Spider-Man 4 Villains: Malkovich and Hathaway as Vulture & Vulturess?

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Movieline has dropped an exclusive report claiming that they have it from an inside source close to Spider-Man 4 that all the previous rumors of The Lizard and/or Black Cat serving as the villains for Sam Raimi’s next Spidey film are totally off the mark.

So who will be the principal villain(s) in Spider-Man 4, according to Movieline? That’s where things get a bit odd (even more so than the Black Cat rumors).

According to this exclusive report (which is being backed by our friends at First Showing), actor John Malkovich is being eyed for a role as The Vulture, a classic Spider-Man foe whose power is a flight suit with razor-sharp wings. Ok, so maybe that isn’t so odd: Malkovich as The Vulture is one of those head-slap, “Should’ve thought of that” casting choices we all see with 20/20 hindsight. However, news that Anne Hathaway (previously rumored for a role as Black Cat) is being eyed for a role as “The Vulturess” have fans around the ‘Net scratching their heads in confusion.

Even more confusing, is the rumor that Hathaway would still be playing the character of Felicia Hardy; in the Spider-Man comics, Hardy was the alter-ego of Black Cat. The Vulturess would be a brand new addition to the Spidey Universe (as far as I know), and if Hathaway is indeed being eyed for the role, it raises a lot of questions (and a few alarms) that I believe we should toss out here and now:

  • Would The Vulture and Vulturess be a team?
  • If they were a team, would Hathaway be Malkovich’s daughter, or (gross) his wife/lover?
  • Do we really need two villains with the same exact power?
  • Why use the Felicia Hardy character just to introduce a new villainess?
  • Wouldn’t having a Bird and Cat as villains just be cooler?

spider man kissing black cat Spider Man 4 Villains: Malkovich and Hathaway as Vulture & Vulturess?

Now I can understand why (from a studio exec’s perspective) having Black Cat in Spider-Man 4 might seem like a bad idea: the character is too reminiscent of Catwoman, who is still a viable villain for Chris Nolan’s next Batman film. Catwoman is, of course, much more well-known than Black Cat, which could make BC a hard sell to a movie audience who can’t tell their Cat ladies apart.

It’s this same line of reasoning that has me believing Movieline when they report that their same source has confirmed that Dylan Baker’s Dr. Connors will absolutely NOT be appearing as The Lizard in Spider-Man 4 (though Baker will be back as Connors). The source states that studio execs were put-off by the thought of such an outlandish villain appearing in a Spidey film – though in the last installment, they did have an alien goo and a big pile of sand as villains, so what kind of hairs are they really splitting?

spider man 4 the lizard main villain Spider Man 4 Villains: Malkovich and Hathaway as Vulture & Vulturess? No Lizard in Spider-Man 4

Anyway, we’ll keep you updated as this story develops – which I’m sure will be quickly, given the crazy nature of all this.

Oh Sam Raimi, can you just reveal who the bad guys are going to be? This is getting nuts…

Spider-Man 4 is going to hit theaters May 5, 2011. How does all this Vulture/Vulturess talk strike you?

Sources: Movieline & First Showing

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  1. Blane, they can put two villians in the new film I just think you get better character developement when you only have one villian.You make a good point about the X-Men movies, but Spiderman isn’t a team movie, and I think thats where Sam went wrong with the third film Venom deserved to be the only villian in that movie, although it’s not the only thing that was wrong with that film.It’s kind of a cop out,more villians= more action, when what I want is a better storyline with good action.Just an opinion.

  2. I thought a story involving Connors as the unwilling Lizard and Kraven the Hunter would be perfect. Kraven could be the antagonist, brought in to the fold naturally to hunt the ultimate pray, The Lizard. Spiderman could be caught between the two forces, while trying to find a cure for The Lizard.

  3. Holy cow! I just heard another rumor about the potential villiain. I heard they were going to cast Stone Cold Steve Austin as the Absorbing Man.

    It’s true! I swear!

  4. when are they going to have a black super villian, or american indian, or mexican, why does whitie always get the roles of spiderman’s nemesis?

  5. Patrick Stewart never died in X-man 3…if you see the movie past the credits you’ll see that he transports himself into the life-less body his friend Moira is keeping alive on a respirator….check it out…it surprised the hell outta me.

  6. @ Piratricitee

    Tombstone is black.Albeit albino,but he is black.

    @ John

    I hate The Lizard and think that he is a lame character,but you are the only person that has had a good idea for having him in the movie instead of just saying “Let’s see The Lizard already!”.And adding Kraven into the mix is pretty good too and actually makes sense.I would actually support that storyline if they went in that direction.

  7. they need to go with the comic and deviate from the storyline thats what makes the comic book movies fun for a lot of people

  8. A staple of Vulture stories is the young, “hotshot” Vulture-wannabe who steals the old man’s tech and sets himself up as a “new and improved” version, only for Spidey and/or Toombs to disabuse him of his prowess.

    It would seem this is the road being taken here, with the twist that this time the wannabe is a girl instead. This could be a good thing — it sets up some cool action scenes (and potentially puts Anne Hathaway in a superhero movie /drool/) while wisely keeping the plot focussed on Toombs.

  9. First of all, I really really really doubt that this Vultress bull is true. Sam Raimi did amazing on the first two films and has adored Spiderman ever since he was a child. He knows what hes doing.
    Second, as to why he changed Uncle Ben’s death in the last film………………that kinda pissed me off. Is it so hard to stick to the comic books? I dont care about new costumes for characters(New Goblin) but changing story line stuff is forbidden.
    I would personally like to see the lizard and black cat in this next film but Vulture is not bad either and Malkovich would be perfect for the part.
    Last, can somebody answer this for me please??? I heard that in SM3 Raimi wasnt given full controll of the movie like he was in the first two films? Is this true and if so was there someone else working on the story line in the background?

  10. Yes Tyler I believe that it is thought that the studio had a LOT more control over the movie than Raimi. Who really knows tho….

  11. Can they just do the Maximum Carnage series? That was the best series of spiderman comics. I think that there were somewhere in the neighborhood of 13 books with a ton of villains and heroes all fighting one another. It would make for an awesome movie with tons of characters and a story line that would draw in tons of interest not to mention movie spinoffs of other heroes.

  12. That was an awesome series but did you play the games back on SNES? Brings back some great memories…

  13. C-mon’ SAM?!! As the fellow Spidey aficionado I hear YOU are, I, as your fan, really wanna give ya the benefit -o- tha’ doubt & hope this Vulturess stuff is just somebody’s sick-ass joke!! However if it is really somehow, ya know, like… TRUE? Then it is PAST time that you took back dem creative reigns, SOME f**king how, and promptly FIRE the IGIT/S, who came up with that DUMB ASS IDEA!!!! That said. Maybe John Mal as Vulture MIGHT be A’aight,(WITH the Black Cat! That is). But. Why not FIRST, break out that AWESOME Lizard screenplay, I know you just dyin’ to use! Eh? Or maybe even the one about Carnage, or Mysterio? HUH? Or… Hey!! How bout’ let’s have Scorpion on da loose, stinging the HELL out of both Spidey & ole’ Tripple J.(among others)? Now Dat might be dat ole’ skool sh*t, dat does the trick!!! Try it… You’ll see!


  15. a lizard vs a scorpion vs a spiderman vs a vulture vs a black cat, then have the hunter dude hunting them down cause he gets his rocks off hunting looney toon characters with animal names, maybe bring harry- AND osborn back, mix in a side story with venom vs carnage, and finally have peter in a gwen stacey/mary jane/black cat/ bugle secretary chic/ oh and why not throw in the cookie monster chic next door, make up at least 2 random non spidey universe story lines/ characters, OH and lastly, and this is important.. must have tobey do a encore performance of the “STRUT” down mainstreet.. that made sm3 at least decent..

    that or we can just drag ole spidey by his hindquarters to a vacant lot and do the humane thing by puting a bullet between his eyes lol

  16. I just want to throw my two cents into this mix. First – I think most of you have it right, especially when relating to keeping with storylines in the original comic. Stan and Marvel made these heroes what they are today and messing with characters and stories is a bad idea, to the faithful that grew up reading them, as well as the new fans being brought on board with movies and hype of today. The only excuse to meddling with near perfection is bringing the characters and stories up to date, i.e. changing of the times, scenery, dialogue, ect.

    The problem I have with a few of these movies and storylines is that they muck with something that has already been time tested and proven. These comic characters will go on long after we are all gone. Marvel has recreated, rewritten, and reproduced all our favoirtes in new comics with new storylines but pretty much left the original origins and stories alone. What has proven so successful is taking the original beefing them up to modern times in a “now” setting and given us characters to see on the bigscreen and left them relatively untouched. A few in my opinion “errors” in the movies but not a completely horrible job. Box office numbers and revenue definitely prove this. If the rumors are true of a “Vultress” or some new menace is true that doesnt fit with our version, ultimately it will hurt the series and future projects.

    I think the best that these studios can do is keep along the same lines and not deviate from what we all pretty much agree on, originality. The new Iron Man movie, Justin Hammer is young and not old and feeble. Fine, we can live with that type of deviation although there are reprocussions if you have followed the comic for years. The new Thor movie, if what I hear of the reason Odin sends him to Asgard is true, it will blow the whole project, not believable by todays standards… The X-Men is the worst of them all when coming down to brass tax. They have really blown smoke up our behinds with 2 versions of Sabretooth, without explaining why we got the feral one first, (if thats what he was supposed to be, which he did become after the fall of the mutants series), Rogue not keeping the abilities she obsorbs like she has previously, ect. There are many reasons why we “true believers” are a little sketchy when they talk about revamping or completely chaging our beloved heroes.

    Raimi is a fan and I have a hard time with him really going to extremes with 4. You don’t hear anyone talking about how great the story was with Doc Oc do you? I don’t. Why? Because they didn’t stick to the tried and true method. The best thing these guys can do would be to bring in the Sinister Six, do a Kraven storyline like said above, keep the characters we know and love the way we remember them without new powers or abilities, without changing the character makeup dramatically, and sticking close to the originals. Only time will tell, but Malkovich as the Vulture is a good casting decision, and the one movie that will seal the deal is Captain American before the Avengers. They blow that, they will blow the Avengers, and everything after that. And for 100 million dollars I’m sure they will do whatever we as a voice of comics demand. otherwise, we don’t show up at the movies, we don’t buy their memorabilia for our kids and we dont make them money. I think we have alot to look forward to with all these new movies and I damn sure hope they get it right!!! Nuff Said!!!

  17. @ Rich: HAAAH!! Very Funny. We get it, Spidey fans are nuts, and take this stuff to seriously. Right? STFU!!……. News Flash dude!! Most of us actually GET that he’s ONLY fantasy hero escapism. We just don’t want to see such a well developed and highly regarded comic icon, screwed with by some arrogant & clueless producer!! That…is…ALL! On the practical side? We especially don’t like it, when we will be required to overspend up to $10 a ticket to see an overhyped bomb that could have been “DA BOMB” instead!

  18. @ rich: Then again I hope I’m misreading your intentions. In that case, I’ve never been too big to say I’m wrong. If I am then I humbly apologize!!!

  19. I thought spidey 2 was Ramis best of the three..

  20. Say it ain’t so Sam!! says: “@ rich: Then again I hope I’m misreading your intentions.”

    Come-on, you know that has to be hyperbole.. At least it reads like hyperbole…

  21. @ the old man: Yeaaah you’re probably right.

  22. HOW`RE THEY gonna handle Sm4?

    1. Harry`s already dead.
    2. The who Mj should go with thing hasn`t been solved yet between Peter and Harry.
    3.They`re`s not much story to carry with Spidey`s top villains already used, and villains that`re others are to magno-deep conduct.

    And Vulture as a villain? BLT, couldn`t be better than how good to be true, (groan)

  23. Best way to go:SM4 & 5 Start sub-stories for Sinister Six in background leading up to their intro in SM6.1)4 “Kraven’s Last Hunt/Burried alive” introducing the Lizard and a reluctant anti-heroein/ally for Spidey,”Black Cat”. Intro short “Rhino” fight. Sub-Story Bruce Campbell play as secret brother of Kraven,”Chameleon”. 2)SM5 “Maximum Carnage”/”Return of Venom”. Short fight with “Shocker” cameos “Tombstone”& “Hammerhead”. Venom joins Spidey at the end out of guilt of Gwen’s death at the hands of Carnage resulting in his own final demise(Venom). 3) SM6 “The Sinister-Six” members: Hobgoblin,Vulture,Chameleon,Mysterio,Scorpion & Electro. Spidey’s allies for SM 6: “The Prowler” and “SandMan”. Peter and MJ get married, Aunt May dies after shortly after seeing and holding Peter & MJ’s child. Peter and MJ visit Aunt May & Uncle Ben’s grave site with the baby while a mysterious silloette of someone stands in the foreground watching. The end.

  24. Sam Raimi needs to move on to a different project. We need a new approach to Spiderman 4. Black cat and Dylan Baker can return as Dr. Curt Connors (the Lizard) to finally give all us comic geeks what we’ve been waiting for through the last two installments.

  25. lol,

    Did i just not ask a question, here? Everything I say, even Harry`s already dead, is clueless to people? Are they gonna resurrect Harry? It was a tidal ending for him to die but anyone getting resurrected in a Spiderman movie wood make me REALLY MAD!!!! any of you heard sam raimi was talking about ressurecting a dead character? I only care about this film because i don`t want them to ruin Spidey more than they already have. Should Harry have stayed alive in all the movies?

  26. @john yeah harry died in the comics too but not the way it Happenned in Sm3 he OD’d on drugs! uh, Gblin supersoldier serum i mean, and Now in the comics recently theyve Resurrected harry and Norman Osborn so theyre Both Alive again!

  27. Please no more Harry. Just bring on the Hobgoblin!!

  28. They are making this so harder than it seems..Just tell us who the real villians are going to be and then we could all (Everyone here posting) write a good script for the movie and which ever Spidey Fan writes the best script for the movie..Production and Raimi can abide by that…Im telling you the only reason why I think there are all these rumors and voting polls going on is to see which Fan has the best story to tell about Spiderman 4..you guys dont think that Spiderman 4 Team and Raimi read these comments and posts and voting polls? Why do you think there is always a poll to see which Villian gets voted the most? Why do you guys think that Raimi even knows that the most votes(Discriminating me because im one fan that didnt vote for Carnage or Venom for Spiderman 4 I voted for Micheal Morbius and Dr. Conners as the Lizard) were on the villians Venom and Carnage but Raimi’s response to that was that we would least expect for the symbiote characters to show up sorry to disapoint you symbiote fans. Did you guys ever think about that? I didnt think so.

  29. Im sorry in my last post I meant to say that the 3 top villians choosen in the voting Poll were: Lizard, Venom and Carnage

    I pretty sure that Spiderman 4 team and Raimi already have a Villian(s) Choosen..they just dont want to say anything until production begins..If Dylan Baker is returning like they say he is, im sure no doubt about it..that he will take his role as the Lizard even if he doesnt fully develop as the Lizard or even if he’s just playing Dr. Connners again..But think about it if most votes were on the Lizard including Raimi and even Stan Lee voted for the Lizard dont you guys think that the Lizard could become a villian in Spiderman 4? Even if The Lizard was the Main and only villian..Would you guys all feel satisfied and stop disagreeing (Including me) on which villian should make it to the Spiderman 4 Picture..If the Lizard was the Main and only villain..because everyone or mostly everyone agrees that the Lizard should make an appearance in Spiderman 4..Dont you guys all agree?