Why are the ‘Spider-Man’ Movies ‘Starting Over’?

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Spider Man 2002 Amazing Spider Man 2012 Movies Why are the Spider Man Movies Starting Over?

“Why are they starting the ‘Spider-Man’ movies over?”

It’s a question we’ve heard echoed again and again (and again) by casual movie fans who have recently seen the trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man; those still wondering why, what should’ve been the fourth film in a popular movie franchise, is now a film with an all new cast, an all-new look, but is essentially the same origin story that was covered by director Sam Raimi and Co. in the 2002 Spider-Man.

Comic book fanboys and/or hardcore cinephiles can probably explain the situation – but to those still looking for answers, today we have a rundown that will help explain what is going on with this Spider-Man movie situation, and give you some information that will make you sound like the smarty in the group, when the subject inevitably comes up in social discourse.

Comic Book Retcons

Ultimate Spider Man Comic book Why are the Spider Man Movies Starting Over?

Properly referred to as “retroactive continuity,” ‘retconning’ is when comic book creators go back and revise aspects of a character or story that have been previously established in continuity. See, comic books are a unique medium in that they’ve run for an incredibly long time, but under the guidance of many different creative visionaries. The writer/artist team that created Superman in the ’30s had different ideas and sensibilities than the creative team in the ’50s, the ’80s, and so on; Batman has been around since 1939, and even “newer” superheroes like Spider-Man or the X-Men have been around since the ’60s, about half a century (or more). In that time, more than a few writers and/or artists have altered a superhero’s backstory, powers, costume, attitude – sometimes even their identity (for example, since 1940 four different boys have taken on the mantle of Batman’s sidekick, Robin).

On the one hand, the constant change of creative teams keeps a comic book character fresh, as new people bring new ideas to the table, and keep the character relevant and connected to the (at that time) current generation. On the other hand, there is the danger that a prior idea may become outdated, unsustainable over a longer course of storytelling, or was simply born of an era and/or social context that no longer exists. When that happens, comic book creators rely on ‘retcons’ to right (and re-write) the (possibly) outdated aspects.

Marvel Ultimate Universe Why are the Spider Man Movies Starting Over?

The revamped heroes of Marvel's "Ultimate" Universe.

In 2000, Marvel Comics launched their “Ultimate Marvel” comic book universe, starting with Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Spider-Man. The goal was simple: create an alternate reality in which popular superhero origin stories were re-told in a modern context – free from decades of convoluted and dated backstory. New readers could start from a fresh beginning and follow a character through a more familiar world; longtime readers could get a new take on their favorite heroes, but could still enjoy the “classic version” being offered by the original comics.

As you may surmise, a modernized look at Marvel superheroes also became the basis for a fair number of superhero films – including the upcoming Avengers movie, which borrows many elements of the modern “Ultimate” universe – not least of which is a Nick Fury who looks like (and is played by) Sam Jackson. Thanks to a wonderful and dedicated creative team (the same writer has written all 140+ issues of the series), Ultimate Spider-Man‘s modernized take on the web-slinging superhero became a hit – and the primary inspiration for the franchise reboot film, The Amazing Spider-Man.


Amazing Spider-Man’s ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ connection…

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  1. Doc Ock is one of the greatest comic movie bad guys EVER!

    • I have a good reason why there should be a new Spider-Man movie. Spider-Man is in High School and not in college like the first Spider-Man; and the most important, Spider-Man is a silly, childish, and hilarious guy. The first one was serious and not at all funny. He seemed pretty depressed. But the best of all, Spider-Man is AMAZING! :)

    • Those saying they needed to make a new movie to keep the rights and that Raimi and McGuire are too expensive are missing the point again! Why is the movie not continued from Spiderman 3 with a new actor? Why is he just becoming Spiderman again? Why did they infuriate us with organic webbing in the first series and now make it web shooters again. This is a laughingstock. Why infuriate the fans and mess with the minds of the noncomic readers?

      • You’re thinking a little too hard there, i get some of your complaints. At the end of the day no matter how much you complain, this is where it is now. Sony and Raimi made some big mistakes, but that’s the past, it’s all about the present and future now, there’s no turning back my friend.

  2. you know what? ive changed my mind! im excited for spiderman…i used to think it was too soon, but honestly who cares? i mean if they make a quality movie then im all for it regardless…im also excited to see the different direction this series goes. Also good article i knew most of the content but not about the inspiration from this new comic book line. I always wondered about spider mans parents so that looks promising…the one negative left? I dont like the lizard as the villian (many better choices who are also scientists that they could have switched in) or specifically his look, i think he would have looked way better by looking more like the saturday morning cartoon version aka a jurrasic park raptor-man. but thats nit picking at this point

  3. I’m a little bit confused about this rights-thing in the US.
    This all sounds like they (Sony, Fox in this example) can keep the rights forever, they only have to produce one movie about a character, every 5-10 years, or what?

    Does Marvel only get the rights back, when:
    1. The movies are not making enough money?
    2. and/or Sony/Fox don’t make movies about them? (1. and 2. are going hand in hand, of course)
    3. Marvel buys them back, when Sony/Fox are thinking Marvel offers enough money?

    Please, can somebody wise me up.

    • I can tell you now that Marvel/Disney will never be able to offer either studio enough for Spider-man or X-men. All the films alone has grossed more than even Disney can afford to pay. Fox knows they can make even more money off X-men, and the same goes for Sony and Spider-man. Granted, some characters like Fantastic Four wouldn’t be a big loss for Fox, and I think it’s plausible for Disney to buy that property back. I don’t expect Sony to want to hang onto Ghost Rider after the second film bombing.

      • As long as Fox makes movies like X-Men First Class and Sony makes movies like The Amazing Spider-Man (which looks great so far), I don´t want Marvel to get the rights back.

        Fantastic Four and Ghost Rider are a whole different thing though. Those movies sucked so bad, I don´t think (at least in the case of GR) that the studio wants to waste any more money.

        • What X-men movie were you watching? First Class was worse than the first 3 films

          • DyanB

            Imo, First Class was better than X3. And im hoping there would be still a X4 & X5 aslong as they’re good. Still seems doubtful though.

        • Whats wrong with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X-mn first class sucked!!!!!!!! ANd the GostRIder was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!

          • @ Kaitlyn

            We have to agree to disagree First Class sucked. Still imo, it was better than X3 was. And as for Ghostrider being awesome, i hope you aren’t refering to the 2nd film.

  4. There is also the Rogue gallery issue. Heroes have SOOO many good villians to fight, you need more movies to fully realize them. I’m glad they are doing more Spider-man movies; I hope to seem more Batman, Superman, X-men, etc., etc., There are many villians out there that we haven’t even begain to add movie FXs to, and when that happens – if bad, then bad… but if good, then it will be GREAT.

    • @ Symon

      Regarding the Rogue gallery issue, i’ll probly get bashed for this. But this goes for any franchise that does well enough,especially CBM. But id like to see each CBM franchise go as far as they can, IF they can to see the hero take on many of his villains in the same universe. I mean imo, it would be kinda nice to see Batman walk by more than one villain at Arkham w/ them lookin back as he goes by like in Batman:TAS. I know these are films so somthing like that is harder as you need to pay actors to film a cameo unless they’re willing to do it for nothin. Some people like stop after 3 movies which understandable. But if the film makes a good enough profit & is well-liked enough to green-light another film, might aswell do it instead of doin reboot after reboot.

      One my co-workers brought up a somthing i didn’t notice till now, is how many of Spider-Man’s villains are named after a animal or insect,etc.

  5. Hey…. you forgot the biggest reason why this re-boot is happening… LEGEL ones. If Sony didnt make a movie within five years of the previous movie they lose the movie rights. The rights then go back to the new owners (i believe) which is Disney.

    • Didn’t forget that Barbee. It’s mentioned in the article.

    • No dude, THE biggest reason is money. Plain and simple. I hope this movie bombs.

  6. They’re rebooting because the other movies sucked and want more money. The end.

    • I totally agree the previous 3 Spider-Man movies although were big hits – they didn’t go down well with hard-core Spidey fans – and they left a lot to be desired in terms of narative.

      The new Spider-Man movie sticks much much closer to the origin of Spidey – ie wrist web shooters (That deplete with continued use.), his high school adventures and romances etc etc

      This is what fans originally wanted to see – but Sam Raimi even though he is a brilliant director (Check out The Evil Dead Trilogy) – I feel he got a bit lazy when directing his Spider-Man trilogy and took shortcuts.

      This new version looks cool.

  7. Unlike alot of people..i enjoyed all 3 spider-man movies and wished they would have made a fourth one but thats not happening..so far the new spider-man looks decent..i mean even if they did make a fourth one they still would of made a reboot somewhere down the line..my only problem with the new spider-man reboot..believe it or not..I HATE the fact that Emma Stone(I think thats her name) is the lead woman in the film..cant stand her and her guyish voice..i feel they need a very feminine woman to play that role..but other then that the new reboot looks decent..

  8. The new trailer for the reboot actually looked pretty cool, but nothing will ever match the excitement I had over the very first Spider-Man movie. There’s just nothing like the first time. Seeing a re-interpretation of Spider-Man at 24 just isn’t gonna be anywhere near as thrilling as it was seeing the long awaited original movie adaptation at 14.

  9. I wish Ryan Reynolds wasnt wasted during the godawful Green Lantern. He would be perfect for Deadpool or Flash. I know there’s supposed to be a Deadpool movie in the making, but I think Wolverine and GL kinda messed things up a little bit

  10. I think it looks great.

  11. Much like the 007 franchise, I don’t begrudge a complete reboot of Spider-man. I just wish that Marvel would take the same time and care with other characters like Moon Knight or Black Panther. Both of these potential films characters could print their own money if given the proper attention. Black Panther is Nelson Mandela with Bruce Wayne/Stark Industries money and tech.

    I get why Marvel doesn’t know how to properly execute a Moon Knight movie. He’s always been a badass costume in search of an identity, a Rogues Gallery, and a consistent vision. How else do you explain the many cancelled titles of both these characters over the years?

    Perhaps, like Iron Man, both characters would work better as movies than as a monthly comic book series. I mean, 1987′s Robocop is considered a classic sci-fi, but has never translated as well as a comic book character.

  12. So if Sony doesn’t make a Spider-Man Movie , Marvel get the rights back !?!

    I’m sure Disney will be watching – as I’m sure they’re dying to have Marvel’s most iconic Superhero in it’s clutches…which us fans would like to see too – Spider-Man meets The Avengers…The Movie !!!

  13. I was cool with some of the corniness of the first two-J.Jonah Jamison and stiff acting by the Green Goblin-but the third one was awful. They really “Schumachered” it. Venom could have been the dark character that would have brought even more depth to Spider-Man but they just screwed him over by casting Topher Grace as well as a crappy script.

    • @ mike

      Schumacher was only part of the problem. Warner Bros. took somthing great & messed it up. Same goes for Sony with the 3rd film by adding Venom in the film which i was against because i had a hunch Topher Grace wouldn’t pull it off. I only wanted Venom if he was to be on film w/Carnage or by himself.

  14. i just watched “spider-man” last night, and while i did like the movie, i really paid attention to the “style” that raimi put in it, and i gotta say, it’s kind of cheesy, especially a couple of the fight scenes betwixt spidey and gobby. Raimi used his patented “speed up the film bit” and made it look like something from “evil dead.” raimi is one of my favorite directors (darkman and drag me to hell are 2 of my fave films) but i think he did add a bit too much cheese to this franchise, and i hope marc webb makes a more serious film.

  15. Actually, the new film only borrows a little from Ultimate continuity, and actually mainly uses 616 continuity. The Raimi films were actually more like Ultimate Spider-Man in my opinion.

  16. I am not excited to see this its like i look at the trailers and all i go is…. eh. Its the same feeling i got with Green Lantern so unsure if it was good!
    And my biggest prob with this damn reboot is that I keep going back to these 3 questions:
    1. Couldnt they have picked someone to play a hot blond girl other than Emma Stone? Looks better as just a ging.
    2. Why is The Lizard not wearing the classic ripped sleeves doctor coat? Looks like a mini dinosaur-like lizard
    3. Dis spiderman always have his mask off so many times while he was in public in the comics?

  17. i don’t understand how some of you guys can be excited about this concept of retconning
    basicaly instead of giving us new material. they will keep telling us the same stories only in a modernized setting. (forever!)
    the heros just do the same thing they’ve been for over 40 years in a different environement
    don’t you guys wanna see new heros? ( from scracth!), or if you wanna stick to favorit your hero here is a list that ( in my opinion!) we can all enjoy
    1) spiderman encounters a new villains, no one’s ever seen before
    2) he also develops a new ability
    3) he gets married ( for the fangirls, lol)
    4) they should also develop his personality,make him wiser. grow him up
    5) a wiser sipdy will force the villains to be smarter resulting in deeper confrontations remember the dark knight? go joker!!!

    if you guys understand me, make some noise
    sony/marvel i dare you to go a new direction!

    • I completely agree with you…tired of seeing same old stunts, same drama…besides spidy trilogy seems to b for kids…any ways the direction nd the narration simply sucked to the core but this time it has to very matured with a good story line…

    • I feel the same way, Im disappointed in the new spider man movie. I wished they kept tobey maguire and kristen, to me they cant be replaced. I would have like to see spider man get older and get married and have a son, still being spider man, maybe die in the film and his son discovers who is father was and he takes over, the series could have started fresh after that, that is how this spider man movie should have been developed.

  18. Actually, the only reason it’s being rebooted is that SPIDER-MAN 4 creatively fell apart for a variety of reasons (see below). Had Sony and Marvel supported Sam Raimi’s creative needs and juggled the release date, we’d be getting SPIDER-MAN 4 starring Tobey M., Kirsten D. and John M.

    By NIKKI FINKE AND MIKE FLEMING | Monday January 11, 2010 @ 5:13pm EST

    Mike Fleming and Nikki Finke have just confirmed that Sony Pictures decided today to reboot the Spider-Man franchise after franchise director Sam Raimi pulled out of Spider-Man 4 because he felt he couldn’t make its summer release date and keep the film’s creative integrity. This means that Raimi and the cast including star Tobey Maguire are out. There will be no Spider-Man 4. Instead, Mike Fleming is told, the studio will focus on a Summer 2012 reboot from a script by Jamie Vanderbilt with a new director and a new cast. All this took place today at meeting on the lot today.
    Raimi told Sony Pictures: “I can’t make your date. I can’t go forward creatively.” And, so, once he said “That’s it”, Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal and Columbia Pictures’ Matt Tolmach decided they didn’t want to replace him and instead chose to reboot the franchise. Insiders also tell me that Tobey Maguire heard the news in a phone call with Amy today. I’m told Tobey wasn’t upset. “He’s made 3 great Spider-Man movies. He’s done really well. But he’s the kind of guy who, if Sam wanted to go forward, would have been there for Sam and the studio. Absolutely.”
    Fortunately for the studio, Sony was not yet “pay or play” on some of the talent negotiations which were still only at the tail end. Raimi was insisting that John Malkovich play the villain, and the studio was looking to cast Anne Hathaway. “I’m not so sure we’re going in that direction,” an insider told me on January 5th. Sony had been hot for her until bigwigs realized she’d cost too much and they probably don’t need “such a big star” for the pic, I was told. As for those repeated rumors that Spider-Man 4 might shoot in 3D, I’ve learned it would have added at least 6 months to the production schedule and “no one on the pic has any idea how to do that,” a source confided.
    The events that led to today’s shocking decision to scrap Spider-Man 4 can be traced to mid-December when I saw a December 11th email alerting the pic’s special effects crew that the fourquel would not be starting as planned ”but Sam Raimi has story issues [that] need to be resolved before we are ready to shoot”. At that point, it wasn’t well known that the Spider-Man franchise director helming the 4th installment had huge problems with the script that has run through screenwriters Jamie Vanderbilt, David Lindsay-Abaire, and Gary Ross. I was told Sam Raimi had been very vocal inside Sony that he “hated” it. I broke this story on January 5th, and reported that Raimi and Sony were anxiously waiting for still another version from screenwriter Alvin Sargent, who wrote Spidey 2 & 3 and is married to Spidey franchise producer Laura Ziskin. “It is unlikely that May 11, 2011, date will be made,” a Sony insider told me that day. “It depends on how quickly the script can get in.” However, agents told clients in the movie to already expect the film to be pushed back.
    My sources said Sony still intends to release that summer, even if the new date is July 2011. But Spider-Man has always owned that coveted early May date. Even as far back as September 2008 when I reported my exclusive that Sony Locks Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire For ‘Spider-Man 4′.
    Spider-Man 4 was supposed to start filming in February, which Tobey Maguire echoed repeatedly in publicity appearances for Brothers. Then it pushed to March. Then late March/early April. And by January 5th there was no date at all, according to my Sony insiders who emailed me: “Some decisions have been made over the holiday about Spider-Man 4. We will be extending the production hiatus on the film. The studio is firmly committed to this franchise but, for us, the script must come first. We intend to notify members of the crew immediately. As you know, Alvin Sargent is currently working on the screenplay. When we have more news, we will keep you posted.”

    Pascal and Tolmach, who have shepherded the Spider-Man franchise from Day One, have been wrestling with this script problem for months. “I’m going to do everything I can to make May,” she has repeatedly told Hollywood types involved with the movie. “But I’m not going to start a movie where the script isn’t right yet. Not unless I want my career to be over.”

    • …whoa.

  19. Sorry, this is a bit of a nitpick, but four boys and at least three girls have taken up the mantle of Robin.

  20. I’m a die-hard spidey fan.

    I am also a great couch critic.

    Let’s take money out of the equation.

    The first movie was the first CGI super flick of note.

    I enjoyed it and remember the dissection of what his suit would look like. Well, the suit is better than the new one, in my opinion.

    The green goblin I thought had a poor suit.

    The set was over flamboyant or cheesy.

    No web shooters was a bad move.

    Gwen Stacey would have been better as a main love.

    I was not huge on the casting.

    Spider-man 2 was the best of the 3 films.

    Doc Ock was well done.

    A bit too much love cheese and losing his powers was ridiculous.

    Spider-man 3 was made for the new kiddies who only know venom and carnage.
    Both shallow characters. Bringing together villains was a great idea but with the wrong choice and this I believe hurt spidey fans and the making of a forth installment.

    Sand-man was done well.

    A bit cheesy with the love triangle.

    With what I have seen, I hope they pull off Amazing Spider-man as the Lizard was a character in weak stories in the comics.

    As for all the flop Marvel movies, they all had mainly poor stories in the comics.

    • @ Lefty

      On the Green Goblin suit, id have to say it wasn’t the best but wasn’t the worst neither. Someone on the this site shown what the original costume was gonna be like which imo was worser than what was in the final film. All i remember was the lousy lookin rubber mask. Like that person said aswell my friends have said, some characters or things are harder to adapt from comics to film than others. Green Goblin’s costume was one of them.

      Not sure was to say about the set being cheesy but i thought J. Jonah Jameson’s hair did,lol.

      I too wished webshooters were added. Both Doc Ock & Sandman were the villains best played out. I too didn’t care for the love cheese as you say & losing his powers for a short while.

      Spider-Man 3. I wished the studio never pressed Raimi to put Venom into that film even if some fans wanted him in there. I knew it wouldn’t work, even more so when i found out Topher Grace was gonna be Eddie Brock. Personally i thought Sandman needed to be the only villain or had someone other than Venom. Venom could only work on his own or w/ Carnage in a spidey flick imo. One of the things i hated most was Peter’s dancing. I prefered more action of alien costume spidey roughing up thugs. I felt Gwen Stacy was introduced for nothin really.

      As for the new Spider-Man film, i might wait for the dvd.

      • Amazing Spiderman should have been the Venom as villain movie reboot or not.
        Sandman was good enough for S3,I’m in the minority but I actually did like Venom/Topher in S3 tho.

      • Oh, i have a feeling you just might change you’re mind come July 3rd.

      • You’re right. They shouldn’t have let him do a character he personally hated. I loved Venom as he served as Spidey’s double (Like Superman’s Bizarro) but he was a very important character on his own as well.
        Jus hope the future of Spiderman films will do more justice.
        Just like the other guy said, hey stuck to 616 continuity more than the last 3 films, which leaned more towards the Ultimae continuity. Web shooters, his genuis intelligence/gadgets, more of real New York life was portrayed in the film, Gwen Stacey, and Aunt may bring tougher than some poor old woman (Though Rosemary Harris did her role well). They just need to build the story better an stop trying to milk Spiderman like a cash cow. Stop trying to market it to children, they can wait till they are older and stick to the cartoons
        (see what they did with Batman and Robin? Then they decided it was time to mature things up like the comics were)
        Personally some of these super hero movies could use an R rating or something close, which is why Blade was awesome in some regards.

  21. What I never understood is how Peter Parker can create such an awesome suit out of nowhere. I challenge anyone (not a Hollywood costume creator) to make anything remotely close to what is seen in the movie…lol.

    What Sony advertisers fail to portray is the latest Spiderman flick as an alternate universe version. This has many confused and simply think its a money grab remake of the same movie.

    • I don’t think Sony advertisers failed to portray this as an alternative universe. The fact it’s a reboot, has different actors, different tone, different characters and even uses the tagline “untold story” made it clear this was not the same movie.

  22. When they first announced they we’re canning “Spider-Man 4″ and starting over, i was’nt too thrilled. But seeing how Maguire & Dunst starting bitching more and more about doing the films, and seeing the troubles with “Spider-Man 3″ between Raimi and the producers, and how the film played out. Combined with the strong cast picked for “TASM”, and how enthusiastic Garfield, Stone & the new cast sounded, i found that refreshing and thought alright, they now have my attention. Now that i see how the story in this film seems to be shaping up, and the fantastic trailer i’ve seen, i’m super stoked for this film. I’m every bit as excited about “TASM” as i am about “The Avengers”, and i mean every bit. This baby could’nt come sooner than July 3rd, and i will be ready.

  23. Im not looking forward to this new spiderman movie, and I most likely won’t watch it. I love the 3 with Toby MaGuire and they should have just left it at that if he didn’t want to make anymore. It’s only been 5 years. Definitely not enough time to remake the movies and start over from the beginning again! Grrr!

    • Hey i understand your apprehensions about this film, it’s a different take on ‘Spidey’ and somewhat a gamble. If TASM is great and successful, than the move will have turned out to be the right one. I just wish Sony would use common sense and work out a deal that would allow for ‘Spider-Man’ to fit into Marvel/Disney’s movie universe, seeing how successful “The Avengers” has become would make a lot of sense.

    • to you, and to anyone else who has doubts about this movie I say…watch the trailer, all your doubts will be washed away. Unlike the first 3 Spider-man films, which were really good I agree with you on that. But this Spidey, they finally got it right. I’m mostly refering to Web shooters, thank you very much :) That is one change that Sam Raimi never should have made. He said it was because he thought fans would think it too complex for geeky Peter Parker to be able to figure out, or something like that. Well, if we never questioned it in the comics or cartoons, why would we question it in the movies? It does seem like it’s happening fast, like you said it’s only been 5 years, almost like they’ve jumped into bed with this new Spider-man and the other one isn’t even in the ground yet. But, using that same analogy as an example again, only you know when the time is right, maybe they thought this was the right time for them.

  24. I am so glad that they are rebooting spiderman. They had webs coming out of his wrists instead of web shooters, they had some shots of hairs or whatever coming out on his hands to help him cling on walls when he just acquired the ability to stick, they had mj as his first girlfriend instead of Gwen Stacy who was later killed by the green goblin and dropped off a bridge like they worked into the first movie with mj instead. the Eddie brock character was completely done wrong, they needed to follow the comic book better and add changes if needed as they have made changes in the comics. The doc ock character was great and I liked that the best so far, but I am looking forward to the new movie.

  25. I dont agree with the new actor playing spider man. I miss the old spider man. Its like he was made for the part.

    • I understand, you had a connection to the old Spidey series, i did as well. But i also realize it’s a new era and Tobey McGuire could’nt play Spider-Man forever. I think the biggest challenge for TASM will be if audiences embrace this film or not, will they react like you feel and maybe pass on it or will they react like i feel and give this new version a chance. So far early reviews have been promissing, if that continues and audiences connect with this film it could be a really huge hit.

  26. “Comic book fanboys and/or hardcore cinephiles…” Thanks for excluding the female population. Girls read comics too and you could have just said “comic book fans.”

  27. This remake was so early that it’ s pathetic, the upcoming Robocop
    Remake is borderline too early, as is the Total Recall remake, which
    Has a badly miscast Colin Ferrell in Arnold’s old role, you need a big guy
    Like the Rock or Tom Hardy in that role. They must really be running out
    Of ideas in Hollywood

    • The Robocop & Total Recall reboots are borderline early? Man are you high, those films are 20 years old. Now the Spidey reboot has happened very quickly no doubt about that, but it is what it is.

  28. Stephanie Brown was Robin, too.

  29. So does this mean that I should expect a Spider-Man reboot in or around the year 2021?