More Spider-Man Set Photos & Footage; No J. Jonah Jameson In The Reboot

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Andrew Garfield in the Spider man Reboot More Spider Man Set Photos & Footage; No J. Jonah Jameson In The Reboot

Either security is a tad bit too lax on the set of the Spider-Man reboot or Sony is employing a most ingenious marketing scheme to drum up even more interest in Marc Webb’s in-production cinematic treatment of the iconic web-slinging superhero.

Photos of Spidey navigating Los Angeles traffic emerged yesterday and now there are even more fan-made pics and footage from the reboot’s Southern California shoot – along with news that a staple character of the Spider-Man universe won’t show up in the film, after all.

Peter Parker fans have been given a lot of chew on over the past week, between Sony releasing an official image of Andrew Garfield in costume and Emma Stone’s confirmation that Spider-Man’s mechanical webshooters will be appearing in the reboot. Fan photos have also provided early looks at Denis Leary as policeman George Stacy, a (naturally) blonde Stone and frizzly-haired Garfield getting cozy on the bleachers, and Spider-man – complete with costume and mask – in action.

Thanks to Youtube user cfreema7, there’s now a short clip of Spidey running around Grand Avenue, near the Museum of Contemporary Art in L.A., and leaping atop a moving truck – all while a blockade of police cars controls traffic in the area and a vehicle armed with an elaborate crane camera setup follows Garfield’s stuntman in order to capture some snazzy chase footage.

Check out the video, followed by some additional photos of Spider-Man hitching a ride on a passing automobile (for even more, visit OnLocationVacations) below:



No J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man reboot?

While Mr. Parker will presumably still be snapping photos of himself (that is, Spider-Man) for the Daily Bugle in Webb’s reboot, IGN has it on good authority that Peter’s loud-mouthed boss, J. Jonah Jameson won’t be yelling himself hoarse in the film.

Rumors persisted for a while that someone like Sam Elliott or Mad Men‘s John Slattery would play the entertainingly harsh Daily Bugle chief in the reboot – some fans were even pushing for J.K. Simmons (Jameson in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy) to tackle the role once again. Like classic Spidey love interest Mary Jane, it seems that the newspaper editor will not be included in the reboot.

It’s possible that Webb and Co. felt that the Jameson character is a bit too comical and doesn’t match the grittier tone that they’re aiming for with the reboot – or they could just be saving him for the sequel instead. Either way, it looks as though Jameson won’t be barking “Parker!” in Spider-Man’s next big screen outing.

J. Jonah Jameson wont be in the Spider Man reboot More Spider Man Set Photos & Footage; No J. Jonah Jameson In The Reboot

The Spider-Man reboot swings into 2D and 3D theaters around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

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Source: OnLocationVacations, IGN (via Coming Soon)

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  1. wow no JJ, that sucks, he is almost as Iconic as Spidey himself, thats ashame

  2. No J.J.J….?
    Mmmm….he is one of the most, iconic, none superhero characters in the Marvel-Verse…
    He doesn’t have to be comedic, Raimi’s movie overdid the character way too much….but with his 3 Stooges love, you can spot slapstick in all of his Spidey movies…
    JJJ can be played straight, with the right actor….

  3. Not having JJJ in the film is a mistake, I still don’t understand why JK Simmons couldnt have simply reprised the role…

    • Another reason to NOT see this. Plus is it me, or does Spideys head look really big in the photos?

      • He is probably wearing a safety helmet under the mask.

        • Or his head really is just too big lol. they’ll CGI it to normal size I’m sure

          • LOL

        • @ DSB: Maguire actually used to wear a thin helmet under the mask. It helped to keep the mask in place.

  4. there is more footage on someone on the street got that scene as well but its longer.

  5. Spiderman without JJJ is like Superman without Perry White, either way I am getting more and more convinced that I will NOT be seeing this movie. J.K Simmons WAS J.J.J.

  6. Is it just me or does the runner (Spidey) in the video footage seems really fast? I know the cars are slowed done for this stuff… but it that was a pretty good sprint including the hop into the truck box.

  7. It almost appears as if the pic of Spidey in the back of the truck shows us that it is the “big eye” verion of the spidey mask. hard to tell…

  8. I don’t think they could have beaten J.K. Simmons as JJ anyway.

  9. I’m not disappointed by this news because no one could replace J.K. Simmons as JJJ so they may as well not try. Even if someone came in and did a decent job, Simmons is the best in that role.

    • I agree. Hard to imagine SM without JJJ, but the comparison to Simmons would be glaring.

      Plus, if they’re going with the more Ultimate SM version of Capt. Stacy, then he can fill this gap while avoiding the comparison. I read somewhere (probly here!) that the Ultimate Capt. Stacy is also fairly Spidey hostile.

  10. I think that if they are able to establish a legitimate reboot and spawn a trilogy of movies (which is probable no matter how bad this film turns out) the studio will bring back Simmons as J Jonah. Introducing Simmons as JJ in the reboot would take away from the film in a way; we need to let the film stand on its own and not be affected by the prior (fantastic) trilogy.

    So far, I am not really impressed with Spidey. I think that Mcguire was a better Spidey and a better actor than Garfield and the suit is below par. Also I know that thsi movie going to be darker but I feel as if Spidey’s iconic humor is going to be stripped away. Spidey is a happy-go-lucky character NOT a badass.

    I think the real key to the perception towards this film will be when pictures of the lizard manifest. Depending on how he looks and how the lizard is portrayed will have a significant impact on people’s view of the film; so I hope they do the Lizard right. My opinion is to minimize the CGI and to make him look as realistic as possible (yes I know he is a Lizard man but you know what I mean).

    • Agreed. I would love to see a nice blend of practical and CGI for the Lizard. As I stated in a prior article, if they could make the “Predator” look completely bad-ass realistic in the ’80′s when there was no CGI, then they should be able to do the same thing now for the Lizard. Unfortunately, too many directors have gotten away from practical effects. A “grittier” take on Spider-Man would be that much grittier with a practical Lizard, in my opinion.

    • But it wouldnt.

      If JK Simmons was back, it would just be like having Judi Dench still being in the Bond movies, despite the fact that they take place in a completely different continuity with a very different main character.

  11. Wow. Everything that I have seen or heard about this reboot reaffirms my belief that this movie is going to suck big time. JJJ is one of the iconic characters in Spidey’s universe and to not have him in the reboot is beyond stupid. Might as well not have Alfred in a Batman film, or like some said, Perry White in Superman.

    Raimi must be laughing his butt off.

  12. J.K. Simmons was great for J.J. They can replace him, yes, but he captured the character perfectly. It’s a shame.

    And what’s up with the blurry pics of Spidey? Did Bigfoot decide to wear the costume?

    • Replace him? I think that you’ll find a lot of people here would disagree. Maybe Matt k will come to your defense though Merc.

      • Somebody could. Just saying. Not saying Simmons wasn’t good. He was brilliant. They are gonna. Not in this film maybe but he will be replaced.

  13. ahahahah hes got that crystal skulls head going!!!!

  14. JK simmons, should be the judy dentch of the spider-man franchise.

    • Spot on!

    • Co-sign

    • That is brilliant!

  15. No JJJ was the nail in the coffin for me. I was still like 1% considering giving this a look, but now, no no no…

  16. The more I see from this film, the more I want to see it. I think the haters need to take a pill and just see the flick before judging it.

  17. Without Jameson there’s no point of sticking the Daily Bugle van in the reboot. J.K Simmons was JJJ and no one can replace him. I have a feeling Marc Webb is trying to make this film too dark, which isn’t a good sign whatsoever.

  18. “…or they could just be saving him for the sequel instead.”

    If it is indeed so, I would like to say that thinking like that is exactly what’s been plaqueing the movie industry for so long now, the Everything-must-become-a-franchise philosophy…
    And really, they aim for grittiness, and hire that kid? Now, I dont believe Ive ever seen him in anything, So I wont judge his acting abilities yet, but seeing him in that costume just made kickass 2. He looks so mooby, in that irritating teen angst kinda way… Now, if they had instead said “Well, We think the problem with the last three movies were a lack of emoness, yes, the third tried to fix this, but as we all know, they didnt try hard enough”

  19. hmmm kinda sucks

  20. What’s the big deal abou there being no JJJ?

    Isn’t Spidey supposed to be in college for the reboot?

    • Because Spiderman without JJJ is like Batman without Alfred.

  21. W. . . . .T. . . . . F!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NO J.J.!? What are they THINKING up there!?

  22. Just by glancing at the pic’s, they remind me of that old 70′s spider-man TV show. WOW, what a blast from the past!

  23. seriously? no JJ? well now my hopes for this film are shot.

  24. Yet another reason to avoid this completely unwarranted reboot…No JJJ in Spiderman!! That’s ridiculous..What’s next no Aunt May?..I mean really..

  25. Does everyone realize that the story of Spiderman didn’t begin with Peter working at the Daily Bugle? And that’s in the ultimate universe as well. I’m sure this is a build to introducing him in the sequel. Just another way to distance this film from the others. And having the Daily Bugle in it now is just laying the foundation for the next film. As opposed to just throwing it into the next film with no prior acknowledgement.
    Just give it a chance. No offense,but some of you are so closed minded. We haven’t even seen an official trailer yet and everyone is burning this film at the stakes. It’s a year and a half away for crying out loud! Give Webb and everyone else that’s undoubtedly working very hard to bring this character back to cinematic life a chance. Just saying.

    • @ Ren

      I’ve been reading Marvel comics since the age of ten in 1975 and have almost acquired the entire run of “Amazing Spiderman” so I hope you can understand my wanting to see a movie based on the ORIGINAL comic book series. :-)

      Having said that, I do also have some of the “Ultimate” comics. I think they are well done, but I just can’t relate to them as much as I do MARVEL’S original mainstream Universe or ( 616 ) as it’s now called. :-)

      Just some facts from the longest running and most successful MARVEL title “Amazing Spiderman”. 47 years and still going strong. :-)

      “Amazing Spiderman” Issue #1 (March 1963) featured the first appearances of J. Jonah Jameson and his astronaut son John Jameson, and the supervillain the Chameleon. :-)

      “Amazing Spiderman” Issue #2 (May 1963) featured the first appearance of The Vulture and the beginning of Peter Parker’s freelance photography career at the newspaper The Daily Bugle. :-)

      “Amazing Spiderman” Issue #28 (Sept. 1965), featured Parker’s graduation from high school. :-)

      Peter Parker began attending Empire State University in “Amazing Spiderman” Issue #31 (Dec. 1965), the issue which also featured the first appearances of friends and classmates Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn. :-)

      Mary Jane Watson, makes her first full appearance in “Amazing Spiderman” Issue #42, (Nov. 1966), although she first appeared in Issue #25 (June 1965) with her face obscured and had been mentioned since Issue #15 (Aug. 1964). :-)

      Hopefully after this franchise is over we’ll get to see a TRUE & FAITHFUL adaptation of a MATURE GROWN UP Peter Parker the MAN in a proper Spider-MAN movie. :-)

      • First off, you really know your Spider Mann. I totally agree we have this version of Spider Man as high school teenager becoming a man. Next, I would like a more mature version of Spider Man.

      • You are THE GURU for me on Spidey and the Avengers Magnetis Eye!!!

        If you got a little extra cash check out The Avengers : Children’s Crusade…I have the first four issues so far and they have been amazing..they feature a lot of guess stars and the storyline gets better with each issue and it started out great anyway to begin with..

        I know coming up in February in the Ultimate Spiderman books they have a major story arc called the death of Spiderman so I will start buying Ultimate Spiderman to see how that goes..


        • @ greenknight333

          Is “Avengers: Children’s Crusade” a mini series or ongoing? I really enjoyed the 5 part “Avengers Prime” series and picked the latest issues to “Amazing Spiderman”, “Avengers” and “Secret Avengers” yesterday but have yet to read them.

          As you know I’m not a fan of the “Ultimate” universe, even though I have several books. :-)

          You have sparked my curiosity with “Ultimate: Death of Spiderman” but the cynic in me will dare say it sounds like a cash grab exercise. Might have a look next time I go to the comic book shop. Still though, I look forward to your critique. :-)

          • Avengers : Children’s Crusade is a bi-monthly 9 issue(I think) maxi series and features The Young Avengers, Avengers, Wonderman, Spiderman, Dr Doom, Magneto and more..they are trying to find the Scarlett Witch and everyone has their own agenda..I would recommend it .. HAven’t enjoyed the AVengers as much as the Secret Avengers but am enjoying it none-the-less..

            I thought Avengers Prime was very well done and a great arc to bring that core nucleus of the Avengers back together especially after the Civil War and the Seige..

        • @ GK 333: “So I will start buying Ultimate Spider-Man to see how that goes..”

          And that´s what Marvel wants you to do! I swore to myself that I will never buy an “Ultimate” title post Jeph Loeb.

          What Millar and Bendis did with the “Ultimate” imprint was fantastic. But when Marvel hired Jeph Loeb, he messed with everything Millar and Bendis created.

  26. I’m exactly seeing what the big deal is here I guess. I mean, I love JJJ as much as anyone, but his prescense isn’t exactly key I think. Of course, I am curious to see whether the Bugle will be featured at all or if perhaps we’ll just see Peter get the photography job at the end of the picture.

    Basically, I’m still willing to give it a shot and hope for the best.

  27. JK Simmons was brilliant as Jameson. It would have been hard to replace him. Well what ever, I figure you have to give a visionary a chance to show thier vision. I hope the film works out.

  28. Yeah, uh JJJ isn’t a necessity, but C. Thomas Howell finally back in a major Hollywood summer blockbuster, hell yeah. I’m psyched…for C. Thomas that is.