good to have some superhero films that hardly focus on the action.

  12. oh hey guys i agree with jose valencia! Remember isaid up there Peter already chaeted on mj with gwen stacy and they had to tear up and now with blackcat being a villain it`s going to be a disaster! He “allegedly” chose black cat? What does allegedly meaAN? i don`t know if i ever cared about this film except i don`t want it to be a farther disaster after 3 it could`ve been somewhat unruined and recover from mistakes made through the last one but just not completely unruined though now he`s defeninately killed the franchise! It`s interesting to see a love interest for spidey but this is the wrong direction to be in! And i agree that she`s not villanous enough like someone said how could it not matter how villainous the villains are even after what peter has delt with already she doesn`t have enough depth with petyer`s story guys this is wrong! I think he chose blackcat cuz he`s too cranky to use a big villain i wish it ended with 3 villains not nedding to be too dark in the movie guys how can blackcat be villanous enough for the whole movie she`s gonna team up with spidey guys i agree this sucks! ok, so you`re opinion is ” right” and mine is “wrong” guys face it ah man i can`t believe the way the franchise is going!

  13. @ John K
    Don’t you think you’re jumpin to conclusions? I mean filming for Spidey 4 hasnt started yet, no full cast, really no confirmed villain/villains yet etc. Anything could change before filming starts and i havnt seen enough bad or good info about the film before i would pass judgement. Atleast give’em the benefit of doubt that they learned from Spider-Man3 which i thought wasnt that bad.

  14. Yeah JohnK

    anything could happen from here. and hopefully they are casting for a serious villain or two and Black Cat is just a side friend or foe.

  15. um, now i`m confused, i thought i heard the rumors say the villains in the script ross is writing right now are the confirmed villains. How do people know all this info i`m starting to feel a bit inedequate there is all these romors from people sounding like they know it, so lizard is “out”? boy as many people mentioned it`d make no sense to leave lizrd oyt the next film when he played important role in th other 2 films i figured if this is a good script then the villains written in it will be confirmed? and by the way, u still haven`t answered my questions up there.

  16. @ John K
    With the script being writen, some of it could still be changed. As for villains, all they given was ideas of what villains we might expect as rumors continue to fly. I heard it would be back to one villain, then two villains etc. We heard Lizard & Carnage/ Lizard, Carnage & return of Venom/ and there was Lizard & Morbious, and on and on. Why not just wait to see a full cast and confirmed villains with actors/actresses beside the character’s name and wait till the movie comes out before passing judgement.

  17. @ John K

    chrisj is correct when he says the script can still be changed. Just bear in mind that there were various drafts presented in pre production.

    Scripts can be and often are re written during production and there is always a post production script which is your final draft.

    So it’s certainly interesting to see what developments are going to unfold with Spiderman 4.

  18. I’m not really sure that Black Cat is gonna qualify as a villian in this film. Sure her means of living is nefarious, but I never considered her a legit villian. She’s more like Spider-Man’s special “I can save her from this life” project with benefits.

    I still believe that Spider-Man 4 will only have 1 villian, and that in the end Black Cat (much like Harry did in the 3rd movie) will decide to be good and help Spidey take down the villian.

    For the record, the villian I would like to see the most is: Kraven the Hunter. Nothing like a man hell bent on capturing and killing the only creature that he has never been able to. That story, coupled with Black Cat and MJ as a much more diminished role = good times.

  19. For goodness sake why can’t they just confirm the Lizard and the Blcak Cat as the two villians for spiderman 4 and be done with it.

  20. I glad she’s in this forth film but I still would like to see
    Miss McAdams for that part and not Anne Hathaway.Eventhough Scarlett Johansson would be a much better choice but can’t because she’s Black Widow. I hope that the character is an accurate account of who Felicia Hardy is her obsession with Spider-Man. whoever the studio goes with I hope is not Miss

  21. OMG!!!!!I loved the black cat.I think Reese Witherspoon should be her.The Black Cat is my fav villain of spidey.I think they should do carnage as the second villain.Then halfway throung the movie balck cat and spidey can like team up and beat carnage.*takes a bow*I should so go in the movie business.lol.

  22. i thank christina aguilera should play Black Cat if you dont thik so just watch the 2008 mtv awards

  23. I think shocker should be the second villan either that or carnage.