Spider-Man 4 To Feature A Certain Red-Haired Baby…

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spider man 4 baby Spider Man 4 To Feature A Certain Red Haired Baby...

I bet your Spidey sense is tingling from that headline and your first thought may be that Mary Jane and Peter Parker spawn a love-child in Sam Raimi’s fourth installment of the Spider-Man franchise.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, SpoilerTV put up the casting call info for “toddler boy,” a two year old red-haired baby that will be a part of Spider-Man 4. Uh oh.

While that might be the case (I doubt it though), it is possible, as some fans have speculated, that the child is Cletus Kasady, who many will know as the popular villain Carnage. Whether this is being introduced for us to be used as plot thread in the interconnected Spider-Man 5 & 6 or it’s a look into Peter Parker’s future, or Mary Jane has a child with someone else… we don’t yet know.

Here’s the exact casting call:

2 or 3 year old boy to play 2 year old, Caucasian with RED HAIR, an adorable toddler with an engaging personality, on set experience preferred. IDENTICAL TWINS ONLY

We’ll let you know more as we hear it but at least we may have a better idea of who Spidey’s next villain will be with the recent Black Cat news.

What do you think about the possibility on big screen Spider-Babies?

Spider-Man 4 starts production next March and is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2011, the year of the super hero.

Source: SpoilerTV

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  1. Gah!

    Sony Studio Exec 1: Okay, so the last movie left a very bad taste in peoples mouths, how do we rectify this?

    Sony Studio Exec 2: Add a kid?

    Sony Studio Exec 1: Sounds good to me, who wants lunch?

  2. Either way its a bad idea. Carnage is too unrealistic and is not grounded on teh levels of science (which was the problem with Venom) and SPiderman having a child is just a lame idea (as we saw with Superman having a child in Superman returns). Persoanlly I think that they will go with the former and have a young Cletus Kasady who will eventually become Carnage in the upcoming flicks. If this is indeed the case I still woould not know how it would work since Spiderman and Carnage would have such a big age gap. I am sure that if the move forward with the Carnage idea we will not have Raimi direct the 5th and 6th installments and McGuire will likely not return. Either way I really am curious to see where they are going with this casting and what the pint of all of this is.

  3. I think Raimi has gone off the deep end.

  4. relax people , we don’t know what this means yet .

  5. The producers went off the deep end when they hired Sam Raimi to make these films in the first place, the guy simply doesnt have the talent or vision to bring films like this to the screen.

    And as for Venom not being grounded in science, yeah true, but he was meant to be an alien! Venom’s story was one of the best comic book stories of all time,and it goes to show how badlt the series has been treated when the amazing animated series from the nineties did a far better job of telling these great stories.

    In the same way Batman The Animated Series is easily the best incarnation of that character.

  6. Mysterio coming to anyone’s mind. A vision induced by Mysterio showing Spidey and MJ with a child to subdue the Web-Head.

    Thoughts anyone?

  7. Dang, the news regarding this film just keeps getting worse and worse.

  8. I don’t know about the red hair part, but didn’t Dr Connors have a young son, Billy? (Just a guess…)

    Other than that,or a character’s histoty (an MJ flashback) I think they need to stay away from it.

    Remember Superman Returns? Very bad idea!

  9. slow news day?

  10. @roger

    They can’t all be ground-breaking, stop-the-presses articles. :-P


  11. Could be Cassidy in some type of flashback to when he was a kid, I remember a comic book like that where they showed him as a kid microwaiving his dog and pushing his grandma down the steps. Or it could be some kind of dream sequence. Or it could be Spideys kid since supposedly this is the last film before a reboot so who cares what they do.

  12. DrSam,

    I don’t even know how to respond to that. Raimi is my idol. Spider-Man 2 is easily one of the best comic book movies ever made. Guy makes one bad movie, and suddenly everybody hates him. EVERY director does eventually. Spielberg made Hook. Fincher made Alien 3. Coppola made Jack. Tarantino made Death Proof.

    Seriously, cut the guy some slack. The studio could have done MUCH worse in choosing a director. Seriously, have you read James Cameron’s treatment? The one where he wanted to make the entire movie an allegory for puberty? That included a scene of Parker waking up in the morning to find his beg covered in sticky webbing?


  13. Dude, c’mon. “Hook” and “Death Proof” are not bad movies. They are the worst movies those directors have done but not bad movies on their own. If “hook” is the worst a director has done, then Spielberg’s batting a thousand.
    But I agree with you. Raimi Rules! “Spiderman 3″ was not the movie he wanted to make. A lot of the issues we have with that film were forced on him as well. It was creative rape.

  14. My issue isnt just with Spiderman 3, I also have an intense dislike for the first film. Only 2 came close to what I thought Spiderman should be.

    I think the main dislike for me is the cast, Tobey Maguire isnt good enough to play that part, and Kirsten Dunst was great in the first movie but in the rest what happened?

    Needs a reboot.

  15. @DrSamBeckett

    I couldn’t agree more. I have never been totally satisfied with Sam Raimi’s treatment of the web slinger.

    I can’t help myself as I always use my Spiderman comic book collection as a benchmark to measure these movies and Sam Raimi’s version just falls short of being truly amazing and spectacular.

    I also have never been 100% comfortable with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. While I appreciate their fine acting talents in other films, they just don’t convince me in their roles as Peter Parker and Mary Jane.

    Peter Parker from the comic books is taller, he’s handsome and not as goofy or nerdy looking.

    Mary Jane is sexier, she’s independent, vivacious and the character exudes a bubbly fun loving personality.

    I don’t know how many folks here actually read and collect Amazing Spiderman but check out issues 601 – 603. Mary Jane is featured on all three covers. Fantastic artwork and great stories too.

    I can only hope for a total reboot with a veteran (A list) Director, a fresh brand new cast and a mature treatment of the script and characters.

  16. I grew up on the animated series of Spiderman, and later the comics, but Spiderman was always a witty person, cracking jokes while fighting his enemeys and making quick quips. This has never translated into any of the movies, and for me is such an integral part of the character.

    I know a lot of people think Raimi is awesome, and maybe he is, but not with these movies. He just doesnt have the scope to breathe life into these characters, and the actors portraying them are not of good enough quality, they do not embody the characters properly and it comes off as awkward, The only actor who, in my opinion, did a good job during 1-3 was James Franco and then they went and killed off Harry!

  17. ok, no ones going to agree with me..

    but how freaking beyond crazy would it be to see spiderman die in the 4th. in an EPIC fight with whomever spiderman bights it. and the 5th and 6th can be the revival of a hero in his son against the established tyrant.

    itd be a cool way to move on to a new spidey franchise, and for spiderman to once again make waves in comicverse.

  18. @ rich

    Not sure about the whole son idea, but I do like the thought of killing Spiderman off in 4, then when he comes back in 5+6, a new actor can play the part.

  19. if spidey has a kid i will not know what to think. I mean how can we say it`s a bad idea he has a kid? Well it`s just peter has alot to deal with in his world so the superhero having a kid in there would be a bit too deep and ingoing. Maybe every couple`s supposed to have a kid once a while but i`d just rather they don`t mention it or show it. Spidey has intamicies that doesn`t reflect beyond the path. By the way, in Superman Returns, Lois had already been married, it had never shown Superman and lois getting married in the first 4 superman films. I`m not sure if that was following the comics but then what am i missvisioned?

  20. magnetic eye,

    um, peter hadn`t ever been handsome in the comics, and have you not seen some shots in the first 3 films he did not look anywhere near goofy looking he was kinda cool in the first one. I have no comment to whether or not he`s too short to play spidey but mostly he fits the tights well.

  21. oh yeah and kirsten dunst, guys i had never had a problem with her as Mary Jane, so what mj was sexy in the comics she still has plenty of chemistry with peter guys i think the top leads as the roles are always the right people.

  22. @John

    So in the entire history of movie making there has never been a movie in which actors were unsuitably or wrongly cast? That’s a pretty big call even if it is just your humble opinion.

    Actors are constantly re cast for certain roles, even opting out of confirmed lead roles due to other commitments, other roles or for whatever other reason. Did those Directors and Casting Agents initially get it wrong because according to you they always get the right people?

    I don’t have any animosity towards Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. I own several of their movies on DVD and respect them as fine actors BUT they fail to fully convince me in their roles as Peter Parker and Mary Jane.

    I’ve been reading Amazing Spiderman my whole life. My collection is almost complete plus I have the entire comic book collection on DVD. Sam Raimi’s adaptation may in some ways run parallel to the original source material, BUT parallel lines never meet and his should come to an end soon.

    With all due respect when you say “peter hadn`t ever been handsome in the comics” LOL -which comic books have you been reading? He certainly wasn’t ugly!

    There is some truth to what you say when Steve Ditko was illustrating the comic books in the early sixties. Peter Parker was a nerd. He was uncool. A major bookworm and yes he faced the everyday dilemmas that teenagers face including peer group pressure.

    And yet as Spiderman he was cool and confident. He made witty remarks when battling the enemy and when John Romita took over from Steve Ditko after 38 issues, the overall style changed. Peter Parker was more confident, mature and dare I say it again handsome. The artwork very much reflects that.

    Steve Ditko had a great quirky style for Spiderman which embodied the trials and tribulations of a teenager coming to terms with great power and responsibility and all the artists that followed: John Romita Sr, Gil Kane, Ross Andru, Sal Buscema, Keith Pollard, John Romita Jr, Todd McFarlane, Erik Larsen, Mark Bagley, Joe Bennett, John Byrne, Mike Deodato, Jr plus the current rotation of artists have certainly NEVER drawn Peter Parker in a nerdy, goofy looking way but as a mature adult.

    Overall I think the attempt was made to make Toby Maguire look more like Ditko’s nerdy Parker. It’s seriously time to move on after Spiderman 4 and explore a mature treatment of Marvel’s greatest super hero.

    Sam Raimi’s Spiderman still seems to be stuck in the Ditko era but without the dark quirky edge that so epitomized Steve Ditko’s brilliance.

  23. I want to see the wise cracking Spiderman I fondly remember as a child, and Tobey Maguire isnt capable of being that Spidey.

    Anyone ideas for his replacement?

  24. Jared Padalecki – possibly!

    Josh Hartnett – maybe?

    David Boreanaz – reminds me more of Batman :)

  25. I actually thought, with his rather humourous nature, David Boreanaz might make a good Superman!

    I could picture Josh Hartnett as Peter Parker.

  26. Magnetic eye,

    ok, no, not saying no actor has ever been wrong for their role, i kinda thought val kilmer and george clooney were incorrectly cast. But most movies i`ve seen had the right actors for their roles.

    Now did you see the scene where Tobey`s shirt was off and looking in the mirror in the first one? He absolutely not goofy looking! Maaybe with his glasses on or the way he smiles is goofy looking? now i think in most scenes you probably thought his face was both average and goofy looking? I doubt so, in most scenes he seemed pretty moony, not at all goofy looking.

    I didn`t say he was ugly, but he always supposed to be just average looking, nothing really interesting or complex about his dialistics.

    kirsten is the best mary jane you should get. I`m fine with her hair looking a bit different from mary jane`s hair in the comics and restly looking very much like mary jane.

    Are you saying their bad actors? no their not, in some senes in the first 3 movies they`ve done amazing in their roles. You need to have a real sense of movie critique in yourslef.

    DrSam Beckett,

    Wise-Cracking Spiderman! I prefer the deeper looking into life Spidey. You mean making jokes against the villains? I think it`s better if peter doesn`t make as much jokes about the villains in the movies.

  27. Josh Hratnett! Guys, noone can play Peter parker without tobey. You need to realize what you`re taking wrongly of yourself.

  28. @John

    I have a university degree in Communications which included Screen Studies and Media Production as part of my Sub Major, so I think I have some sense of being able to critique a movie.

    Secondly by saying “No one can play Peter Parker without Tobey” is a bit like saying no one but Stan Lee & Steve Ditko can write and draw Spiderman since they were the first ones to do it.

    Since then there have been many outstanding contributions by writers and artists over the years. The same thing will happen to this franchise when it gets a reboot. It is bound to happen.

    Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst as professionals will move on to other projects. I don’t see them extending their roles, getting older and typecasting themselves repeatedly.

  29. I MEANT noone can play peter parkeer other than tobey. seriously, if there`s a reboot, who can be the new peter parker? he`s supposed to be average looking, and tobey`s the only right guy. The next franchise is gonna be s**t!