Emma Stone Confirms Spider-Man 3D Artificial Web Shooters

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garfield spider man Emma Stone Confirms Spider Man 3D Artificial Web Shooters

With Sony Pictures pushing out a reboot of the Spider-Man franchise with such haste, fans wonder how director Marc Webb’s take on the web-slinging hero will differentiate itself from Sam Raimi’s successful trilogy. Aside from a new lead star in Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) and the dropping of franchise female lead Mary Jane in favor of the blonde Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), what details will be new for moviegoers familiar with the character?

The first official still of Andrew Garfield in the new Spider-Man costume was released a few days ago and to the observant, you could see what appeared to be mechanical web shooters on the costume wrists. Now comes confirmation from star Emma Stone that Garfield’s Peter Parker will in fact, use artificial web shooters just as he did in the original Marvel Comics.

In the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, when the radioactive spider bit Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker, it gave him a natural ability to fire webs from his wrist, eliminating the drama surrounding situations when the character would run out of web fluid.

MTV had a quick chat with Emma Stone on the red carpet during last night’s Golden Globes Awards where she confirmed that Peter Parker’s web-slinging powers come from a “device,” confirming that Webb’s take on Spider-Man will follow the original comics in this respect, having Parker develop the wrist-mounted tech himself.

Here’s a closer look at the web shooter design, just in case you want to construct your own:

spider man movie web shooters 280x209 Emma Stone Confirms Spider Man 3D Artificial Web Shooters

spider man web shooters1 Emma Stone Confirms Spider Man 3D Artificial Web Shooters

With a great cast lead by growing star Andrew Garfield, a costume that pays respect to the early original designs and a more accurate take on Spidey’s earliest powers, there’s a lot to look forward to the 3D Spider-Man reboot which began shooting a month ago. Now we can look forward to learning more about the look of Rhys Ifans’s Dr. Curt Connors when he becomes The Lizard.

Does it matter to you if Peter Parker creates web shooters himself or whether it’s a natural ability granted from the infamous spider bite?

The Spider-Man reboot swings into 2D and 3D theaters around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

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Source: MTV

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    Any other excuse is BS. I grew up on them,as did a whole nation.
    Organic wasn’t in my comics; don’t want it in my movie, don’t care what this “PC” world thinks.

    • I was reading another website on Spider-man’s web-shooters and it turns out that in one comic he does change to organic webs after being transformed in to a giant spider

  2. Though its great that the are staying true to the comics it is kind of lame to have artificial web shooters. I mean Peter Parker got all those spidey powers and all but could not shoot the webs. I mean it is characteristic of a spider to shoot webs. It is actually more believable to have a Spider-Man that shoots webs of his own rather than him inventing a device for that specific purpose. I mean look at those tiny cartridges, what is the sense in it? If he can climb walls then let him shoot real webs too.
    What would be believable would be to somehow merge Spier-Man’s story with something of an influence of Iron Man. Like in the comics when he made that super suit for Spider-Man, during the hole Marvel Civil War time.
    It just does not make sense when a teenage kid invents something like that and its better if he actually have the superhuman ability to shoot webs.

    But at the end of the days its a comic book character and anything can happen over there. Whatever I wanna watch this movie bad!The new suit looks kickass.

    • In defense of web-heads everywhere I have to take issue with your comment about the organic webbing, aside from shooting the webbing out of his arse (which is where the gland is located in all spiders) there is no logical reason other than convenience for the webbing to organically have come from his wrists. Raimi said himself it was because it was hard to sustain your disbelief that a 16 year old kid could develop/synthasize something that the top scientists in the world can still not produce.

      If we can believe a man can turn himself into a lizard, (or a handful of other animals) or that a boy can suddenly climb walls, why is it so hard to believe that this same boy might be smart enough to create something that helps with his accepted responsibility (with a possible genetic base knowledge of how it should work, ie when the spider DNA attaches itself to his own it increases his already impressive IQ)

      From a dramatic point of view running out of webbing during massive show downs made for interesting story telling in the panels of the comic, Im sure Marc Web can translate at least some of that to the screen. Honestly that first image of Garfield in costume with obvious web-shooters was the first positive light to have shined on this project that has from the very beginning been chasing the Twi-Hard fandom.

      I have been a web-head for more than two thirds of my life, I will be first in line at the London premier and count myself lucky, because while I don’t think this film will blow me a way I know that for two hours I will once again see a childhood hero live.

      • “If we can believe a man can turn himself into a lizard…” … then you can believe that, of all places, the webbing comes from his wrists.

        And running out of webbing during a fight is not interesting storytelling, it’s lazy storytelling that’s become cliche. It’s as bad as someone “not being themselves” on Smallville.

        • Touché

          • My thoughts exactly. I sure hope this doesn’t happen during every climatic boss fight in what I am sure will be a trilogy.

    • The whole point of artificial web shooters is to have intense sings where garfield runs out of fluid and can’t shoot his web…

      • I can only assume you meant scenes and not sings.

  3. *they are staying true to the comics
    **whole Marvel Civil War time
    ***has the superhuman ability to shoot webs

    Excuse the grammatical errors.

    • interstin

    • I agree with the belt thing…. however… If you look really closely at that picture of his suit, (the one from the other day, not the one in this article.) you can see just a touch of red on his left hip. like maybe there is some design of a belt or something on the back of his suit.

      or maybe it’s just blood… I dunno. lol

      • Im pretty sure that there will be some sort of belt that possibly goes around his back but that it wont connect to the front portion. also if you look closely you’ll notice on HIS right hip and thigh there is red, so it leads me to believe that the sides of his legs will have some sort of red stripe that leads to his boots (not unlike his arms). also to people who say how can he carry so much web fluid.. really the ratio of lfuid to how much web it produces is not specified, so really, a small amount could could provide an almost unlimited source of webs. there isnt a way to know the exchange rate of fluid to webs. dont get so bogged down with realism.

    • Anybody else feel like this costume resembles the whole Spidey 2099 thing? I for one was distracts by lack of belt, but this looks like a shot of him getting beat up after a fight. (Lizard claw mark on chest?). So maybe h lost his extra web shooter cartidges, and that is in fact why he is so sad and mopey. He misses his belt as much as we do- po widdoo Spidey Boy.

  4. I don’t mean to be rude, but have you actually read the comics? Peter is as smart maybe even smarter than doc ock and is just as smart as reed richards from the fantastic four. So, peter making the web=shooters is believable if you actually read any of the comics. The suit is amazing. They have various suits in the comics, so creating a new one is pretty cool. It gives it a classic feel with a modern look to it. so please, PLEASE, don’t hate on the costume and the web-shooters if you haven’t read the comics, since they are trying they’re best to follow the comics.

  5. So far I’m agreeing with the costume. Little too much blue but its OK. As long as the mask looks good (Hint: makes eyes bigger… like a bug). Like the web shooters. Makes him look like a smart scientist, while in the last movies they just told you he was smart. Could be a set up for more inventions. Oversized spider light signal?

  6. Glad to see the mechanical web-shooters back, though I’m curious as to how they’ll be handled in the movie. Because there IS a believability problem with the web-shooters, but it’s not that teenaged Peter Parker was smart enough to have built them; it’s that he was smart enough to have built them but he WASN’T smart enough to patent the design and license it for use by law enforcement and emergency services.

    What’s unbelievable is that young Mr. Parker completed the prototype web-shooter and didn’t immediately say to himself, “Wait a minute — this gadget I’ve just invented could be worth millions, and I was going to use it as nothing more than a gimmick in a stunt show? Screw that… Hello, operator — connect me to the U.S. Patent Office, please…”

  7. Being a long time Spider-Man fan, I appreciate the accuracy to the comics… But as I was also a fan of the 90′s tv cartoon series which so overused the whole “crap, I ran out of webbing in the middle of a fight and I dropped the last cartridge, what’ll I do?!” to the point of running the horse into the ground and kicking it after it’s dead, it became clear to me that it was too easy to get in a rut with that and use it as a cop-out, inserting it here, there, and everywhere you wanted to add some danger and make it more suspenseful and intense, and this overuse and lack of coming up with a mire original suspenseful situation really got old after awhile… I suppose I’m cautiously onboard, as long as they don’t fall into the same rut of overuse.

    • HAHA I know right that was the one thing I hated about that show they did make the whole “running out of web cartridges” thing really cliche. But I have to say I do look forward to seeing it come to play in the movie. I always kinda hated the fact that McGuire’s had natural web.

  8. And does Spiderman also carry a massive tank on his back to contain all the webbing? Or are we supposed to pretend it all comes from a tiny cartridge?

      • True. But I’m willing to bet that they don’t cover that in the film at all.
        Honestly, the only thing I liked about the old trilogy (apart from Kirsten Dunst, yum!) was the whole organic web shooters. It fit into the idea of him being part spider.

        • That organic webbing aspect took me a long time to warm to as I have been a fanboy for more than two decades but I did eventually grow to see the appeal of it, where as the appeal of Miss Dunst has never been lost on me.

          • doesn’t peter’s webbing go ‘internal’ during the civil war saga, b/c i remember him going against ironman and webbing IM into a giant cocoon.

            i like how they’re trying to move away from raimi’s spiderman to avoid confusion amongst mainstream viewers, but this (mechanism for webbing) is a bit to far. organic webbing is much more convenient and won’t lead to ‘i’m out of web wtf do i do’ moments.

            • Personally, I prefer them to lean towards the source material to differentiate themselves, rather than veer in the opposite direction and have Peter psychically linked to articulated arachnids on his wrists or some other nonsense.

    • DSM,

      Frankly, to me it’s rather silly debating artificial web storage capacity vs. organic web fluid. But if you want to go down that route, there are capacity issues there as well.


      • I wonder what kind of vitamin supplement boosts web production in growing super heroes these days? ;) I’m a fan of the mechanical web shooters. Everything beyond that is merely suspension of disbelief & just having fun with it. With any luck, the production and the fans will all have fun and enjoy the movie.

        • Personally, the thought of it coming out of his arse would an interesting site to see. Of course that means a whole different movie…you know…one that could be shot in a day…with cheap music and bad sets…you know…porn

  9. Em honestly I’m not thrilled, but at least they’re trying something different. It’s worth a go. I’m more worried that they’ll checking off this film with breakneck speed to get it made!

  10. Well i know Ive said this before and if they are truly following the Ultimate story line which I beleive they are , then Peter’s Father is the one who comes up with the webslingers and and the formula, but it is incomplete and Peter finishes the work, that his father started, to make it operational. This would all fall in line with everything we have already heard about casting of Peter’s parents in this installment, That and the fact that Peter and Brock’s parents both where working on the Venom suit before they all died ,allegedly, in a plane crash. This story line set up a great trilogy of movies if done right, hopefully we will have a lot less drama then the previous movies but , I doubt that.

      • Actually, I remember the suit being a gift from the Beyonder in the Secret Wars. It was one of those gee whiz moments in Secret Wars since Peter’s suit got trashed in battle. It took him a long time to realize the symbiont was bad news.

        • Wasn’t the original black suit actually from some equipment that Spidey thought created clothing, rather than a gift from the Beyonder?
          I’ve got very vague memories of a lab scene in one of the Secret Wars comics when the suit/symbiote makes it’s first appearance.

      • And if you read In the ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN COMIC BOOK, THE SUIT HAS A DIFFERENT ORIGIN. This new Spiderman movie is suppose to be based on the Ultimate Spiderman written my Brian Michael Bendis it has no connection to Secret Wars

      • @hepkat umm..I beleive he mentioned it was from the ULTIMATE spider-man comics

  11. Some of the things some of you guys are saying sound like you don’t really know much about the character or his history and are making generalizations based on the last three films. Pick up some comics. Watch the Spec Spidey toon. You’ll see that mechanical webshooters DOES make sense and CAN work if done properly. It’s funny,I’ve never heard a true fan of the comics ever have issues with his webshooters. I really hope they do his internal monologing in this film.

    • I consider myself a fan of the comics and always thought the “running out of fluid” was a cheap device, like Human Torch’s Nova Blast, or an Arc Light blast from Iron Man “almost” killing Stark many times. Cheap thrills instead of good storytelling.

  12. It will sell more toys this way……. :)

  13. I have to reiterate what aslanenlisted said and have to ask on what planet is there a spider that can shoot webs from its front legs?

    Maybe his genetic enhancement gave him a special insight into how to make said fluid? Makes more sense that a boy genius creates a web-like compound that he can shoot rather than shooting webs from glands not even a spider has.

  14. The Spider-Man reboot is looking better by the day. The costume looks good. Garfield has Peter Parker hair. And now mechanical web shooters. I never understood why in the first place the first Spider-Man franchise went the route of organic shooters anyway. As if the rest of the movie wasn’t going to force you to suspend your belief anyway, and they did establish that Peter Parker was a techno-geek.

    So far, so good on this new movie franchise, they may actually get me to watch it.

  15. if you look at the picture closely where the belt would have been you can see that there is a belt-like shadow so there could very well be a belt. im still a little bit critical of the new suit design only because the spiderman suit is one of my favorites and sam rami’s version of it was perfect whereas this one looks a little over designed :P though i am thrilled that they are rebooting it. the 3rd movie was horrible. most of the sound effects in the 3rd movie were recycled from the first two films. i am also excited for the webshooters. the organic idea was cool but it didnt do anything to emphasize peter’s smarts. the tobey spidey seemed to be just a normal guy, not a genius like the real peter

    • Really? For me I always thought the old suit was a little overtop I mean I got the webs but I always thought they looked kinda glued on. I prefer the web design(pardon the pun) on this one because they really look like part of the costume like in the comics.

  16. How did you even notice them on his wrists??

  17. As far as the comics, I know that when he gets the venom costume he has organic webshooters and that made his life easier. I grew to accept the bio-shooters in the Raimi films, but I still miss the invented ones. If anybody has ever seen the movie “Desperado” with Antonio Bandaras (directed by Robert Rodriguez) you can see the dramatic benefit stopping to reload has on a situation. As far as practicality, I can understand where people are coming from. First off, a small cartridge would probably shoot one length of web before needing to be reloaded. For it to be able to shoot multiple webs it would need to be so thin you wouldn’t even be able to grab it, or it would cut your fingers off or something like that. For it to be pressurized to shoot as far as it does, any rupture would likely blow his hand off. Organic shooters may make better sense, but spiders don’t “shoot” their webbing, they drag it out. When you see a spider “shoot” its web, they’re actually just letting the wind take it somewhere. I guess there is a spider that “shoots” web, but it has venom in the web. Anyway, the point I’m making is no matter which direction you go, neither is scientifically accurate, it’s all just fun fantasy and should be treated that way. In the comics, the webbing degrades after a few hours, this would explain why he doesn’t use the webbing to make himself rich instead of swing from buildings, there’s no practical use for something that disintegrates relatively quickly. It’d be nice if that was like his thesis or something, trying to make web, but it’s a failed project because it degrades and he feels like a failure, only to find a use for it when he gains his powers. Anyway, I hated Spider Man 3 with a passion, so I can’t wait for this reboot!

  18. why not meet in the middle. lets propose a storyline where peter bonds with a symbiote and it mimics his web shooting ability and from then on alters his physiology even after hes not part of the symbiote but still gets organic webs from a further mutation?!