‘Spider-Man’ Female Superhero Movie & ‘Venom’ May Arrive in 2017

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Sinister Six Movie Black Cat Felicity Jones Rumors Spider Man Female Superhero Movie & Venom May Arrive in 2017

Female superhero movies (or, rather, the lack thereof) are a hot discussion topic right now – just look at the comments in this related Marvel Studios/Kevin Feige article, if you don’t believe it. The demand is very much there, and of late fans have been making bets about which studio will release a modern female superhero vehicle first – with either Marvel or Warner Bros. and DC (via Wonder Woman) being the favorites. Today however, in a surprise twist, we have an update suggesting that Sony may be the first out of that gate.

Sony appears to have changed its approach to building a Shared Spider-Man film-verse, in the aftermath of Amazing Spider-Man 2 having not scaled the same box office heights as its predecessors. The studio has Sinister Six officially scheduled to arrive in Fall 2016, while Amazing Spider-Man 3 shall wait in the wings until some as-yet unspecified date in 2018. We also know that Alex Kurtzman is working on a Venom movie, but first he’ll be directing The Mummy reboot for release in 2016. Deadline is reporting that the Venom film (rumored to be titled Venom Carnage) may hit theaters in 2017.

Less expected, however, is the news that a female superhero from the Spider-man universe will likewise be getting her own movie in 2017. A script is currently being written by Lisa Joy Nolan, who’s also developing a Westworld series for HBO with her husband, Jonathan Nolan (Christopher Nolan’s brother and co-writer of The Dark Knight Rises). She has previously worked as a writer/producer on such TV series as Pushing Daisies and Burn Notice.

Sinister Six Movie Teaser Photo Black Cat 1024x576 Spider Man Female Superhero Movie & Venom May Arrive in 2017

Black Cat?

There are multiple possibilities for which female character from the Spider-Man will be getting her own movie (Spider-Woman, Silver Sable, etc.), but Black Cat – the Catwoman of the Spider-Man universe, so to speak – seems like one of the stronger possibilities. For one, it was indicated that the character will be properly introduced in the Sinister Six film in a previously-released teaser from Sony (see above). Spider-Man movie franchise producer Matthew Tolmach has also hinted that the cinematic version of the Sinister Six will include a super-powered woman – we’ve already broken down why Black Cat would fit the bill nicely - and thus, Drew Goddard’s villain teamup feature could easily setup that character to headline her own movie vehicle, thereafter.

amazing spider man 2 emma stone gwen stacy Spider Man Female Superhero Movie & Venom May Arrive in 2017

Of course, there are other possibilities – like, if the Amazing Spider-Man film series continued to follow the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book continuity and introduced the Gwen Stacy/Carnage character. That might seem like a stretch, but it would allow for Emma Stone to return to the current Spider-Man cinematic universe – and, frankly, a superhero movie headlined by Stone would have little to no problem bringing in a sizable audience.

Still, if the rumored Venom movie title is accurate, then it sounds as though Carnage is going to be saved for that Spider-Man spinoff; meaning, the stronger possibility for the female superhero feature is Black Cat – maybe brought to life by Felicity Jones, who was introduced as “Felicia” in Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Female Superhero Women Discussion 620x350 Spider Man Female Superhero Movie & Venom May Arrive in 2017

Admittedly, having Felicia Hardy featured as the protagonist in her own film wouldn’t be a reversal of the comic book movie trend where confident super-powered woman start out as evil (before she becomes, well, something closer to a “hero”) – but hey, we gotta begin somewhere, right? Indeed, if rumors are true, then we could get both a Wonder Woman solo film and a Spider-Man female superhero movie in 2017 – meaning, both studios could end up beating Marvel Studio to the punch.

Why is this important? Well, among other reasons, in order for the superhero genre to continue thriving, it will need to further diversify and mix things up – and thus, offering better representation for half of the human population is certainly an effective way of doing just that. Similarly, the upside of Amazing Spider-Man 2 not grossing as much as its predecessors is that it’s led Sony to rethink how it goes about expanding its Spider-Man movie universe (see: not like Marvel Studios). Maybe other studios will be inclined to follow suit, moving forward.

We’ll keep you posted on development of the Spider-Man female superhero movie and Venom. Meanwhile, Sinister Six remains set to hit theaters on November 11th, 2016, while The Amazing Spider-Man 3 will arrive sometime in 2018.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I can’t believed what I’m hearing. No one would have guessed that Sony would be part of that race because everyone was focused on marvel and DC. Also,those guys got it wrong. It’s not venom carnage.
    It’s Venom V Carnage: Dawn Of Just Getting Really Really Lazy lol.

  2. Why are we so concerned over the “first” female-led superhero movie? Or even the first successful female-led superhero movie?

    I care about who does it best. People who would brag about having done it first, to me, have the same impact as the people who go “FIRST!” in the comments sections of articles and stuff. It’s a meaningless brag.

    Marvel will get there, they have great female characters (and Jessica Jones is already announced for a Netflix series, but nobody mentions that anymore…), but think about it – they have actors tied into contracts, and I’m sure they don’t want those actors fulfilling their contracts after twenty years or so. The actors certainly wouldn’t enjoy that. Marvel is fulfilling the contracts they have and introducing new characters (Scarlet Witch, anyone?) in the process. Miss Marvel, Spiderwoman, Jessica Jones… lots of great female characters who will undoubtedly see their time in the spotlight. I don’t care who does it first.

  3. I thought WB/DC already won the first super heroine race, Halle Barry remember? Dressed up EXACTLY like what certain fanboys wanted, and has knockers that certain fans are so impressed that they despise Gal Gadot.

    Black Cat is probably a recipe for disaster, I’d much prefer a solo Anne Hathaway Catwoman film that will never happen.

    • Actually, they won it with Supergirl back in the ’80s. (Small consolation.)

  4. A Black Cat standalone flick starring Felicity Jones just doesn’t make sense to me given the diminishing returns of the franchise. I watch a ton of movies and only know her from Like Crazy. Granted Andrew Garfield didn’t have a huge string of hits prior to ASM, but he did get a lot of buzz from The Social Network. And we’re still talking Spider-Man, historically Marvel’s most popular superhero (Emma Stone didn’t hurt things either).

    Yes, I know most of the MCU stars weren’t huge draws either, but at least they were feature, not peripheral, characters in their own books. And I’m sure someone is thinking, “But look at what Guardians just did without the faces of any bankable stars.” Guardians wouldn’t have been possible as the installment right after IM or Hulk. Guardians is (initially) drawing on its ties to a multi-billion dollar franchise with 8 or 9 installments in front of it.

    Back to Black Cat…is she actually super-powered? I think I remember something about her having luck powers from back when I was reading the books (this is right around when Venom was introduced…which is, like, 25 years ago now?). Luck powers don’t scream easily translatable to screen to me. So essentially we’re talking about a street-level heist movie with maybe a big Spider-Man baddie minus all the visuals of Spidey swinging through the streets. Presumably this wouldn’t require a $150M+ budget.

    I just don’t see how that elevates the franchise any way, shape or form.

    • About the diminishing returns. They can give up or keep trying. I guess they’re gonna keep trying ;)

      About the lead being unknown. I don’t think it matters that much. The best ones have been unknown and it often makes it easier for them to become an iconic character. Like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine or Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

      Of course you also have the famous ones that are still perfect in their role like Robert Downey, Samuel L. Jackson or Patrick Stewart.

      But I think an unknown actor has a better chance of becoming an iconic character. As long as he or she is good of course.

      About her powers. Yes, she did get powers eventually. As I recall she got them from Kingpin and it was because she didn’t want to be a burden to Spider-Man. But unfortunately they also gave him bad luck, so it actually broke them apart.

      I agree those kind of powers wouldn’t be that spectacular to watch, so they might not even use them but focus on the acrobatics and close combat of it all. I also agree this could be a movie with a smaller budget, so it could be a way to get the universe going and see how it rolls without going all in.

    • Oh, I forgot…

      About elevating the franchise. They could be hoping to succesfully create another solo character so they don’t just have everything riding on Spider-Man. Or they simply want to make these as a sort of filler movies in between the Spider-Man series. At least it would allow them to introduce characters more patiently, so they don’t have to stuff them all into Spider-Man movies.

  5. I hope SOny continue working on Spiderman vs people will support the franchise. Spiderman is my favorite superhero .

  6. I want to see Carnage in the Venom movie. Carnage has always been one of Spider-Man’s deadly villians. I can’t wait to see what they do with the character. As for a possible black cat movie I could care less.

  7. I know it came out years ago, but why do people choose to not acknowledge Elektra? LOL One Comic Book Property Involving Females I would like to see on the Big Screen is Danger Girl.

  8. Why bother when you can’t get even a Spider-Man right yet?

  9. With the complete disaster that was TASM2, I am not interested in seeing any spin off related, much less a Black Cat movie. Fix Spiderman before spinning off other characters. And gosh, I miss the fantastic Raimi Trilogy. We the people.

  10. Here’s the really screwy thing I see happening with fantastic four and spidey. These studios have access to really top notch material and super popular characters but they instead decide to either completely throw that out the window and rewrite the character not based on the comics (FF) or focus on lesser sub characters that have no where near as much fame as the hero (black cat & sinister six). It’s like they want to fail.
    Odds are they’ll have just as big of a budget as a main hero film but won’t draw nearly the same level of mainstream crowd and BoxOffice. It just doesn’t sound like a winning formula to me.

    • Well, it’s not the same studio that is doing Spidey and FF. But Spidey did get a reboot and FF is now getting a reboot and that is probably why we see both characters changing because otherwise it would just be too much like a remake of the excact same story.

      And the lesser sub characters (as you name them) are getting some spotlight because the studio that owns Spidey only ownd Spidey (and Spidey-related characters) so they can choose to just do Spidey again and again, or they can mix it up with a few of the other characters.

  11. Does anyone know by numbers of comics sold each month which female characters are the most bankable at Marvel?

  12. You are delusional.

    Nobody wants to see female superheroes. Catwoman, Elektra, the legend of Chun Li, is proof that these kind of movies fail. Jessica Jones goes to Netflix because if and it is fail, Marvel does not lose much. Majority of people who goes to superhero movies are men, i sure as hell don’t want to see female taking the spotlight, kicking ass and killing men who is muscular and twice her size. Sure, some people wants female superhero, but for what it is really for? Just for eye candy, it’s like coffee and sugar.

    • Actually.. 45% of the Guardians of the Galaxy viewers were female this past weekend. So please get your facts correct before you put up ignorant comments like this.

      • Kirk Johannedt did say “Majority of people who goes to superhero movies are men…”

        If you are saying 45% of moviegoers to GotG were women then that actually supports Kirk. That is 55% men vs. 45% women. 55% is the majority.

        So in essence you helped prove Kirk’s point.

    • Those titles only prove that bad movies fail.

      You could just as well flip it around and use Tomb Raider, Underworld and Resident Evil to prove that female action heroes are succesful.

      So what if there is an element of them being eye candy too? It’s just entertainment. And it’s not like muscular men putting on tights to fight crime is so much deeper ;)

  13. You are delusional.

    Nobody wants to see female superheroes. Catwoman, Elektra, the legend of Chun Li, is proof that these kind of movies fail. Jessica Jones, Agent Carter, goes on smaller medium because if and it is fail, Marvel does not lose much. Majority of people who goes to superhero movies are men, i sure as hell don’t want to see female taking the spotlight, kicking ass and killing men who is muscular and twice her size. Sure, some people wants female superhero, but for what it is really for? Just for eye candy, it’s like coffee and sugar.

    • Female led movies fail? Did you see the numbers that Lucy did last week beating Hercules?

      Ever heard of a movie called kill bill? also there is this movie franchise called THE HUNGER GAMES! lets not forget one off movies like salt that did very well. The movies that you list are just those one off examples that were horrible scripts. we can list twice as many male led properties that fail and had horrible scripts but nobody wants to mention that.

      At the end of the day you have a ton of females who go see these movies. and women in general are incredibly huge consumers. Why would you continue to alienate them and lose out on all that money?

    • LIKE I SAID ABOVE… 45% of the Guardians of the Galaxy viewers were female this past weekend. So please get your facts correct before you put up ignorant comments like this.

      • LOL! Again, Kirk said a majority of men go to these movies and you said 45% were women at GotG. That means 55% were men which, mathematically, is the majority.

  14. I’m up for Black Cat solo, but I want Emma Stone and Gwen Stacy to return real bad, so would love her Carnage solo, though I would still love to see Venom Carnage, I’ve a lot of conflicting wishes, but I want Wonder Woman to be ‘The’ Woman in 2017.

    Also, I’m glad DC/WB and Sony will beat Disney/Marvel in this regard, and it would be really cool if Fox gets a Storm or Mystique solo before them too, but I’m also sad for the Female Avengers.

  15. 2016,2017,& 2018 three spider-man movie!

  16. Call me sexist, call me mysoginist, call me f^^king whatever you want but why would anyone go see a solo catwoman knock-off? I don’t doubt that female led movies CAN make money, because some do, but no one knows or cares about black cat except hardcore comic fans. (who are mostly dudes) And just because you’re “doing it first” (which they aren’t) doesn’t win you any awards or medals if the quality is going to be on par with that sony has put out so far.

    • I don’t think it matters that much that no one knows about Black Cat. There are plenty of other characters that the non-hardcore comic fans also don’t know. It doesn’t have to be a weakness because when you flip it over, it also takes a hardcore comic fan to know how not important a character is.

      I think most common moviegoers will simply go and see something if it looks exciting.

  17. If you want an idea for a spider-man movie. Why not have iceman and firestar in it. Like we saw from spoderman and his amazing friends.

  18. I have always wanted to see a movie with Spider-Man and Spider-Women fighting together as a team against an incredibly powerful villain.
    The movie will start with the villain in Spider-Mans city and defeat Spider-Man, then it will make it’s way to Spider-Women’s city with Spider-Man following it quietly from 1/2 a mile behind.
    After Spider-Women fights it and gets beat she meets Spider-Man. They have a quick talk about how each other took on the villain and find out what its weakness is but also notice that it will take a lot of work a big spider web and tons of webbing.
    Once they defeat the villain Spider-Man chooses to ask Spider-Women out for dinner and she expects it scenes he saved her from it.