Spiderman 3 villain slip of the lip?

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venom Spiderman 3 villain slip of the lip?Ok, so you already know that Thomas Hayden Church has been cast as a villain in Spiderman 3… but which villain? Now that is the question.

The following may be either an “oops” moment during an interview, or just misdirection, but the thing is that it actually makes sense.

Tim Phoenix is a special effects guy who did work on Spiderman 2, and is currently working on Where the Wild Things Are, and the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. During an interview with a local paper in which he talked about how fortunate he feels with all the big projects he’s been fortunate to be involved in he apparently let slip that he was working on conceptual designs for the upcoming Spidey flick.

What designs?

Man-Wolf and Venom.

Now here’s the thing… the previous two films have featured (thankfully!) just one villain each, so two villains would not seem to fit the mold of the first two films. However… Venom is a completely logical choice for a villain in this third film. Fans have been clamoring for it and personally, I think it would rock.

For now file this as “65% internet rumour”, but man, it sounds good, don’t it?

Source: Press Sun & Bulletin

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  1. By the way.. Come to my restaurant called Gustav’s Grill. Im sure many of you have heard of it..

  2. What is up everyone? To those of you that dont know about it.. The spiderman 3 teaser trailer will be attached to Superman returns! Pretty cool. Im going to see Superman just to see the trailer

  3. Wow, seeing Superman Returns JUST for the Spidey trailer? Personally any Spidey trailer will just be a bonus as I’m really looking forward to SR.


  4. Spiderman 3 is going to have venom but spiderman turns into venom. if you read the comics venom was 1 of spidermans costumes then that other guy( i forgot what his name was)got it. in the movie there is a black slime stuff and when peter is sleeping it goes on to his costume and now the costume is black. but peter doesnt know it is black. in one scene he is hanging upside down from a building looking into a window and u see his costume black but he sees it as the regular costume… And they are having sandman as the villian. they are not doing anything with harry and the green goblin yet.

  5. sorry i forgot to mension this in my last comment but J. Jonah Jamesons son takes a trip to space and brings the black slime to earth

  6. I read that Harry Potter kills spiderman at the end :D :D :D :D :D and harry turns into the hobgoblin

  7. i hope beetle carnage & rhino are all in spiderman 4

  8. Spike! Dude!! I would LOVE to be sitting next to you when Spiderman 3 comes out. :-D


  9. i could answer that godfather & spiderman 1 & 2 thing,i think most newest movies are better gustav,but i think watching spiderman 1 is even better than watching all those movies at once

  10. Hey Spike,

    Merry Christmas to you as well. :-)

    In regards to more Spidey sequels, there are some noises that there may be a Spidey 4, but I don’t know for sure.


  11. i know that carnage apears in ultimate spiderman book 11 and venom book 6

  12. I’m sure Ghost Rider will be PG-13.


  13. thanks vic!

  14. hey i got an electronic spiderman green goblin glider it is realy cool,any way have you heard spiderman 3 is comin out at may 2007

  15. what is a electronic spiderman green goblin glider? and i have heard that spider man 3 is coming on may 2007

  16. and my real name is richards. not tim. i just liked to use another name