Todd McFarlane Writing ‘Creepy, Scary’ New Spawn Movie

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spawn face Todd McFarlane Writing Creepy, Scary New Spawn Movie

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has been talking about the next Spawn movie ever since the 1997 film adaptation of the popular comic book hit theaters. In recent months McFarlane has said that he currently has offers on the table for another Spawn film and even that he wanted Leonardo DiCaprio to star in a dark, adult-themed version of Spawn, which McFarlane has been pitching at every opportunity.

Well, now comes word that this “dark, adult-themed” Spawn is the version McFarlane has in fact settled on and that he is currently at work on the screenplay for the film, which will be neither be a reboot or a sequel, but rather a standalone film that McFarlane has been dreaming up for nearly a decade now.

If you missed our previous updates on this forthcoming Spawn movie, here’s what McFarlane has in mind: (paraphrasing) “It’s not a ‘comic book movie,’ it’s just a scary movie, a creepy movie, where everything is real except for one element, which is the character we know as Spawn.” The film would of course be Rated-R.

The actual plot of this new film would slightly alter the classic Spawn mythos of two police detectives (Sam and Twitch) on the trail of a supernatural killer who is dispatching crooks and mobsters around the city. In the new script, Sam and Twitch will reportedly be condensed into one cop character (the role McFarlane wants DiCaprio to play) who is caught up in a The Departed-meets-The Godfather mob investigation, until a mysterious and unseen entity shows up and starts slaughtering crooks. Unlike the 1997 film, which was more of a big-budget super hero flick, McFarlane’s new script will likely treat Spawn as more of a peripheral character – a supernatural catalyst for the crime drama.

Has somebody been watching The Dark Knight for pointers?

I like the idea for this new Spawn movie, but there is one problem I foresee: Spawn the comic book has so much mythology surrounding it at this point, with pretty much only a dedicated league of fanboys having followed the series in its later years. The concept McFarlane is going with for this new film would presumably ignore much of that mythology, leading to the inevitable fanboy outcry of whether it is “truly” Spawn at all.

However, ignoring fanboy mania for a moment: Some of my favorite issues of the Spawn comic were standalone issues dealing with normal people’s encounters with the demon hero, so this film does hold a certain amount of appeal for me. And, if a big enough star plays the role of the cop main character, I could see the film holding appeal for a fairly wide audience, if the reaction to the recent trailer for Legion has been any indication.

What do you think: does this new Spawn movie sound good to you?

Spawn is still being scripted and no word yet on a release date.

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  1. Either make the movie or don’t. Quit talking about “starting to write screenplay”.

  2. I loved Spawn when it was first published but man McFarlane has become such a joke. All he does is talk talk and talks some more about what he will do, oh and word to wise you are a little too old to be wearing clothes designed for a teenager.
    Does anyone really believe Leonardo DiCaprio is going to even read whatever script he writes?
    I hate to be a jerk but come on enough is enough.

  3. Hmmm, I’m on the fence. Leonardo DiCaprio is a good actor and all, but I haven’t really gotten into any of his movies, no offense to him but I wouldn’t like to see him in a darker adaptation for the comic. The first Spawn film I felt was necessary, and for the time, the comic was still (as compared to now) in it’s infancy and was as big and bad as the other comics out there. I just don’t know why it’s taking so long for McFarlane to do this, cause I’ve been hearing about this for sooo long now and it’s as if no progress has occurred. If he had spent all this time like actually working instead of counting his money, I think we’d have a good product here. And actually being a big Spawn fan, I am not looking forward to this project, if it ever gets done.

    sad, but true.

  4. That pic is HILARIOUS!!! He looks like a forty year old virgin.
    To the subject at hand, yes would enjoy seeing a Spawn movie made in similar to the HBO animated series in tone.

  5. @ adrian

    I agree, the HBO series is well done, it just makes me wonder…if he’s had this idea in his head for 10 years, is his story gonna hold it’s own? I mean, movies 2 years ago were horrible compared to movies that just came out this summer! I think if he revamps his story a little bit to adapt to all of the mindblowing stuff we’ve seen lately, we might be fine.

  6. From what I read in Kofi’s article, this new movie will not be anything like the HBO series. Seems like it will be like Se7en, with Spawn being Spacey’s character but the victims are not innocent. If it can have the same feel as Se7en, I may see it but I don’t know if McFarlane can write a screenplay as good as that. I would like a good Spawn movie too but this doesn’t sound like a Spawn movie to me.

  7. 1. McFarlane isn’t a good enough writer to pull this off.

    2. If he goes with this concept he will tick-off most Spawn who want to see the character as it is most times … a supernatural hero or sorts.

    3.If/when a studio picks this up because it is Spawn, a decent brand name, then there is no way in hades they aren’t going to want to feature the character it is named after … bye-bye Todd script.

    4. Dicaprio would never touch this movie, unless big changes were made (i.e. director, writer)

    5. McFarlane spews more crap on a consistent basis than a clogged toilet.

  8. Come on INK; dont’t beat around the bush, tell us what you REALLY think! 😎

  9. If they get Dicaprio to play the character then I’m not even gonna see this film. Don’t get me wrong I think hes a good actor, but doesn’t fit the part.

    I like the idea of doing a Spawn film. I enjoyed the first, and have been waiting for another film. Even if its has nothing to do with the first. As long as we finally get another film about the character.

  10. @Matt

    “As long as we finally get another film about the character.”

    This is the problem with what He wants to do. This film will have little to do about Spawn. It is focuse on the Sam/Twitch hyrbid character and not Spawn itself. This is why i beleive no studio will produce in this state.

    BTW – Don’t get me wrong, I love the SPawn comic at least until i stopped collecting comics. I still have the first 24 issues safely bagged, boarded and tucked away.

    • I don’t think it will be nearly as good as the first horror movie this horror movie that If McFarland changes it i vow not to watch it

  11. Seems like every 2 or 3 months for the last 12 years,
    McFarlanes just about to start a screenplay.
    I will beliive this is true only after I see a trailer.
    Right now, its the same old Smoke and Mirrors from the same old source.

  12. I’ll believe it when I see it he’ll take another 12 yrs to make it

  13. I collected and read Spawn until it hit 80 issues. Then I had enough; the comic didn’t seem to know where it was going, and McFarlane certainly didn’t.

    A more creepy and dark take on a Spawn movie would probably be good for the character, but this is a DVD rental for me if it ever comes out, just like the first one.

  14. I`m a big fans of a cop flicks such as the departed,street kings and more,so if mcfarlane want use this concept in the movie it would be great but i also wish that mcfarlane is not making another propaganda,in 2002 heard he has spawn 2 script sent to new line studio and the studio thinks its a great idea but now that spawn 2 is just a past rumor that don`t have any progress.I really hope that mcfarlane is seriously this time and no more promise and idea about getting leonardo or horror,crime movie but just get the job done fast

  15. Yea i deffinetily want to see another spawn movie first one kicked ass! But i think you should pick up where the first left off. Give people some info on the first in the beggining and like pick back up where it left off. Or make a prequel so people can understand the story. Its been so long since the first i think people have forgotten about the first movie. I have been a spawn fan ever since I was a little kid I had like every action figure. But deffinetily include some more characters! I mean theres so many other badass spawns out there. But either way i will go see it! But dont just talk about really do it. But thats just my opinion.

  16. I think it sounds awful. Fans of spawn want to see stuff from the comic books. Plus, honestly, why doesn it have to be adult themed? It would be nice to see some movies now a day that don’t have nudity.

    • you have the right idea, an action movie without the nudity and drugs, i’d rather have it as an action than horror honestly.

  17. I truly love the Spawn comic book series and some-what enjoyed the movie, i’d truly love to see a new movie of it be made i just hope they don’t stuff it up like some rebooted movies.

  18. I don,t care if it sucks harder than crack whore with five kids at christmass.I will just be greatful for a comic book movie that is not mindless crap made for kids, like all things marvel.

  19. I was a avid collector of spawn comics and toys and ive been waiting for another spawn movie to release since the first release in 1997. I really wanna see how this movie is gonna turn out…

  20. Nope. This sounds so stupid!

    • Im have a great appreciation for mcfarlane’s work and I’d love to see a new live action spawn film that was more like the hbo animated series which was absolutely brilliant. It’d be a welcome breath of fresh air from all the campy bubblegum b******* “revamps” Hollywood is regurgitating. I can’t wait

  21. My answer to that is hell no!! that would be a good idea If spawn wasn’t already well known. s*** all of us spawn fan’s have been waiting for a new spawn for a decade now. And to just put a 360 degree twist on the story line like that would cause a big confusion within the minds of all the die hard spawn fans out there. Now on the other hand if you want to put a more dark and demented twist on the oriannal story line that would be the s***. And if Michael j white can’t play the part And he needs a experienced but not sighed actor to play him s*** I’m your man I don’t look like mjw but I have the look for spawn. Oh yeah that’s right .

    • Bryan here again also want to say I have military experience also just got back from Afghanistan. So spawns character fits me. Lol.

  22. why no center role on spawn? why no mystical background? do you realise your leaving out the darn entirety of his character?!??!?! WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THIS YOU MAD MAN :( i wish i could go to the past and give that thought of a character to someone with a smarter mind. twitch and sam being turned into 1 single cop would be cool, but then you start dissolving the main character by removing mysticalness. the biggest chunk of spawn isnt his weaponry and chains, its where he came from and what hes battling?!?!?!? sahdgsajkldg i hate you tod. :,(

  23. why not just focus on the actual story… and since spawn is a increasingly long story, shorten it to where it could be a enjoyable saga in multiple movies for the next few years…. like star wars with demons, murder, and cops.


  25. This is ridiculous! This is like the damn Mandarin problem all over again. I mean g*dd*mnit why don’t you just kill the guy?! you’ve already cut off his balls!!! Some movies usually bomb in the theater releases but THIS! This is already fathoms deep in the hot steaming pile of diarrhea and that’s where it deserves to be. (SPAWN fan since 1995).

  26. Heres an idea…put the Spawn character in the hands of a director like Christopher Nolan, who can take a super hero character and give it that dark, more believable story. I would love to see a new Spawn movie, the character has tons of potential as a big screen movie. It just needs some producers to front some cash that wont put too many restraints on things. I don’t wanna see a Spawn movie that has a strict budget, therefore making it look like a B movie like the first one.

  27. I’ve been a spawn fan since I was 5 that’s the age I was when the movie came out. I’m 22. I think how far we have come with our visual effects and growing up in the 90s. Just the thought of how wicked there could be another movie made whatever is decided it will be great to see another apperance part of me wants it to be psychological thriller in its own creepy way. But then another wants me to see spawn annihilate everything. Either way got to see that crimson 40 ft cape lol

  28. I think it sounds like a good idea but 1 Michael jai white NEEDS to play the role of spawn and 2 spawn needs to get a good amount of screen time unlike the new Godzilla movie where Godzilla is only seen twice and of course we need to see violator at least a few times in the film