Confirmed: Jamie Foxx Wants to Play ‘Spawn’ in Movie Reboot

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Jamie Foxx Spawn Movie Confirmed: Jamie Foxx Wants to Play Spawn in Movie Reboot

Given the current onslaught of major comic book movie adaptations, it’s strange to think that there are many fans who not only never saw Spawn (1997), but have never heard of it. The moderately successful adaptation of Todd McFarlane’s cult hit may have been panned by critics, but as one of the darkest comic book films to ever reach the big screen, the creator has refused to let the thought of a reboot die – and he’s not alone.

Our suspicions – put forward months ago when McFarlane claimed to have a star actor interested – have proven true, as Jamie Foxx has now confirmed that he is “aggressively pursuing” the reboot. Will this be the push needed to get an R-Rated Spawn into theaters?

With Foxx on hand at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 thanks to his turn as ‘Electro’ in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the actor was asked by if there were any other projects he’s personally trying to make a reality:

“Spawn is one, yeah. And Mike Tyson. Those are two roles I would just love to do. I’m aggressively pursuing them.”

So the mystery has been solved: it was Jamie Foxx who McFarlane claimed was calling him on a monthly basis for not just a Spawn reboot, but a decade-spanning series of films.

Spawn Movie Reboot Update Confirmed: Jamie Foxx Wants to Play Spawn in Movie Reboot

That quote will likely come as bad news for Michael Jai White (who had hoped to reprise his role in any sequel), but good news for those who felt that while McFarlane may be a household name in the realm of comic books, a more well-known star would be needed to fast-track a reboot. As an Academy-Award-winning actor, Foxx is most certainly that.

However, the odds of seeing a Spawn film in the coming years that is actually faithful to the story and themes McFarlane seems intent on featuring are… less certain. For starters, major movie studios need to decide where they stand on R-Rated comic book adaptations – since the story of a man brought back from Hell to lead an army against Heaven is certainly an adult one.

Look no further than Dredd (2012) for evidence of the studios’ dilemma: an uncompromisingly faithful adaptation of the comic, hard-R-rated, generally liked by critics and fans, and its sequel now relying on fan demand. There’s no denying that an R-Rated film – at this point in time – seems bound to bring in a smaller audience than a watered-down, PG-rated superhero adventure. And (that’s a fact that keeps fans of Deadpool awake at night).

Amazing Spider Man 2 Electro Faceoff Confirmed: Jamie Foxx Wants to Play Spawn in Movie Reboot

For years, McFarlane has been working on getting a reboot off the ground after coming to the realization that his best chance for success was writing it himself, with a smaller target audience and scale, even if it meant circumventing a studio system that already bungled the property once:

“I’m 80% through the script, I did my due diligence, went around Hollywood… I listened to the pitch from all the big studios, but I just went, ‘nah, I need to make this small and tight and contained.’”

“And if we keep the budget small, they’ll allow me to do all of that. [But] if you blow up the budget… and I understand that. I wouldn’t hire me, either. But then I have to give it away.”

Now that Jamie Foxx is putting his voice behind the project publicly – while also starring as the villain in one of Sony’s most bankable series – expect to hear more about McFarlane’s once-hopeless reboot soon. We wouldn’t recommend anyone hold their breath just yet, but perhaps Foxx has more prosthetics and CG work in his future.

Do you think a Spawn reboot could work after the first attempt? Or is the lack of R-Rated comic book successes too impossible for studios to overlook? Sound off in the comments.


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  1. I would totally watch a Spawn movie, especially with Jamie Foxx in the lead.

    • Sure as heck beat Cuba Gooding Jr. for the role. When they announced that an academy award winner wants to play Spawn, out of the black actors who are young enough who have won an Oscar, it was like between Denzel Washington (who is probably not really young enough…), Jamie Foxx, or Cuba Gooding Jr.. From the way the article made it sound, that this mystery actor was “begging” for the role, I thought it had to be Cuba Gooding Jr. since his career is kind of at a low point right now… Glad I was wrong, lol.

      • lol!!

  2. this news alone should be enough to get them to make this movie


  3. first…

    thing i would like to say is that maybe they could do an ultra low budget “paranormal activity” version and make big profits from it.

    • So basically Jamie Foxx gets barely any screen time and nothing happens in the movie at all but stupid people still throw their hard-earned cash at the screen and make it a box office smash?

      Sounds legit.

    • hahahaha… you dont know what spawn is about. “ultra low budget” hahahahaha

    • You serious? Ultra low? They may as well hire you to sew youe own costume and play the character.

  4. Let’s go!

    I hope the budget isn’t too small…

  5. I’d watch it. I liked the original.

    Oh and as far as Dredd…..61,000 signatures in just one week alone for that sequel campaign.

    Both should happen, as well as Deadpool.

    • 61,000 signatures. The average ticket price in a theatre is ~$8. If everyone who signed that petition went twice, that is $976,000 at the box office. Not even one million. That’s the problem. To make a movie worthwhile, a studio needs MILLIONS of people to buy tickets, not tens of thousands. 61,000 people is a drop in the bucket in the movie business. Comics have less overhead, so 60,000 dedicated fans is enough to make money. Movies are different.

    • The less said about the original Spawn movie, the better. lol. The best news about the article is that both McFarelane and Fox acknowledge that that film was a complete disaster.

  6. I love Jamie Foxx for this role, but the 1 and only major problem is that Jack-Wad Todd Mcfarlane, last I heard he wants to make the film for something like 5 million dollars (1) because he is an IDIOT and more importantly (2) he will never let the rights to the character go with a Co. that would actually do it justice and spend the 100 million dollars it needs to make this movie the RIGHT WAY

    So TOO BAD for all the Spawn fans and for Jamie Foxx because SAD TO SAY WE WILL NEVER SEE A GOOD SPAWN FILM AS LONG AS HE (TM) IS ALIVE AND AS GREEDY AS HE IS…. Oh and did I mention that he is WHACKED OUT? THE DUDE IS CRAAAAZY

  7. I don’t really care who plays Spawn; if it gets made it could be awesome. It’s too bad it probably won’t be rated R.

    • Zackly..

  8. I’m in, even though I don’t care for McFarland’s script. He gave a pretty in depth summary of it and it sounds like a Sam & Twitch movie, not a Spawn movie.

  9. The HBO animated series back in the late nineties was faithful, mature, and overseen by McFarlane. There’s an audience for darker heroes, obviously, but Spawn as PG-13 can’t capture the tone of the source material. Go R or go home.

    • Agreed.

      • I still have that on VHS somewhere, I think. I may have to dust it off and watch it again. If I can find a working VCR, that is. LOL

    • Well, that is why the studios so far are going home. :/

  10. Spawn NEEDS to be Rated R to really do the material justice. Anyone seen that HBO Spawn Animated series from so many years ago? THAT is what Spawn should be like.

  11. It must happen

  12. R rating or nothing.. Spawn used to be my favorite series .. There is so much good material go on into a rated flick.. This time just leave out the crappy CGI caped from the first movie.. N u gotta have violator , vindicator n the rest of the brothers in it too.. This movie would be amazing if it was done right… Plez happen n be rated R

    • They could do a GOOD CGI cape this time though. If it worked for Man Of Steel, it can work for Spawn.

  13. No. I’d prefer MJW to return.

    • I too am a fan of Malcolm Jamal Warner #Theo

      • lol

        • Snootch..

  14. Several years ago McFarlane was playing with the idea of a lower budget simpler Spawn movie that actually follows detectives Sam and Twitch investigating strange events in the alleys of New York City.

    That seems like a fantastic introduction movie to me.
    Then things can grow and become more Spawn focused in sequels.

    Like Dredd kept the story simple and unencumbered by the larger mythos.
    And just like Green Lantern didn’t.

    • You can’t do a Green Lantern movie that takes place in a phone booth. he is kind of an Earth, plus the Universe kind of hero.

    • A “Spawn” movie that was about two detectives would be hated because it’d barely have any Spawn in it.

  15. He would own the role of Al Simmons. Hopefully it will happen soon. Most movies based on low tier comics tend to be some of the better movie adaptions. Dredd and Kick-Ass (Hopefully Kick-Ass 2). Say what you want about Watchmen but it was a good movie too. I don’t mean to insult Spawn by saying he’s low tier but to the general public he is. Fede Alvarez to direct!

  16. Will Smith should play Spawn!

    Jaime Foxx can produce.

    • ….no….

    • Terrible idea :/

    • No. No. And no. Michael Jai White or Jamie Foxx.

    • lol

      I was just joking, guys.

      • I was hoping that was the case…

      • Haha nice.

    • i think idris elba would be better spawn
      he looks much more intimidating than jamie foxx

  17. As if I didn’t already have enough reasons to hate the race war flaming Jamie Fox, now he goes and chooses to play one of the worst comic book characters to play one of the worst comic book characters to disgrace comics in the last twenty years. The disease that is Image comics has spread through DC and even now has begun spreading into Marvels “Guardians of the Galaxy” book.

    What can we do to just nip this vile thing in the bud? Who do I have to write to make sure this movie never happens?

    • What the hell are you even talking about?

      • That’s what I’m wondering.

      • Clearly…., he is talking about nothing at all.

    • You win the award for strangest comment of the night.

    • I couldn’t think of anything more disrespectful to respond to you with, so I’m going with “lol.”

    • Don’t worry, it won’t happen.

  18. As much as I respect the versatility of Jamie Foxx, I think Idris Elba would sell the role 100 times better. That dude is no joke!

    • +1

    • Right on.

      Idris Elba rocks. He’s got so much potential and he still hasn’t come close to demonstrating his coolness. ( Well, Pacific Rim is a step further. But just a baby step )

      • Heimdall and Luther are both incredibly cool.

    • That dude is simply badass, can definitely see him in the role. I’m starting to picture him in way too many roles these days.

      • He will never reach his full potential in silly roles like spawn, or even heimdall. He needs to be a lead actor in a established franchise (bond) or lead a very serious oscar contender movie. Its insane how he hasnt been pushed into stardum he is so good on luther

    • Abso-freeking-lutely!!!

  19. It has to be an R-rating… I’d definitely watch it.

    • Quentin Tarantino GAURANTEES an “R” rating.

  20. Yeah…bring back Michael Jai White.

  21. I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade, but Blade/1998 ($131,183,530.00) & Blade II/2002 ($155,010,032.00) are both considered R-rated CBM successes. The cost on both films was around the the $50 million dollar mark and back in 1998 & 2002 those returns are considered successes. So I’m not sure what you mean by “Or is the lack of R-Rated comic book successes too impossible for studios to overlook?”

    • People don’t really think of them as “comic book movies” very often. The comic character was very unknown to the general audiences, the films themselves are what brought the attention. Thus, the blade films, while being actual CBM, aren’t really viewed as such in general.

    • One of the main reasons why Blade made so much movie money at R-rated was because Wesley Snipes was starring in it. That’s the trick. Moviegoers wanted to see Snipes, and not necessarily the vampires.

  22. No, just no. Despite the original Spawn film being average at best Michael Jai White totally nailed the character and the aspect of him. I would rather have him return than Jamie Fox. Not trying to disrespect Fox but Michael Jai White was the original Spawn. I don’t even see Jamie Fox pulling off the dark and grim voice for Spawn or the sheer amount of emotions present within the character. He’s a great actor but Spawn isn’t for him, bring back Michael Jai White.

  23. While true-blue to the Bat, its really obvious that Hollywood is strictly about the money and NOT the fans. DC, Marvel, even Image and other panel pushers are “corporate” to one degree or another. What would be extremely smart of McFarlane to do would be to start a production house specifically for all these story lines which need an adult mind behind their production. There’s A LOT of stories that could use this treatment rather than get watered down in Hollywood’s gutless abyss of doing only what’s safe and bankable.

  24. I really don’t like Jaime Foxx, I have given him enough chances to impress me and he never does. I felt he was completely overwhelmed by far more talented actors in Django. He was a lead character that I didn’t care about and didn’t add any dynamics to his character.

    Best Jaime Foxx performance….. Horrible Bosses

  25. Sorry Jamie. But Michael Jai White IS Spawn. He did an awesome job with the character. A reboot with you as Spawn, just wouldn’t work.

  26. Yeah as much as I love Jamie foxx Michael jail white is who I can only picture doing spawn right…..and idris alba

  27. I like Michael Jai White but I much rather him play Luke Cage for Phase 3 Marvel Movies. I think he would be awesome as Luke Cage. And possibly Ray Park for Iron Fist. Heroes For Hire.

    • Not Park as Fantomex instead in an X-Force movie?

    • Didn’t you hear? Michael Jai White is playing Bronze Tiger in Arrow.

  28. I think Jamie Fox would actually do OK in this role. But I would love to see Idris Elba play Spawn. He would bring some serious heat to the role.

    The problem with the last movie is that they didn’t take it serious enough…at least the role of Martin Sheen. He was over the top campy. I think Leguzamo did a great job as the violator and MJ White did a good job with the script they had him working with.

    I would have liked to see it grittier though.

  29. Jai white is just awful in everything. Even his small role in the dark knight was terrible. Of course that’s my opinion. Glad he won’t be returning and can’t wait for a new spawn!