The Five Contenders For Spider-Man Reboot

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spider man reboot actors The Five Contenders For Spider Man Reboot

As memories fade of what could have been Spider-Man 4, we get closer and closer to Sony’s younger and grittier 3D reboot of the franchise. The big question surrounding the restart of the franchise and the return of Peter Parker to highschool is on who will play the title character, taking up the mantle for Tobey Maguire.

Early reports had Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson, Gamer) as the leading candidate and HitFix went as far as saying he was locked for the role, before Deadline completely shot it down and added that he’s not even a contender. Now comes an exclusive from Heat Vision which lists the current five Spider-Man 3D candidates.

Director Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) has been spending his last few months meeting and testing a pile of actors to find the right Peter Parker and the list is now down to the following five young men: Jamie Bell, Alden Ehrenreich, Frank Dillane, Josh Hutcherson and Andrew Garfield.

Hutcherson we already knew about from an IESB report in early April but the other four haven’t been publicized as candidates until now. He’s the youngest of the group at 18, while the others range from 19 (Dillane) to 27 (Garfield).

The idea is to cast a relative unknown so it’s somewhat surprising to see British actor Jamie Bell in the running who’s had big roles in Jumper, Defiance and the upcoming Jane Eyre adaption and Tintin films. He’s crazy talented in my opinion so no complaints here.

We won’t go into the history and details of each until the list narrows. Selecting the star of a comic book movie is a dangerous game and we’ve played along with it too many times before. Let’s wait and see who becomes their actual top pick before jumping the gun. As we know, there could easily be subtractions and additions to the list of candidates (read: Captain America casting).

What we can confirm about Sony’s restart of the Spider-Man franchise is that it’s coming at us in 3D with the modest budget of $80 million. The story will follow a younger Peter Parker back in high school and will be directed by Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer). The speculation from fans is that the grittier and more realistic take on the live-action adaptation of Marvel Comics’ webslinger will follow the character as he’s depicted in the Ultimate Spider-Man series, written by Brian Michael Bendis.

Of the Spider-Man reboot candidates we now know of, who do you think should get the role?

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The yet-to-be-titled Spider-Man reboot is set to hit theaters July 12, 2012.

Source: Heat Vision

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  1. Well i dont kow who most of the picks are myself. Besides bell and hutchson. Bell is a solid actor, but i dont see most of the 20yr old plus guys nabbing it. If they want to make a few films in highschool setting. So it will probably be hutchson. Who isnt that bad of a pick.

    • I really don’t think Hutcherson is a good choice to play as Spider-Man. He’s got some talent and he’s pretty well known, but he just doesnt look the part to me at all. He looks more like he could Robin or something. Now Bell or Garfield are good choices.

  2. To be honest I have never heard of any of them :s but I think Marc Webb will make the best choice when he picks the young peter

    While I do like the Ultimate origin of spidey, and peter’s role in the ultimate universe. I really really hate how they handled most of spideys rouge gallery in the ultimate world.
    Particularly my two favourites Green goblin and hob goblin, they are both supposed to be cunning intelligent villains yet in the ultimate world they are mindless brutes.. I dont like it.
    Also Rhino, Carnage and Kraven were handled very poorly.

    Venom was probably the only villain I liked from ultimate spiderman.

    I hope they stick with the original comics designs and origins for the villains rather than the ultimates (or god forbid taking liberties and changing their back stories/costumes all together-sandman/green goblin in the raimi trilogoy)

    One more thing: I hope they dsont use green goblin right away, but keep him for a 3rd movie and build up norman in the first 2

  3. Wow. All these contenders are just awful. They do not look the part of Peter Parker at all. If any of these actors are picked I definitely will not be going to watch this film. Very disappointing casting options.

  4. Ugh I don’t like any of them they just don’t have the right look. I thought the kid from Percy Jackson would of been decent and the kid from Kick Ass wouldn’t be bad either, but non of these guys look like Peter Parker to me and he’ll only one looks like he could be in high school just barely. I don’t want sone guy who looks like a pretty boy 20 something playing a high school Peter Parker.

  5. people are now speaking

    heard them? they don’t want any of em.

    Logan Lerman still fit the role

  6. AWOL = Carter Jenkins.
    The young ‘Aliens In The Attic’ actor would be my choice; and he is not even on the list.

    But I’ll take a pick from the five. My pick is…

    Alden Ehrenreich!

    He’s the closest for a Peter Parker look. All the others are…well, I’m ruling out the Harry Potter Frank Dilliane just because I’m a mean dude. He might be fine for a supporting role.

    The rest are uninspired choices to me.

  7. I have like no interest in this now that Logern Lerman has been dismissed. He was my choice as the perfect actor for the role.

  8. i think logan lerman was a very good fit.. and i mean bell could also work. but the other candidates looks bad to be honest:\ if theres gonna be one of them i hope its Bell rather than anyone else there, but i still think logan would be the best.

  9. Uh, no. The reboot was not a popular idea to begin with and none of these candidates look very promising. I’m familiar with some of their work, so I know for example that Jamie Bell is a solid actor, but unfortunately none of them have the look of Peter in Ultimate. Ehrenheich is the closest in looks but I think he and Dillane actually have the least experience. Logan Lerman was a pretty good pick, acting and looks-wise, they should’ve cast him.

  10. I agree Logan Lerman would have been a much better choice. The cynic in me really doesn’t have much hope in this reboot. Firstly it’s still Sony and secondly I’m not much of a fan of the “Ultimate” universe.

    Hopefully one day when MARVEL STUDIOS procure the film rights, we’ll see a realistic mature adaptation taken from the original mainstream comic book title “Amazing Spiderman” depicting the life and adventures of Peter Parker the MAN & his alter ego Spider MAN. :-)

  11. 80 mill production budget seems very low but then you have to factor in the fact that they do not have to pay any big time actors or directors; my guess is that whoever plays spiderman will get around a 500k-1 mill. Nevertheless i am not that excited about this, instead I am rather dissapointed to be quite honest. I think Sam Raimi had it it right and the cast they had was great. No to mention the fact that we got our first spidey flick not even 10 years ago it just does not sit well with me. Was Spidey 1 good? Yes. Was Spidey 2 good? No, it was FANTASTIC. Was Spidey 3 good? Not good, but also NOT bad. It did not need to lead to the reboot of the franchise imo.

    This is what I believe is the main driving force for the studio demanding a reboot: MONEY

    Think about it, venom was killed off in Spidey 3. Re-introducing him in this film would ultimately lead to a spinoff films for the character. In addition I am SURE that they willfind a way to tie in another marvel universe seperate from ther avengers. Expect to have many more character cameos and many more spinoffs.
    Its just sad to see all this being done for money because even though Spidey 3 was not that good I think that Spidey 4 coudl have had promise, at the very least they should have wrapped of that segment of the spidey franchise.

    I hope that this upcoming movie tanks and that teh studio brings back raimi and mcguire and continue on teh original storyline with spidey 4

    • You’ve got to be kidding. Sam Raimi’s version of Spiderman was a little too cartoonish, predictable and wearisome to say the least. I think he’s an over rated director who got sick of being pushed around by Sony.

      Let’s not forget Tobey Maguire’s deadpan acting. The guy was too short, too goofy looking and acted nothing like the Peter Parker/ Spiderman from the comic books.

      In fact Tobey Maguire had never even read a Spiderman comic book nor was he ever interested in them growing up. And it shows through his lackluster performance as an actor simply going through the motions.

      Kirsten Dunst was the absolute opposite of her comic book counterpart. As obvious as chalk and cheese. Along with Tobey, it was another disproportionate casting.

      Sam Raimi’s franchise had a great supporting cast, some wonderful aesthetics but in retrospect now seems more like a caricature than a faithful adaptation.

    • @”I hope that this upcoming movie tanks and that teh studio brings back raimi and mcguire and continue on teh original storyline with spidey 4″

      That won’t happen. I highly doubt this film will tank, who knows?

  12. My vote is for Josh Hutcherson, maybe Frank Dillane, if they want to go with a younger looking version of Spidey.

    @ tasouli – Venom did not die in Spiderman 3, Dr. Conner still has a piece of venom in his lab. Watch the movie again.

    • But Eddie Brock did die, and Venom without Eddie Brock isn’t really Venom.

      • Not so gentle reader…

        Eddie Brock also dies in the Marvel continuum. And the new Venom is Mac Gargan, the old Scorpion.

        ’nuff said

        • I’m aware of Mac Gargan’s stint as Venom, but I think my point still stands. Eddie Brock is the only ‘real’ Venom, just like Steve Rogers is the only ‘real’ Captain America and Clark Kent is the only ‘real’ Superman. They’ve all had their roles filled by other characters for various lengths of time, but that’s not what I want to see in the films.

  13. I honestly can’t think of a worse direction to take this franchise.

    Spiderman doesn’t need to get younger, he needs to move darker with a deeper more involved story. Spiderman 3 failed due to the script it had nothing to do with the actors.

    Sony really needs to rethink their plan here as a failure here will cost them a hell of a franchise.

    if they want to recast the team thats fine, but I would like to see an adult spidey with adult problems similar to the SUCCESSFUL other franchises.

    Now if there goal is to get my daughter to watch Spiderman, they may have the right formula down.

  14. Jaimie Bell is a solid actor, I’ve loved him in everything he’s done. Dear Wendy was a great film, as was The Chumbscrubber, I’d love to see him take over that role….I’m hoping they choose Bell!

  15. A Marvel Studios reboot starring Logan Lerman is what we need.

    Which reminds me: whatever happened to the Kirby estate’s case against Disney, Fox and Sony for the rights to Jack Kirby’s characters?

    Why don’t Disney hire the Kirbys some world-class lawyers in exchange for them dropping all charges against Disney, so when the Kirbys won the rights back from Fox and Sony, Disney could buy them at a fraction of the price?

    I probably have a very simplistic outlook on the nature of the judicial system… hee hee.

  16. I’d still like Anton Yelchin to get the part.

  17. I’d say Bell is the best candidate of the ones listed. I see all the other actors having a hard time trying to capture the supposed dark and gritty direction that the franchise is supposed to be taken in. Really hope they don’t choose hutcherson; I think he’d definitely fit looks wise but I thought he did an awful job in cirque du freak.

  18. Hutcherson or Dillane should get the role because they are more closer to that Peter Parker’s age and maybe young enough to do their own stunts.

  19. I’ve never heard of any of these people. I wish there were pictures in this article. I’m too lazy to look them up individually right now. I still want Jesse Eisenberg.

  20. I don`t think anyone will do a great job as peter parker.

  21. i still wish that logan Lerman would get the role

  22. is this a joke??!!! none of these actors would fit the role of Peter Parker?Spider-man. Its been five months now and Im still pretty pissed off. I can’t believe people are talking bad about Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi, it makes me sick. I want the original cast back, that means Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, I don’t want another actor, screw this stupid reboot, I will not be watching it in the near future. If they reboot the series the first three films will be forgotten.

  23. they don’t care about the fans at all, the studio just wants one thing; MONEY!!!

  24. Logan Lerman should have gotten this role not these guys.