The ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot’s Villain is The Lizard

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spider man reboot lizard The Spider Man Reboots Villain is The Lizard

Somewhere, Dylan Baker is weeping. On Monday, Sony announced that Rhys Ifans had been cast as the villain in their Spider-Man reboot – but they decided not to reveal who exactly he’d be playing.  The temptation to sit back and watch as fans speculated over the possibilities probably proved to be too strong.

As it turns out, we didn’t have to wait that long for an answer. The Wrap has confirmed that Ifans will play Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard in director Marc Webb‘s 3D reinvention of Spider-Man. While The Lizard was mentioned as a potential adversary back in June, recent rumors suggested that Venom or Electro were candidates as well.

However, there was one particular quote from Webb that seemed to tip the scales in The Lizard’s favor:

“What sets the Spider-Man villains apart is the complexity of their relationships with Peter Parker. Rhys’ incredible ability to embody both warmth and rage makes him the ideal choice for this character.”

While I’m still excited about Ifans’ participation, I’ll admit that I have mixed feelings about this. Rumors persist that the Spider-Man reboot is actually set in college, not high school. The inclusion of Connors supports this – unless they’ve altered his origin as a college professor for the film. I’m not totally against them changing Connor’s profession (the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon revamped it while preserving Parker and Connors’ relationship), but I think I would take issue with Parker becoming Spider-Man in college rather than high school.

The other potential downside to this is that a Spider-Man vs. The Lizard story would have had so much more impact if they’d introduced the Connors character before turning him into a villain. Sam Raimi had the right idea by giving Connors a supporting role in Spider-Man 2 & 3 and leaving the door open for an appearance from The Lizard in subsequent films.

Ifans is a terrific actor and I’m optimistic about Andrew Garfield as Spidey as well, but in my opinion there’s just no way this showdown is going to have the same weight to it that a Tobey Maguire/Dylan Baker face-off would have had.

Rhys Ifans will play The Lizard in Sony's 'Spider-Man' reboot.

Also, is this not a total slap in the face to Raimi and co.? Didn’t the studio tell him he wasn’t allowed to use The Lizard in Spider-Man 4 because they wanted a villain with a human face? Seems like a really expensive and time consuming way to wind up right back where you started (if those reports were indeed true).

Here’s my biggest issue with this, though – from the beginning we’ve been promised that this reboot will be a completely different take on Spider-Man mythology and have little in common with Raimi’s films. However, a story about a guy who acts as a mentor to Peter turning into his enemy is ground that has already been well-covered in the first two Spider-Man movies. When they tried to give us another sympathetic villain with The Sandman in Spider-Man 3, it just felt like we’d already been there and done that.

At the moment, this seems less like the breaking of new ground and more like a variation on the same old theme. Hopefully, I’m wrong and they’ve got a few tricks up their sleeve that will help the new Spider-Man stand on its own. If you ask me, not enough time has passed for them to use the same template Raimi already utilized to great effect.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. The more I read about this the more it seems Sam Raimi was planning this for the long haul. Let’s hope Sony learns their lesson of less is more.

    A build up to the sinister six would be sweet. The question left on my mind is will they be collecting villains in the movies or kill them off movie by movie?
    It would be cool to see Venom established earlier but probably not this early, people still have that bad taste in their mouths from that last outing. Anyway, he needs to be a supporting character rather than just another villain.

    • I hate that they kill off the villains so quicly..

  2. Give it up Phony Sony.

    Let MARVEL STUDIOS make a real mature epic movie about Peter Parker the MAN as Spider-MAN, not this counterfeit “Ultimate” Spider-TEEN farce.

  3. First off, Tobey Mcguire sucked as Spider-Man. Too nerdy. I’m more into the witty Spider-Man that makes wisecracks about everything and pulls it off well. Despite that, I still enjoyed the first two movies. Second, this reboot still sounds lame and is going in the wrong direction. Venom and Carnage without a doubt should be the main focus of the Spider-Man movies. Venom is the most important villian in the Spider-Man universe aside from the Green Goblin. Spider-Man 3 was the biggest steaming pile of crap I’ve ever seen in my life. The last 10 minutes was the only thing remotely interesting because of venom being in it. In conclusion, it’s 2:30 AM and I’m going to bed. Looking forward to the day that movies about Deadpool, Carnage, Venom, and Spider-Man come to theaters with a well written script that has the caliber of The Dark Knight’s script.

    • Not in our lifetime…

    • @ Tim

      Well said mate. Not a lot people realize what is going on in the original mainstream and best selling flagship title “Amazing Spiderman”. Well written mature stories and sometimes with a dark realistic tinge.

      I don’t know why they are perpetuating the high school years.

      The Spiderman depicted today has been around since the mid sixties. Peter graduated high school, went to college and entered into adulthood leaving SOME, NOT ALL of those nerdy and geeky traits behind.

      It is still an integral part of his personality but nowhere near the same extent as it was in his high school days.

      I’m glad Raimi’s version came to an end. I’ll be even happier when Phony Sony hand the film rights back to their rightful owners and MARVEL STUDIOS can bring us a high caliber movie.

      • i Havent read any Spider-Man for about 5 years, but my favourite version of this character will always be the 90s animated show, thats the Peter Parker I wanted to see on screen.
        But honestly, I’m not sure what Marvel will do when they get the rights to the character back.

        • @ DrSamBeckett

          I’m really enjoying the current story arcs in “Amazing Spiderman” Issues #630 – 633 featured The Lizard in a 4 part series called “Shed”. Great read!

          Issues # 634-637 featured the return of a resurrected Kraven the Hunter in a creepy 4 part series called “Grim Hunt”. Great read!

          Joe Quesada’s “One Moment In Time” issues # 638-641 is a re-telling and explanation of why Pete & MJ were never married. Okay but not great.

          Just picked up issues # 642-644 but haven’t read them yet. :-)

          It really does annoy me that the quintessential character of Spiderman can be found right where it all began in the original flagship title. We have a mature age Peter Parker, a great cast of characters, great writing and artwork and of course Spiderman’s sense of humor and sarcastic wit.

          And yet we have to put up with sub par alternatives when it comes to the movies. Absolutely ridiculous.

          Sam, I’ve got some Spidey animated DVDs. Haven’t seen them in ages, but I seem to recall one series as more mature than the other more kiddie orientated one. Must pull them out and have another look.
          If they’re the ones you’re talking about, they were very good indeed.

          • I remember the animated show had the best version of the venom storyline I had ever seen, but they did go a bit off track with the whole Man-Spider storylines!

            With a character like Spider-Man, that jumps of the page in terms of personality, why can’t they just get a writer in who knows the character?

  4. Is this the same Kick Ass guy?

  5. I do have mixed feelings about this reboot. But for me to many things went wrong with the original. Killing of dock ock, they ruined the Venomstory, emo-peter, Sandman killing uncle B…

    I hope they leave behind the crappy emo-stories and go for good action/adventure movie. The only real evil character we have seen was Venom, and they created/killed him in 5 minutes.
    Dock ock, harry osborn and sandman had terrible endings. Green Gobbie was ok. Going with the lizard is dangerous. Again, has i friend and foe…

    Why does the bad guy also has to be a good guy :s

    There should be a love intrest, but i was tired of peter and MJ after the three movies… its good they go with Gwen.

  6. As far as the movie being set in college. That is fine with me. That probably means we won’t have to set through an origin story again. Why should we?
    As far as Lizard. Cool.

  7. 1. Dylan, yeah sorry for him and all but it is a reboot. They can not have anything “left over”. I would like to hear what he has to say, if he is how I think he is he will be the “o well” life goes on. Simmons would also have been nice to have.

    2. Witty, Quirky, Funny Care Free Spiderman. It is not Tobeys fault. Stuff was in the movies because the Writer/Director/Producer put them in there. If there were things that were not in the movie…guess what.. they were not in there because the Writer/Director/Producer did not put them in. You lambaste Tobey but dont slap Sam? Sam was such a BIG fan why didnt he INSIST Pete/Spidey to be Witty? hmmmmm

    3. Curt Connors being in College and Peter being in High School. Are you telling me there are no “study” programs for gifted High Schoolers allowing them to participate in College type studies?

    4. Comic Books and Movies. Hey if I cant have BatMite…. No seriously does it really matter? Peter Parker should be as old as my Grandfather by now. Yet he is not. While he has not gone back to high school our time with him has been one of a really slow aging process. Let go. He is not ours. What I mean by that is the character of Peter Parker/Spiderman can be one of any age, race, sex, etc. As long as it follows the mantra of “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Corny? A little.

    5. Cartoons and Movies. While I liked the 90s show (watched it on Fox with the Xmen) I still think the 2008 Spectacular Spiderman was better. It appears that is the way they (as been speculated) are going. This also melds with The Ultimate line which (if) when Marvel gets him back will be at the right stage (age/life etc) to fit right in with the rest of the Marvel U. Spiderman SHOULD be about a generation behind all other mainstream Marvel heroes (age wise cept for Torch and a very few others)

    I like Spiderman. Always have always will. It is not about how old he is, who plays him, the Universe that is the setting, etc. It is about the “essence” of Spiderman. That normal guy, that has every day issues in love, life and work and how he deals with them… along with having “super” powers. There is so much he could have done with those powers and appeared to have thought about it and or was going down that path…. until that one fateful night.

    O well that a pretty long post for me… :D Anyho I think this movie will be fine. Remember organic webs and the Green Power Ranger? ;)

  8. I’m pretty excited for this! I know alot of people want Tobey back and all, but I think he wasn’t that great. Sure, he was a great Peter Parker, but not really a great Spiderman. After seeing “The Social Network” & “Boy A” Andrew Garfield can def. be the “better” Spiderman hands down. I like the whole “Ultimate Spiderman” inspiration to since that is my fav. comic portrayal of Spidey. I’m glad Raimi got fired too, his versions of Spiderman were going totally left field from the comics, I mean, having ALL villians in all 3 movies know the identity of Spiderman, plus the 4th movie Raimi wanted to ditch Blackcat and make “the Vultress??” Outrageous.

    anyways, my ONLY concern with them using the Lizard is the whole CGI OR make up they’ll do to transform the character since the budget of this film is way less than what Sony was paying Raimi to produce the films….but I have no doubt that they will do justice. Afterall, the reboot of Hulk worked….I just wish people saw this Spiderman as its own thing and not ‘Spiderman 4′ since it has NOTHING to do with the past 3 films….that’s just me.

  9. HOT DOG I was right LOL I knew he would be the lizard for some reason he looks like a lizard to me

  10. I will keep saying they should have stuck with Raimi/Mcguire in Spidey 4. This is idea is a mahor let down and so far I am not anticipating this film at all. Spidey 1 and 2 were great, and whilel 3 was no masterpiece it really was not that bad; people really just overexagerated how bad it was when realistically it is still an enjoyable film-aside from a few things like Venom being ruined.
    I know that this new re-imagining of Spidey will not be anywhere as good as Raimi’s. Really such a shame cause they should have just let Raimi do the lizard as the villain then. I feel like the past decade of spidey movies were a waste of time because I got no resolution- Raimi did not get to finish his story. Imagine Batman 3 was not on par (yes I know that prob wont happen) is teh studio just going to reboot that franchise as well? I really hate hollywood

    • I hated S3 when I first it, then I rented later and I agree with you that it’s not as bad as people say.

      skipping all three music numbers helps alot. Honestly, S3 has two of the best action sequences of the trilogy – the first chase scene with Harry and Peter and the falling crane (Gwen intro).

  11. What’s the film gonna be called, just Spiderman again? followed by spiderman 2 & 3? Just wondering lol. And are we planning on seeing another villain alongside the Lizard? Because the relationship between Connors and Parker will make the movie feel kinda like Spiderman 1 & 2 right. And is the Lizard gonna talk and have motives or just be the film’s bruiser villain. What about Kraven the Hunter & the Lizard. Too bad Marvel cant use the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four reboot and have a crossover team up.

    • Im hoping its called “the amazing spiderman” Or something like that…

      • No Ricky!

        They can’t call it “Amazing Spiderman” when it’s based on “Ultimate” crapola. That’s just blasphemy of the highest order!!!!

        I like your second suggestion “Something Like That”. :-)

  12. since its liek in high school it coukd fit in ther but wasnt doc connors peter p’s collage professor

  13. to everyone saying Tobey wasn’t witty – have you watched Raimi’s movies lately?

    The portrayal of Peter (as he was written and as he was acted) was perfect based on the older comics which is what RAimi was going for. The Peter Parker character was originally written as the geek who always had to choose his personal life or saving the day. Tobey’s Pete had plenty of cheesey one-liners, most probably straight out of the books.

    • @ Panda

      Seriously it was nothing like the books and I’ve almost acquired the entire run of “Amazing Spiderman”.

      Yes, Raimi’s Spiderman was based on the early books with Steve Ditko as the artist, but he left after completing issue #38 July (1966) and John Romita Sr. took over who eventually began to draw Peter as a more mature, slightly handsome and less geeky and nerdy. :-)

      And that is how “Amazing Spiderman” has progressed to this day.

      • your opinion – my opinion. The movie Parker (considering the source Raimi was coming from) is just how I would have pictured him on the big screen. Sorry if you’re disappointed

        • @ Panda

          With all due respect opinions are one thing and facts are another thing all together.

          Differentiating between the two is rather simple when presented with all the sources at hand.

          I may have been disappointed with Sam Raimi’s version but I hold high hopes that someone will finally get it right one day. :-)

          • and what facts are you presenting? who illustrated the books in what years?

            oh.. and opinions are still opinions :)

            my point is that Peter was a HS nerd in the early years which is what Raimi was going for, though it carried into his college years for the film. great portrayal of that in the movies (1 & 2 anyway)

            • @ Panda

              It seems we are in some kind of agreement and I would rather have that way than be at loggerheads. :-)

              The facts that I’m talking about is based on Marvel Comics’ original and still best selling flagship title “The Amazing Spider-Man”. He was previously seen in the comic book Amazing Fantasy #15 (Aug. 1962).

              Issue # 1 of “Amazing Spiderman” was launched in (March 1963) and was illustrated by Steve Ditko until issue # 38 (July 1966).

              I already made clear that Sam Raimi had based his movies on those very early “Amazing Spiderman” books which were illustrated by Steve Ditko and therfore Tobey’s looks were very much influenced by that early period.

              If only his acting had been influenced by that period as well. That is where Sam Raimi should have given Tobey some reprints to read.

              My point is that Steve Ditko left after completing issue #38 (July 1966) and John Romita Sr. took over who eventually began to draw Peter as more mature, slightly handsome and less geeky and nerdy.

              The facts remain that this is how “Amazing Spiderman” has progressed to this day and that is the kind of movie I would like to see. I don’t understand why we are all still meandering around in the past when the original comic book moved on 44 years ago.

              • Mag what do you think of the current Batman films?

                • @ Aknot

                  Did you like Burton’s Batman films?

                  • Im guilty of liking them all to a certain degree. They all had pluses and minuses. Some more pluses some more minuses.

                    However just to have my heroes on the screen was enough for me… ;)

                    Directly answered yes I did like Burton’s Batman films.

                    • @ Aknot

                      Im glad im not the only one, im guilty of being the sameway. Batman ’89 will always be my favorite film cause id watch that more than the others. Batman Begins might be my 2nd, its tied with Batman Returns. I thought Batman Forever was good. I enjoyed Batman & Robin more when i was younger, like my friends i wish it could of been better. I kinda wished it did well enough after what i read about the proposed 5th film, especially if they intended to make it darker like Burton’s again. All in the past.

                • The Burton bat-films were horrible butcheries of the character and just bad movies all around. The first film in particular is put together like a series of disjointed music videos or short films that were cobbled together to make one long film in the 11th hour. As one scene ends you can almost hear the director saying “Ok…tear down those sets and hurry! We need to get the ‘Joker wrecks Vale’s dinner’ scene in the can!”. The scripting by Sam Hamm was just terrible. Bad dialog, weak plotting, inconsistencies…just a mess.

                  Magnetic is correct in everything he says about the Raimi Spidey films. The Spiderman character in the comics cannot go two panels without cracking a joke and Tobey’s Spidey does it…what, once per movie?! And add to that the plagiarizing of the 89 Batman script for the first Spidey film(Plot of ’89 Batman = ‘Big anniversary celebration city wide for Gotham is thrown into chaos by insane knew costumed villain whom Batman ends up having to kill at the end. Spiderman = Big city-wide celebration is thrown into chaos by insane costumed villain whom Spidey has to kill at the end.), the silly ‘organic webbing’, bad casting all around(Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane?! REALLY?!), etc. and you have a bad foundation for a series of bad movies.

                  • @ SkeleTony

                    I actually didn’t mind Batman 89. I preferred it to the second. Aesthetically I thought they were going for that retro Frank Miller’s “Year One” look.

                    After Tim Burton’s work, I didn’t think much of the abominations that followed.

                    I missed Spiderman’s sense of humor and sarcastic wit in Raimi’s version and I missed the drop dead gorgeous bubbly and effervescent Mary Jane.

                    Once again simple characterizations that can be gleaned from the books totally ignored by the film makers.

                    I’m even more annoyed that we are stuck with yet again another franchise that is going to perpetuate those early years rather than seeing a mature movie about Peter Parker the MAN and the adventures of Spider-MAN as has been in publication for over four decades.

                    • “I missed Spiderman’s sense of humor and sarcastic wit in Raimi’s version and I missed the drop dead gorgeous bubbly and effervescent Mary Jane.”

                      Ditto! ..and I thought I was the only one.

                  • @ SkeleTony

                    You thought Burton’s Batman films were bad? I know plenty of people who would disagree. And i find it difficult to believe if the film won a Academy Award and rated 4 stars. Back in 1989, it was treated as people treat TDK now after people seen Christopher Reeve’s Superman films.

                • @ Aknot

                  I happen to love the current Batman films even though they don’t follow any current comic book continuity or any of the graphic novels. I also like Tim Burton’s version.

                  However I think Christopher Nolan did a faithful and accurate job adapting “Batman Begins” & “TDK” from inspiration drawn from various Batman titles and graphic novels to showcase a particular aspect of the Batman mythos.

                  I have never advocated strict adherence to a panel by panel reconstruction of a comic book, but rather to have the characters on screen behave the same way they are in the books.

                  Characterization is such an integral part to building recognition and an affinity with a character on screen and when paralleled to the books is not that much of an ask and not impossible to achieve.

                  I’m very passionate about movie adaptations or comic book transformations to film and believe the best possible authentic adaptations can be achieved by film- makers.

                  Studios like Fox Abattoirs and Phony Sony have absolutely no respect for the original source material or even the current mainstream source material, so I will continue to boycott their counterfeit films.

                  I accept some minor variations with movie adaptations but they should never detract or move too far from the core characterizations that have made the books so popular among young and older readers alike.

                  The Batman mythos has a 71 year rich history and I think a little bit of creative license is probably a little more acceptable with that character compared to the shorter compact 47 year history of the “Amazing Spiderman”.

                  In short the distinctive moral qualities of the character, the very nature and essence of Bruce Wayne & Batman remains intact. Sadly I can’t say the same for the Spiderman films.

                  The notion of anything goes and everything is open to interpretation by the film- maker, to me is pure disrespectful anarchy, totally uncreative and lazy film making.

        • Thats i had pictured him on the screen too.

  14. This could be a good sign. I’m still only halfway confident about this reboot. But one thing is for sure, I always wanted to see The Lizard, and not the vulture. I just hope they make The Lizard awesome.

    • Absolutely agree! This decision has raised my interest in Spidey’s return. I really feel bad for Dylan. His role was always the teaser for me.. patiently waiting for the one character that really made the franchise. My hope is that A LOT more time is spent on the Lizard than Spiderman (ie not reinventing the wheel but rather going with the momentum AND not diluting it with other villains).

      • “patiently waiting for the one character that really made the franchise.”

        Is this a joke? There are several villains that made the franchise much better than Lizard. Kraven, Mysterio, Electro, Green/Hobgoblin, Puma, Scorpion, heck, the Sinister Six, are all much more symbolistic of Spider-man’s rogue’s gallery than the Lizard.

        Personally I think this is terrible news; they might as well have made SM4 at this point.

    • Agree. With CG being what it is today I think they’ll make him absolutely incredible!

  15. Now this is a slap in the face to Dylan baker and Sam Raimi, I waited two movies ( Spidey 2 and 3) for the Baker to play the Lizard….i dont know what to think about this reboot anymore.

    • I know, right? I was just devastated when I heard about this remake.

  16. It kinda seems like Sony wanted Raimi to fail just to so they can do what they want with the franchise.

    • That’s exactly what I thought.

  17. @panda are you on drugs? quote the one liners he had behind the mask? i can think of one when he tells Doc Ock “keep the change” and sends the money bags flying back @ him, other then that i was only happy with movies that Rami gave us for a short time as a fan it lacked so much and i mean dam how many times is he gonna take his mask off that and the fact that NJ was always in trouble and Spidey never seemed to get into any problems unless she was part of the problem im very hopful for this reboot and the cast is starting to take shape and for wht its worth it sounds like the best Spidey cast hands down.

    • I agree 100% Random’. As big a fan as I am of Raimi’s other works(Evil Dead 2 etc.), his Spiderman films were terrible. The first one was just a rip-off of Burton’s equally terrible 1989 Batman film(same exact plot, same resolution, etc.) and the sequels were just uninspired rehashes of crap we have already seen before as well.

      I could not care less about whether Parker is a High School student, college student or foreign exchange student(to an extent). I want them to get the movies right, even if that means deviating from the comics. I will admit I am not a big fan of the Spiderman character from the comics either(since they got rid of the cool black costume…or gave it to Venom anyway) but if they are going to do comic book translations to film, then Spidey has to be a wise-cracking hero who does NOT EVER take his mask off in public! F*ck Tobey’s Spidey almost never had his mask ON!

      I could go on for days pointing out specific errors made in the Raimi films but instead I will take some hope in the fact that they are rebooting this mess and hopefully will get it right from the first film this time.

      • @ SkeleTony

        Unfortunately movie studios like Fox Abattoirs & Phony Sony don’t wish to make comic book translations or transformations to film. They can’t even make true and faithful adaptations for use of a lesser word.

        There’s this ill conceived notion that if they do that, it’s not likely to be a commercial success, because only the fans will go to see it and not the general public. Yeah right! LOL. :-)

        In their own narrow minded egotism, ignoring crucial character traits seems to be an ongoing exercise. I don’t mind if they want to tell a brand new story in the life of the hero. In fact I would love that, BUT I at least expect to see that character look and behave the same way they are in the books.

        Otherwise what’s the point? It might as well be called something else because it’s a counterfeit.

        Hypothetically it’s the same logic as if I went to see a historical epic movie on the life of a US President but the story and acting depicted major inaccuracies of the Presidents’ true historical account. I don’t care how well the fantasized re-imagining or alternative take is, it’s simply not factual or historically correct.

        Fox Abattoirs & Phony Sony seem hell bent on putting their own convoluted spin on things, completely ignoring the source material and fans alike as if their executive decisions are some how superior to the excellent work effort put in by any number of writers and artists over the decades.

        • That’s true pretty much of all stories converted to movies. Once it’s movie property they own the rights to do anything they want to it. The whole thing evolves into a new vision formed from producers et al. Not even the director gets to have total control, forget the writer ever having it. I am still saddened by the poor attempts of translating I am Legend to screen. Sooo messed up.

  18. Just get to the damn Maximum Carnage storyline! By far the best Spider-Man storyline. It starts with Parker at Harry’s funeral anyway.
    Just no more damn campy Spider-Man movies. We need something interesting and dark. Yes, Spider-Man does have some very dark moments. I really hope to be pleasantly surprised with this new take on it.

  19. I’d like to see spider man be the hero of the film, not the actor playing him! Keep the mask on.

    • Good point! Peter did slow the action down. Both in the comics and otherwise. With the Lizard story though, the human interaction is a big part of the plot. But, I’m torn on this one. Hmmmmm.

  20. They should do an adult Spiderman.

    • Absolutely!

      If they want to make money. Boomers still occupy the largest niche. Going back to Spidey’s genesis, again, is a really bad idea. Going back to high school, ditto.

      It’s clear that fans are really fans of the villains though. As neat as Spider-man himself is, it’s hard to do dark and have many characters. My choice has always been Lizard but I’m a werewolf fan so go figure. If they are going to do a genesis I’d like to see Lizard’s whole story line.

    • Hip Hip Hooray!!!! That’s what I want to see.

      Phony Sony is hell bent on staying in the past and following the teeny bopper “Ultimate” Spider-TEEN route.

      The original flagship title “Amazing Spider-MAN” has been portraying Peter Parker as an adult since 1966.

      I’ll be gobsmacked if this film copies what the Lizard did recently in “Amazing Spider-MAN’” issue # 631.
      He tracks down Billy Connors and kills him.

  21. There was absolutely NO reason to remake Spider-man. When I found that out, I was disgusted. The original trilogy sort of left off since Connors was in it, but hadn’t become the Lizard yet. I think Raimi should’ve done just one more film, with Peter marrying Mary Jane in the end, and having a daughter…who would later become Spider-Girl, and have her own film franchise. The villains in “Spider-man 4″ should’ve been Carnage, the Lizard, and the Black Cat. The story could have followed the “Metamorphosis” storyline, about Peter turning into a giant spider after deciding to give up his powers. The theme could’ve been fear, since Carnage is a terrifying villain, and the reason that Peter would want to stop fighting crime could have been because he was afraid of Carnage. Anyway, in the end, the Black Cat could have gone from villain to hero and saved Spider-man from Carnage, and maybe the Lizard would have decided to save Peter too, and even give his life for him.In the end, Carnage could’ve died, but Black Cat would live as a hero, and fight crime elsewhere, while Peter remained New York’s web-slinging superhero. This could have even had a Black Cat spin-off trilogy, with villains such as The Silver Sable, Mysterio, or Morlun. Maybe, there could’ve been a Spider-man 5 and 6 with storylines like the “internal webbing” and the “super soldier serum”. Well, that would’ve been a great many years of Spidey-mania, had they not thrown it all away on a remake that will probably never measure up to the quality of Raimi’s trilogy. Instead, they should’ve done a Spider-Girl trilogy, if they just had to end Peter’s story with Spider-man 3. At leat that would have been better than a remake. Spider-man 4 could have been compelling, and shot in 3D. Sony really did make a big mistake.

    • @ The Catwoman Riddler

      I agree. I was dissappointed when Spidey 4 was canceled. To me, it feels like Sony only did so to free themselves of Raimi & get a director who would more likely be on their terms with the franchise. First idea was the Lizard for the 4th film, but Sony wanted human villain more, so incame the idea of the Vulture/Vultress, rejected again. And Raimi pretty much said screw it and thats end of it. And now we have a reboot and now Sony wants the Lizard. Spidey 3 could of been better if Raimi had more freedom to make it as he was told, just was he was told with the 4th film. All sounds like Sony went back on their word and i hold them more responsible for what Spidey 3 became and how the franchise ended.

      • You know, I read something about that Vulture and Vulturess thing, and it was so messed up! First of all, the Vulturess’s name was going to be Felicia Hardy…um, excuse me, that’s supposed to be The Black Cat, not the Vulturess!!!! Second of all, Felicia’s dad in that story was going to be Vulture, his name is Adrian Toomes. That is not Felicia’s father!!! The Black Cat’s father was never the Vulture in the comics!!!! That would’ve been such an incorrect story, it was so inaccurate from the comics! They should’ve just done Carnage, Lizard, and Black Cat, and not remade the whole thing!!!

    • Awesome scenerio! Yes, that would have been a good closer for Raimi’s pictures. And, I couldn’t agree more re Sony and the re-make idea. Obviously some exec put his (I assume he) butt on the line and nameless he change remain when this blows up and he is so sacked! And, note to Hollywood, the real key to a successful super-hero movie.. run it when it hasn’t got super-hero movie competition. Honestly, the movie options pale when there are no supes to see. Everything else is just so Bond!

      • Hey Shido, you know how you said superhero movies do better when there is no other competition? This remake is going to come out like a week before “Batman Crusader” (the third Batman movie for Nolan’s franchise). That Batman movie is going to be WAY BETTER than the Spider-man remake. You see, Batman was remade for the right reasons, and Spider-man is being remade for the wrong ones. The Riddler will for sure be in it, and I really hope that Catwoman will make an appearance (hence my alias: The Catwoman Riddler). In fact, I post my own “riddles” of who should play Catwoman. Here’s one for you right now: Riddle me this, riddle me that… who’s up next to play the CAT???? The action star who was once a Marvel assassin…. who married her costar in a Marvel movie……….. who won two Golden Globes for an action/spy drama. … who has the talent to portray BOTH sides of the character (Catwoman and the mousy secretary Selina Kyle)… Give up? It’s Jennifer Garner as Catwoman!!!!!

        • LOL! I luv Jen! Can’t see her doing Catwoman tho. Too bad! As for The Batman! Gnaw! I was a fan as a kid to Adam West’s schtick: “Quick, Robin! Hand me the anti-shark Bat spray!” After all the Bats that have been genned since — I’ve been batted out. I’m really only up for The Flash now. As for Spidey, there are so many versions! I really do understand the appeal of Venom and Carnage — it was really just a creepier version of Lizard in appearance. But I’m so tired of remakes and bringing back old characters again and again. A full Lizard version w/o schtick w/o dumbed-down ethics would be nice. A Tarantino version would be nice, after what I saw him do with Inglourious Basterds!

          • @ Shido

            Me neither. I too am tired of all the reboots that keep on coming. Batman & Superman are the two most popular heroes in DC comics, but id like to see other heroes take to the big screen aswell. Im glad they finally got Green Lantern & Flash coming. Im disappointed about WonderWoman isn’t, instead getting another tv series thats been done already. Id like to see others, like Hawkman, Green Arrow or even Aquaman. Yes i said Aquaman because i think a film would be possible done by the right filmmaker and one heck of a script. It would be nice to see DC/WB doin what Marvel is doin so we can get a Justice League film. Seems like that won’t happen till Batman & Superman have to be rebooted a 3rd time and other hero films be rebooted a 2nd time so they can all be connected.

          • Well, what do you think of Jennifer Garner playing Wonder Woman?

            • @ The Catwoman Riddler

              Me? I dunno. Im not a big fan of hers nor seen many of her movies. Maybe be a good choice as WonderWoman. I always thought WonderWoman would be harder to cast than Superman for a film. Garner has pretty good cheek bone structure like WonderWoman & with the right director and script, Maybe she can pull it off. Despite her age, Catherine Zeta Jones IMP would be my first choice for the role but with her age and the way things are goin theres no point of thinkin about her being in the role.

              • You’re right about Jennifer resembling Wonder Woman. I think she should either play Catwoman or Wonder Woman, that’s just my opinion. I’m pretty much her #1 fan, and I kind of look like her. I love “Daredevil” and “Elektra”, those are awesome. That’s why I think she should play a DC character now since she was already Elektra. Oh, and what do you know about “The Flash” movie?!!!!

                • Sorry to disappoint.. I’ve never been a big DC fan.. there were moments but just nothing like how Marvel hooked me. Jen, however, can be great.

                  I agree with you re DD and Elektra, but esp. DD, where she had that chemistry going with the Benster (whom I like to tease tho I’ve always enjoyed his performances).
                  Elektra suffered in detail BECAUSE of the key Hand characters. Simply too much for a two hour format. Stunt actor, Ed (Edson T.) Ribeiro got shagged in his role of Kinkou. You watch that character and you have absolutely no idea what power he has, unlike Stone or the others. But I digress..

                  I’d rather see Jen again as Elektra, farther along maybe reunited with DD – now that her screen character is more developed (no longer innocent with an enormous past).

                  This is an aside (I wouldn’t tell her unless she really wanted to know) but I couldn’t stand her clueless performance in Ricky Gervais’ The Invention of Lying. I understand she’s a mom and likes to do easy cameos but apart from 13 going on 30 she’s not exceptional doing ‘light’ roles.

                  • 13 Going on 30 is hilarious!!! Her comedic roles can be very good, but I do think that she needs to do another action role pretty soon. Her best work I’d have to say was “Alias”. She was just exceptional in that, and that’s why I think she should play Catwoman, because she gets so into character with action roles. In the “Elektra” movie, she was so deep in character. I think her serious demeanor is perfect for Nolan’s Batman movies. I do hope that they’ll make a Daredevil sequel, in which Elektra returns to New York, and since Bullseye lived in the end of “Daredevil”, the story could be about DD and Elektra fighting Bullseye together, with DD teaching Elektra that her motivation should not be vengeance, but justice. Anyway, I wonder about these things.

                    • @ The Catwoman Riddler

                      I hate to inform you this, but don’t count on a sequel to DD, I think thats planned to be rebooted like F4 is.

                • @ The Catwoman Riddler

                  If they would just make a WonderWoman film, Id rather see Garner play WonderWoman over Catwoman. I liked Daredevil ok. I had people say i kinda look like Michael Keaton,lol if i had black hair and darker colored eye brawls. I don’t know much about the Flash movie other than it’s Barry Allen they’re using and it’s rumored other DC characters might cameo in it.

                  • I am very excited about “The Green Lantern”. Ryan Reynolds is an excellent choice for that character, though I did have an idea before it came out. If they wanted to do an African-American Green Lantern, I thought Isaiah Washington (Grey’s Anatomy star in the past) would’ve been perfect. But, I’m happy with Ryan as Hal Jordan. I hope that one’s in 3D.

  22. Sow far I have more hopes on The Dark Knight Rises, then the Siper Man Reboot. You see… The Lizard needs time to become the Lizard. My pick for the VILLAINS on Spider Man would have been, The Vulture (just to start the Osborn story) & The Scorpion (just so that the vulture can pay him to kill spider man) the vulture can be the villian on the other have of the movie (just because the scorpion failed him to kill spider man & now he needs to do it himself as The vulture) you see? Spider man can easly have 2 movie in high school & then! In the 3th in college with Dr.coners (the lizard as the villain). Part 2 can be the death of Gwen Stacy & the villain The Green Goblin. Part 5 of spider man can be about Venom and part 6 the return of the Green Goblin (& some other villian to help him to mess up Petter and MJ wedding).

    • @Elvin yes, you are right IF it is a reboot. But we’ve waited too long for Lizard.. and Vulture just isn’t cool. Scorpion is but it would be better starting over to just move up the time-line, maybe do some flash-backs like in Daredevil. They have chosen to close the Raimi story-line but it would be a huge mistake to re-dwell on things already covered.. it would be a huge disservice to Spidey fans!

  23. To me personally, they should’ve gave Topher Grace the part in the first place. I mean he plays a great smart ass and Spider-man is a smart mouth super hero and that was a complete slap in his face to ask him to play Venom and the reason why he said yes because he’s a fan of Spider-man and to get this Garfeild guy yo play him is insulting.. Zack Effron would’ve been better but atleast they have a great actor who’s well rounded, especially with dark themes. I hope it goes well.

  24. I think that this can work since they’re basing the movie of the ultimate universe comics, peter is in high school and still ends up somewhat mentored by conners who was a university prof. We have to remember that peter is a genius in the comics, and works in the university labs

  25. This is crap I won’t watch it. I waited for carnage since the beginning they where finaly gonna put him in it then they scrap it. Now that they r gonna start over there gonna have the green and hob goblin. They are the worst spiderman charecters. I hope this movie bombs

  26. Rhys Ifans as Doc Connor?? And you people are excited about it?? Come on.. He is suited at best as the scorpion.. But again there are people who are more suited than him as the scorpion..
    I thought Alfred Molinas Doc Ock avatar was severely underused.. Ask me Doc Ock was my favorite spidey villain growing up..
    It was good that the reboot takes out baby-face toby and ‘not a mary jane’ Dunst.
    Excited to see if the new team can deliver a better movie than Raimi.. If they cant i would like Sony to hire Raimi again.. Only change the cast..

  27. Im not excited about it. Not excited about the reboot really. I hope Marvel Studios aquires the Spidey franchise & do it justice.

  28. My problem is The Lizard has always been A secondary villian with the focus always being more on parkers relationship with connors.Villians id love to see in future movies is The Rhino,Kraven the hunter and Carnage.Plus bring back the green goblin and sandman without making us sympathetic to them,same with doc oc.They kind of killed the spiderman movies when they decided to portray the villians as not bad ppl.just misunderstood.

  29. Tom,

    Every villain in the spiderman movies is second to peter’s relationships. A large percentage of spidey villains are great characters but the movie producers will never fund a movie focused on the villain because they care about selling tickets, not necessarily making a good movie.

    Kraven should happen soon but I don’t think we’ll be satisfied with what we get. Unless we were to get darth vader treatment with all the focus on the depth of the villain we will be disappointed. And I think the only villain they would even come close to doing that With is Venom. He’s dark enough as a character to be truly menacing.