Spider-Man 4 Villains: Malkovich and Hathaway as Vulture & Vulturess?

Published 5 years ago by , Updated August 22nd, 2013 at 7:11 pm,

Movieline has dropped an exclusive report claiming that they have it from an inside source close to Spider-Man 4 that all the previous rumors of The Lizard and/or Black Cat serving as the villains for Sam Raimi’s next Spidey film are totally off the mark.

So who will be the principal villain(s) in Spider-Man 4, according to Movieline? That’s where things get a bit odd (even more so than the Black Cat rumors).

According to this exclusive report (which is being backed by our friends at First Showing), actor John Malkovich is being eyed for a role as The Vulture, a classic Spider-Man foe whose power is a flight suit with razor-sharp wings. Ok, so maybe that isn’t so odd: Malkovich as The Vulture is one of those head-slap, “Should’ve thought of that” casting choices we all see with 20/20 hindsight. However, news that Anne Hathaway (previously rumored for a role as Black Cat) is being eyed for a role as “The Vulturess” have fans around the ‘Net scratching their heads in confusion.

Even more confusing, is the rumor that Hathaway would still be playing the character of Felicia Hardy; in the Spider-Man comics, Hardy was the alter-ego of Black Cat. The Vulturess would be a brand new addition to the Spidey Universe (as far as I know), and if Hathaway is indeed being eyed for the role, it raises a lot of questions (and a few alarms) that I believe we should toss out here and now:

  • Would The Vulture and Vulturess be a team?
  • If they were a team, would Hathaway be Malkovich’s daughter, or (gross) his wife/lover?
  • Do we really need two villains with the same exact power?
  • Why use the Felicia Hardy character just to introduce a new villainess?
  • Wouldn’t having a Bird and Cat as villains just be cooler?

spider man kissing black cat Spider Man 4 Villains: Malkovich and Hathaway as Vulture & Vulturess?

Now I can understand why (from a studio exec’s perspective) having Black Cat in Spider-Man 4 might seem like a bad idea: the character is too reminiscent of Catwoman, who is still a viable villain for Chris Nolan’s next Batman film. Catwoman is, of course, much more well-known than Black Cat, which could make BC a hard sell to a movie audience who can’t tell their Cat ladies apart.

It’s this same line of reasoning that has me believing Movieline when they report that their same source has confirmed that Dylan Baker’s Dr. Connors will absolutely NOT be appearing as The Lizard in Spider-Man 4 (though Baker will be back as Connors). The source states that studio execs were put-off by the thought of such an outlandish villain appearing in a Spidey film – though in the last installment, they did have an alien goo and a big pile of sand as villains, so what kind of hairs are they really splitting?

spider man 4 the lizard main villain Spider Man 4 Villains: Malkovich and Hathaway as Vulture & Vulturess? No Lizard in Spider-Man 4

Anyway, we’ll keep you updated as this story develops – which I’m sure will be quickly, given the crazy nature of all this.

Oh Sam Raimi, can you just reveal who the bad guys are going to be? This is getting nuts…

Spider-Man 4 is going to hit theaters May 5, 2011. How does all this Vulture/Vulturess talk strike you?

Sources: Movieline & First Showing

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  1. I haven’t gone through all of the comments, but regarding a Bird and a Cat being cool villains — anyone remember how lame a job Tim Burton did pitting Penguin and Catwoman against Batman? It’s just not too good an idea.

    I haven’t read any Spidey comics in years, but have enjoyed the first and second movies (someone was definitely asleep at the wheel on the third on). Malkovich strikes me as a great choice for Vulture, and that alone would be enough incentive for me to see the fourth show, and Hathaway could make for a great Black Cat (nuts, what couldn’t she make great?).

    But for another storyline option, what if Kraven was hunting Puma (or even Moon Wolf — Jameson’s son was introduced in the first movie) and Spidey got caught in the middle? Just an idea.

  2. Andre,

    So they`re gonna resurrect Harry in Sm4? WTF!!!!!!! Harry coming bac is no better than dying you really want a magical resuurection story in a movie like a spidey movie and the fact that if they did that in the comics REQALLY TICKS ME OFF!!!! I AM GONNA BE FRUSTRATED IF ANYBODY GETS RESUURECTED IN SM4!! GUESs harry shoulda stayed alive, huh?

  3. @john i dont know if they’ll resurrect harry but they sure have an excuse to now since Harry and Norman have been Ressurected now since last year(sigh) lol

  4. yeah, of course!!! because it`d be silly nhot to follow the comic book, oh no, SPIDEY 4 IS GONNA BE ****! I`m not sure if begging thehm not to follow the comic book story is a good idea, but oh no i don`t know what to say Harry shoulda just come bac as a ghost.

  5. and guys all your opinions we should ditch venom and carnage for thee next film for the venom spinoff is B>S. your crazy ahh it doesn`t matter the franchise is killed by the third movie and especially with that with spidey 4 coming in 2011? means people will still keep their appetites?

  6. @john i dont hey dont think they will do it because harry and Norman were ressurected recently after being dead for years so i dont think theyd bring them back so fast in the next film after 3 if ever

  7. NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! im sending JOSH BROLIN to pay malcovich a visit lol.i want the lizard,carnage,scorpion,mysterio,kraven,more doc ock,and more venom no other villains. but i dont want them all in the same film i want these villians in the next three films,and some more gwen stacy. she is smokin hot.

  8. I think that it would be cool to have the lizard in Spiderman 4. There is no need or any reason to why there should be almost 2 same characters, Vulture Vulturetress for Spidey 4. I did not like how they portrayed Venom in the last movie. I thought that Venom should look more brolick and scarier. Almost like as dark as the characters would be in the latest Batman movies. Now that is what type of villains should be shown, so if Lizard is going to be put out there, make it look good, not childish.

  9. i`m kind of frustrated though by the way because i think they cancelled lizard because they don`t want spidfey to have dark villains and he neefs to be treated like this cr*ppy light-toned superhero.

  10. I want to see some Carnage. Plain and simple. lol. I always wondered what it would be like to see Carnage on the big screen. They should put Carnage in the 4th movie. Or in the 5th.

  11. I still think that Black Cat and The Lizard will do for the this film and all the talk about Vultress is nothing but rumors.

  12. I am gonna say this again no matter how bad you “think” a comic book movie is gonna be or the majority (including myself) is either gonna shell 10 bucks at the theater, 5 bucks at your local vid store, 9.99$ monthly sub from netflix or a bootleg from the guy at the taco shop in the ghetto. If your a fan of comic heroes you will wanna see the movies to make your own decisions. BUT!!! I must also say hey !!!! movie makers dont F%#k it up! have a good day.

  13. John Malkovich would be awesome as The Vulture. Not too sure about Anne Hathaway as The Vulturess?????????

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully after Spiderman 4, we are going to get a total reboot with an (A list) Director who is able to pay homage to the comic books, suitable lead actors, a mature treatment of the script and some thrilling hardcore action scenes.

  14. heres what they need to do over the next 3 spidey movies.

    Spiderman 4
    Use the Lizard and Kraven as the villains. Have Kraven come to New York to hunt the Lizard and Spidey. Id also like Black Cat thrown in, but as an ally/rival/love interest rather than a villain. Lizard can die at the end, but Kraven and Black Cat need to live.

    Spiderman 5
    This is where Vulture comes into the picture, along with Electro. The way I see it, these two would team up to eliminate someone they both have a grudge against (probably a crime boss like Silvermaine or (if Columbia gets the rights) Kingpin). It would be crutial that they both live at the end. Also introduce Quenton Beck before he becomes Mysterio.

    Spiderman 6
    here, Quenton Beck becomes Mysterio and forms the Sinsiter 6, breaking Kraven, Electro, and Vulture out of jail, blackmailing Sandman, and somehow bring back Doc Ock (not necessarily reviving him. make it so that his arms somehow saved him from drowning or he faked his death). This would be the ultimate Spiderman film and in my opinion a fitting end to the series.

    if I had my say, Black Cat, the crime boss (whether Silvermaine or Kingpin) and possibly Sandman would be recurring characters in all 3 films.

    for those of you who want carnage, Im sorry, but I dont want him in a spiderman film when Raimi already screwed Venom. I can see him in the Venom spinoff or possibly, with a new director, in spiderman 7 should they make one.

  15. @jex just to let u know raim is Not Directing spidey 5 &6 Both are being written write now by James vanderbilt without sam Raimis input and maguire isnt returning after part 4 raimis directing world of WARCRAp and theyre not waiting for him the finish they want 5 & 6 to come out only a YEAR apart not wait for Raimis Dumbass to finish!

  16. Im sure this just another rumor,atleast i hope so. Wouldnt be surprised if there is a Vultress since Raimi made up New Goblin for harry instead of simply having him become the 2nd Green Goblin. I hope they stick to having the Lizard, Carnage, or Mysterio with Felicia Hardy being introduced on the side.

  17. I’d like to see J. Jonah Jameson and the Spider-slayer. It’d be a secondary villain as well as comical to boot.

    A horror theme rather than the traditional supervillain might work with Spidey. Mysterio or The Lizard or Morbius might work well for that.

    If they can’t make up their minds we’re going to have to bring in The Beetle and nobody wants that.

  18. Vultress??????????
    Man, I hope this is just rumour.
    The premise alone makes me squirm.

  19. You know Vulturess sounds like such a lame name. Sam should just go ahead and use the name that would take this villain out of the unknown category and put her where she belongs in the retconned category introducing the new RAPTOR: Anne Hathaway.

    Really if you think about this, this is a good thing. Sam and company get to make or break their vision on their own. If the idea succeeds or fails it shouldn’t matter to the fans. Vulture is one of the Sinister Six right, so he does fit. If the team isn’t coming back after this one then the next two movies can give fans what they really want, Rebooted franchise. They don’t have to start from square one just take the story forward. Ignore the cast changes, kill Mary Jane, recast someone more fan friendly whatever! Think your favorite director takes number five into Carnage territory, whatever. This is a classic example, “The Show Must Go On,” so let it. Why get your super hero under-tights in a bunch… 😉

  20. I think that for the 4rt movie they should put scorpion rhino and vulture for the fift carnage craven and lizard
    for the 6th Black Cat Morbius and Electro and for the 7th Mysterio

  21. dude he would be an awesome Vulture

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