Spider-Man 4 Rumor: Julia Stiles as Black Cat?

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Nowadays, it just doesn’t feel right to go a few weeks without a superhero movie rumor. Luckily, we got a pile recently – a lot of them for Spider-Man 4.

From the unlikely rumor of The Lizard being the only villain in Spidey’s next adventure, to red-headed babies and the casting of Rachel McAdams as Black Cat (later debunked); We now have more Spider-Man news for you to digest.

The latest name being thrown around for Spider-Man 4 and to possibly play Black Cat is Julia Stiles.

UGO has the scoop that Stiles (Bourne Trilogy, The Prince & Me) has a meeting with a New York-based casting company to talk about a role in Spider-Man 4. That’s no confirmation of who’s playing who but it is seemingly confirmed that Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) will in fact, be a character of Sam Raimi’s next movie. Raimi did hint that the villain of the movie “will be a big part of New York” and Ms. Hardy was born in Queens…

According to the second “confirmation” of Black Cat’s inclusion, HeyUGuys, McAdams was just one of several actresses being considered for the role. Now, we have a second name to add to that list.

While the McAdams rumor has been shot down, I initially preferred her over Stiles in the role if they were the only two options. Both actresses are very talented but the more I think about it, I can now go either way and Stiles could definitely pull it off.

Even more interesting is that HeyUGuys received information on Black Cat’s story arc for the movie and how she’ll likely be interacting with Peter Parker when not in her nice costume [Potential Spoilers ahead]:

“Apparently she is the daughter of the new editor of The Daily Bugle, a man who is also referred to as ‘a viper’ (more on this in a second). She falls in love with Peter Parker, and uncovers his true identity. Her father then dies, and Hardy becomes a threat to Peter Parker (presumably as The Black Cat).”

If this is true, the origin of Raimi’s Black Cat will differ from that of the comics where she is actually the daughter of a world-renowned cat burglar. She was the girlfriend of Peter in the comics so we’ll definitely see that relationship explored in the film, meaning more trouble with Mary Jane (who some have actually speculated would die in this movie).

“The source also implied that the word viper has some relevance. We’ve been trying to work out what, and we’re at a loss.  Looking through the pantheon of marvel characters the only ones known as ‘The Viper’ are villains in Captain America stories, so it’s unlikely that it’s the name of a baddie, although our source did suggest that Felicia’s father is a villain as well as the editor of The Daily Bugle.”

What villain could Felicia’s father be playing? Does this mean that what Dylan Baker said about his character is true and that he won’t be becoming The Lizard, still regulated to a background role?

If you could pick anyone to play Black Cat, who would it be?

Sources: UGO, HUG

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  1. Like I said before if Black Cat is a villian in the movie, they better choose a HOT Sexy female to play as her..none of the skimpy, petite, short chested females that need to wear breast implants to play the role. She has to have a good figure, with nice curves and legs etc..and please dont expose too much. We want to make it appropriate and clean for kids to watch too.

  2. Raimi is a moron, perhaps people will start seeing this, maybe his claims of having Venom forced on him for the 3rd movie were a load of BS! The guy has ruined Spiderman, and for some inane reason is being allowed to continue to do so for another multi million dollar movie.


  3. Raimi isn’t stupid, Black Cat will not be the only villain. Her father could be another cat burgler, maybe that old guy gray fox I think his name was, or maybe Tooms/Vulture.

    One thing though… if black cat IS in Spidey 4, it’ll steal the thunder from the Catwoman/dark knight sequel.

    Cat and catwoman… ?

    Why don’t they go back to the drawing board and either
    1. Kraven’s last hunt!!!!!

    or 2. resolve the mess of spidey 3 and bring back Venom, and CARNAGE! Sort out the symbiotes!

  4. wow rob nice, if this post is anywhere near the truth then SM is going a completely awkward and SCARY direction.

    hes going to destroy the relationship he spent two and 1/2 movies building

    stupid villian 1 ( happens to have THE EXACT SAME DAM MOTIVE AS HARRY HAD) are you kidding me?

    stupid villian 2 ( viper duechbag ) probably freaking hobgoblin cause hell why not, same kid revenge thing, might as well have dear ole dad follow suit.

    you know what though

    i believe in raimi, lol, im gonna wait for the film, but this sounds dumb as hell.

  5. Other than Venom I think the symbiote storylines are pretty bad…Carnage is just Venom with ADHD and psychopathic issues to sort through…Leave the symbiotes alone they are a small part of Spidey’s history..a rich history until SPidey picked up that suit on an alien planet in Secret Wars..

  6. First of all…the rumor.

    Julia Stiles isn’t the only rumor. Now it’s Anne Hathaway too. I myself thought about Anne, but she’ll be busy w/ the Judy Garland bio-pic unless that falls by the wayside. But let me say this about Stiles.

    I don’t know what it is about her…but to me her voice is like nails on a chalkboard and she is more of a Plain Jane. I didn’t mind her in the Bourne flicks or The Omen remake, but…no. I never really liked her and her whiney voice.

    Who would I really like to see? Lake Bell but I’m willing to take Jill Wagner.

    ***One last time***

    The “leaked” plot does not make any sense. Her father “dies” as a result of an assassin of some kind. People are “stumped to what ‘Viper’ means. First, what people need to do is stop and take a step back and look at what is said carefully. It is clear (at least to me) that, yes, Hardy’s father is a bad guy. Which means he became the Bugle editor through questionable means, perhaps as a con-game. He might even be a reformed thief at that.

    ‘Viper’ isn’t Viper. It’s Vulture. But Hardy’s Dad isn’t The Vulture. The Vulture targets Hardy Sr. because of past offenses and that Hardy Sr. calls himself ‘Vulture’.

    But in my view, it is neither here nor there. I honestly don’t think this is the plot at all, But if it is, one has to look at it objectively.

  7. Patrick Stewart for the Vulture!!!!

  8. Nikki Finke Is reporting that Hathaway is up for a role,
    Her most recent update for the story says that her READERS think that the role she is up for is The Black Cat.

  9. Viper could be Vulture or Hobgoblin,
    Or maybe Raimi is going to surprise evreyone with a new villain or at least a new version of Viper .
    NOTHING is confirmed about the story,
    And ANYTHING is possible.

  10. give me lizard or give me death, no seriously i want to see the lizard in the next film hes my all time favorite besides doc ock. they should add lizard,scorpion,more doc ock,carnage,and venom in spider-man 4,5,and 6 and use side villains like kraven,and mysterio any other villains will not work although black cat works as eye candy.

  11. @DrSamBeckett

    Patrick Stewart as “The Vulture” YEAH! I can see that.

  12. @Darren seeley

    I love Julia Stiles. I think she is really cute and a great actress but I’m afraid would be too short as “The Black Cat”

    Anne Hathaway would be cool if available.

    Great call on Lake Bell & Jill Wagner. Beautiful women but I’m not all that familiar with Jill Wagner’s acting, only seen her on Wipeout. Might do a Google search. :)

  13. Darren Seeley says:”‘Viper’ isn’t Viper. It’s Vulture.”

    How do you figure when Viper is a legitimate Marvel villain? Perhaps we’re getting a SHIELD story here, how cool is that?

  14. I know, Brad Pitt should play Black Cat. Make him look kind of girly, but still have manly features. Then Spiderman can have one of those “is that a girl, or is that a guy” moments, but ends up falling in love anyway. It can be called Spiderman 4: Brokeback Cat.

    Oscars here we come!

    In other words, I have no clue who should play Black Cat… Hopefully they get someone who can act at least and not just a pretty face…