Ultimate Spider-Man Reboot?

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ultimate spider man poster Ultimate Spider Man Reboot?

Ever since Sony announced that Spider-Man is getting a reboot, fans have been wondering just what that means in terms of the storyline for the next film. We knew from the get-go of this reboot that Peter Parker would be transported back to high school and that this new take on Spidey would be more “gritty,” “real” and of course, shot in 3D.

That vague bit of info led many fans to start asking whether or not the next Spider-Man films would be based on the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book series, which basically retold (rebooted) the Spider-Man mythology with a more edgy modern spin. Well, this week we got the first bit of evidence that Ultimate Spider-Man may indeed be the basis for the Spider-Man reboot.

You can once again thank Twitter for starting this Ultimate Spider-Man speculation. It happened like this:

Marvel scribe Brian Michael Bendis – who has written Ultimate Spider-Man since 2000 – has been tweeting about this whole Spidey reboot business since it started. Our good friends over at Latino Review have been keeping track, and noted some distinct differences in what Bendis was tweeting back in early January, and what Bendis is tweeting now. See for yourselves:

In early January Bendis tweeted the following, regarding the Spider-Man reboot:

i work as a consultant on the marvel movies. this is a sony movie. i have no involvement. but maybe if you all scream loud enough icon smile Ultimate Spider Man Reboot?

However, yesterday Bendis tweeted this:

Just spent a very interesting morning at Sony with the entire spidey movie team!! Very very cool stuff!!

The question this raises, naturally, is “Why would Sony be consulting Brian Michael Bendis?” The logical answer? To pick his brain about the Ultimate Spider-Man universe he helped create.

ultimate spider man Ultimate Spider Man Reboot?

In Ultimate Spider-Man, Peter Parker is still a smart high school geek who gets bitten by a genetically altered spider. In this version, that spider is imbued with drug called “OZ,” which was developed by Norman Osborn, who later takes the drug and becomes the Green Goblin.

The ultimate version of Spider-Man is strong, but not as strong as “classic Spidey,” he uses web-shooters (no from-the-wrist webs) and his spider-sense is not as accurate. Peter Parker is also portrayed as more of a punk kid than his “classic Spidey” counterpart, an attitude which leads to reckless use of his powers, and ultimately his Uncle Ben’s death, which transforms Peter into a guilt-ridden hero.

Ultimate Spider-Man eventually started outselling the classic Spidey books, in large part because Bendis’ take on the character was so modern and fresh (and unburdened by several decades of increasingly ridiculous storylines – clone wars anyone?). The fresh start really exposed the core elements of Spidey that fans had come to love – the constant adversity, the smart-ass humor, the geek who gets the girl(s) fantasy – while streamlining years of wild storytelling into a tight and succinct youthful dramatic adventure.

spider man reboot Ultimate Spider Man Reboot?

Basically, everything Sony wants from this reboot.

Personally, I’m thinking that if they’re going to reboot the franchise, they might as well do it the Marvel way and use Ultimate Spider-Man as their foundation. It was a great book, so there’s no reason to doubt that it could be a great film. It would also be the ONLY excuse I can think of for telling us Spider-Man’s origin all over again.

Would you like the Spider-Man reboot to be molded off of Ultimate Spider-Man? Let us know.

Source: Twitter via Latino Review

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  1. I stayed away from the Ultimate line for a long time. Then read the complete Spiderman saga in 3 days.

    As an avid (original) Spiderman fan I can honestly say I would rather see them take the Ultimate line with input from BMB instead of some chop shop hack giving us his (or her) version.

    I would love to see them (minus the characters they cant use… or can they? Wolverine, Torch etc?) go page for page from the UltSPM books.

  2. I love USM. It was the first comic I started reading on a regular basis. I don't think I've ever encountered who disliked the series. Really, the smartest thing Marvel ever did with the Ultimate universe was to let Bendis write that book, as it otherwise could've been a gimmick. The '01 movie already drew some elements from USM, so why not go whole hog? Do Gwen Stacy before MJ, get some younger casting in the parts and you have yourself one hell of a movie. They just need the right director.

  3. Well… I feel good now!

  4. All in favour, say “Aye.”


  5. @EngraverKev

    I guess just you then, EngraverKev?

    Just kidding.


  6. now, sony/hollywood was it really that hard pick a different story line ? now, with heath ledger's untimely death. let's start making some batman beyond movies.

  7. Ultimate spiderman would be a horrible direction to go in. The comics were cool but that doesn't mean a movie would translate well.

  8. I enjoyed the Spectacular Spiderman animated series, couldn't hurt going down that route season 1 & 2 were solid

  9. Is there going to be another season?

  10. Go For It!! I have been Spider-Fan ever since I can remember it will make it better for the films cuz Raimi slightly screwed up with letting too many people know Spidey's identity.It will then enable hopefully if (Sony agrees) to have crossovers and possibly have Spidey in Avengers.

  11. I'm always shocked to see how many spiderman “fans” have no idea about the difference between Sony and Marvel. If you are a real fan at least know what you're talking about.

  12. As a normal joe (moderate) fan of superhero movies, I dont see the point of this.

    The first hulk movie was a let down, and the second remake stunk too. Redoing the same stuff all the time with little tweaks here and there doesnt justify spending more money on it.

    I'm waiting for something different already. Avengers has my interest.

  13. Iron Man for the win! heh heh

  14. It's all about catering for the teen market. It's pretty obvious. I've been reading Marvel all my life and have almost complete runs of many titles including the original “Amazing Spider-man” which is in the 600s now.

    I have some of the “Ultimate” series but I guess I'm a bit of a traditionalist. I prefer to read about Peter Parker the MAN and his alter ego Spider-MAN in the way the books have progressed over the decades.

    I will reserve my judgement on the “Ultimate” film route until it's release and I guess it's now an even longer wait before we get a proper mature treatment of Spider-man according to the original “Amazing” source material.

  15. I don't understand the hate that the second Hulk Movie gets. What do you want in Hulk movie? I thought Incredible Hulk was a good, tight narrative with solid performances and effects, conveying the essence of the Hulk Mythos. (Ang Lee's Hulk, on the other hand, was an incoherent mess).

    I do agree with you about Avengers.

  16. Sorry, guys:
    From one who was with Marvel at the very beginning (reading Spider-Man 2 on the bus to school) I can truly say, without a doubt, Marvel Comics died in the early seventies.EVERTHING they publish today is not unlike reanimating a corpse.
    Sorry to sound downbeat but unless you were there in the sixties you wouldn't understand.

    The movies, on the other hand, are BRILLANT!!

  17. Translation to the above: the Ultimate line sucks and the new SM reboot will,most likely follow suit.
    I'm going to skip this nonsense and take my gorgeous wife out to dinner!

  18. The Ultimate Spider-Man comics are awful. Bendis is a poor writer. He took the great work from the Silver Age and watered it down tremendously. He's no Spider-Man expert. I will not be watching this reboot nor will I allow my kids to. I'll just show them Raimi's first 2 films and let them read the original comics.

  19. The Hulk movie required an AMERICAN director with AMERICAN aesthetics and understanding of the source material. That's something you can't teach a foreigner imho.

  20. Blah blah blah with the American crap. Incredible Hulk was good. If you can't see that then you're blind.

  21. Yeah like “The Incredible Hulk” comic books always had the Hulk stories based strictly in America? You've got a lot of reading to catch up on in terms of original source material.

    A good story will always evoke emotion and transcend all national boundaries. That's something you need to learn instead of harping on with an insular attitude.

  22. right on bozack I love Batman Beyond!

  23. That's what I've been saying from the git-go. The Ultimates we're good stories and they were realistic.

    Since Sony will most likely pick this foundation then they use the Green Goblin/ Kingpin(or Doc Ock perhaps) and make that into movie.

  24. The Hulk effects are very cool, the part I didnt like in the 2 Hulk movies was the Bruce Banner portrayals. Both actors are talented however they didnt come across as scientists at all. Perhaps I just cant see anyone else as Bruce Banner but Bill Bixby (but I didnt like the Ferrigno Hulk which was silly). Bixby epitomizes Banner imho.

  25. Ok yeah, whatever, they said that Marvel was producing and being consulted on all Sony and Fox movies. Yeah right, they just say that to keep people's hopes up. And even if they do consult with Marvel, Sony is gonna throw Marvel's or Bendis' ideas out the window anyway and put whatever Sony feels should be in there.

  26. LOL!!!! Don't be too hard on them Mchops, they're just Fairweather fans that's all.

  27. People who did't like TIH movie (not Ang Lee's) were already going to be negative towards it anyway because of Ang Lee's, ESPECIALLY non-readers.

  28. Fox owns The Kingpin….Still. F*&^%**(*^CK!!!!!!!! Damn you FOX!!!

  29. I am absolutely behind this idea.