Tobey Maguire Says Spider-Man 4 Will Shoot Early 2010

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tobey maguire spider man Tobey Maguire Says Spider Man 4 Will Shoot Early 2010

On top of the already set-in-stone release date of May 6th, 2011 for the highly-anticipated Spider-Man 4, we’ve heard word of a shooting start date of March, 2010. That word came just last month from Spidey director, Sam Raimi, who was quoted as saying, “We’re hoping that it’s the first week in March.” Since then speculation and rumors around Spider-Man 4 have run rampant, particularly regarding who will be the villain(s) of the film, as well as who would play the villain of the Black Cat, if the character is indeed to be included (as rumored) in the next film.

To reiterate what Raimi said about the start date, Spider-Man himself, Tobey Maguire, recently echoed the statement. HitFix reports that while at a press conference for his intense-looking upcoming “brother drama” entitled, well, Brothers, Maguire revealed that Spider-Man 4 will begin filming in February or March 2010, which places it firmly on course for its May 2011 release.

On top of revealing that filming detail, Maguire also responded with a single, “Yes,” when asked whether fans of the franchise/character would see a different side to Peter Parker. I’m all for that – anything to get away from seeing our webbed superhero sporting emo hair and dancing on a piano again… [groan]…

I think next to the studio, and Raimi himself (who’s confirmed to be directing again), Maguire would be in the loop as to when this new (and hopefully much improved) installment in the successful Spidey franchise would start shooting. With all the rumors and speculation that’ve been going around about this movie as of late, I’m glad to get a somewhat concrete piece of news.

Are you glad Spider-Man 4 is ready to start filming as early as is being said? Do you think people will forgive the lacking quality of Spider-Man 3 in lieu of a hopefully improved fourth film? Who would you like to see face-off against Spidey this time around?

By now it seems pretty concrete that, Spider-Man 4 is set to start shooting in February or March, 2010, and has a release date of May 6th, 2011.

Sources: HitFix (thanks to Latino Review)

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  1. Sweet!! The next three years there are going to be an astounding number of Comic book/Graphic novels coming to the big screen…Great time to be a fan of these movies..

  2. That’s all Tobey said? Cmon give us something concrete when it comes to villains. Of all the questions that reporter could have asked, he/she asks if we’ll see a different side to Peter Parker? Are you serious? What an idiot!

  3. @M-Cat,

    Perhaps someone else asked him about that, but with the particular source in this case, that’s the question that was asked. Maybe more quotes will come out soon, but remember this was a press conference for Brothers, not Spider-Man, so questions were probably focused on that movie.

  4. Well no matter, as the film won’t be out for another year. I’m hardly going to get excited about this today,,,

  5. There are a few movies I will always see regardless of their past performance. Spiderman, Batman, James Bond. Most other superhero movies also.

    So yes I forgive them and yes im happy shooting will start sooner then later.

  6. @ Ross

    I wasnt directing my anger towards you. Sorry about that rant lol.

  7. Sorry about that. I haven’t had a cigarette in a week. I’m a little jumpy Ross.

  8. I think Spiderman 4 will be better than 3 for many reasons, first off, no Topher Grace as Eddie Brock, as for villians in this new movie, I want The Lizard. Period. Black Cat would be a good thing also, spice things up as long as they stay true to who Felica Hardy is, which is a rich cat burglar, nothing more, who falls for Spiderman, but not Peter. Mysterio would be my second choice of villian, but like I mentioned earlier, I want to see Curt Conners become the Lizard

  9. I Agree with Aknot as i felt the same way with past films and im the kind of forgive & forget type of guy. Its encouraging for me if what tobey said is true on what he said about no more stylized hair-do or dancing on the sidewalk/tables scenes.

    And i also feel the sameway Chris O does about the Lizard and staying true to Felcia Hardy/Black Cat’s love for Spidey alone, and it would be nice to see Bruce Campbell take up the role he’d be perfect for, Mysterio.

  10. I’ll take as much Spidey as Hollywood wants to give us, as long as he isn’t emo-Spidey. I’d love for them to show the maturation of Spider-Man as he matures and becomes more cognizant of the way the world works. I really hope that they move away from the whole MJ romance and let Spidey become more of a free swinger (hahaha).

  11. May 6th, 2011?

    Will people still be able to keep their appetites for this film?

  12. I would LOL so hard if they cast Uma Therman as Black Cat-sorry, had to get that funy though of my chest.

    Anyways, glad they are shooting soon, hope Raimi will bring back the atmosphere and storyline that make spiderman an great movie francises for all ages and families, and hopefully it will be just like Spiderman 2 in terms of action and intensity-cause that was the one movie in the spidey francise that was meant for the cinemas.

  13. Put me down for the Lizard too. A cat chased by a Lizard chased by a spider, in the shadows. How’s that for poster action?

  14. As spidey villains go, I’ve always been partial to the Rhino and the vulcher.

  15. Lets get villains that add more to the gravitus of the movie like previous stories that are iconic and make more sense. “The Lizard” and “Kraven”(“Buried Alive”) make the most sense, with The Chameleon as a background character not a head-on villain per-se,played by Bruce Campbell. Bruce has been in the movies already disguising himself, why not make him the Chameleon adding on to the purpose of him being there as Kraven’s secret brother. Myseterio should be a member of “The Sinister Six” and Bruce Campbell should’nt be playing him. Mysterio is all about “ILLUSIONS” not disguises,thats the Chameleon’s thing. As far a Black Cat, I think this movie should have her in it especially if it pushes Kirsten Dunst as “MJ” further away from the story. I think somehow they should confuse the audience & Peter into thinking that Gwen Stacey is Black Cat when in fact she isn’t adding an element of surprise to the story. Spidey should get some help so Black Cat should be a complex rogueish/some-what criminal “ally” not a villain.

  16. There needs to be more “smart-alec” dialogue and “taunting” form Spider-Man. The Shocker & Rhino as side villains. Spider-Man has always been a “wise-ass” making. Spider-Man 5 “Maximum Carnage/The Of Venom”. Spider-Man 6 “The Sinister Six”, introducing (Spidey ally)”The Prowler”.

  17. mysterio, blackcat, morbius?????? THAT`S THE WRONG DIRECTION! aLL i wanna say right now.

  18. Here is more of that interview and the actual important parts. I’m not sure why it wasn’t mentioned before???

    Tobey was presented him with three fan-selected choices: The Lizard, Carnage and Mysterio.

    “I’m more familiar with Lizard and Mysterio, and I don’t know — I like them as villains,” said Maguire. “I think they’re great, and Lizard obviously has a very personal relationship with Peter Parker, so we often will go towards that kind of stuff.”

    So it seems that nobody is hiding the fact that it’s time for The Lizard to appear in the franchise. And Bruce Campbell has already been rumored to play Mysterio, or at least set up the character for future installments. But will we ever see Carnage on the big screen?

    “I’m not that familiar with Carnage, I’m aware of Carnage,” Maguire added. “I know that Sam [Raimi] is a fan of the early Spider-Man comics and Carnage comes much later.”

    Raimi previously revealed that he knows very little about Carnage and now that Maguire said that the director is only a fan of the old comics, it is likely that we will never see the character. Unless Sony forces Raimi to put him in, and then we’ll get another mess like Venom.

  19. I wanna exactly how people know Raimi was ” pressured” to do Venom in Sm3. Really, how???????

  20. Hey, hello???? I asked a question.

  21. John K

    enough about Raimi. have you heard that Vulture is supposed to be the main villain in Spiderman 4? Black Cat as a supporting character (friend or foe not sure) and the Vulture as the main antagonist in the film. I’m not sure how much truth there is to it but google it and you’ll see for yourself. You like the Vulture?

  22. And to answer your question about Venom, they said Raimi didn’t really want to put him in the movie but the studios forced him into the script. That’s what people mean by “forced”.

  23. no, where do i get this news? how do i get this news people hear? I really don`t see why things must go on a gasoline cargo train.

  24. @John K

    Um, what? What’s your question?


  25. M-Cat,
    uhh, “who” said?

    uh never mind