‘Spider-Man’ Producers Cast Doubt on Potential Marvel Movie Crossover

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spider man avengers movie crossover Spider Man Producers Cast Doubt on Potential Marvel Movie Crossover

Many a comic book movie fan briefly got butterflies in their stomach this week, when the news broke that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – which has begun its theatrical run outside the U.S. – features a button scene (read: mid-credits scene) that is actually a promo for X-Men: Days of Future Past, which arrives in the States just a few weeks after the Spidey sequel. However, before everyone could get too excited about Sony and 20th Century Fox taking the first baby step towards a crossover with the respective studios’ Marvel properties, the truth came out: it’s really part of an agreement worked out between Sony and Fox, so that Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb could return on the sequel (paving the way for him to direct Part 3 as well).

Nonetheless, the idea of a film crossover between all/some of the quadrants of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe – Marvel Studios’ shared universe, Sony’s Spider-Man universe, and Fox’s X-Men and Fantastic Four universes – is something worth talking abut, especially as the aforementioned studios move forward with their plans to grow their superhero franchises horizontally (read: spinoffs), as well as vertically (read: sequels). Our Rob Keyes broke down the subject in depth earlier this week, but as always it’s the executives and producers behind these comic book adaptations that will be the ones who can get this ball rolling properly down the ramp.

Spider-Man franchise producers Avi Arad and Matthew Tolmach previously said – in the days after The Avengers stormed the box office but before Amazing Spider-Man rebooted the webslinger’s film series – that “Everything is possible,” as far as crossovers featuring Peter Parker and other non-Sony owned Marvel superheroes are concerned. (Oscorp Tower nearly made a cameo in The Avengers‘ New York after all.) However, the game has changed over the couple years since then, which partly explains why Arad and Tolmach are now being a bit more firm with discouraging fans from getting excited about Spidey teaming with the likes of Captain America and/or Wolverine, among others (following the Amazing Spider-Man 2/Days of Future Past news this week) – similar to what Marvel Studios’ head Kevin Feige did 5-6 months ago.

Marvel Movie Crossovers Spider Man Wolverine Avengers Spider Man Producers Cast Doubt on Potential Marvel Movie Crossover

Here is the latest quote from Arad on the crossover subject, when asked during an interview with IGN:

“I think I’m probably a little bit of the militant here. I think it will take a moment in which we’ve run out of ideas. There’s so much to tell about Spider-Man. There’s so much to tell about the Sinister Six. The relationship between Spider-Man and Venom will bring a whole other world in… Peter Parker is unique; he’s really different. He’s not an Avenger. He’s not an X-Man. He’s unique and we revere that… We don’t need [a crossover] yet.”

Sony has Amazing Spider-Man 3 slated to arrive in 2016, followed by spinoff films Sinister Six and Venom, which is what Arad is referring to here; most of the producer’s recent interviews to promote Amazing Spider-Man 2 have, in fact, been as focused around the “whole other world” that the sequel lays the groundwork for. Similarly, as we discussed in a recent article concerning the potential Sinister Six lineup, Venom might be the recipient of a multi-film character arc; one that begins with an introduction in Amazing Spider-Man 3, Venom joining and then rejecting the other Spider-Man villains in Sinister Six, before Alex Kurtzman’s Venom solo feature depicts the title character as a proper anti-hero protagonist.

That is to say: it’s possible the Spider-Man film series will jump right from Andrew Garfield’s run as Peter Parker into the Venom saga, before continuing onward without an extended break into Amazing Spider-Man 4 (which could potentially feature someone other than Garfield as Spidey). So long as the ambitious plans for the future of the Spider-Man franchise – be they similar to the idea outlined here or not – don’t fall apart (knock on wood), there won’t really be a need and/or space for a crossover with other Marvel properties, as Arad points out.

Amazing Spider Man 2 Venom Spider Man Producers Cast Doubt on Potential Marvel Movie Crossover

Tolmach echoed Arad’s thoughts on the subject of a Spider-Man/Avengers and/or Spider-Man/X-Men/F4 crossover, during that same interview:

“You know Avi always refers to that question as a stunt. If you were to do that, you know, Spider-Man in the Avengers is a stunt. And I get why everybody – you know, fans and audience members and movie goers – I understand it… When you think about the Sinister Six and you think about Venom and you think about Carnage and you think Spider-Man in whatever way you want in association with those movies, they feel like they’re built for Spider-Man. Like that’s where his story needs to go and wants to go and it has to be about more than a stunt.

“Stunts can be cool but it’s also a business, and so the other side of the answer is they’re owned by different companies. And there’s a ton left in Sony’s world; there’s a lot of business left because there’s a lot of story left. So for them to want to take this character and put it with Marvel and Disney is a huge undertaking and probably, as Avi’s saying, isn’t necessary until you feel like, ‘Wow, we’re sort of out of ideas. What should we do?’ And we’re far from out of ideas.”

Certainly Avengers had the potential to be the sort of “stunt” that Tolmach is referring to here, as does the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past; a crossover of sorts, which brings together the cast members of the X-Men present-day trilogy and the X-Men: First Class series cast in the same movie. Avengers writer/director Joss Whedon found a way to bring together Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in a narrative that was satisfying on its own terms, while the hope is director Bryan Singer and screenwriter Simon Kinberg’s film adaptation will do justice by the acclaimed Days of Future Past comic storyline from Chris Claremont.

If Spider-Man joining forces with the other Avengers, X-Men, and/or Fantastic Four is handled in an equally capable fashion from a creative perspective, then a crossover would be welcome indeed, no matter whether or not the Spider-Man producers have “run out of ideas” by that point. It may be unlikely right now, but who knows; maybe Arad and Tolmach will change their song again, by this time two years from now…


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014.

Source: IGN

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  1. I hope they don’t recast Spider-Man as another “teenager”. I really want to see adult Peter Parker on the big screen.

    • did he say it happened in the movie… grow up and read a comic. heh

      • Bruce Wayne is Batman spoilers

      • LOL he’s CLEARLY talking about the movies, which is why he even says “That’s the only three so far, and he inadvertently kills them in the comics TOO”. Are you just some die hard Spider-Man comic book nerd who is butt hurt some people wanted to keep that plot line a mystery until the movie? This is not the spoilers discussion screen rant posts, it’s an article about the Spider-Man MOVIES NOT COMICS, and clearly many other people realize he revealed a massive spoiler. Stop trolling every user who says it’s a spoiler because THEYRE right and you’re wrong.

  2. Although this ‘crossover’ thing is a fanboy dream coming true, personally I hope they don’t do it (unless the rights are in one place).

    I’ve said before in another thread, I’m not too keen on the universe built for the X-Men and Spider-man so far, that’s why I can only see merging these universes with the Marvel Cinematic would do more harm (as in plotholes, studio issues, etc) than good. Just let them play in their own worlds for now.

    Besides there are still other Avengers (Ms Marvel, Black Panther, Doc Strange, YellowJacket, etc) who need to come to the big screen before they are running out of option to let Wolverine, Beast and Spider-man join the roster. For several years to come, no need to crossover studio just to add these guys, though once again, it would be a fanboys/girls dream come true.

  3. I like a big huge Smorgasboard-style feast, a bountiful and burgeoning buffet, as much as the next guy and maybe even more, but just because I would probably like to sample more tasty viands than my stomach can endure, does not mean we have to use every ingredient in the kitchen to prepare every recipe to create a tasty victual, delicacy, or nummy-yummy-woo-woo! In other words, avoid the indigestion of too many characters spoiling the broth. There are a number of cross-overs I would like to see, yes indeed, but it is a move to be approached with caution, so the screen is not cluttered with characters on either the good-guy or bad-guy side. As the article said, there is so much more to be told in the individual characters’ or teams’ sagas, before we create a giant extravaganza mish-mash. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against cross-overs per se. But let’s not make every meal a blossuming banquet; there is something to be said about prudent moderation.

  4. Unfortunate, but 100% understandable.

  5. I would’ve liked a giant crossover for an adaption of “Secret Wars” and then have THAT be a lead-in to the Venom saga for the Spider-Man franchise, but they want to go the Ultimate route with it all. So scrap that idea.

  6. Im just curious…if Fantastic Four flops like people say it will, does that mean the rights automatically go back to Marvel or do they stay with Fox?

    • fox has to give up on making any more ff films like they did with daredevil. as long as
      they produce a film or tv movie they keep them. stan royally messed up by not
      giving each studio a limit for three films, when he made these deals marvel was in
      financial trouble.

  7. I’m glad they don’t cross over at the moment because honestly, I like the MMU and I like the new Spider-Man flicks and I’d prefer them to remain separate for now. They should only cross over when Disney have established their main NYC heroes and Sony have completely blown open their Spider-Man’s world with more characters included over the next few films.

    Right now though, both studios have their own plans that need to be followed through before even considering allowing Spider-Man to meet The Avengers and vice versa.

    • On a more personal note, it was the Sony Spider-Man films that brought me to read The Amazing Spider-Man from the beginning.

      Yeah, I was 7 when “Spider-Man” came out in theaters, it was my 1st superhero theater experience. And I loved it, so much so that it brought me to read the original comics. 12 years later, I’m 19 and Spider-Man is still in my head like it was in 2002. That movie alone impacted me more so than any other superhero movie, in fact the same feeling for “The Avengers” didn’t even come close.

      I guess what I’m trying to say is this: Sony has made a good run off of the character ever since they’ve had him, he doesn’t need to be with The Avengers or X-Men because he’s holding up against them by himself. And a lot of people, like me, love Spider-Man doing his own thing because of his character and his universe. It’s intriguing on it’s own.

      • It’s refreshing to read such a passionate account of CBM appreciation, far from die-hard fanboyism. And I’m with you on this.

        I take it you’re completely in favor of a self-contained Spidey-verse with potential Black Cat and Kraven spin-offs (that’s just what I’ve come up with off the top of my head)?

        Any other ideas as to how that unfortunately limited universe could be broadened?

        • Well, I wouldn’t say ENTIRELY self-contained. Like I said, those films brought me to read ASM from the beginning. The 1st issue, that follows Amazing Fantasy #15 in SM’s launch title, contains a story where he’d like to join the Fantastic Four.

          For the most part, I’d like a well-balanced Spider-verse with small crossover roles OR huge crossover roles like Secret Wars.

  8. Actually, spider-Man most certainly IS an Avenger!

    • Right! Talkin bout hes not an Avenger.

  9. It’s pretty ironic the guys who just rebooted Spiderman are talking like they have so many creative ideas.

    • I agree. Spider Man is the only iconic character they have. You’re not gonna be able to push a Venom series of movies. Hero, villain or anti hero.

      I’ll probably watch it because I see most CBM but you’re not gonna fool the average movie goer into thinking this is a Spider Man movie.

      Marvel has all the characters to build a CMU. Fox has the pieces but can’t get over they’re hard on for Wolverine. When they finally reboot the series and tell the real X Men stories the way they’re supposed to be they will be huge. Even Days of Future Past should have been a 2 parter.

      First movie tell the dystopian future storyline
      Second movie tell the story of a Wolverine or Kitty in the Past.

      Fox is still making one off movies when everyone else is telling stories that build to something bigger.

      Spider Man wants to do that but really what are they building to?

    • Hahahaha. Exactly!

  10. I take that answer as a… “No we don’t have any plans for now,” but we might change our minds again in the future type of answer. As for whether it’s a good idea or not, I think down the line as long as they use the right story such as Secret Wars it would work out real well.

    He was a part of the Avengers at many points during the comic book series anyway, I think they might want to hold true to that spirit. Probably a cameo role or secondary role. Though there are some good ideas for stories I could see in a cross-over film…

  11. I can see Sony and Fox maybe having crossovers but not Fox and Disney. The whole Quicksilver fiasco that Fox has done in X-Men: Days of Future Past is just a big muddle finger to Disney owned Marvel Studios, considering the character is reportedly barely in the movie but plays a huge role in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Also, keep in mind that Fox lost Star Wars to Disney when George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to them instead of Fox. I’m sure Fox execs hold grudges a plenty towards not only Lucas, but Disney especially. The two studios hate each other, so don’t ever expect a crossover, or for Fox to lose its corner of the Marvel movie pie, anytime soon.

    • that’s awesome !! – thank you for pointing that out
      while I like this site – I also always find it funny / frustrating that every article tries to spin information, news or ignore certain facts, etc

      and every time articles like this come up it’s really all for nothing other than fantasizing – because it all boils down to only one thing
      Marvel will NEVER EVER EVER EVER consider doing anything with the other studios (who you know they probably laugh at behind closed doors) if they are not completely in creative control, because otherwise it makes not logical sense for them or the internal history and stories of the films they have created.

      And unless the X-Men, FF & Spidey are completely re-booted (again) – Marvel has no need for the current versions as they cannot blend into the MCU and obviously Fox & Sony don’t seem to be looking at rebooting their golden eggs anytime soon.

      but fans can dream, hope and pray that somehow the FF reboot gets delayed or something … and at least those right get reverted back to Marvel – or at minimum that the FF reboot doesn’t do well financially and Fox just says screw it

  12. IMO, it’ll be more posible a DC/{Sony, FOX} marvel crossover than {Sony, Fox, Disney}/Marvel crossover

    • I doubt that very much. Despite differences, those studios all play on the same Marvel ball court. The other one you mention, Warner Brothers, plays in another universe entirely as DC and nothing in common with them.

  13. I don’t really no why Sony, or Fox, are even bothering.

    I don’t read comics, but I love film. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is ploughing on and leaving other superhero film projects from other companies (let’s face it), in the dust.

    They should all just simply collaborate. Put all their resources together, and make cinematic history. I have seen both Amazing Spider-man films (NO SPOILERS) and whilst I enjoyed them to a minimal extent, they could be so much more as part of something bigger. I assume every hero from Marvel or DC are made ten times epic in the fact that they share universes and crossovers with other properties and characters, and the film portrayal’s should be no different.

    ALL of these films have huge talent and potential already. Mix them together and make a bang, not a pop.

    • Know*


    • Agreed! Fox is letting their grudges get the better of them. They hype things well enough, but not enough bang for the buck. It just makes them sound like a winy baby that won’t share its toys when they hog the rights like that.

      Even debarring Marvel\Disney from using the word “Mutant” for goodness sake.

      Marvel got around it though. They made a SHIELD comic book where they can include anyone they want FF Spiderman X-men whoever. They still have the publishing rights. HaHa.

      • I know Marvel/Disney is focusing on their Avengers franchise at the moment, but it would be dope if they could produce another X-Men cartoon. There isn’t one on TV anymore and I need one. Wolverine and The X-Men was a great series and if that doesn’t come back, they need to do something else. Maybe a cartoon series with New Mutants or X-Force. But they probably won’t because an animated cartoon series mae by Marvel is sure to be a hit, but will also help promote Fox’s X-films which they clearly don’t want to do hahaha.d

  14. Saw AS2 last night and I really enjoyed it the end teased whats coming up for Spiderman very well and the visuals were stunning, very keen too see where the story goes in the sequels.

  15. And without spoilers, i thought they dealt with the villians quite well but on the fence about rhino but I loved deehan as GG thought they pulled him off perfectly.

  16. Marvel crossovers never made any sense except for the new comics where they actively pushing the idea of shared universe. They pushed everyone and their mother to the Avengers so that new comers would say “booo!” to Sony and Fox for no crossovers. Yet noone seems to bother that it was Marvel who sold the rights, noone took them away.
    Marvel sold 2 of their best universes and was left in the dust. After that they tried to make lesser universes bigger while sh*tting on two major ones in the comics.
    Its all part of the plan. Still both X-Men and Spiderman has enormous amount of stories you could use so unless they do become lazy they can show a middlefinger to Disney for a good 30 years.

  17. what i want: Spidey, X-Men and FF rights go back to Marvel Studios
    Feige will know what to do with them

  18. It would make no sense for Spidey to exit in the same New York as the Avengers at this point. ASM 2 has Spidey dealing with threats that would attract SHIELD. So Spidey won’t work until a re-boot is done of one or both properties.

    As for Spidey being tied into the X-Men that makes even less sense now given the accusations Singer is facing. He and Vaughn are the creative drivers of Foxs X-Men films.

    • *exist

  19. I was never a fan of the crossovers growing up. I preferred that all these characters stay alive in their world. I mean the rarity of a huge battle needing all heroes was definitely Epic, but I had to think about ti for a minute. A huge crossover would cost LOADS of money, too much negotiating and too many people trying to fight to get the characters they legally own to be the star. I don’t think ANY director would want that burden on their shoulders.

    A crossover would be every fan boys dream but I’m fine with all the properties being owned by different studios for now. I’m sure in about 15 years, Sony will give Spider-Man back and Fox will realize that they’ve milked the X-Men franchise for far too long and all the characters will be under the same umbrella but by that time, comic book movies will be old and played out as a mainstream phenomenon. I could be wrong, but that’s just my view.

  20. fool, he ain’t that unique smh

  21. Unfortunately for fans, there’s only one thing that Hollywood studios like more than making money; Keeping money out of other studios pockets.

    Huge crossovers just won’t happen until the rights are all in one place, and perhaps that’s a good thing. To say that creatively, there’s other stories to tell though is just childish. Man up and admit that the studios are like petulant children, and simply won’t agree to it.

  22. TASM4 they kill off Peter Parker and bring in Miles Morales.

  23. No wonder he’s not keen on any sort of crossover. Marvel/Disney would milk way more out of that deal than anyone else, so why help your competition when you can just make another movie on your own?

  24. “And I get why everybody – you know, fans and audience members and movie goers – I understand it…”

    Hahaaahahaa… Isn’t this just the greatest logic. They are basically saying:

    “Oh i know everyone who actually PAYS to see these movies would love to see these characters together…. but you know… we have ideas… and then there is the uhhh…. well I mean…. we have so many stories to tell… with all these great ideas…”

    Here is a novel idea to the world of sales (which yes… that IS what hollywood is. They are SELLING you a product) How about you give the customer what they WANT… not what you think they need. Ughh

  25. “And I get why everybody – you know, fans and audience members and movie goers – I understand it…”

    Hahaaahahaa… Isn’t this just the greatest logic. They are basically saying:

    “Oh i know everyone who actually PAYS to see these movies would love to see these characters together…. but you know… we have ideas… and then there is the uhhh…. well I mean…. we have so many stories to tell… with all these great ideas…”

    Here is a novel idea to the world of sales (which yes… that IS what hollywood is. They are SELLING you a product) How about you give the customer what they WANT… not what you think they need. Ughh

  26. There will be cross over films in a few more years. Reason? When money talks, the b******* walks. There is money to be made in such a film by all parties. Once they figure out how to split the pie…And that pie will be so big and juicy that they will need to make it……….

  27. I hate to be Mr. Pessimist, but I really don’t think this is ever going to happen. None of these studios are ever going to deal with trying to team up, share characters, and split the profits three ways. They keep making up b******* reasons like “We’re not out of ideas” but it really just comes down to greed and the unwillingness to sort that kind of business transaction out. I could actually see Spider-Man appearing in Fox’s MCU because those characters wouldn’t have necessarily crossed paths yet. But to put Spider-Man or the X-Men in the MCU wouldn’t work because of all the plotholes and continuity errors (2 Quicksilvers though?)

    • I see the 3 marvel studios teaming up fairly soon, just to hold back Warner Brothers and smash them at the box office. That makes sense for each of them.

      The only one I can never see happening is a D.C. themed one, D.C. does their own way or the highway and they are the exact opposite of Marvel. There’s no creative freedom there.