Spiderman 3 villain slip of the lip?

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venom Spiderman 3 villain slip of the lip?Ok, so you already know that Thomas Hayden Church has been cast as a villain in Spiderman 3… but which villain? Now that is the question.

The following may be either an “oops” moment during an interview, or just misdirection, but the thing is that it actually makes sense.

Tim Phoenix is a special effects guy who did work on Spiderman 2, and is currently working on Where the Wild Things Are, and the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. During an interview with a local paper in which he talked about how fortunate he feels with all the big projects he’s been fortunate to be involved in he apparently let slip that he was working on conceptual designs for the upcoming Spidey flick.

What designs?

Man-Wolf and Venom.

Now here’s the thing… the previous two films have featured (thankfully!) just one villain each, so two villains would not seem to fit the mold of the first two films. However… Venom is a completely logical choice for a villain in this third film. Fans have been clamoring for it and personally, I think it would rock.

For now file this as “65% internet rumour”, but man, it sounds good, don’t it?

Source: Press Sun & Bulletin

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  1. We could also be looking at a third villain, since the second film made it clear that the Green Goblin legacy was going to continue.


  2. Yeah, they did leave it open for Hobgoblin, but I’m hoping they leave that one be… maybe for a fourth film. I’d love to see a well done Venom as the villain.

    Of course he is one creepy looking dude, so it would be a high wire act to keep it PG-13 while still making the character scary and effective.



  4. Jeff, it seems that particular rumour is probably been quashed. If you look at the Related Posts above you’ll see a, uh, related post. :P


  5. Peter,

    Where are you getting your information? It’s been pretty well established that Church is in fact playing The Sandman and not Venom.


  6. By the way my name is luke. Not ritch. i just felt like putting in a different name. :D

  7. Quite an in-depth analysis you’ve got there… whether it turns out to be correct is another matter. :D


  8. thanks vic :-) sooo does anybody else like my analysis? just wundering

  9. Luke, as you’ve probably heard the latest rumour is that Venom will be in the movie along with Electro and either the Hobgoblin or Green Goblin (I forget which).

    Unfortunately there’s been no confirmation so it’s all speculation.

    I have heard that Raimi prefers the classic villains and that Venom will probably not be in the film… but who knows?


  10. well ya i suess ur rite.. well find out who the villians actually are pretty soon but i really hope that venom is in it


  11. You guys know how Venom always sticks his tongue out, swings it around in the air with alien saliva flying everywhere, right? Well, if Venom were small, happy, and yellow, this is what he’d look like:

  12. OK????

  13. I just found out 2 days ago that topher grace will be venom and thomas haden church will be sandman! it said on the news and they were having an interview with kirsten dunst and she said “maybe i shouldnt of said that” this is cool and it is not a rumor :D :wink:


  14. Yeah, that’s the most concrete evidence I’ve heard so far.


  15. i wonder how they r gonna make the movie…it will possibly be 3 hours long cuz they havta hav the origin of eddie brock/venom and sandman and all the fighting and wut happens at the end n stuff

  16. Luke, good point. Raimi certainly hasn’t skimped on character origin in the past so it seems like a lot to cram two villains into the film and do them justice. (no pun) :P


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  18. Sorry, dude… I know NOTHING about that kind of stuff. :shock:


  19. Now Vic, just because you actually have a life doesn’t mean you should flaunt it, okay? :P


  20. easy people it was just a question

  21. Albert,

    I hope you didn’t take offense at my post. I just honestly don’t know anything about the vid game side of things.


  22. Gustav,

    Really, you’re talking apples and oranges. If you want to put them on a level playing field, there’s no question whatsoever that “The Godfather” blows away Spidey. :-)


  23. oh dont worry I didnt it’s ok vic

  24. Hey everybody, this is Bryce Dallas Howard and I will be cast as Gwen Stacey in Spiderman 3. I enjoy surfing the net and I saw this site and it seems to me like all of you are really into spiderman 3 so if you have any questions, just ask me. :wink:

  25. Bryce,

    Give a link to a blog that belongs to you and verifies your email address. Pardon my skepticism, but hey, you know how it is.

    Besides, you “will” be cast as Gwen Stacey? Shouldn’t that be you are currently playing her since the film is in production? 8)


  26. I do not have any blogs. I do nor want to give out my email address. I meant that i am currently playing her… HA HA JUST KIDDING THIS WAS GUSTAV ALL ALONG! JUST WANTED TO SEE IF ANYONE WOULD FALL FOR IT HAHAHA :twisted: