Spider-Man 4 News Roundup

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carnage lizard Spider Man 4 News RoundupSoooo…. The prints of Spider-Man 3 running in movie theaters are barely dry and already a couple of days ago news began surfacing that yes, there will be a Spider-Man 4. Heck, there will even be a 5, 6 and beyond.

batsuit nipples Spider Man 4 News RoundupYeah, we’ll just have to see about that. There is no doubt that Sam Raimi (director of the first three Spiderman movies) is not about to make a lifelong career out of ol’ web head. What does that mean? That either a new director or directors will be brought in, and each one will want to put his own personal mark on the franchise. Sure, it could turn out to be a good thing, but lets keep one thing in mind, shall we?

Nipples on the Batsuit.

BBC news had a report a few days back where a Sony movie exec confirmed Spider-Man movies will be coming out until the Apocalypse (or whenever they run out of “good stories”). icon smile Spider Man 4 News Roundup

Over at Freeze Dried Movies they have a source that says that the villains for Spiderman 4 will be the Lizard (aka Doc Connors, Peter’s college professor, who’s appeared in all three movies so far) and… Carnage. For those of you not aware, Carnage is like Venom on steroids. The word is that the next film would have to be “darker” to accomodate the Carnage character.

Darker than Spider-Man 3? And after the great (*cough*) job they did with Venom in this one?

Hoo boy.

I suppose you can go pretty dark in a PG-13 movie (look at the progressively creepier Harry Potter movies), but Spider-Man appeals to the little kiddies all the way down to kindergarten. In the comics, Carnage is a serial killer. Great stuff to bring little Timmy to, don’t ya think?

Also, since three antagonists worked so well in this movie, there’s also talk of adding Black Cat to the mix for the next film.

Finally, although Raimi stated a few weeks ago that he might be up for number four, the studio has said that the franchise could go on without him, Kirsten Dunst or Tobey Maguire. The vibe from various interviews is that they’ll do it as a team or they won’t do it at all. It wouldn’t be the first time that a movie studio replaced directors and lead actors in a superhero franchise. They did it quite successfully with Batman Begins and they’re in the process of doing it with The Incredible Hulk.

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  1. True, but… Ang Lee’s hulk film is pretty forgettable and Batman Begins was years after nipple-gate. You’re talking about replacing the entire cast of one of the top grossing franchises of all time and maintain timely release dates.

    Spiderman needs to end with #4. Anything after that is vanity…

  2. Vic,

    I am pretty sure you mean Black Cat, not Black Canary.

    Also, I heard recently that the original plan for SM3 was Sandman and Vulture. What do you think about Vulture showing up some time? Sounds a bit odd to me, but with the way they treated Venom, who knows, maybe Vulture would have been the way to go.

  3. Zipper, good points, however I don’t think it’s vanity so much as money. :-)

    Chip, thanks for the correction. I think Vulture might make a cool villain, but I’m sure the “suits” probably think he’s too quaint.


  4. Of course, when the Batman franchise rebooted, it was welcomed because everyone remembered those bat-nipples (and other really awful stuff that came out of “Batman Forever” and “Batman & Robin”). It worked, I think, in that instance because the franchise had already hit rock bottom and people were ready to find a new continuity.

    Spidey 3, while not up to par as originally discussed, is still light years ahead of “Batman & Robin”. The franchise could still be screwed up a lot more before people want to see a reboot with new actors and a new take (even then you still have to wait awhile for the stink to wear off ;)

  5. Carnage is a terrible choice. There’s little depth there and having a serial killer as a villain seems more suited to Batman.

    The Lizard is a fine idea and a lot of people have suggested Kraven the Hunter as well. I think this is the way to go. THis way you can have two villains who actually go well together. Rather than having some lame barely motivated villain team-up, you have Spiderman vs. The Lizard vs. Kraven. Would make for some cool battles, with Spiderman in the middle tryin to make sure neither of his foes gets hurt. If you remove the fur off of Kraven and make him a serious hunter with some terrifying hardware, he wouldn’t be too ridiculous.

    The problem is that neither the Lizard or Kraven offer the possibility of mid-air battles like Goblin or Doc Ock. So someone would have to come up with a way to make the fights visually interesting.

  6. how about a full reptile movie ?
    The Lizard and the Scorpion !
    or smythe and his spider slayers
    with either the scorpion or the spider slayers
    you could involve jameson using the above villains to capture spidey in order to turn him over to the cops
    of course they might not want to take jameson out of his comedic comfort zone

  7. New director = new vision.

    Anyone considered Peter Parker graduatina and working? He’s been a student for years! Make him a dad!

  8. He hasn’t grown up in the comics, why should he in the films?

  9. Actually, he *has* grown up in the comics. In at least one of the titles he’s a college professor. :-)

    Clarence, I did say that a new director *could* be a good thing.


  10. replace them all, and see where the cards fall :)

  11. You know, it’s a sad thing that they basically just wasted the Venom character in order to set-up Carnage. IMHO, Carnage is a shallow mess without Venom, especially in the comics where Venom actually TEAMS UP with Spider-man in order to combat the greater evil that is Carnage/Cletus Cassidy. At this point, they’re going to run out of top-tier rogues by the time they get to 6. Venom should have been saved until 4…

  12. As I’ve stated elsewhere, I’m no long-time fan of Venom, but I agree that the full-blown version of the character was definitely wasted in “Spider-Man 3″.


  13. I never thought I’d agree to a Kraven the Hunter Scenario…but that idea is great. Except give him the fur and leopard tights.
    The Lizard is running rampant in N.Y. and Kraven comes to claim his greatest trophy and interferes with Spider-man trying to save his friend. But in this movie have the Lizard KILL Mary Jane. Kirsten Dunst sucks SHE’S one of the many reasons Spidey 3 was so weak.

  14. i heard tht shocker will also be a villian and guess what venoms bck in number 4 because he doesnt realy die i kid u not they r having venom in number 4 and other villians.

  15. sorry if you dont get what im saying but the thing is that venom does escape and i bet you wanna no how. well he has the same power as spidey except spidey senses so he can get away from the bomb and number two spidey cant tell if venom got away because his spidey senses dont work on venom. i got this info off the web vic so im not makin it up and also kraven hunting lizard man cool idea but not going to work because the two dont work at all. reason being there set in different times

  16. Kirsten Dunst sucks SHE’S one of the many reasons Spidey 3 was so weak.

    Really? i disagree.

    What screwed up was the terrible story line – your girl friend’s about to fall from a skyscrapper, what you did is take photo and introduce yourself to her dad? come’on!

  17. i think that t bag from prisin break should play carnage

  18. hey, lizard vs. Kraven vs. spidey is great idea, good way to bring them together unlike the lame venom/sandman/goblin fiasco. but I hope to see sandman return in some way, maybe to redeem himself like in the comics!(Thunderbolts PLEASE!!!) but they should stick with the same trio of stars/director. don’t screw up a good thing. Raimi and Tobey owe Spidey their respective careers and Mary Jane needs to move out of the spot light for a while, like she did in the comics. I know everyone loved the Evil Dead movies, but not me too much. Spidey has landed Raimi a house hold name.
    Bring on the tag team of Shocker and Rhino to at least deversify and show the audience that there are some dumb super powered villains that just robs banks to rob banks, not to save their kids life.
    and I agree on the Carnage idea that it is too dark for this Spidey Generation. kids won’t understand the complexity of the character anyway so don’t ruin a good movie with it.
    and I also agree that venom should have been saved for the Fourth film, introduce brock, but swing venom in at the last sec and piss people off with a …to be continued

  19. Peter should marry MaryJane and should have a kid from that point onwards their should be an attack of Venom and Carnage.So Venom feels guilty that he caught peter’s wife and he helps peter.So Spider man and Venom trys to defeat carnage whos helped by mysterio and scorpian mysterio want to takes a revenge with spiderman because he sent him jail and as he is a smart person he makes his costume and cubes by the money of vulture [who only gives money but is not their in this movie but wilol rise in fifth part].In the case of scorpian he is rised by Jameson who wants the photo of spider man unmasked but scorpian robs bank for fun so iron man comes up and helps hims.So when the fight finishes he is shocked that his wife mary jane has also got the powers of the spider and is the spider which he and continue in 5 part.

  20. Phew!

  21. what i think it should be all animals spiderman(vs)scorpion(vs)lizard(vs)rhino.

  22. That’s actually an interesting idea…


  23. I think it whould be cool if Carnarge was in the movie

  24. No it whould be cool if carnarge and shocker where in the movie

  25. Sam will stay, Carnage is too violent for little kids and will lower the franchise. Lizard and Scorpion should be the next villains of SM4 though I guess Kraven would be ok.

  26. sorry to double post but to jerseycajun, Lizard and Kraven do have aerial fighting skills, Lizard can also stick to and climb up walls and he can jump like, 20 ft. high so we’d be seeing some good high flying fighting action in the movie afterall. And Kraven he can also jump to things and climb high, remember he took a special potion from a witch dr. to get his strength and powers.
    Pretty much all of spidey’s villains have ground and airborne combat so they can still work without the visuality, of course like always they’ll have to used good CGI to make it cool.


  28. My vision for Spider-Man 4:

    Peter is upset with the loss of his best friend, and that he missed his chance to propose to Mary Jane. Meanwhile, Dr. Connors’[Dylan Baker] sample symbiote which was left in his lab escapes, and it finds serial killer Cletus Kasady [Jim Carrey] in jail. The symbiote bonds with Cletus and he is able to escape. [Leave him alone for a little while.]Meanwhile, Dr. Connors injects himself with reptilian DNA in an attempt to regrow his missing arm, but it goes horribly wrong, and he becomes the infamous Lizard. He rampages through NYC and Spider-man attempts to stop him, but fails. When the city sees that Spider-man has actually lost a battle, out of no where arrives Kraven the Hunter [Russel Crowe or Jack Black], claiming he can slay the savage beast, better than the spider.

    Thats what I have so far. Also added in are some hallucinations of Harry and Eddie by Peter.

    Tell me what you think :]

  29. Just thought of something.

    When the Lizard defeats Kraven in battle, Kraven goes into shame. Meanwhile, the Lizard recruits the newly symbioted Carnage, or Cletus Kasady, to destroy the city, [or something Raimi will think of to add to the plot]. When Peter discovers that the Lizard is none other than his professor, he vows to stop him. He snags Kraven and tells him that he has one more shot to slay the beast, and Spider-man will handle Carnage.

    I also think that Peter should take a break from MJ for a while and start to focus on Gwen Stacy, like they did in the comics.

    Just like a redo of Spider-man 3, but more interesting, and less like a soap opera.