Percy Jackson Spider-Man? [Updated]

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spider man reboot percy jackson logan lerman Percy Jackson Spider Man? [Updated]

Logan Lerman called into the “Billy Bush Show” to talk about his upcoming star-making turn in Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief and conversation veered into the realm of Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man reboot.

We now know that Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) is helming the Spidey reboot, that the budget will be scaled back to $80 million and that the reboot will take Peter Parker back to high school, while exploring both the “gritty” and “human aspect” of Parker’s dual identity. However, the real question has been who will replace Tobey Maguire as the new Peter Parker – and Logan Lerman’s name swirling in the rumor mill for weeks now.

With almost shocking candor for a Hollywood actor (he’s still young, god bless him) Lerman answered Billy Bush’s questions by confirming that he is currently in early talks with Sony for the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Check this quote:

“There have been a few discussions, it’s definitely something I’m looking into. It’s [Spider-man] one of my favorite characters ever and I’m a huge fan of the series. I’d love to have more conversations about it. I’m definitely very interested in it.”

Lerman added that he’s a huge Spidey fan, and that the interest in him taking on the role has been a two-way street: the studio is as interested in him as he is in the role. You can listen to the interview for yourself, courtesy of Access Hollywood:

To this point, I haven’t paid any attention to Logan Lerman’s acting ability (he was in Gamer and 3:10 to Yuma), so I can’t really back Billy Bush’s assertion that the kid has “the chops” to play Spidey. He certainly has the look though, and Percy Jackson - which hits theaters in next week – will certainly be a strong barometer for how the public views Lerman. If all goes well with that film, I’d expect Lerman to be on the short list for new Spidey candidates.

So, let’s discuss: Logan Lerman: good man for the Spider-Man reboot? Or should Sony keep looking? And if not Lerman, who would you cast as the new Peter Parker?

[UPDATE: Nikki Finke is spreading the word that this may not be as certain as it seems. A Sony rep confirmed only that they’re looking at a lot of options for the role and that “No offers have been made, nor have any business discussions been made with Lerman.” Lerman’s reps say the same but c’mon now, Lerman didn’t make it up…]

The Spider-Man reboot is slated as a Summer 2012 release.

Source: Access Hollywood

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  1. Seems like a smart kid, humble too. He looks the part as well. Is this new Spidey movie gonna be like Ultimate Spiderman? Lets see how his new movie does. Im about to go watch 3:10 to Yuma to look for him.

  2. Seems like a good idea. He definitely has the look. I guess it depends on how he does in The Lightning Thief… I'll have to see that before I give a final verdict.

  3. i think he had the look yes but won't lightening thief have more installments? I mean if the case is yes then i dont know how the public would or want to separate him from that role to get into him playing spider man

  4. YES! Yes! Yes! yes!
    every since i saw him in gamer
    i thought he would make a great
    make it happen ppl

  5. CONFIRMED: HES NOT PLAYING SPIDEY THANK GOD! EFRON WAS A BETTER CHOICE THIS COMES FROM THE HYPE! ” UPDATE: Heat Vision reports that both Sony and the actor's reps say that Lerman is not the frontrunner just yet and that no actual “business discussions” have been made with Lerman.

    Both Columbia Pictures and the actor’s camp have denied that Lerman, who stars as the title character in “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief,” is the lead candidate for job. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Lerman reportedly said, “There have been a few discussions; it’s definitely something I’m looking into.” That has led to reports that Lerman is the new Parker.

    While a “wide net” is being cast, according to a studio spokesman, “No offers have been made, nor have any business discussions been made with Lerman.”

  6. So, hate to be this guy, but if you check on like the last 2 Spidey reboot posts I named this kid as an excellent choice for Peter Parker. Hollywood, the check should be made out to cash for tax reasons. You're welcome.

  7. He seems like a pretty good choice, the best rumored candidate I've seen so far for this reboot. I just hope that whoever gets the part- looks the part and actually works out to look more like the toned Spidey in the older comics, not like how Tobey Maguire was (he seemed a bit sloppy and not in the best shape) or how they portray Spiderman in the Ultimate Spidey comics as being so scrawny. I also hope that they do this reboot right and stick to the comics. But this kid seems to be right for the role and unlike Tobey before him, is very young and Sony can build a real franchise around him.

  8. im for it

  9. i actually really like this kid as a potential spiderman, he was brought up in a convo i was having with a friend of mine as a potential spiderman candidate. also i was hesitant on someone like efron playing spidey, but i recently say him in 17 again and he did a great job, the lunchroom scene with the bully reminded me of a peter parker stands up to flash thompson moment, so if either of them get it i will still have faith in the movie. im still massivley against taylor laughtner.

  10. I have to agree, this kid definitely looks the part of Peter Parker! Haven't seen him, so will have to check out Gamer to see, and will def be checking out Percy Jackson. I am one who is so against either Taylor Lautner or Zac Enfron! Bad choices there.

  11. No one has a problem with Robert Downey Jr. playing Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, which are two separate franchises. As long as an actor can own the role, then its not a problem and the public accepts that they are who they're playing.

    And I'm all for Lerman playing the new Peter Parker. Hearing his name being tossed around for the part actually gives me a little hope that this reboot might not be so bad after all.

  12. You hit the nail on the head. You're obviously a fan of the original Amazing Spiderman comic books. Lerman is a much better choice in looks to the Peter Parker of the comic books.

    Maguire did not LOOK like or ACT like the Spiderman from the books at all. He was acting to the script having no knowledge of the character at all.

    At least Logan Lerman admits to being a fan. Unlike Maguire who had never read a Spiderman comic book, neither was interested in comics as a kid.

  13. Well if Sony are going down the “Ultimate Spiderman” path then Logan Lerman certainly looks the part. He says he's a huge Spidey fan, so that's a bonus.

    I guess I'll have to wait for this franchise to be over before we see a mature treatment of the web slinger on screen.

  14. I would have to say if this guy doesn't get the part, my votes on the guy playing Kick-Ass.

  15. hes Not getting the part Sony debunked it theyre not even in Talks!lol

  16. As long as it's not a pretty boy per say' it should be a nerdy quarky type of kid for Spidey,no Zac Efron! As far as an actor alternating characters in different franchises, Bryan Raynolds is the one thats getting very annoying with his CBM character swapping.

  17. I know that. I'm just saying it would be a good choice as Spider-Man. Percy Jackson up there might not be Spider-Man cuz of the franchise he's already on.

  18. This guy is interchangable with effron. What are they doing? I know their going back to high school but let's think a little outside the box! Parker is a nerd! He's not on the student council or the frickin' glee club!

    How about Urkel? What's he doing these days? He'd be better than this babyface.

  19. too bad your not getting the checks!lol cause hes NOT being cast!

  20. i dont know about interchangaeable this Guy Sucks and Zac reads comics and is producing Na dwriting 2 films with Brian micheal bendis! creator of Ultimate Spidey, and notice how this logan chump was debunked in the same day1lol and NO one has debunked anything on ZAC! hint, hint!

  21. Right kind of look for the part. Much better idea than Taylor Lautner.

  22. he looks the part and has the acting versatility: check out Meet Bill for comedy and 3:10 to Yuma and My One and Only for drama and for a combination of both in the Jack and Bobby TV series where he played Bobby. I think he'd do a better job at the comedy side of Parker more than Toby. Right age, right height even for the Ultimate Spidey, says he's a fan of the comics and is actually named after Wolverine and Deadpool Logan Wade Lerman

  23. He most def should be the ONLY candidate for the role,that kids got the look and the acting ability.

  24. NO ONE has been cast yet. So just because he hasn't been yet, doesn't mean he won't be. Don't jump the gun, now. :)

  25. Lerman certainly has the right image for a teenage Spider-Man, but his acting skills as “Percy Jackson” leaves much to be desired. He needs more experience/training under his belt before trying to undergo such a role.

  26. Lerman certainly has the right image for a teenage Spider-Man, but his acting skills as “Percy Jackson” leaves much to be desired. He needs more experience/training under his belt before trying to undergo such a role.

  27. Lerman certainly has the right image for a teenage Spider-Man, but his acting skills as “Percy Jackson” leaves much to be desired. He needs more experience/training under his belt before trying to undergo such a role.

    • ur right hes sooo cute

  28. I love him! Logan Lerman is great and will do well. Even though the Percy movie didn’t follow the book at all, it was great. My guess is that Logan made it that way.

  29. heyaaaaaa logan is so cute xx