New Spider-Man Image Shows Mask & Web Shooters

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andrew garfield spider man costume mask web shooters New Spider Man Image Shows Mask & Web Shooters

Just over a week ago the very first image of The Social Network star Andrew Garfield in costume as Spider-Man hit the web (pun intended) and since then, details and set photos have been surfacing almost daily.

In what ways will director Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) differentiate this movie from the (very) recent Spider-Man films? We know Daily Bugle’s infamous J. Jonah Jameson and Peter Parker love interest Mary Jane won’t be around this go. Outside of the character selections, the biggest change for the film, at least visually, will be in the new Spider-Man costume which we have only see so far from the official mask-less Garfield pic and some distant set photos.

MTV shared the latest photo, released from the set of the Sony Pictures Spider-Man reboot, which reveals the best full look yet of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man in action. This is also our first legitimate close look at Spidey’s new mask and the confirmed mechanical web-shooters, built into his costume.

Click to enlarge:

spider man reboot costume design 280x266 New Spider Man Image Shows Mask & Web Shooters

The new Spider-Man outfit designed for Garfield’s lankier build is noticeably a lot brighter in color, looking and feeling more like a comic book or cartoon (or an Olympic swimmer). A part of the reason for the significant design change over Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy design is to differentiate it from the familiar Tobey Maguire look and more importantly, to compensate for the downside of shooting in 3D, the darkening caused by shooting it in RED EPIC 3D.

So, what you see here is not quite how it’ll look in the final product. Obviously. From the images thus far, I still do prefer Maguire’s sleek and modern costume over this design but I’ll give Garfield a chance to show me it in action.

As for the mechanical web-shooters, you can see what they look like built into the costume here. But what catches my attention is the same metallic look on his feet.

With a solid idea of what the new iteration of the Spider-Man franchise title hero will look like, we wait anxiously for a look at The Lizard (Rhys Ifans).

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The untitled Spider-Man reboot hits 2D and 3D theaters July 3, 2012.

Source: MTV

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  1. I’m actually enjoying these.

    The silver at the bottom of his feet make him look like he is wearing silver slippers.

    • Maybe Nike helped sponsor this film…

  2. Nice Spidey Suit! Nice & slick looking, but not digging the web shooters at all, (I like Raimi’s organic ones)besides they need to be a little closer to his hand!

    • copypasta

  3. hmmmm… I liked the close-up we got last week…. but… I ain’t feeling this at all. I’m Starting to get nervous here. It looks like a costume from bollywood or something.

    • It’ll be A LOT darker and slick looking after the color grading, etc.

      Remember, it’s brighter to account for them shooting in 3D. Take a look at the first official image for a better representation.

      • I understand…. and that’s all well and good.

        but still… The thin little stripe going down the arms and legs. I just don’t know. Maybe I’ll grow to like it. I just am not sure.

        I know this is supposed to follow the Ultimate version of Spider-man… which I never read… but it was widely acclaimed as being good for the character, (right?) but even those guys, in re-inventing Spider-Man, knew better then to mess with the suit. lol

        • The “Ultimate” Spider-Man comic book sereies is great. Really good stories and the art of Spider-Man veteran Mark Bagley.
          But I have to say, they could have stick to the original costume design and still make it look cool like the design they used.

  4. looks kool except all the photos that i seen are of him runnin across the street need more picszz <.<

  5. im not liking this image of spidey. the mask’s eyes look sort of too high dont they? looks a bit weird…maybe its just the angle…

  6. boooooooo

  7. The eyes appear a LOT smaller than how they are represented in almost every Spider-man comic.

    Is it just me, or does the costume look really, really rubbery?

    If it is… my gosh! That thing must make them sweat like a holiday ham!

    • The original version of the eyes in the comic were smaller and closer to the actual size of a human eye. Over the generations the eyes got larger in the comics to allow for artists to change the size and shape to communicate emotion. If you are constantly looking at a static mask it’s hard to connect with the emotional ranges the character is experiencing.

  8. Looking good.

  9. still optimistic about the film but as before, hesitant about the costume. not digging the leg stripe or the silver sneaker type things on his boots (hopefully those are just used for filming as he runs around..) kinda wish the stripe that connects the gloves to the torso was thicker, it doesnt look right, and its barely visible. and the fingers on the gloves.. if they where going to change them, i kinda wish the outer two fingers(pinky and pointer) where all red and the center two used for web shooter pressing were blue, would have been a more functiional design instead of the fingerless glove look he has now. still dissapointed they changed the perfect look of the classic costume, but gotta support my fav hero..

    and thank god, i like the mask! probably my favorite (and basically only) thing i like about the costume!

  10. Anyone else think this looks a little action figure-ish with the way his left arm is angled? It looks like an awkward angle for an arm to be in, even when running. Any chance this could just be a set model or something?

  11. Personally i dont like the idea of the mechanical web-shooters,For me the web shooting from the wrist in Sam Raimi’s spiderman is what made spiderman spiderman.

    • Same.

    • “what made spiderman, spiderman”

      I don’t understand how you can say this when spiderman started out with mechanical web shooters….

  12. The mask looks terrible

  13. why are his “eyes” red?

    • Maybe he´s stoned?

  14. he looks like a toy, made out of plastic haha

  15. Looks terrible. He looks like an alien with that gigantic head. It’s an entirely new look that doesn’t reflect the comic. I mean, if they would’ve made the eyes bigger, that alone would’ve made the costume better. I hate this look.

    • Because bigger eyes would have made him look less like an alien? 8)


      • The enormous head on the stick-figured body makes him look like an alien. The eyes don’t help either way but if they keep claiming it’s geared to be Ultimate Spider-Man at least make the eyes bigger.

        • Just pulling your leg, bud. :)

          I’m actually confident he’ll look just fine in the finished film.


          • I hope so, Vic. :/ I’ll still watch it anyway, of course.

  16. Looks lame. Don’t fix what ain’t broken.

  17. I get so weary listening to people complain about every little step in these comic book movies’ development.

    Then a trailer drops, and the next days 90% of the “I hate this” crowd are all, “I’m totally doing a 180° on this! Love it!”

    …until the next candid set image is leaked for a new comic book movie, and the complaining starts all over again…

    • Not really. For me, I would say that I can get a good idea of the aesthetic of the outfit from this picture. I dislike that aesthetic. Now whether or not the movie will turn out to be good DESPITE my dislike of the costume, that is yet to be seen.

      • Wow Kofi that kind of seems out of the blue. Since most blog sites seem to publish every scintilla of news about every film is it really so shocking that those commenting would take up the same banner of dissecting all the tid bits? It’s just a natural progression is all and for the record I want to say that I really want these films to be the best made possible. From story to technology to advertising. I’m not criticizing to be mean spirited. I’m wanting sustained effort at improvement. I think anyone who’s tried to accomplish anything in this day and age will acknowledge it isn’t easy. Go to your local Sears and try to get a part for a water softener that they have on the sales floor. You have to order it and wait a week to get it. That there is indicative of the way things are today and it wasn’t that bad in decades past. Common parts for current models would be on the shelf.

        Perhaps at some point producers will realize that quality takes time and customers want better products, so it’s unrealistic to think that can happen on such short time schedules. Either that or the markets need to come to terms that you can’t run so lean for such a sustained period. Something’s got to give at some point. I was hoping it wouldn’t be the article authors, but it’s reasonable. Single individuals up against the wants and needs of conglomerates and the masses is an unenviable position…

        • I think you’ve put your finger on the modern disease, old man: built-in obsolescence and instant dispensability. You won’t find those replacement parts because they want you to buy the latest model. I’m very much a believer in the maxim of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, and although (a) I’m not claiming to be any great fan of Spider-Man, and (b) I realise this is an isolated still taken on-set from a distance, my immediate reaction to the costume is that they’ve tried a bit too hard to separate themselves from the Raimi version. I don’t have a problem with Garfield – I’ve only seen him in Boy A and Red Riding and thought he was excellent in both, particularly the former (still haven’t seen The Social Network) – or his lanky physique, which reminds me of the original Steve Ditko iteration.

          The costume in the Raimi films was pretty spot-on for me, and I thought the organic web-shooters worked on their own terms. I don’t mind a return to the mechanical ones if their capacity and concealment is handled well, but I’m not really liking those weedy arm stripes. Change the material, the raised webbing, the texture, whatever, by all means, but I reckon it’s a mistake to interfere with the balance of the red/blue/red layout. I think of Iron Man (which I am a long-time fan of) in the same way. Add whatever bells and whistles you like to the movie version of the armour, but muck about with the general red/gold/red configuration and something will simply not feel right about it.

          I’m hoping HOPING those “slip-ons” are just that: the equivalent of what Chris Evans seemed to be wearing in the on-set stills we saw of him running down a street in Captain America, or the rubber soles they gave Charlton Heston in Planet Of The Apes, and that the eyes are him facing a red light source (there’s a similar red reflection on his upper right arm). Having said that, even if those elements are kept exactly as we see them, I’ll still be up for seeing how they might work in the context of this film.

    • Yeah, well, we’re not talking about the movie being good or bad, we’re talking about the costume. The movie might be the best movie I’ve ever seen but I still won’t like Spider-Man’s look.

      • I know that was kind of my point =p

        • My reply was to Kofi’s comment. 8)

    • Never seen that happen at all Kofi. It’s more like only 50% if any at all and it’s usually before the trailer that the turn starts. The Trailer rarely turns anyone around. Take GL for example I think everyone knew where they stood long before the trailer showed up. As far as I could tell the GL trailer turned no one around at all. If it did it was just more people turning against it.

      Thor most people were walking the line between hate and love just waiting for something to grasp on to. The trailer pushed some toward love but none of them were really hating on it before hand and it certainly wasn’t 90% since there are still a decent amount of people hating on it.

      Kick ass didn’t really have much hate going in to it at all. In fact off the top of my head before the trailer I can’t remember anyone hating it.

      So which of these movies are you talking about? Couldn’t be iron man 2 everyone was looking forward to that and then trashed it after ward with you leading the charge.

  18. … nah

  19. His head still looks unusually big to me.

  20. I dig it. It’s a big enough shift from Raimi’s version to be unique to the new franchise while still being true to the look of the Spidet we all know. Here’s hoping, with all these leaks, Sony will finally release an official pic of Spidey in complete costume with mask!

  21. he does look kinda’ scrawny…

  22. Wow, every new picture of the suit looks worse than the last! I can tolerate most of the changes, but I really don’t like that it lacks the red waistband at the front of his waist (it gives an awkward look), as well as those stupid silver deals on his feet. I mean, seriously??

  23. I think im having an Electric Company flash back EasyReader says dig this Epic fail!

  24. I know what I like, and this isn’t it.

  25. I wasn’t liking the previous images and this is ever worse. Really not looking forward to this movie.

  26. That looks almost as bad as the Spider-man costume from that dreadful tv series from the 1970′s. Google it to see what I mean.

    Everyone is so on board with the film, many are starting to insult the Raimi films. But Raimi’s films had a great costume. As opposed to this cheaply made looking costume. Maybe it’ll look better in action, I’ll wait and see. But so far the costume looks terrible.

    • Yeah, but at least that show had the cool theme song!

  27. When’s the last time a candid, non-professionally taken picture of an actor in costume on the set of a movie looked good in that photo?

    I’ll wait…

  28. Looks like a lame spidey video game lol not lookin good at all the spidey suit in ultimate looked nothing like what you see here

  29. It looks like the costume from the 70′s TV show…I have no idea how they will make the webshooters work technically speaking since they work on a pressure point in his palm..surely the pressure point is always does he hit anything without setting off the web does he grab anything with his hands and not set them off? I think the mutations were probably more ideal even though Peter Parker created his web shooters.

    • In the 90′s toon Spidey explained how they work. Specifically explaining how he can grab things and make a fist.

      • Could you expand on that, Ren? That’s something I always wondered about as well. The only explanation I came up with as a kid was that the palm triggers had some kind of ridge around them so only the shape of his two fingertips would make them work, and any casual contact wouldn’t set them off.