Spider-Man 4: Maguire Keeps Quiet About Vulture/Vulturess

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spider man 4 5 Spider Man 4: Maguire Keeps Quiet About Vulture/Vulturess

Last week, Screen Rant reported on a bombshell of a rumor related to Spider-Man 4. According to an “inside source” for Movieline, John Malkovich and Anne Hathaway were in talks to join the cast of the film as Spidey villains The Vulture and The Vulturess.

At the time, fan reaction ranged from “Umm…what?” to “Worst. Idea. Ever.” There was also a lot of “Who the hell is the Vulturess?” which has led some to speculate that the new character is just a ruse or a code name for something else entirely.

The prospect of creating a new character for the franchise, when there are already so many good Spidey villains to choose from, was certainly a big pill for many fans to swallow. Up until that rumor, most speculation among fans had pointed to Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, being the primary villain (with Hathaway herself touted as a potential candidate to play the famous femme-fatale). Of course, if I had my way, we’d finally be seeing a worthwhile version of the Kingpin on the big screen, but that’s just my opinion.

Anyway, when you’re given a new rumor every week (we’ve already wondered about Mysterio, Carnage, and The Lizard), you have to take every possibility into consideration, which is why MTV took the opportunity to question Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire about the Vulture/Vulturess combo. Unsurprisingly, Maguire was tight-lipped about the rumors, saying he would “plead the Fifth and not say anything” about Spider-Man 4. To see Maguire beg off MTV’s questions, check the video below.

Does Maguire’s silence mean that the Vulture/Vulturess rumors might be true? Honestly, at this point, does it really even matter? We’ve heard so many crazy rumors about this movie that I’m already losing interest in it. Right now, the only things that we know about Spider-Man 4 for sure are that it begins filming in 2010 with an expected release date of May 5, 2011.

Beyond that, it seems like pretty much everything is up for speculation. Of course, I’d hate for my indifference to rub off on all of you loyal Screen Rant readers, so let me extend the Vulture/Vulturess debate.

Given that it’s been over a week since we first heard this rumor, have your feelings changed? If so, why? Second, if Vulture/Vulturess turns out to be a dead-end, what’s the best option for Spider-Man 4?

Source: MTV

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  1. I love all the rumors. Most people don’t seem to like them but it keeps us talking and wondering what will happen. It’s all mis-direction anyway. We know what really will happen and that’s the Lizard along with either the Black Cat, Morbious or Kraven as side villains.

  2. i was watchn sm 3 tonight, lol going really?? why?? what was he thinking there? it gets worse every time i watch it

    raimi went off the map in 3, he twisted so many story lines and origins.

    i have repeatedly stated i have faith in raimi, but for a guy who strives to stay true to the source cause he himself is a fan, freaking epically failed all us other friends.

  3. Well Rob I’ve come full circle and now believe it makes not one bit of difference what they do. This is the core cast and director’s swan song on this franchise. I’d tell them have fun. Sam really should just retcon Raptor into Spidey’s storyline though. Leave this idea of the Vulturess on the scrap table. When has a female Vulture ever captured anyones imagination? They are hard to distinguish male from female by experts in the wild. What are they going to do about a vulture look, give her a bald pate? OH, I know a head piece, helmet that looks like a bald spot, but protects her head!?.. Ahh whatever, the advantage is that those who don’t know anything about the Vulture will get an education, just in case they option a Sinister Six story in the future…

  4. I don’t know. This entire vulture/vultress thing just doesn’t feel right. I’ll buy the vulture, but Hathaway doesn’t seem to be the “sinister” type. My money is on malkovitch as the vulture with Hathaway as curt conner’s wife, the lizard introed in 4, leading up into a main role in spidey 5. (sorry ’bout the typos- this was composed on a new I-phone).

  5. I personally think that they should introduce the Lizard, and then have him turn good like in the comics and TV show. Then, Spiderman and the Lizard should team up to beat Carnage in the next movie. As for this upcoming movie, my choices are in this order: Electro, Mysterio, Kingpin, Scorpion & Rhino Team-up, and lastly Vulture if he has to be on the list. I also think that Black Cat should be in one of the movies just to mess with Mary Jane.

  6. Wouldn’t Campbell as Mysterio be the coolest thing ever? And the Lizard? Tie it all up in a neat little through line? Sounds like a sure bet to the bank to me. Give the next team all that carnage garbage.

  7. Well if this is indeed the last film in the current francise, then one would think they would try and go out with a bang. But if these rumors are true, it looks to be anything but that.

    I mean come on! There are so many great Spidey villains!

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t cut way back on the budget on this one. So much hate for number 3 would make just about any executive a little cautious. Couple that with the economy…

  9. I hope this “Vultress” is just a ridiculous rumour! I don’t mind the Vulture being a villain, but he won’t do the movie justice by himself! Amongst this past year’s rumours, my favorite villain that i’ve heard talk of was Morbius. But I also remember Raimi saying he would love to partner up the Vulture with Electro… which would be really cool!

    It’s sad to assume we still won’t see the Lizard. Maybe Spidey’s battle with with his old friend can be the dramatic story for part 5. But please, Sam, don’t turn Felicia Hardy into the Vultress! I don’t mean to be rude, but that is a STUPID idea! I can find a way to forgive Spider-man 3, but if there is a Vultress in Spider-man 4, then the franchise is doomed!

    By the way, I don’t feel Spider-man 3 had too many villains, Just poorly portrayed villains. New Goblin should not have turned good at the end! The Battle with Venom should have been more intense! And Venom’s strength should not have been insulted by his only battle in the movie needing Sandman’s help! And Sandman!… honestly, I was okay with his performance in the movie.

  10. I like the whole Idea of the vulturess. I think it will shake things up a bit. and anne hathaway as that person would be strange but lovely, I really want them bring back gwen stacy and something, now that would be nice!!!

  11. Tess

    I saw an interview with the actress who plays Gwen Stacey and she said she hasn’t spoken with anyone about being in spiderman 4, unfortunately.

  12. i think this movie is going to be outsading

  13. Vulture And Vulturess… What?… It Could Be Interesting To See… But The Main Concern That Must Be Done Is To Find A Way To Bring Venom Back Bottom Line… Sam Raimi Is Ruining This Franchise… Spider-man 1 Was Okay… Spider-man 2 Was Okay… And Spider-man 3 Was Just A Major Kick In The Ass For Every One… I Have No More Faith In This Franchise, It Needs A Reboot

  14. What are any of you talking about? Haven’t we all learned that one of the killers for any comic movie is incorporating 2 villians in the movie for the superhero to fight. Spidey 3 was a disaster for this specific reason, along with other elements. Sandman could have carried movie all by himself. I would not want to see the Vulture in the upcoming spidey movie. I would prefer they put the Kingpin in as the villian, who just so happens to hire out ONE specific super villian to deal with the likes of spiderman, as he (the Kingpin) tries to increase his stranglehold on the legal system. If not, then finally have the Lizard in as the main villain. But the concept here is to just stick with only one super villain in the movie. It would be a great way to introduce Matt Murdock (only in his lawyer persona, and for only one scene/part in the movie), trying to put away one of the Kingpin’s suspected goons, or defending a victim who has been victimized by one of the Kingpin’s goons.

  15. By the way, I’m still waiting for a Luke Cage movie. It is a no brainer that this movie will, without a shadow of a doubt, work. There’s no reason why this movie has not hit the big screen.