SR Geek Picks: ‘Spider-Man 2′ vs ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′, Netflix Problems & More

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Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find Everything Wrong with The Amazing Spider-Man 2Star Wars in Minecraft; 15 things every Netflix fanatic has to deal with; Walking Dead Wine; and what Monster’s Inc. would look like if it was directed by Ridley Scott. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

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15 things every Netflix fanatic has to deal with

15 things every Netflix fanatic has to deal with 570x320 SR Geek Picks: Spider Man 2 vs Amazing Spider Man 2, Netflix Problems & More


Game of Thrones – 60′s/Saul Bass style title sequence


Everything Wrong with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 13 Minutes or Less

Two web-slingers do action this week as Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 defends itself against Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man 2. Schmoes Know co-host Mark Ellis swings by to fight on another Movie Feuds!



James Gunn – Dragon Con 2014 [dragoncontv]

We take it to the deepest level of Homemade movies when we re-created the Inception trailer with NO VFX, NO GREENSCREEN – just a camera and hand-made sets.

Watch the side-by-side comparison with the original.

Watch the behind-the-scenes.


Top 10 Sony Playstation Mascots

These characters helped to cement Sony’s status as a gaming giant. Join as they countdown their picks for the Top 10 Sony Playstation Mascots.


Star Wars in Minecraft

We are playing another custom map. This time it is Star Wars themed. Watch us battle it out with the overwhelming Empire horde of Storm Troopers.


Walking Dead Wine

The Official Wine of the Zombie Apocalypse.


That’s all for today, folks! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more movie-related geekery.

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  1. Wow! What is Screen Rant’s issue with TASM2? Seriously, you guys seem to have an obsession with this movie…

    • There is not wrong with TASM2 movie itself. It’s not perfect but what is, apart from GOTG :-) But having to suffer through this superfluous rebooted version of Spider-Man is what’s wrong with TASM and TASM2 and that’s also what will be wrong with TASM3 and Sinister Six… All of these movies suffer one pivotal problem. They shouldn’t even exist. The fact they do exist renders the original SM trilogy pointless…

      This is not like 007, rebooted after four decades, or Batman, where the original movie series was damaged beyond repair…or even Star Trek, where it’s technically not even a reboot but an alternate reality derivative of the old franchise… Spider-Man and TASM are just two versions of the same character, sitting there in alternate universes, both being pointless and dull because they coexist.

      That’s THE ONLY reason B.O. numbers have been going downhill after the reboot domestically, while all other comic book properties are going strong…People just don’t want to be deprived of their original trilogy they had flocked to see only 10 years before.

      I hope they finally come to their senses and do SM 4 after all… yeah, it would be stretch, but even the worst movie called SM 4 would be better than any further deviation in TASM 3… They should do SM4, reusing the Lizard and Electro, joining forces against Tobey Maguire. They can reuse SFX footage from the Apocryphs if they have to cut back on budget.

      But HEAL THAT RIFT! Create a universe again and abandone that multiverse!

      • I loved the first two SMT movies, but SM3 KILLED it for me. I can’t see a way that they could have made a fourth movie without choosing to completely act as if the events of the third film never happened. It was absolutely atrocious! I was 11 when I watched it in theaters and I remember cringing for most of the movie. I do admit that I was skeptical of the reboot since it was done so soon after. However, I loved TASM and TASM2 and think of them as fondly as I do SM & SM2; I don’t think that renders the first two films of the SMT pointless though.

        • That’s just my opinion though…

      • The Spiderman movies all pretty much tell the same story over and over again.

    • @Teo

      I love how you are attributing videos made by other people around the internet to US hating on ASM2.

      If you have “ASM2 is great” videos, submit them. Top of the article tells you where. I promise if they’re not bad quality (some dude in his basement on a web cam = no-go), they will be posted.

      It’s not a conspiracy: it’s just that a lot of people clearly think that ASM2 isn’t very good.

  2. I think Spiderman 2 is better as far as the storytelling goes but TASM 2 has a better cast as in Peter Parker/Spiderman. If they had the visuals and Garfield as PP/Spiderman in Spiderman 2 then it would have been perfect for me. Overall, Spiderman 2 has a little bit of an edge over TASM 2 IMO

  3. Aside from better effects and action, ASM 2 has absolutely nothing on Spider-Man 2. The Amazing Spider-Man movies may be more in line with the comics but Spider-Man 1 & 2 are much better made films by far.

  4. Here’s some data on the two Spider-man 2 films. Although I enjoyed both films, the 2004 spidey flick seems to be the clear winner in terms of critical reception, audience reception, and box office grosses.

    Spider-man 2 (2004)
    94% on RottenTomatoes (81% audience rating)
    83 metascore on metacritic 7.8/10 user score
    7.4/10 on IMDB
    Domestic total gross $373,585,825
    Domestic gross adjusted for inflation $490,293,800
    worldwide $783,766,341 adjusting for inflation would be at least $100M more than that

    The Amazing Spider-man 2 (2014)
    53% on RottenTomatoes (69% audience rating)
    53 metascore on metacritic 7/10 user score
    7.1/10 on IMDB
    Domestic total gross $202,853,933
    worldwide $708,294,944

  5. Tasm2… Worst summer movie since batman and robin…

    • That is your opinion and I respect that, but that is a little drastic, isn’t it? I think it’s fair to compare Spider-Man 3 to Batman & Robin, but I fail to see how anyone could think TASM2 was nearly as bad as those two crapfests….

      • Actually, to be fair, if I were to do a similar analysis of TASM2 and Spider-man3 like I did up top, Spidey3 would win a lot of the categories.

        Let’s be clear though, I hated Spidey3. It RUINED my favorite movie franchise.

    • I would watch Batman and Robin again. I would not sit through TASM2

      What a dog of a plot. Someone going after someone else to get their super blood. Lets hope Orci does not squeeze that into a Star Trek film

  6. TASM is the much better franchise. And you know it is because of the answer to this one simple question: which version of Spider-Man would you rather be? Would you rather be the one who cries a lot and quits being Spider-Man because it’s “too hard”, or the one who actually invents his own web-shooters, tells Real jokes, and quits Temporarily because he was in mourning over his girlfriend?

    • If you want to see a real comparison between the two franchises, then watch the Nostalgia Critic’s Old vs. New review.

      • Actually I think my comparison is pretty dang good haha.. But your argument ain’t bad either.

        In Tobey’s defense his portrayal of Spidey wasn’t wimpery crying the whole time. Have you seen Spidey1 or 2 recently? If you’re talking Spidey3 then all bets are off cuz that movie was an unequivocal disaster. But Peter Parker in Spider-man 2 was an amazing (ha! didn’t even use that adjective on purpose) character. I found him to be very relatable.

        On the other hand I do really like Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Spider-man so I can absolutely see where you’re coming from. I just don’t buy him as Peter Parker.

        • Maguire was an okay-to-good version of Spider-Man whereas I really don’t like Garfield. He reminds me of a painfully arrogant, super-self-esteemed high school student who is very popular with girls and thinks he’s the king of the schoolyard while being the greatest joke with school stuff. Maguire was a geeky nerd, someone you would meet at comic cons, but I liked him.

          But the actors aren’t the issue. The all-too-early reboot is! People might still argue who’s the best original Bond… Connery, Moore or Brosnan, but at least the first 20 Bond movies are ONE GIANT MOVIE SERIES! Yeah, they rebooted 007 for movie 21, but that was 43 years after the first movie came out… They rebooted Spider-Man after TEN YEARS and three movies and that is an unforgivable crime… replacing the actor or director isn’t but the reboot aspect destroyed BOTH movie series. There is no way to like any future cinematic outing of that character for they have already wasted any opportunity to form ONE GREAT MOVIE SERIES FOR GOOD! They’d do a third reboot instead…

          • P.S: They ONLY feasable way to bridge that rift would be to do a Spider-Men movie reuniting both version of Spider-Man through an inter-dimensional crossover. That would be the ONE AND ONLY way to reignite my interest in this character cinematically.

    • “TASM is the much better franchise.”

      See, there we go…we shouldn’t even be having two Spider-Man FRANCHISES! It’s one character, one franchise…full-stop. By creating that rift, Sony has destroyed the character on the big screen. You can have various “versions” of characters consequently within the same franchise or you can restart a franchise after 40 years, but creating two franchises from one and the same character equals annhiliating BOTH. TASM is a still-born abomination and it isn’t even Garfield’s fault. I don’t like him, but I could live with him, in SM 4, 5 and 6! But I wouldn’t want to see anyone in this TASM BS…

      I know, comic geeks will say I’m overreacting for reboots are common with comic book series… Point taken…In printed form, with hundreds of MONTHLY issues, rebooting a series MAY make sense, but after three movies???

      • Agreed

    • I don’t see myself being an arrogant, irresponsible smarty pants high school hipster either.

    • TASM much better? ROFL times 10. Either you have terrible taste or sir put the crack pipe down. I repeat put it down & maybe go see a doctor.

  7. There have only been two decent spiderman movies so far. Toby McGuires first two outings.

    The rest have all had promise but all let down by poor and over stuffed story.

    The Amazing Spiderman 2 was crap. I really want to see Garfield get a good Spiderman movie but the first two offerings dropped the ball.

    • Yeah, I think they have the right casting in Garfield and they got Stone right as well but the issue is the storytelling. The storytelling is just bland with TASM franchise. If I was a teen then the visuals and action would be all I really care about but as I got older I wanted real deep, well written stories. Spiderman 1 & 2, for all its visual issues and its choice in casting did get the storytelling right and that’s why it was very well received. A really good story can cover the fact that mistakes were made in who was casted to play what character but if the story is bland then no matter how good the casting is or how they portray a character it still turns out to be an average movie. Nolan is the best when it comes to this scenario. It’s not a secret that Nolan leaves more plot holes in his movies than Swiss cheese but his way of telling the story makes people forget about them. People enjoy the story because the way it’s written makes people more engaged in the movie. Marc Webb needs to either work on this or get better writers

  8. SM2 vs ASM2 is a discussion we shouldn’t even be having in the first place! I wish there was no ASM movie series going on but SM 4, 5 etc… That’s where the problem is, not the actual quality of both films. I’m not an uberfan of any of Raimi’s SM movies but throwing them out like used tissue paper to make space for a basically similar version with minor differences is so disrespectful it hurts.

    Now Batman NEEDED a reboot after B&R, and the TDK trilogy really is so totally different from the four “originals” it was justifiable to start anew. But ASM just tried to jump that reboot bandwagon without any real necessity and that’s still so infuriating I certainly won’t get over it any time soon. It’s the singlemost worst decision in the history of comic book movies and not even the best third ASK movie imaginable would change that.

    Quality-wise, both series have their great moments and not so grand ones. But the rift between them is what renders both trilogies pointless. There are two Spider-Men for absolutely no reason. We could have had just another actor / director taking over the series and preceeded right after SM3, but no, they had to start over, killing the original trilogy and replacing it by an even less complete version of the SM story.

    Two or three movies can’t tell Spider-Man’s story, any Spider-Man there is. You need at least 10-12 movies to cover all important villains and storylines there are, and even that would be highly selective. But starting anew right after the first trilogy took off… nope, they killed the freakin’ franchise that way and looking at this year’s BO numbers, it’s not going anywhere but down, down, down… MCU, DCU and X-Men are just too powerful for this inferior Spider-Boy to stand a chance. If they go through with that lame Sinister Six idea, they’ll end up out of business, south of 100 million domestically…but wasting six great villains in one silly blaze…

    It’s so sad it hurts… Spider-Man used to be the king of the genre… now he is its greatest joke… a bad pun such as Marc Webb’s name…

  9. I wish Sony would bring back The original Tobey (Spiderman)like the comics and have both versions young and older Spidey to please fans!

  10. Screen Rant’s incessant hate-fest with TASM2 has crossed over into the boundaries of officially being psychotically obsessive.
    Especially when they have such other more deserving crappy movies out there like Man Of Steel they should be raking over the coals.
    It’s not enough always reading comments around here from all of the ‘PC’ stooges (the by-products of their generations environment) constantly whining their indoctrinated, bigoted shtick about “diversity” & getting their ovaries in a bunch about how the majority of superheros are all a bunch of “white dudes”.
    When did comics become about this political correctness crap riddled with white guilt?
    This $hit has gone way beyond ridiculous.

    • While I disagree with your opinion of Man of Steel, I do agree that Screen Rant seems to love going out of their way to bash TASM2. It’s getting ridiculous, to be honest.

      • Man of Steel & TASM 2 are both terrible. Which one is worse hard to say. Man of Steel showed a director & writer who clearly do not understand the character. Basically it was a Dragong Ball Z movie that wasn’t much better than the Dragon Ball live action film. TASM 2 was just bad. I thought the first ASM was super pointless & brought nothing new. Would have rather seen Dylan Baker as the Lizard & not an Uncle Ben retread. Sony has done a terrible job & like most have said a reboot was not needed.

    • @Chad

      You do know we gave the movie 3.5 stars out of 5 in our official review, right? —

      And that we’re clearly not the only people with criticisms of the film, right?

  11. Everyone knows TASM2 is s***…

    • No, everyone has their own opinion. For example, I adore TASM2. By no means do I think it is superior to SM2, but I did find it nearly, if not equally, as enjoyable.

  12. The word “Grooting” should be included in the dictionary.
    I hope it goes viral. Like last year’s “Gangnam Style”

    • Really?

      • Yes really

  13. One of the big criteria I judge super hero movies on is the strength of the villain. IMO Alfred Molina as Doc Oc was the best villain in ANY of the Spiderman movies. So SM2 gets my vote.

  14. TASM hate is justified… Sony promised “a whole new Spider-Man story” and proceeded to do the same crap but with less depth and direction… Let’s be serious, the only reason they did TASM was so that they wouldn’t lose the rights to Spiderman… Tobey Maguire was the better Peter/Spidey because he could actually act while Andrew Garfield is Edward Cullen with jokes…

  15. TASM2 was magnificent in every sense of the word.Just loved this movie,even the music was great to hear.TASM2 is way better than Spider-Man 2 look at how Electro was transformed and the way he looked was spectacular.Electro made Doc Ock look like a little grade school kid and that’s REAL TALK.Great job Marc Webb directing this awesome movie,the blu-ray I own will be treasured for years to come.TASM1 wasn’t better than TASM2,who says sequels can’t beat the original movie,that’s not true at all,look at Bad Boys 2 way better than Bad Boys.This movie is really great,looking forward to number 3.GREAT MOVIE.