Spider-Man Reboot Snags Spider-Man Trilogy Writer

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Heat Vision Blog nabbed the exclusive news that Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man reboot will be having its script polished by Alvin Sargent, the 83 year-old writer of both Spider-Man 2 and (unfortunately) Spider-Man 3. Sargent also did uncredited work on the first Spider-Man film and was also onboard to help with the script for the canceled Spider-Man 4, basically making him the guru of Spider-Man movies.

If you can’t tell by the title of this post, I’m looking at this news from the “Glass half full” perspective…for now.

Sargent is being brought in by Sony/Columbia Pictures to polish James Vanderbilt’s Spider-Man reboot script. Vanderbilt (Zodiac) was originally brought in by Sony to write a draft of the Spider-Man 4 script along with Sargent, before that project ultimately fell apart. This latest news yet again implies that themes and ideas for Spider-Man 4 will carry over to this reboot.

With screen credits like Ordinary People, Paper Moon and Unfaithful, it’s safe to say that Alvin Sargent knows how to bring human drama to the big screen. The goal of this Spidey reboot is delve deep into the struggles of Peter Parker, a seventeen-year-old geek outcast burdened with super powers and a guilt-inspired obligation to do right, following the tragic murder of his uncle.

For those worried that this is all sounding too “dark” or “serious” or “Dark Knight” – especially with guys like Vanderbilt and Sargent penning it – may I remind you that Sargent is just as versed in comedy as he is in drama: the guy wrote the story for What About Bob? for Pete’s sake.

spider man 3 sandman Spider Man Reboot Snags Spider Man Trilogy Writer

It does raise a half-mast red flag that Sargent was a contributor to that horrible over-stuffed story for Spider-Man 3. But then again, let’s be honest: it was the studio that crammed too many villains and storylines down our throat – the screenwriters were tasked with making it all make sense onscreen. And though I HATED the “dramatic” subplot involving The Sandman killing Uncle Ben, it at least gave Spider-Man 3 a little bit of logical and dramatic grounding amidst all the action sequence and f/x madness.

As I said, for now I’m looking at Sargent’s involvement with this Spider-Man reboot as a “Glass half full” situation, and hope that he can bring things back to the dramatically moving (but still fun) heights of Spider-Man 2.

Although, having an 83 year-old man writing a young teen character in a movie aimed at a young crowd is a situation that does come with potential problems. Here’s hoping Peter Parker doesn’t end up trying to change his costume in, say, a phone booth – they don’t exist anymore!

The Spider-Man reboot is being directed by Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer). It is slated to hit theaters on July 3, 2012.

Source: Heat Vision Blog

Sandman Image: Spider-Man Web

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  1. way to work a reboot — I don’t have a problem with Sargent but the producers were so crazy about rebooting the franchise.. and now they bring back the previous movies writer/collaborator..?

    • That’s my concern. Rebooting it was forced on them by script battles, but to then bring back the previous writer is odd if they want a totally fresh start.

  2. I’m still not sure whether I want this reboot be good or fail.

  3. I still think a reboot is a bad idea. Nothing is wrong with the trilogy.

  4. Did you get the right picture of this guy? It looks like Dick Sargent who played Darren Stevens in Bewitched. Twin brother?

    • I think he looks like Hugh Heffner…

    • @propnut
      LOL! Yeah, they definitely posted the wrong picture.

      That IS Dick Sargent who played Darren Stevens, and not Alvin Sargent!

    • You are correct, propnut. My Screw up. We now have THE REAL ALVIN SARGENT in the pic!

  5. I still kinda hold my argument over my list of people who I think should play the other characters: Ralph Fiennes as Green Goblin, Clive Owen as Doc Ock, Jake Abel as Venom, Carey Mulligan as MJ, John Malkovich as Vulture, Josh Brolin as Kraven, Anton Yelkchin as Harry, Chris Pine as Electro, and Christopher Meloni as Sandman.

    I think this reboot is coming along well

    • Marvel should hire you and put you in charge of casting when they get the Spider-Man film rights back.

  6. I still think a reboot is needed. The Raimi films had run their course and the story was basically over , as Spiderman 3 showed. By Spiderman 3 they were retconning stuff which kinda wrecked the foundation of the francise. I think the timing of the reboot is the only thing that would be an issue. I do think in several years a reboot would work better. Right now they’re still too close to the last films to have an distance to come at from a new perspective. Hence ,they reach for Sargent again.

  7. “The screenwriters were tasked with making it all make sense onscreen.”

    Spider-Man made sense? Did I miss something?

    • Of course I mean Spider-Man 3. Nothing wrong with the first and second…

      • I said “tasked” not that “They succeeded.” :-)

  8. I thought that the reboot was going to be based on Spiderman 5′s ideas…

  9. Whats the issue with an 83 year-old man writing a young teen character in a movie aimed at a young crowd?

    Sometimes the best people to relate to a young crowd is someone that has had trials and tribulations in their life when they were young. Not old people drink prune juice and sit on rockers on their front porch.

    Teen Angst is Teen Angst regardless of the time frame/century it happens.

  10. gah.. NOT ALL …. cant edit like I could with the other system…

    • Agreed 100%. There is simply not enough respect for the elderly in this so called modern age of enlightenment.

      LOL I feel the frustration with not having an edit button. :-)

    • Now that I think of it, it would be fascinating if Marvel ever made a TV series set within their cinematic universe…

      • I don’t think MARVEL could afford it. Even if Disney financed the TV projects; the scripts, the sets, locations, costume designs, stunts, digital FX & CGI would have to be fairly impressive.

        I would rather MARVEL spend their money continuing to produce ground breaking faithful adaptations of their super heroes and buying back the film rights from the leeches at Fox and Sony.

  11. If the reboot looks good I’ll see it but it will have to look REALLY good. Personally with the exception of Spiderman 3, Spiderman and Spiderman 2 were great movies. Spidey 3 had too much stuff in it.

  12. How are they rebooting this franchise already? I would think people would start to get the hint after the trash that was Spider Man 3; unfortunately that’s not the case and the movie will probably make big money at the box office.

  13. Is this guy for real? He’s going to oversee and help with the new script, on the previous 2 he botched! WHAT !!!

    I will never understand the studio’s decisions. Who makes up these rules anyways! PLEASE let this guy rest in peace and bring some new blood to the scene of his character development. I grew up on Spiderman, I’m an artist and comic lover..! I know his story, heck, as a writer (or with one) I could probably pen a fantastic script about how and what it would be like to be 17 (only 30 now).. THEY NEED TO GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME if it’s going to fly with the comic scene.

  14. That’s just the point, Rob. It’s a movie ADAPTATION of a comic book, not an ADOPTION. I think we should ease off on verbatim.

    • I disagree. An adaptation can still be faithful and accurate to the original mainstream source material.

      Just look at “Sin City”, Hellboy”, “Batman Begins”, “TDK”, “The Incredible Hulk” and “Iron Man”. Those films reflect their comic book counterparts fairly well.

      I know what the term “adaptation” means, but it’s a pity movie studios use the term as an excuse to deliberately modify or redesign a comic book title so that they can introduce their own ideas. I certainly don’t buy their reason of trying to market a wider audience either.

      The movie audience is there already and if the story, acting and directing is true to the source material, the film is guaranteed an even greater success.

  15. It`s too bad, I`ll never see the best potrayal of Spidey you can get, Tobey Maguire, in A real great action spidey movie. All those who say Maguire who wasn`t the right guy to play Spidey can go skimp on an apple! Maybe some problems I had were he was too old and too short, i wished he would be more average-sized, which means not short or tall, so that spidey isn`t some priority of a weak guy going out there beating the guys bigger and tougher than him. Reason = undescribable. Those are the only two problems i had with him as spidey. And i also thought Kirsten Dunst was great as MJ, as was James F. as harry, as was Rosemarry harris as aunt may and Cliff Rob. as Uncle Ben, and all the rest of the cast that has participated in the franchise. But honestly, i`m not even mad at anyone for quiting doing SpiderMAN films, there wouldn`t be any good 4th story to connect to a franchise going in this order+scenario. I undrestand that they couldn`t agree on number of villains, which villains, which story to use, as reasons the franchise came to an end. I know sam only wanted 1 villain from being so exhausted doing the first 3 movies he can`t take anymore rushing to fighting to keep something standing up. Directors can direct for almost 30 years then lose stillness in their grip, is that correct? I picture being Sam, I picture being maguire, and all the rest of the spidey production team and picture being myself not knowing what to tell them straight up to their face. Let`s get on to the main fact here, the spidey franchise has ended and there`s nothing we can do about it. It`s been great seeing everyone in their roles in the Spiderman films.