‘Sinister Six’ Line-up Will Feature ‘Best Six You Can Imagine’

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spiderman villains Sinister Six Line up Will Feature Best Six You Can Imagine

Now that Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier is out (and shaking up things on the studio’s small-screen counterpart, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), comic book fans are gearing up for the much-discussed sequel to Sony’s side of the Marvel universe with The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Much has been said about how the film will serve as the launching point for an interconnected landscape of Spidey sequels, spin-offs and team-ups – just as Fox and Warner Bros. intend on expanding their superhero franchises with X-Men: Days of Future Past and Batman vs. Superman, respectively. Sony has already announced a 2016 release for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and two subsequent villain-focused projects in Sinister Six and Venom. Now, courtesy of producer Matt Tolmach, fans have a bit more insight into which villains they can expect to see in the Sinister Six film.

Tolmach recently spoke with IGN about the epic villain team the film would feature, more specifically and the titular line-up. Here’s what he had to say:

“Nothing is sacred. I mean it’s going to be the best Six that you can imagine, but it’s going to make sense in the world that we’re building.”

For the purposes of this take on the Spider-Man mythos, this likely means that most of the featured villains will originated from Oscorp. We already know that the genetic research at the company was responsible for the Lizard’s transformation in the first film and, based on what we’ve heard, appears to be at the Electro, Rhino and (of course) Harry Osborn’s Green Goblin. That’s a total of four potential additions to the Sinister Six team, not counting the brief references to Doctor Octopus and Vulture that are featured in the trailer.

Amazing Spider Man 2 Doc Ock Vulture 570x313 Sinister Six Line up Will Feature Best Six You Can Imagine


However, despite those teases, fans may not end up with the classic line-up of Doc Ock, Electro, Vulture, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio and Sandman. After all, countless Spider-Man villains have been a part of the team over the years, begging the question of how director Drew Goddard will adapt decades of Sinister Six comic book material to the big screen. Amazing Spider-Man co-producer Avi Arad talked about exactly that:

“When you translate comic to film the word ‘classic’ means the first fifty issues. Because after that, we all made changes, changes that had to do with science-fiction turning into science. I think just the need to move this world forward. So, of course we’ll make adaptations about these guys and what was their motivations because many of them have multiple motivations. It depends, is it ultimate Spider-Man? Is it Spider-Man? Is it some three-piece issue that takes them to space? We have a bigger responsibility to represent the character of the villain as it was conceived, because that way it will survive the test of time. All the rest… that’s a movie. What an opportunity to make– can you imagine seeing Paul Giamatti in a leather suit? I think they would have killed us. They gave us a hard time with the Lizard.”

Arad – who has served as producer on countless Marvel films, including the Spider-Man franchise’s Tobey Maguire days – makes an excellent point. Regardless of what fans think of Foxx’s blue-skinned Electro, the character’s initial green-and-yellow costume would surely look ludicrous onscreen. Sony has to be smart to adapt these characters for the medium of film, naturally, but it also has to account for its future plans. That being said, it’s likely that Sinister Six will feature a careful selection of villains that have played into all the films, though the smart money is on The Amazing Spider-Man 3 introducing Venom to the fold.

amazing spider man venom avengers Sinister Six Line up Will Feature Best Six You Can Imagine

Sony already plans to follow this third film with both Sinister Six and a standalone Venom film before launching a potential fourth Spider-Man solo film. It makes sense then to introduce Venom in this third film (perhaps alongside a classic villain like Doc Ock) before having him join his fellow villains against Spider-Man. We’ve already heard about how the Sinister Six film will be a tale about redemption. Conceivably, this entire three-film arc could center on Venom (whom Sony already botched in Spider-Man 3 back in 2007, to much fan fury), wherein he clashes with Spider-Man, joins a team of villains against him and then develops into something of an anti-hero. Rumors that the Venom film could heavily feature Carnage seem to support this.

Of course, this is all purely speculation at this point. However, it does make sense as far as what fans are looking for from this new set of films (i.e. including fan-favorite characters in pivotal roles) and fleshing Sony’s Spider-Man universe into a richer environment for Marvel characters to run amok. Tolmach and Arad’s comments are certainly encouraging about the future of the franchise, though we’ll have to wait and see how The Amazing Spider-Man 2 plays out to have a better idea where this is all headed. Stay tuned, true believers.

Which of Spidey’s many enemies would you like to see factor into Sinister Six, and how should the studio go about introducing these characters into the existing films? Let us know in the comments section below.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters on May 2, 2014, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 10th, 2016 and then another undetermined Spider-Man project (potentially Sinister Six) on May 4th, 2018.

Source: IGN

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  1. “Regardless of what fans think of Foxx’s blue-skinned Electro, the character’s initial green-and-yellow costume would surely look ludicrous onscreen.”

    Shouldn’t you guys refrain from posting opinions on your articles? I mean that’s not journalism at all, it’s like you’re already attacking somebody who has a different opinion before they even have their say. Every single article I read here tends to defend every decision in every movie by every studio, which gets on my nerve. Nobody can make mistakes?? Really??

    For example, they could have redesigned it and removed the headpiece. Look at Marvel, they make stuff like Captain America and Thor work fine. I’m not complaining much because it’s obvious this universe draws more from the Ultimate universe, in which case he looks exactly as in the comics. Actually, you should have said that in the first place…

    • He calls out Sony for botching Venom in the next paragraph. Read the article before you decide you know what everyone who writes for the site thinks.

      • Also, this site is *not* journalism… this is an editorial site.

        It’s sort of in the title… Screen RANT
        Not Screenaccuratereportingandthatsall

        • @John,

          While I agree that this is screen rant, a site to rant about movie and comic news…

          I have to correct you and add that an editorial is technically a part of journalism…

          • Technically yes, but there’s no need to play the smart-@$$. Obviously what BOTH John and Sizednochi meant by “journalism” was reporting, which should be unbiased, while editorials are opinion journalism.

    • I’ve noticed they tend to side more with the studios as well, and I think that has to do with getting interviews and maybe some other perks. No studio exec is gonna want to talk to someone from a site that continuoisly bashes them for this, that, or the other thing. That being said, just because a journalist puts opinion in their article doesn’t mean it isn’t journalism. Writing a movie review, for example, is journalism and also entirely opinion. I understand your frustration because I’m also a fan and would like to see more of the “original” stories brought to the screen instead of every director’s own version of characters, but, as Arad said, science fiction has turned into science and some things have to change. Sometimes some things require an explanation, a better explanation, or must be changed entirely. You bring up valid points about Cap and Thor, though I would argue that Thor has been reduced to an alien instead of being supernatural. In my opinion, there is too big a push nowadays in film to “ground” things in science and call anything that was once magic “science we don’t understand.” I fear for Doctor Strange.

      • The site gets plenty critical. Go read a review of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

        They aren’t “siding with the studios.” They just aren’t jumping to negative conclusions. They are giving the studio the benefit of the doubt until there’s enough information to lean one way or the other.

        As far as Electro’s costume goes, it’s not very common that the “original costumes” properly translate into movie form well. I’d say–more often than not–re-imagined costumes usually look better in the movie final products.

        Also, who’s to say they didn’t do concept art or dress Jamie Foxx up in a green and yellow suit? These things are usually examined behind the scenes and evaluated prior to a final decision being made.

        It’s not like Hollywood is full of people making uninformed snap judgement (at least not all the time…)

        • I did say they tend to, not that they do all the time. I also followed that up by defending the inclusion of opinion in an article such as this.

          I also didn’t say anything about original costumes so I’m not sure why that was in quotes. I said I’d like to see some more original stories. As an example, I’m hoping WB/DC stays true to the original Wonder Woman origin and have Steve Trevor crash on her island at some point.

          And nobody said they didn’t do concept art for that kind of costume. Again, no complaints from my end about his costume. If you had read my comment in its entirety, I actually agreed with Avi Arad about necessary changes, and that includes the costume.

          Hollywood is full of people making decisions based on money and their own visions, but mostly money. Someone may want to do something the fans would like, but if execs don’t think it’ll sell, it’ll most likely get denied. I wouldn’t say their uninformed, just single-minded.

          • Sorry, not targeting you directly, just contributing to the conversation about Screen Rant tending to “side with the studios” as a whole. Mostly responding to @Sizednochi.

            The quotations around “original costume” is because even the comics often have costume variations, so the idea of one of them being “original” is not as static as some people treat it.

            • That’s fine and I don’t get offended by things written in comment sections anyway. Just wanted to make sure I had expressed my opinion clearly.

              While it’s undeniable that there are dozens of different costumes for every character, I’d say that when people use the term “origina”l they typically mean the one most often featured in the comics. Batman originally wore purple gloves but I don’t think that anyone nowadays is referring to that particular getup when they say original. It probably varies with age, but I’d venture a guess that most people would use “original” to describe Batman’s blue/grey or black/grey costumes, in any of their variations. I think if they had made Electro’s costume sort of dark green metalic with gold trimming or something and used the blue skin from the Ultimate version, they could have satisfied both camps. To be fair, Electro doesn’t wear any clothing at all in the Ultimate version. I think he has a black jumpsuit sometimes but mostly he’s just sporting the Dr. Manhattan look. Which, come to think of it, could have provided Spidey with a lot of quips. Lots of, “someone stole his pants” jokes.

      • I have to partly disagree with you about Thor. He’s certainly not reduced to a mere alien. With Valhalla, Marvel have introduced the concept of a multiverse to the MCU. Granted, it’s a concept theorized by scientists like Stephen Hawking but as of now, it remains a prospective theory that could very well be proven wrong in the future. Also, if you think about it, what are gods if not beings from a different plane of existence (aka another dimension)? The christian Heaven and Hell, the norse Nine Realms or the various planes of greek mythology are all multiverses. Gods and multiverses definitely have more to do with fantasy than actual science, even if real-life scientists are speculating about them or Marvel tries to ground them with their “science we don’t understand” bit.

    • This isn’t just a news site. It’s editorialized journalism meant to analyze and incite conversation.

      And nothing wrong with attempting to rationalize studio logic. Everyone else on the ‘net is usually s**ting all over their decisions, so having an opposing one with evidence can’t hurt.

    • It’s not necessarily even their own opinion; its the popular opinion that means they have their pulse on the finger of the social masses. I might even make up a new term (if it hasn’t been made up already) and call it social journalism.

    • I agree with the Electro comment for multiple reasons: he wasn’t really a popular character like Venom, Carnage, or even The Lizard – I mean The Shocker would’ve been more popular with long time fanboys – so the change is okay and to me it doesn’t disturb old school fans, and it definitely looks better than a yellow lightning bolt clad super villain.

    • @Sizednochi – We’re an editorial news site – which means there will be opinion inserted during an article. You’re welcome to disagree with us though.

      Paul Young

    • You must be new here. This is Screen Rant!

    • Lol. This is normal. They inject and attack tv shows and movies alike, sometimes more than a crazed fan would. If you’re expecting unbiased reviews or opinions on SR you’re on the wrong website. Sometimes, for the fun of it, they created headlines and articles just to stirred flame wars.

      I’m with you regarding studios making characters possible. Sure it was corny back then when they tried to do Cap and others but now we have the technology and expertise (a few anyways) to properly create them onscreen. Cap and superman should be a prime example NOT to be making such an asinine comment about the green-yellow costume 😛

    • mmmm thats it sony squeeze the money out,squeeze

  2. Some random thoughts:
    I would like to see Mysterio and Scorpion at some point. In Sinister Six?
    Redemption: In Spidey #3, Sandman seems o be less than totally evil at the end. he is powerful enough to give the other villains a bit of a run for their money if they ended up scrapping among themselves.
    If the Sin-6 are going to be fighting Spidey, Spidey needs help, and more than just, say, Black Cat. Who else could he get, thinking about the restrictions of which sudios can use which characters? Maybe Spidey’s studio could “rent” the rights for someone from Marvel, like Moon Knight or somebody? The only way Spidey can lick 6 villains at once, when one or two are almost more in the other movies than he can handle, is if someone like Venom is in the flick, but turns on the other villains to give Spidey some high-power help.
    Still don’t think a venom movie could work without Spidey (unless Venom and Carnage duke it out, and still not sure about this, although of course I would watch it. Ditto Sinister Six, with no good guys to fight? Again, unless they had a free-for-all against each other. Interested to see where these go, but they make me nervous…don’t want to see them fail if they try to make these).

    • Maybe the Lizard could help him out.

      • I’d love to see the pair of Harry Osborn and Peter Parker once more…

        However, this time Harry Osborn in his new updated green goblin suit

        I’d want:
        -Black Cat
        -Green Goblin (Harry)

        -Dock Ock
        -Green Goblin (Norman)

    • I would love to see the Scorpion. He was cool in the comics but was an awesome boss in the arcade game.

    • Considering this new batch of films is actually more Ultimate than Amazing despite the title, Venom will probably have a different origin than what was butchered in SM3. We may not even see Eddie Brock in this version. It is likely that Venom’s gonna be engineered by Oscorp from a sample of Spidey’s blood (remember the very telling camera lingering on that blood drop in TASM1?) For what it’s worth, they very well could directly go straight to the black ops suit and discard the whole Spidey-hating Venom storyline (or save it for later once the suit’s conscience manages to overcome its owner’s). If you remember correctly, a while ago there was speculation on this site about a Venom film and the possibility that it could be about the black ops version of the character. And now we’re hearing that a Venom movie is indeed gonna happen, so…

      Maybe the story could unfold like this: In the Venom spinoff, Oscorp makes the Venom suit for the military. The guy using it (not necessarily Flash) is a good natured man who decides to moonlight and do some vigilante work off the clock. Spidey doesn’t even have to cameo in this film because Venom would be the hero. Naturally, in the Sinister Six movie, he teams up with Spidey and Black Cat to defeat them. But then something happens, I don’t know, maybe Venom somehow comes into contact with and analyzes Peter’s body, and realizes that he’s actually part of him. Then in TASM4, he would want some answers and things could go downhill from here, with a full-blown Venom finally breaking free and becoming the nemesis we all know and love.

  3. I think that’s a wise decision. The ideal lineup would be Morbius, maybe Hydro Man, Scorpion, Hobgoblin, Elektro and Doctor Octopus.

    Then you have a mix of all of Spiderman’s worse foes and villains, who really could take him out or who could take out Venom. Swap Venom in since he’s part of the six at first and you got a movie. Swap Carnage into the mix, and you got a thriller.

    • Swap out the Hobgob for Kraven the Hunter or Shocker and now we’re talking.

      • Agree.

        ALthough it would be great to see Mysterio somewhere in a spiderman movie. Even for a brief bit as a comedic relief villain…

      • Imagine David Bautista as Shocker (I know I know. He’s already in the Marvel universe (general Marvel comics film universe) and Dominic West as Kraven the Hunter.

        • I was hoping for Gerard Butler or Karl Urban as Kraven.

      • Uh, not Shocker, no, he’s a joke! Spidey always defeats him in a blink without even thinking about it. Also, he would be rather redundant with Electro. Kraven, on the other hand… he IS dangerous and I’d like to see the original line-up of the 6, including Mysterio.

  4. Well it’s not like Batroc was wearing bright purple & yellow in CA:TWS.

    • Watch it again. It may not have been bright, and there was no mask, but he had the purple shirt with the yellow stripe down the center, just like in the comic.

      • Not familiar with sarcasm, are you?

  5. If they say it’s the best six you can imagine, I’ll go ahead and speculate for a minute.
    Doc Ock, Green Goblin, and Venom. They are his 3 biggest and most well known bad guys (like Joker, Riddler, and Two-Face for Batman) and they will be needed to headline a Sinister Six movie. I also think introducing Venom in ASM 3 makes a lot of sense before he gets his own movie. Rhino has to be on the team, no way they’re only gonna use the character for 5 minutes. I would say Mysterio factors into the whole top 6 idea. I’d give the final spot to Kraven, just because we’ve been through five spidey movies and I’d rather not see a repeat like Lizard or Electro who have already been brought in. Having said that, Lizard and Electro make more sense because they won’t require origins in ASM 3. So I would say the final team will be Green Goblin, Rhino, Vulture (only cause of the wings), Doc Ock, Venom, and Lizard or Electro.

    • They already said those are red herrings, and not to infer anything in the plot by the Vulture or Rhino cameos. It could be anyone in other words. The Vulture isn’t a fan favorite at all and the Rhino really was botched.

      • Didn’t say they were “red herrings”, he said “despite those teases, fans may not end up with the classic line-up”. In other words, we don’t know, LOL!

        • @SpiderSense @RandomB5 Interesting, If I had it my way it’d be Venom, Ock, Goblin, Mysterio, Kraven, and probably Vulture. Only throwing in Vulture for the sake of showing us a new villain as opposed to bringing back someone we’ve seen before who isn’t essential

      • Rhino in the comics was botched? Or did you mean in the film? Because if you meant in the film then they said before he’d have several upgrades to his mech and that his 4 minute cameo in ASM2 would be expanded to a bigger role in a future sequel.

        There’s no way he could be a major solo villain so Sinister Six it is.

  6. The three film Venom arc sounds pretty epic. Introduce him as a villain in Spiderman 3, redeem him and make him the “enemy” aka hero, halfway through the Sinister Six movie. Create Carnage at the end of Sinister Six to take Venom’s spot, and send him on a rampage after Venom in the Venom movie, then Amazing Spiderman 4 is Venom+Spiderman vs Carnage + Sinister Six.

    • This guy

  7. What they should do is set up the Sinister 6 movie with 6 unique villains NOT INCLUDING GREEN GOBLIN. In Spiderman 3, Green Goblin (Norman) employs the Sinister 6 to do his dirty work to take Spidey down in Spider-man 3. However, the Sin 6 fail so Goblin goes after Gwen leading to the death of Gwen at the end of the movie.

    Spidey’s Allies should be
    Venom (villain at first)

    Sinister 6 should be
    Doc Ock

  8. Don’t we pretty much already know the lineup? Electro and a goblin of sorts are shoe ins and as much as they may like to spin it Doc Oc and Vulture are probably going to happen. The Rhino in 2 is obviously just setting up him not being crap later. The only villain so far who could be nixed is Lizard but I doubt they would have one new villain with all the alums. I honestly don’t think they’d introduce a new “villain” to star in the Sinister Six movie to begin with.

    • Lizard will probably end up featured as an anti-hero or be used to help against the fight of the Sinister 6. Connors was very protective of Parker in the comics and parker was always trying to protect Lizard when people were after him.

  9. Honestly, I’d like them to do something like the Secret Wars season of the Spider-Man TV show where the Beyonder has him form a Marvel hero team at the end. That would be an awesome crossover where they don’t threaten any existing universes because it’s all inter-dimensional.

  10. Shocker > Electro on almost every level as a villain. Don’t count out Chameleon, either.

    Also, a rubber mask wearing, psychotic but brilliant version of The Green Goblin is absolutely needed. A super powered version of Joker who is a sociopath that has the opposie look of the generic technogarbage look of all the Oscorp “futuretech” that is woefully underwhelming in the trailers…glider, Vulture Wings, Ocks Arms…etc.

  11. My ideal “Sinister Six”:

    Doctor Octopus: Genius/ Reach and Mobility
    Vulture: Flight
    Rhino: Powerhouse Strength
    Mysterio: Psychological Warfare
    Kraven: Tracking and Hunting Skills
    Venom: Viscous Wild Card/ An even more powerful Doppelganger of the target (Spidey)

    This gives you the perfect team as far as different, yet essential skills to beat the Spider.

    Here’s why:
    First, the way to make this team work is to introduce and build a few members in previous films while introducing a couple new characters in the film itself in order to add some intrigue.
    Second, make each member actually contribute a different set of meaningful skills.
    So, with Sony already building the Rhino in “Amazing Spider-Man 2” (and also hinting at Vulture, Doc Oct, and Venom) the ground work for those characters is already laid. Why not follow that in “Amazing Spider-Man 3” by hinting at some kind of advanced camouflage/hallucination tech that eventually leads to “Mysterio”. And as for Kraven, have him be some sort of ex special forces guy turned OsCorp security expert who’s skills and dark hobbies make him an expert tracker and have a weird obsession with hunting Spider-Man.

    • I meant vicious not “viscous” (damn auto correct)but I guess in a way either word really works for Venom. Symbiote suit being sort of liquid and all.

  12. Just Spit balling here but…

    Andy Serkis for Chameleon!
    Gerard Butler or Karl Urban for Kraven
    Neil Patrick Harris for Mysterio
    Bryan Cranston for Vulture
    Oliver Platt for Doc Ock

  13. Doc Ock, Vulture, Electro. Rhino, Kraven, Mysterio.
    Venom should be the main character/protagonist antihero. Andrew Garfield isn’t going to do 6 Spidey films so replace Peter Parker with Eddie Brock for Venom and Sin6. (Introduce him in ASM3) Make Venom the lead of that trilogy.

  14. I know this sounds dumb, but I think the Man in the Shadows is Doctor Octopus. Think about it, like Nick Fury in the MCU, appearing in films to recruit The Avengers, this is the opposite. Octavius is secretly recruiting a team to take down Spider-Man. I hope the roster is Doc Ock, Rhino, Mysterio, Kraven, The Green Goblin, and Electro (if he doesn’t die in TASM2).

  15. So it’s Sinister Six movie first, then Venom movie. Awesome!

  16. who has the film rights to use kingpin?

  17. I like the idea of the 3 movie Venom arc. Honestly, I like the original Sin-6, and I would be sad if any of them were replaced. I know, nobody is exactly clamoring for Mysterio and Vulture, but just because the name is “Sinister 6″ doesnt mean that they are the only characters. I think Venom should be involved, with Green Goblin being the main antagonist. The 6 could enter semi-antihero status, and they would return in ASM4. Also, keep Spiderman out of the spinoffs. He can play a cameo in the beginning of Sin-6, but keep him entirely out of Venom. If Sony wants to prove that their movie universe can be legitimate, they need to prove that their characters work without Spiderman.

  18. I would love to see Kraven and Mysterio make it into a movie. Shocker would be cool, too. Doc Ock and a goblin of some kind are almost guaranteed. I personally never cared for Vulture and I think the Morbius idea would be awesome, but I imagine Rhino or Electro are more realistic. My favorites, though?

    Carnage/Venom (depending on the story arc)

    But that will never happen, as they need the top two villains to be involved.

  19. “Nothing is sacred. I mean it’s going to be the best Six that you can imagine, but it’s going to make sense in the world that we’re building.”

    I’m not sure that the ‘best six you can imagine’ necessarily lines up with the villains that would make sense given the world they are building, for example Mysterio would be in my best six but I don’t see quite how he would fit in the world that is being built, although things may change after TASM2 comes out and Electro’s powers fit in
    I am looking forward to seeing the Sinister Six in their movie universe

  20. I believe one or two of the villains we’re going to see or have seen (in ASM1 & ASM2) won’t be a part of the Sinister Six lineup. Meaning, Rhino, Electro, Green Goblin…one of them won’t be a part, and one of the others (Lizard) won’t be inherently ‘evil’ enough to go after Spiderman anymore.

    I’m also assuming since most of the 6 will have developed their ‘powers’ from Oscorp, it will be characters who have an augmented apparatus applied to them, meaning, we can count out Kraven, as much as we’d all like to see him.

    I expect it to be:
    Doc Ock and Vulture (obvious with the teasers)
    Shocker with some sort of tech that creates seismic waves
    Mysterio with some sort of tech that produces illusions to those in a certain proximity
    And Chameleon wearing some type of fiber which allows him to appear as anyone he wishes

    The last spot would be rounded out by either Rhino (returning stronger and upgraded), Electro (out for revenge, or maybe even the Green Goblin (Norman or Harry) or Hobgoblin, having stolen Goblin tech from Oscorp.

    This leads me to believe Venom and Carnage (having never been members of the Six lineup) will be lone wolves with personal vendettas (or Carnage without any vendetta at all, except raising pure havoc over Manhattan) against Spiderman, and Venom eventually realizing his beef with Spidey isn’t as important as stopping the Six from terrorizing the world.

  21. As much as it sucks to say you have to think these studios are out for money. They’re going to want big name villains that will draw in a large crowd and not just fanboys. I wish they would expand and bring in some classic villains like Mysterio and Chameleon but I just don’t think it will happen. I really see the sinister 6 being along the lines of Doc Ock, Goblin, Electro, Rhino, Vulture and either Venom or possibly Kraven because his story line would not take that long to develop. I think Lizard could end up making an appearance to aid spidey vs the 6. Spidey will appear in the venom movie but the camera will just be following Brocks story and not Parkers. Really hoping for a Spidey+Venom vs Carnage scenario. Someone like scorpion could appear in ASM4 if they choose to contine the series.

  22. I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to fit Mysterio into the mix. He’s my second favorite villain after Doctor Octopus (who is a given). Also I fully expect Alistair Smythe to have a big role in the creation and leading of the Six given his role in the upcoming film. My expected/preferred lineup would be:

    Dr. Octopus
    Alistair Smythe (fully mutated into the “ultimate slayer”)

    Green Goblin’s story deserves to be the focus of it’s own SM film, which I fully expect will be the case with ASM 3. He should have less of a direct impact on the Sinister Six film. Venom will have his own film before the Sinister Six one so it makes sense that he will be the “hero” of the Six film as many have speculated? That would be interesting to see. A Spider-Man film without Spider-Man…


  24. Update News!!!

    TASM 3 Villians confirmed:
    -Dock Ock
    -Green Goblin (Norman or Harry or both)
    -Mysterio (Most Likely)

    Repeat=This is confirmed from Marc Webb and the team.

    • Source?

  25. Type in SevenWebHeads and up comes a reliable channel featuring all of Marc Webb’s analysis and predictions of TASM franchise…..

    Pretty good channel since im a die-hard spidey fan

    • Thanks, gonna look into it. It’s not that I didn’t take your word for granted but… yes, it is. I like to go straight to the source and not believe every hearsay, especially on a speculative site like SR.

      • No Problem, its pretty updated and entertaining to watch.

        Hope you like it.