New Spider-Man Image Shows Mask & Web Shooters

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andrew garfield spider man costume mask web shooters New Spider Man Image Shows Mask & Web Shooters

Just over a week ago the very first image of The Social Network star Andrew Garfield in costume as Spider-Man hit the web (pun intended) and since then, details and set photos have been surfacing almost daily.

In what ways will director Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) differentiate this movie from the (very) recent Spider-Man films? We know Daily Bugle’s infamous J. Jonah Jameson and Peter Parker love interest Mary Jane won’t be around this go. Outside of the character selections, the biggest change for the film, at least visually, will be in the new Spider-Man costume which we have only see so far from the official mask-less Garfield pic and some distant set photos.

MTV shared the latest photo, released from the set of the Sony Pictures Spider-Man reboot, which reveals the best full look yet of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man in action. This is also our first legitimate close look at Spidey’s new mask and the confirmed mechanical web-shooters, built into his costume.

Click to enlarge:

spider man reboot costume design 280x266 New Spider Man Image Shows Mask & Web Shooters

The new Spider-Man outfit designed for Garfield’s lankier build is noticeably a lot brighter in color, looking and feeling more like a comic book or cartoon (or an Olympic swimmer). A part of the reason for the significant design change over Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy design is to differentiate it from the familiar Tobey Maguire look and more importantly, to compensate for the downside of shooting in 3D, the darkening caused by shooting it in RED EPIC 3D.

So, what you see here is not quite how it’ll look in the final product. Obviously. From the images thus far, I still do prefer Maguire’s sleek and modern costume over this design but I’ll give Garfield a chance to show me it in action.

As for the mechanical web-shooters, you can see what they look like built into the costume here. But what catches my attention is the same metallic look on his feet.

With a solid idea of what the new iteration of the Spider-Man franchise title hero will look like, we wait anxiously for a look at The Lizard (Rhys Ifans).

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The untitled Spider-Man reboot hits 2D and 3D theaters July 3, 2012.

Source: MTV

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  1. It took me a minute to soak in the new look (and I realize that an official pic will be MUCH more revealing), but I’m kinda digging it. If Webb can deliver a great, memorable story, I can deal with red eyes (although I wish they were white), striped legs and quirky looking shoes. I’m optimistic. Just give us something great Marc!

    • I didn’t notice the red eyes, I thought it was just a glare or something. I really hope they aren’t red.

  2. I might have seen that fellow surfing earlier today…The water’s cold lately. 😉

  3. hate the eye’s have always disliked it when the charcter was drwan with small eye holes in the mask, always looked better bigger, like mark bagleys illustrations!

  4. …this suit is looking worse by the minute…

  5. Close up details aside, the graphic designs is atrocious. This looks like Spider-Man on Ice Capades. What’s with the silver lines on the boots?

  6. That looks Horrible! A neon colored SpiderMan suit, ugly design too! He looks like we could see him doing double spins, twists and flare loops in an ice skating competition. He could be in “Blades of Thunder 2″.

  7. Common guys… remember this is a reboot so everything is going to be different… It’s an all new cast, they wouldn’t keep the same props/costumes would they? No, that wouldn’t make the reboot worth it. Now most of you are judging the movie saying it will suck… just like judging a book by it’s cover, you guys are judging the movie (which is set nearly one year from now) from his costume lol

    • From his costume, the cast, the story details, the director, Sony….

      • Let’s make that Phony Sony. There ain’t nothing MARVELous about Phony Sony. :-)

  8. LMAO! Oh I love this Peter Parker! I like his contemporary steel toes. Good for ice skating when he feels like breaking out into song. It’s a popular fashion for us girls these days. I mean high school musical is doing it, why can’t more men be like my dear sweet Peter? I like that name. Peter. It’s like Peter Pan. And the red goggles are nicely wrapped around that tight little flamboyant outfit. And speaking of his outfit, just look at that figure! You just want to spank him! Any kid who uses the material of a basket ball to create a cute little outfit like that is my kind of man. The little discs on his wrists are especially fun looking, I wonder if they can shoot NERF darts? I really hope this is going to be a comedy like the movie “Kick Ass”, because I love super hero movies that make me laugh.

    • Yer funny.

    • @Emily LOL! Let’s just hope that poor old Peter Parker doesn’t go to jail. He’d be fighting to keep the big guys in there off of him everyday.

    • LOL Emily! Take him home and feed him soup. 😀

  9. While everybody’s all over the costume, still nearly no one is talking about how this guy is a poor choice physically for spiderman. Or rather they chose for him to be this scrawny and told him to not bulk up for the role. Either way guy’s a stick. The hell is this crap? They hire a girly facebook man to get in the suit?

    Now onto the costume, this is garbage. Granted, they added mechanical webshooters(which I’m happy about as a comic fan) why they screwed it up with the placement on his arms is beyond me. The eyes on the face are too small and too high. Where the hell’s my Todd McFarlane spidey suit that I was expecting?

    • To be fair, Ori, if the webshooters were any further up his arm they’d be interfering with his hand movements. Having them right on the joint just wouldn’t be practical, and if you look at the two comic panels on the “Emma Stone Confirms 3D Artificial Web Shooters” link above, that’s pretty much where he’s got them.

        • Big D,

          I’ve been saying that for a while, myself.


        • @ The Big Dentist,

          True. Steve Ditko’s original Peter Parker was tall and lanky, which page 8 in “Amazing Fantasy” issue
          # 15 from the above link confirms.

          That style lasted 38 issues after which John Romita began to draw Parker, naturally a little more mature since he had graduated high school back in issue #28 and Peter being a little older now and attending University was also drawn slightly bulkier. :-)

          Besides I thought Phony Sony’s adaptation to be based on the “Ultimate” series in which case it’s perpetuating the teenage years and Spidey is meant to look like a skinny little runt. :-)

  10. On a side note, I HATED tobey maguire’s suit as well. That’s 2 recent iterations in a row that couldn’t get it right.

  11. web shooter are a bad idea, they should have kept the organic. i have been lossing more and more intrest in spiderman films, and most other comic films. however i did like the first three x-men execpt the death of cyclop that really p!$$ed me off and would like to see a x-men 4, and waiting to see what they do with x-men first class. if they fix mistakes and do not create holes in the film then i would like a sequel with beak,glob herman, chamber, husk,anole,mammomax,prosimian,cyclops,storm,sinister, and apocalypse and other cool cameos, but a great stroy is whats needs in all films. in x-4 they need to bring in gambit, and bring back cyclops,nightcrawler,angel,colossus,iceman,storm,rogue,kitty,banshee,beast, and the rest, and a return of the jugernaught but a bigger better version, and the sentinels. but we are talking spiderman so i would like to see the lizard and doc ock but they are ruining it with dumb ideas like web shooters instead of organic web so i think im done watching they films until marvel get the rights back and that goes for fantastic four,daredevil,spiderman, and x-men if the next one is as bad as x-men origins wolverine, and loses continuity again, and leave alot of questions.marvel save us from these abominations.

    • @ chris

      If MARVEL do one day acquire the film rights, one would sincerely hope they have the common sense to bring to fruition an adaptation of their longest running and most popular comic book title, the “Amazing Spiderman” in which Peter Parker is a GROWN UP ADULT fighting crime as Spider-MAN.

      This series also has the mechanical web-shooters. Peter is a genius across many fields of science and a back story told in flashbacks could easily and realistically explain how he went about manufacturing his web-shooters in his teen age years. It takes a highly creative and experienced writer.

      Naturally over the years he would re-design, modify and streamline the web-shooters as much as possible. so that they’re not obviously seen. If we can believe a man in a red & gold battle suit of armor with weapons galore, fuel primed jet boots, cybernetic helmet can fly around and blow things up with his repulsor rays, then mechanical web-shooters aren’t that far a stretch of the imagination. :-)

      I wouldn’t mind seeing a mature screenplay for a True & Faithful Spider-MAN film by J. Michael Straczynski. :-)



      • u r right there

  13. There is no logical reason to deviate from the comic book design. The McGuire suit was already different from the book. There are already a lot of “going back to basics” changes they made in this film that will set them apart. Aside from a color brightness change, there’s no real reason to change the suit from the comic…and so many other versions of spiderman.

  14. I am in favor of web shooters…but again, there’s no reason why they couldn’t match what’s in the book.

    • Web shooters were in the books.

  15. I’ve no problem with them bringing the web-shooters back but I really don’t like what’s going on with the metal carpet slippers. It does start to make you worry about the judgement of the people behind this movie.

    • i think tht the metallic look is a sole for comfort for the stunt double and they will most likely edit it becuz it makes it look unrealistic

  16. I don’t mind the mechanical web shooters, or that he is a lanky Spider-Man.
    I was wary of the costume after the first official photos.
    It’s not a very good view of the mask, so it’s hard to tell whether it will be good or not.
    The mask alone might salvage the rest of the costume for me.
    Why do they keep casting redheads as blonds though?
    I am going to miss Tobey’s Peter Parker. I am not really keen on this hip Parker. It kinda reminds me of Emo parker from Spider-Man: 3’s a crowd.
    I don’t want to sit through another origin story. I liked Raimi’s first two, but he relied on the difficulty Peter had trying to juggle all the aspects of his life too much. Same way I felt about IronMan 2. They already did the whole playboy struggle with responsibility bit, why did they have him relapse again in the second one? I was expecting alcoholic Stark, not party Stark.
    Maybe I am biased to Tobey’s Spider-Man. I really wish they had moved onto S4 instead of the reboot. It would be awesome to see Maguire and Downey reunited again after that awesome trailer for Devil’s Alley.

  17. @ various points made in many replies;

    You can bet that they went with a stylized running shoe built into the costume like the boots/sneakers Routh wore in S.R.
    Pretty sure the red eye is a reflected red light.
    Pretty sure the costume’s colors look saturated ’cause of the ammount of light needed to do the 3d conversion.
    Pretty sure we are seeing an angle of the head that makes it look comicly out of proportion, the human head usually looks largest when viewed from the side.
    Remember, camera angles and on-screen time will ultimately dictate whether he will look silly and alien-ish.

    I have to agree that these costume sneak peaks are to be taken with a grain of salt. This is process, let’s not get too polarized to one judgement or another. Besides, whether succesful or not we will be seing many versions of all of our fave supaheroes from now on.

    • So glad to see spiderman have mechanical web shooters as thats what I grew up on and I cant stand the magical organic spiderman web shooters. I’m not a fan of any of the Ultimate series so I hope it veers away from those comics.
      I personally love how the costume looks until those candids were shown with the mask. I liked the original spiderman costume also but wasn’t a fan of the white webbing on the suit and small bug eyes.
      Glad to see the new one has black webbing but eyes look even smaller now which is not looking good.

      Cant wait to see better shots and am so looking forward to this movie!

  18. It looks totally different from the first pic. I loved the costume when i saw it the first time but now… with the red eyes and…. it looks awful

  19. I cant wait to see the lizard… Dont much like the new costume, but i understand that it would be confusing for someone who doesnt read updates on this site and other… so I get why its different, I will give it a chance untill i see it in action… still, the lizard should be great if done right… i hope he doesnt have those purple pants…

    like the hulk but with a tail?… lol!!!

  20. you guys are acting like this is finalized actual screen shot. These are leaked shots. For all we know those are only the shoes he films in. Honestly I’m not diggin the costume a whole lot either but I understand that they wanted it to be different which is fine by me. The only thing I personally DISLIKE about the costume is the eyes are ?red? And the eyes are super small but really big in the ultimate version which this is supposed to be based off of maybe they just wanted it to look more human but other than that ill be waiting for some official pictures to be released but even then I. Just want a good movie, if not the rights will probably go back to marvel then we KNO we will get a fantastic movie

  21. Oh yeah also don’t know wats up with the logo on his chest or y they changed it but idk

  22. Wow you guys are tards. His eyes aren’t red, it’s most likely a light reflection. I’ve seen other pics, and the eyes aren’t red. Also, this movies is NOT going to be based off of Ultimate Spidey, they already titled the movie “THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN”. If that doesn’t spell it out from you, then you’re stupid. As far as the story, they seem to be following ASM pretty well. There is no Mary Jane. Gwen Stacy will be his first love interest. Also we got the Lizard, and rumors of Proto Goblin. As far as the suit. Since this is a reboot, and the first ASM movie. I would assume that this is Spidey’s First Costume, so it’s going to look a little unprofessional. Like a teenager made it who doesn’t have great experience with sewing. Kinda like in the freaking comic book! Look at how many different costumes Spidey’s gone through over the years. I swear to god, some of you people are never pleased and just have to whine all the time about the smallest of details. I’m a reader of the comic, and I like the way the movie is going so far. I’m not going to whine because the color on the left side of his costume is a shade lighter than what’s in the comic book. Waaaaaa….

    • First of all didn’t your mama ever teach you it’s not nice to name call?

      Second of all do a little research every single person involved with this film has openly stated this is based off of The Ultimate Spiderman. So hope you know where you can shove the title of the film as far as the studio is concerned. It’s just a name buddy boy and believe me it has nothing to do with the films origins. The producers, the studio, the director and even the actors involved have said it’s base don THE ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN it’s been that way for awhile now. So Amazing Spiderman as the title or not that aint what it’s based on and if you pulled your head out of the dark side of your moon long enough to stop personally insulting people and actually look at more than one article for this film you would know that.

      Been nice talking to you thanks for pretending you know what your talking about. Don’t let the door hit you on your back side.

    • Hituro,

      First – we don’t take kindly to name calling around here.

      Second, the costume in the pic above looks to you like it’s unprofessional and made by a kid? You might want to hold up a mirror to that opening sentence in your comment.