Spider-Man Reboot: Emma Stone Goes Blonde to Play Gwen Stacy

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The Spider-Man reboot cast is coming together rather nicely. Besides Andrew Garfield being chosen to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man, there’s Sally Field as Aunt May, Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben, Rhys Ifans as the dastardly Lizard/Dr. Curt Connors, Denis Leary as George Stacy, Campbell Scott as Peter Parker’s father, and Emma Stone as Peter’s love interest Gwen Stacy.

When it was first announced that Stone would be co-starring in Spider-Man, many a fan and website assumed that she would be playing Mary Jane, due to the typically red nature of her hair. When it was subsequently announced that Stone would be playing Gwen Stacy instead, many a fan wondered how a typically red-haired actress would fare as a blonde (her natural hair color). Well, now we know.

Personally, I think Stone looks fantastic. When it was momentarily believed that she was going to play Mary Jane, and every Spider-Man fan was cheering, I was, in full disclosure, a bit disappointed. Though Emma Stone is beautiful, she isn’t conventionally beautiful like Mary Jane the super model.

Check it out the pictures of blonde-haired Stone below, courtesy of Just Jared:


In my opinion, casting Stone in the role of Gwen Stacy was a wise move. While the original Gwen Stacy – the 616 Marvel Universe Gwen Stacy that was (SPOILER ALERT!) eventually murdered by the Green Goblin after being tossed off the Brooklyn Bridge – was more nerdy and down-to-Earth, the Ultimate Spider-Man version of Gwen Stacy was funny, tough, and, in a word, edgy – a lot like Emma Stone herself.

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  1. She looked prettier with red hair.

  2. Yum.

  3. I too wanted season three of Spectacular Spiderman. But fear not,word on the street is that if you loved that toon then you’ll love this new movie as the two are similar.

    • and they have the ultimate spiderman cartoon coming this fall or next summer cant remember which, But Brian Michael Bendis is heavily involved

  4. There is one thing that must happen and that is….. GWEN STACEY MUST DIE !!!!!!! It is one of Peter’s defining moments if she doesnt die you might as well scrap the movie now

    • Not really. Just saying. Granted it was very emotional and operatic however defining? Nah…

      He was always afraid something like that would happen, and it did.

      • It was actually very UN-defining. It happened, but it didn’t change him in any meaningful way. He was already all sad and mopey as a result of getting his uncle killed. He learned his lesson there first, then “getting Gwen killed” sort of compounded the fact that — well, no one close to him was safe.

  5. Looks like a wig lol if its not a wig it looks weird. I may get used to it…

  6. if/when they kill her off it should be in like the third film in the reboot series. they need to let audiences who know nothing about this character get attached to her so that her death will have meaning to the viewers

  7. I may be the only person who finds it crazy that there’s a whole story dedicated to emma stone’s hair. She went from blonde to red to blonde again. I go from black to red to black all the time. No big deal even if it is spiderman. Now show me pics of what the costumes and villains make-up (if any) will be and then I’m interested.

  8. Can’t wait for this to come out. I think she’s a great choice.

  9. it must be weird for emma stone to be doing this role, KNOWING that her character will be killed off. It’s a matter of when.

    I’d say MJ will be introduced in the 2nd film, and Stacy will die then. so I think she’ll at least survive Spidey 1 and half of spidey 2. Its more likely peter will lose his parents in the first film. I just wonder will his folks be killed by cold war spies, or the lizard? or what?


    if and when Gwen dies, will it be by a re-booted G. goblin, I think with a vast rogues gallery like spidey has, its too soon to re-do Gobby. But in keeping with tradition, maybe a varient likehobgoblin.

  10. What if they decide NOT to kill her off?

    • They won’t. It’s the whole point of introducing Gwen first, let Peter fall in love with her, then kil her off in the second film and the bring in Mary Jane.

      • But Mary should be there since part 1.

        • MJ is a late comer rickster. Gwen was Peter’s first love, well that and science class.

          • Pitt Man, he’s never read a single comic book.

            • yes i see that.

              • I know some stuff bout them. But yeah not many.

          • Actually, both Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy showed up at about the same time, and there was sort of a back-and-forth between the two. Regardless, there’s no evidence that either Gwen will die — certainly, like I wrote in the article, I think it’s more than possible — or that Mary Jane will ever show up. Nothing dictates that these movies have to be like the comics at all. So Rickster, you could be right, maybe she won’t die.

            • @ Ben Moore

              No, Mary Jane actually showed up in “Amazing Spider-Man” #42 (November 1966) 11 months after Gwen first appeared “Amazing Spider-Man” #31 (December 1965).

              There was already a very clear attraction between Peter and Gwen by this time. :-)

              • I believe I said that? 11 months in comics is actually only 11 issues. In comic book time, that’s something like two weeks or even days. What I said was, they showed up at around the same time, Peter was attracted to both and dabbled in both, but he eventually fell in love with Gwen.

        • No, she shouldnt. Peter Parker falls in love with Gwen Stacy before he meet MJ Watson, then Gwen meets an unpleasant end.

          Remember the first Spiderman film, when the Goblin holds MJ off the bridge in one hand and the cable car in the other? In the comics, its Gwen and Spiderman doesnt get to her in time and she dies.

          • Holy sh## thats great. But i still wanna see a cameo of MJ or something.

            • touche’

              • So now i firmly believe MJ should be there in part 1. I read she wouldnt be so now im a bit dissapointed :(

            • Fine. I got it a bit wrong.

                • My point wasn’t that she wasn’t his first true love. My point was that they appeared around the same time, that he dated both of them, and that Peter didn’t fall in love with her before he met Mary Jane.

            • That black and white panel reprint is from “Amazing Spiderman” # 82 (March 1970) – page 10 and proves nothing. :-)

              If you read that issue you will see that Peter and Gwen were definitely dating and Mary Jane was being her usual flirtatious self.

              From MARVEL COMICS website, “Gwen had already found in her heart a true romantic attraction – one Peter clearly returned prior to Mary Jane Watson coming onto the scene”.

              Mary Jane actually showed up in “Amazing Spider-Man” #42 (November 1966) 11 months after Gwen first appeared in “Amazing Spider-Man” #31 (December 1965).

              • It only proves what I was saying, which is that Mary Jane was around before Peter “fell in love” with Gwen. There’s plenty of other photographic evidence to prove that, but that was the first one I found on Google. If I had the comics, a scanner, and some time, I could prove more. But I honestly don’t think you’re disagreeing with me here? You’re just saying what I’m saying in a different way.

                If we’re just going by who Peter met/dated first, it was actually Betty Brant. Again, the only point I was making was that Mary Jane was around and a love interest before Gwen and he well and truly fell in love.

                • I’ve got the comics and the scanner but no time. You’re welcome to peruse through them anytime but I’m not paying for your plane ticket to Australia. :-)

                  • Well, technically, I have the paperback collections, but thanks for the offer.

          • He goes after her but uses webbing to catch her by the leg. It was never known if she was already dead before or his line snapped her and killed her

            • If she dies i wonder if theyll show her guts lol,i know they wont.

            • Maybe she could be a background high school character in spidey one and step up in the sequel. I’d say there will be the lot in peter’s school, Harry, Flash, Dr. Conners, it’ll be like Twilight meets Hogwarts… well, i hope not. I’m a huge spidey fan and I’m cross my fingers on this one.

              • No way they better not make this like twilight. I will hate it.

            • Actually, when I was a kid, I actually owned the issue of the comic in which Gwen dies – they very clearly indicated that it was his catching her with the web that snapped her neck. They had the word “SNAP” in the panel where the webbing reaches her, right next to her neck.


              • That’s great vic, so spidey killed Gwen. I think i remember something about that.

                • I think it’s fair to say that she would’ve died either way. Realistically, Green Goblin’s the cause of the death, but as a result, Spider-Man felt all kinds of responsibility for it.

                  • Personally I really hope they do that in the second film, then have Venom, a proper venom in the third film.

                    There is always the possibility that this could end up being much closer to the Spiderman we actually want to see, there is so much negativity to this project but the factors and participants are such an unknown quantity in this type of genre film making that it should at least be given a chance.

                    Here are a few facts.

                    Marc Webb is a good director

                    Andrew Garfield is a good actor.

                    Rhys ifans is a great actor

                    Emma Stone is a good actress.

                    Maybe we should give it the benefit of the doubt, considering none of us has seen a single frame yet.

                    • Well, I’m definitely giving it the benefit of the doubt. I would argue that it depends far more on the screenplay than all those other factors you mentioned, but you’re right, they’re all talented players.

                    • Well i think if they kill her off spidey should snap her neck lol,just like the comic 😉 it would be amazing!

              • @ Vic

                I just pulled “Amazing Spiderman # 121 out and yeah on page 26 the word”SNAP” is clearly seen. I guess the implication is that it was an accident.

                I love these classic Spidey stories. :-)

                  • YES! Did you scan that from your own copy?

                    • Unfortunately not. I googled for it.

                • Yeah, too bad I used to draw capes on Spider-Man in pen and lost the comics that are now worth thousands of dollars.


                  • True. :-) Vic you could’ve been a millionaire or thousandaire if there is such a word.

                    Last time I looked online for the Overstreet Price Guide, both issues #121 & #122 in Mint condition can each fetch around $420.

                    Friends often ask why I don’t sell off my entire Amazing Spiderman collection but then it wouldn’t be an enjoyable hobby if I was in it just for the money. :-) Some don’t get that I actually love reading comic books.

                    • I understand you. I used to have a huge collection, about seven huge boxes of Marvel comics. But when I moved, somehow these boxes disappeared. That was a lot of money. I even had some early issues of Uncanny X-Men, the oldest I had was # 20something. I still mourn over the loss, even if that was 12 or 13 years ago. That was when I stopped buying comics on a regular basis. Now I´m into paperbacks. The fit the bookshelf and I can read a whole arc without waiting for a month for the next part.

                    • @ scapegoat    

                      Man I would’ve totally freaked out. 7 boxes don’t just disappear. Did you use a transport company? I would’ve sued, or did you perhaps suspect someone you knew that may have taken an unsolicited lend of them?

                      There are still a number of titles I still buy. I guess I’ll always do that but I do buy paperbacks on a regular basis too.

  11. She looks better in red, but look good for Gwen. I just know that she must die… But with green goblin. Screw carnage!. Ultimet had some (keyword) good things. I think that the proto goblin is a good fit for a 1st movie. I know that Spidet man reboot 2 is going to be about the green goblin and Gwen will die (that’s if this 1st reboot don’t suck. Hopefuly It won’t) :)

  12. Oof. She really took a hit in the looks department to sell this flick. Hopefully it pans out.

  13. Eh. Oh boy. I think she looked a lot more pretty with her red hair. I don’t know. I’m use to her red hair.

  14. She looks awesome! She has a wit an charm about her thatay even outshine the web-slinger himself. Looking forward to seeing how this all comes together. Also she should be killed by the Green Goblin, blasphemy if she doesn’t.

  15. Damn, Emma Stone is one amazing talented beauty!!
    As for the blonde hair & the Gwen Stacy role, she could not look more perfect for this
    I mean look at her she looks like a living doll, talk about perfect casting!!

  16. If this movie ios following the Ultimate line then Gwen Stacy is killed by the THING called Carnage, but other than that she should be killed by The Green Goblin.

  17. I know she’s a natural blonde, but I prefered her in red. Maybe I’m just used to it, perhaps this will grow on me.

  18. She is gorgeous with Red hair, but blonde hair looks really good on her too.

  19. Oh my God. Wow, I don’t normally like blonds but…wow.

  20. Ok Now I’m impressed. I love blondes and the heck with Gwen Stacy I’d cast Emma Stone as Jeannie in a I Dream of Jeannie Movie.

  21. The more i look at her,the more the new hair is growing on me. I just hope carnage is in the sequels.

    • I hope they do Venom justice first. I’m already turned off since they’re basing if off the Ultimates, and I hated that version of Venom and Carnage.

      • i think they bashed that idea for basingg it off the ultimates, but i dont know

  22. Wow! That is 100% dead-on for Gwen Stacy! SSSOOOOOO much better than in Spider-man 3!

    • eye agreed

  23. She was not my first choice, but I am pleasantly suprised at how well she has converted herself for the role.

  24. Well. Either she’s going to live, or the Proto-Goblin or Green Goblin will be throwing her off a bridge or building, or she’s gonna have the life sucked out of her by Carnage. Choices choices.

    • i hope she lives, we’ve been shown sony can’t be trusted with symbiotes and im just plain old sick of Norman Osborne (i prefer the Hobgoblin to the Green Goblin)

  25. She looks darn good. Yay for Emma Stone.

  26. Venom is the reason why SM3 sucked! Venom and only Venom everyone has to have venom, sony had to have venom, if it stays in sony hands it will happen again, and again it will be venoms fault! people should have just been patient, but NO! everyone had to push!
    I’m giving the SONY SPIDER a pass

  27. She’s edible. :-p

  28. She looks terrible as a blonde. They should have left her as a redhead and casted her as MJ.

    • i think she looks good as blonde, she looks exactly like Gwen Stacy From the comics, and Gwen Stacy is Peter Parkers first love interest in the comics, so im glad they went with her