Spider-Man 4 & Reboot Updates: Taylor Lautner?

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spider man reboot taylor lautner Spider Man 4 & Reboot Updates: Taylor Lautner?

Hello Marvel Movie fans! (I’m going to avoid using the term “Marvelites”).

With Iron Man 2 kicking off this summer, Thor officially in full production and Captain America secretly in the workings behind the scenes for a summer start, it’s too bad Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man franchise couldn’t get anything going to have their next film out by next summer.

With all of the Marvel movie news headlines breaking daily, there are tons of little news tidbits that don’t make headlines that eager fans may be interested in. Don’t fret, that’s why Screen Rant is here.

Today, we’ll touch on what potential Spider-Man reboot helmer Marc Webb is interested in from the Spidey comics, a potential Peter Parker candidate that will please some but make others go crazy, and we’ll look at why the Spider-Man 4 script may have ended the project.

Ultimate: Spider-Man

At the Golden Globes red carpet last night, Director Marc Webb ((500) Days of Summer) indicated that he was a fan of the Ultimate Spider-Man Comics, a highly speculated source for the Spider-Man reboot.

In his responses about his involvement and an announcement soon, he kept the atmosphere light and played it coy.

Source: MTV

The New Peter Parker

With a new Spider-Man comes a new Peter Parker and rumors are swirling out of control with who could take the career-making role. Some even brought up Twilight star Robert Pattinson simply because he’s Twilight start Rob Pattinson. He’s too old for the role but his ripped young co-star Taylor Lautner isn’t too old. According to our buds at IESB, Spider-Man producers have met with Taylor Lautner but we do not know for what…

If that happened, imagine the cries from those who fear Spider-Man is going straight after the Twilight crowd.

Spider-Man 4’s Story?

Movies Online put up a segment from NY Mag which talked about the problematic script of Spider-Man 4 and potential reason for its downfall. Here’s the snippet they pulled:

“Peter Parker gets over MJ, finds a new girl, falls in love. But: Peter also discovers her father is actually the Vulture, a naughty green guy with wings to be played by John Malkovich. Peter is torn between the love of his new lady and taking down the Vulture. Being a Spandex tight-ass, he decides to take down the Vulture, and kills him.

This patricide goes down poorly with Peter’s new fiancee, and she rejects him. Despondent, Peter decides to abandon his superpowers, and Movie No. 4 ends with Peter Parker throwing away his Spider-Man mask, and audiences wondering if they are watching Superman II.”

If that was the direction Raimi was going, it doesn’t sound too awesome.

What do you think the Spider-Man 4 debacle and what do you want from the reboot?

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  1. That idea sounds soooo bad for Spidey 4. If that was the case, then it's better that it died before being brought to life on the big screen.

    AS for Lautner as Spidey. ARE THEY FREAKING OUT OF THEIR MINDS?!?! Horrible, horrible HORRIBLE idea!! Did I mention it was horrible? Please Sony, don't turn Spidey into Twilight with a webslinger. That guy is ALL wrong for the part of Peter and Spidey is popular enough without having to draw in the teenie twilighters.

  2. LOL… OK lets not try to get some six degrees of separation thing going here the situation is bad enough as it is…

    Actually kudos, it's about that redonkulous.

  3. Apart from the constant wise cracking that Spiderman is famous for in the comics, yes Maguire played Peter Parker quite well but his alter ego missed the mark. Spiderman himself is supposed to be funny.

  4. And Pete in the books has dropped his mask a few times. Some for extended periods. I do believe b4 Supes 2.

  5. Yes but you cant blame the writing on Tobey Maguire. There were not that many wisecracks because they were not written….

  6. Not on purpose he does not. However (before he came back) he was indirectly responsible for GGs death, possibly Gwens, and a few others.

  7. Thanks. I worked all day on it.

  8. It shows forethought…

  9. Tobey Maguire was anything but the perfect Spider-Man. Good actor and all but his version of Peter Parker failed to impress me. Another highly paid actor going through the motions. A very pedestrian performance.

    And surprisingly neither was Kirsten Dunst a very good Mary Jane. Another damsel in distress who screamed a lot.

    The first two films were done reasonably well BUT the supporting cast impressed me more than the lead actors and overall the films for me lacked the substance, character definition, excitement, integrity and maturity of the comic books.

    As optimistic as I am for a reboot, I must say that I have become quite cynical at Sony's blatant attempt at cashing in on this franchise. We don't need a Twilight Spider-Man. Sony shoot themselves in the foot once again.

  10. Where is the rule that says the new spiderman has to look like Tobey Maguire? Christian Bale didn't look anything like George Cooney or Val Kilmer and those two where my personal favorites, but I still went to see all of them BECAUSE I just love batman. Taylor Lautner, I think am going to love him too, I like tuff bad guys so I'd really would like to see him do the opposite and kick spidermans ass. Bad guys stunts are better.

  11. I thought the movie is about Spiderman, not Spiderboy or Spiderteen

  12. SpiderMAN! became spiderMAN in Highschool. Don't teenagers go to those places. Reading all the Marvel Comic books are great ain't it.

  13. @Guest

    I was merely being sarcastic in regards to how this reboot seems to going down the Twilight path.

    Reading the “Amazing Spiderman” title since childhood has been and is great along with other Spidey titles in my possession. It didn't take too long in the books for Peter Parker to mature into adulthood. The high school scenario is really part of the very early history of Spiderman.

    I guess that's the sort of movie I'm really wanting to be made. A mature, realistic, adult orientated film with all the fun, witty dialogue and suspenseful action akin to how the books themselves have matured over the last 25 years or so.

  14. Thats sounds super lame what a s***** way to end it! I cant wait for the reboot and I hope they make it more realistic like they did for the dark night that would be the best thing they could do for spiderman they gotta do something to compeat withdc and the BAT anyways looking forward to it well see what happens

  15. Hello,
    I would say that spider man 4 will be cool movie because all three parts not bad so this movie had bigger expectation…

  16. From the expressions in his pictures he could possibly pull off the comedic wise cracking part of the Spidey character. Certainly wants the job that's obvious. If they hired a guy like this and he failed to pull it off it would make some realize the truth, that if it was easy everybody would be playing a high profile comic book character. Why would you want a weak actor, just for the look? I'm expecting whoever they pick can hang in there for a second movie, seeing that that's probably the soonest it will be worth going back to the theater…

  17. I pray that this reboot is handled correctly, I am waaaaay against emo angst and I’m also against Twilight,(even though I never read the book and I’m against it)Plus I’m sick of dark,gritty and contemporary, he’s in high school for crying out loud. ………………………….Bad idea sony.
    Also spider-man shouldn’t be played by a tween heartthrob who’s buff and pretty boyish, that would be ridiculous, almost like putting glasses on Ryan Reynolds and calling him Peter Parker. I think they should get Mclovin’ to play Pete and Spidey……You decide if my suggestion sounds good or bad.

  18. OK, people, if that was the “unofficial” direction of Sam Raimi's ideas/script, then the Spider-Man 4 film would have tanked, HUGE ! I think he needs to be fired from MARVEL if he was going to go that route.. How ridiculous was that story idea.. I almost got sick reading it.

    As a huge fan, comic artist, and story writer, I would not have even gone to see it it would have been that bad, and the first Spider-Man was something I was waiting to see come to screen in the first 25 years of my life! Now it's almost 10 years later.

    Listen, all they needed to do was go back to the comics for a 4th film – the true direction of the story and his character. I read them all, and I mean all for years. It's a series I stood by hard and true because of the relations you can see in oneself growing up.. the geeky kid, picked on, no girls, the nice guy who finishes last. It's a classic tale with a twist.. that of a radioactive spider that changes everything.

    Something along the lines of issue #400 with the death of Aunt May? Her knowledge that she “knew” who Peter was the whole time, but couldn't mention it because it stressed/worried her to think of him out there in danger all the time in the think of it. I think finally touching on Doc Conners/Lizard would have been the best option with the lead up to it in the first 3 films, and the tie in after the Alien Symbiote costume scenes in 3. You could have even had a glimpse of Cletus Cassidy in this 4th film somewhere along the lines being arrested by the police or even have Spider-Man bring him in?, to set the stage for Carnage in 5, and perhaps (SOMEHOW) bring back VENOM. I mean honestly, did Spider-Man ever take VENOM down permanently in the comics????? HELL NO! He's his ultimate foe.

    All they need to do is write the stories in more detail that have already been told. Hey HOLLYWOOD, listen up – “it's not that difficult”. If you trying to write a script for a film you know if for a certain genre, go ahead and stay the course and stay true to the story-lines.. STOP f#$%#'in it all up by changing the history, the character, the story etc…

    People who have not read the comics will still continue to see the films with a good story, and more than likely enjoy the films more with an angle they can relate too in some way, and the people who know the comics, story, history, character will enjoy it more because it stayed the “PATH” and TRUE to the history.

    As for this new Reboot film – PLEASE DON'T bring in Taylor Lautner. There are plenty of other actors to pull this off who with enough training could look the part.

    C'mon Hollywood, get it together, get it right. With all the money available, you could bring together a kick ass storyline and film.

    GIVE STAN LEE his props, as he is by far the greatest creator ever in comics history. I have to say, this is one film character I wish MARVEL still had the rights to!

    Thanks for reading!

  19. Starkenterprises

    I agree with everything you said and also wish Spiderman was in the hands of Marvel. Great points.

  20. @Starkenterprises

    I absoloutely agree. The sooner MARVEL get back the film rights to all of their characters the better.

  21. Thanks! There's so much they could do. I was almost willing to write a script and ink the sketch art for the layout with a friend of mine.. I mean honestly.. !!! These guys need to get it together. All in all – they came around with Wolverine, after the X Men series… but Spider-Man is so much larger of a character. God, I hope they get this one right.. the 3rd film was so terrible.. I couldn't believe they watched the preview before launching it, and didn't tell themselves.. “nope, this isn't going to work! !!!”

  22. @Starkenterprises

    I absolutely agree. The sooner MARVEL get back the film rights to all of their characters the better.

  23. Thanks! There's so much they could do. I was almost willing to write a script and ink the sketch art for the layout with a friend of mine.. I mean honestly.. !!! These guys need to get it together. All in all – they came around with Wolverine, after the X Men series… but Spider-Man is so much larger of a character. God, I hope they get this one right.. the 3rd film was so terrible.. I couldn't believe they watched the preview before launching it, and didn't tell themselves.. “nope, this isn't going to work! !!!”

  24. i really wouldn't mind seeing Taylor as spider-man, i mean there will always be change, and i want to see him in more movies

  25. shut the f*** up, they canceled toby, so they are going to have to make changes if you really didnt wont toby to go, you guys should have started a protest or something, i mean we all knew what was going to happen

  26. I really like Taylor, he's a really great guy, but i thought spider man was lighter

  27. They definitely shouldn't try the aforementioned story idea. If they are seriously thinking of trying that idea, I think that it would be better to give the spider-man movies a long rest before attempting the reboot. I think that it would be much better if they went back further in the comic book lore rather than ahead. I think that the spider-man blue graphic novel should be the inspiration for the spider-man reboot, except with more action. As far as the twilight actors in the spider-man films; that should definitely not happen. I enjoy twilight and spider-man, but they are completely different universes that should be kept separate.

  28. Lautner should stick to Stretch Armstrong…..Spidey is NOT a good fit…or should I say, he would not be a good fit for a Spidey reboot……next Zac Efron's name will be thrown into the search…….