Confirmed: Jamie Foxx Wants to Play ‘Spawn’ in Movie Reboot

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Jamie Foxx Spawn Movie Confirmed: Jamie Foxx Wants to Play Spawn in Movie Reboot

Given the current onslaught of major comic book movie adaptations, it’s strange to think that there are many fans who not only never saw Spawn (1997), but have never heard of it. The moderately successful adaptation of Todd McFarlane’s cult hit may have been panned by critics, but as one of the darkest comic book films to ever reach the big screen, the creator has refused to let the thought of a reboot die – and he’s not alone.

Our suspicions – put forward months ago when McFarlane claimed to have a star actor interested – have proven true, as Jamie Foxx has now confirmed that he is “aggressively pursuing” the reboot. Will this be the push needed to get an R-Rated Spawn into theaters?

With Foxx on hand at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 thanks to his turn as ‘Electro’ in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the actor was asked by if there were any other projects he’s personally trying to make a reality:

“Spawn is one, yeah. And Mike Tyson. Those are two roles I would just love to do. I’m aggressively pursuing them.”

So the mystery has been solved: it was Jamie Foxx who McFarlane claimed was calling him on a monthly basis for not just a Spawn reboot, but a decade-spanning series of films.

Spawn Movie Reboot Update Confirmed: Jamie Foxx Wants to Play Spawn in Movie Reboot

That quote will likely come as bad news for Michael Jai White (who had hoped to reprise his role in any sequel), but good news for those who felt that while McFarlane may be a household name in the realm of comic books, a more well-known star would be needed to fast-track a reboot. As an Academy-Award-winning actor, Foxx is most certainly that.

However, the odds of seeing a Spawn film in the coming years that is actually faithful to the story and themes McFarlane seems intent on featuring are… less certain. For starters, major movie studios need to decide where they stand on R-Rated comic book adaptations – since the story of a man brought back from Hell to lead an army against Heaven is certainly an adult one.

Look no further than Dredd (2012) for evidence of the studios’ dilemma: an uncompromisingly faithful adaptation of the comic, hard-R-rated, generally liked by critics and fans, and its sequel now relying on fan demand. There’s no denying that an R-Rated film – at this point in time – seems bound to bring in a smaller audience than a watered-down, PG-rated superhero adventure. And (that’s a fact that keeps fans of Deadpool awake at night).

Amazing Spider Man 2 Electro Faceoff Confirmed: Jamie Foxx Wants to Play Spawn in Movie Reboot

For years, McFarlane has been working on getting a reboot off the ground after coming to the realization that his best chance for success was writing it himself, with a smaller target audience and scale, even if it meant circumventing a studio system that already bungled the property once:

“I’m 80% through the script, I did my due diligence, went around Hollywood… I listened to the pitch from all the big studios, but I just went, ‘nah, I need to make this small and tight and contained.’”

“And if we keep the budget small, they’ll allow me to do all of that. [But] if you blow up the budget… and I understand that. I wouldn’t hire me, either. But then I have to give it away.”

Now that Jamie Foxx is putting his voice behind the project publicly – while also starring as the villain in one of Sony’s most bankable series – expect to hear more about McFarlane’s once-hopeless reboot soon. We wouldn’t recommend anyone hold their breath just yet, but perhaps Foxx has more prosthetics and CG work in his future.

Do you think a Spawn reboot could work after the first attempt? Or is the lack of R-Rated comic book successes too impossible for studios to overlook? Sound off in the comments.


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  1. Any producer for “Spawn” needs to remember Terminator 2, 300, Aliens, Underworld and The Matrix were all Rated R! Just make the right movie for the right audience and the money will follow. Usually. I am just glad they are revisiting Spawn at all.

    • Yes. Absolutely. This needs to happen, and what you said is exactly what the studios need to be reminded of.

    • And why were they rated R?

      An R rating can cover a multitude of things and there can be a split second of an instacne that marks it R.

      So why is there a ‘need’ (under the MPAA ratings) to make this an R movie?

      “An R-rated motion picture, in the view of the Rating Board, contains some adult material. An R-rated motion picture may include adult themes, adult activity, hard language, intense or persistent violence, sexually-oriented nudity, drug abuse or other elements, so that parents are counseled to take this rating very seriously. ”

      “A PG-13 motion picture may go beyond the PG rating in theme, violence, nudity, sensuality, language, adult activities or other elements, but does not reach the restricted R category.”

      So what are people looking for to make this an R movie where a PG-13 movie would suffice?

      Ive read Spawn and watched the previous movie. A good writer can make the story just as good and compelling and keep it under an R.

      Same with Deadpool.

      • I think that it is NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL for Deadpool or Spawn to be ‘R’ rated!

        I don’t need every movie to be made for kids! It would actually be nice to go to a theatre, to see a comic book character that IS intended to be R rated and made that way, and NOT have kids/babies laughing or crying in my damn ear!
        HAS EVERYBODY been dumbed down? Why is it SUCH A BIG DEAL that a few characters have their own movies made the way they were intended?
        Yes, the swearing, nudity, violence, sexual content does NOT NEED TO BE THERE! BUT what is the problem if it is?

        I think people are just too damn sensitive and they need to just chill! If you cant handle some “bad words” or some extreme violence DONT GO SEE IT!! it is that simple, NOT every movie needs to be PG or PG-13.
        I would not mind a more adult take on some of the characters that are meant to be more adult!

        • Wait a more adult take on the way a comic book character is intended.

          So Deadpool was intended to be an R rated character? Spawn?

          You misinterpret my statements in your blathering.

          Most times the apparent ‘hold up’ of these movies is getting it rated or pass by ratings.

          Im saying why try to push that boundary when the stories can be told without the R rating?

          You have an assumption that is not true. The Deadpool books I have read (course there may be others) do not have cursing in them or nudity. Are you saying there are others out there? Or the character was intended to have nudity and cursing yet the comics are not portraying them as such?

          Being more ‘adult’ as you put it does not mean it needs to have cursing and booby shots. Thats more of a juvenile thing. To get (mostly) the people that are between a kid and an adult.

          What is more adult? Are you saying adults can not enjoy a movie unless it has cursing, boobs and extreme violence?

          Im not saying there is a problem if there is but if there is no need for it or there is a way to portray (the subject matter) without showing it why would you?

          Just to scratch some juvenile itch?

          Not that I dont mind boobs, cursing and extreme violence…. its just in some cases it probably ruins the film more then it helps. and can be a hindrance in the making of the film. Again this depends on the reason the R was given.

        • Hm…I think you’re missing the point entirely. It’s not that people have some kind of moral objection to the kind of content that would be in an R rated film, it’s pure economics. Fewer people go to see R films than PG-13 films. Some more conservative adults do not want to see that sort of content, yes, but also kids and teens aren’t going to see it nearly as much as if it were a PG-13. It’s all about the potential $$$.

  2. Why not just get Michael Jai White back? It’s not like he’s too old, he’s 45, same age as Jamie. They’re actually a day apart according to Wikipedia. And is Foxx just after every role Jai White has ever done because he was Tyson too at one point.

    • lol. That is a funny point. I had the same thought a second there, on the Tyson and Spawn thing. Personally, as much as I’d love to see White getting more action roles (because seriously, his talents are being completely wasted by Tyler Perry!), I’m not sure if I’d want him back as Spawn.
      The situation with Spawn is a lot like Batman (who, interestingly enough, Spawn had a crossover with). The ’97 Spawn film was like the Batman&Robin of the franchise. The only way to respectably do this would be to completely reboot it.
      If Michael Jai White is itching to play a superhero again, I think he’s better suited for Marvel at this point. Bring him in as Luke Cage. Now that’s a role that White can sink his teeth into.

  3. MAKE this movie. Most everyone i’ve EVER talked about Spawn with is dying to see a sequel or a reboot. The only reason there isn’t alot of talk about it these days, is because it’s been well over a decade since anything, out of the comic realm, has been heard about it.. There is an audience. 90% of it probably owns the movie and/or a buttload of comics, or they most always stop what they’re doing to sit and watch it when it actually comes on tv. If it doesnt happen, i have to say, someone will hade make a strait up terrible decision. If you just break even making it, it’s still a worthy piece of culture to exist. Sorry but that’s entirely true.

  4. I’d rather see Michael Jai White as Terry Fitzgerald and Foxx as Spawn honestly. Sure it’d be a supporting character for White but at least he’d be in it and Terry would look right. But who to play Wanda Blake and Jason Wynn??

  5. A spawn film done in the way of 300 or sin city man would that good, but spawn needs to be done in the light of The Dark Knight and Man of Steel, because that is what audiences want to see seriousness in a comic book character

  6. Personally, Spawn(1997) was good enough no need to reboot

    • Really?

    • Spawn (1997) was HORRIBLE!The only thing that was worthy of the franchise in that movie was John lequizamo as the Clown.I like Micheal Jai White but he was horrible as Spawn. Not sure if the role didn’t work for him or if he just couldn’t pull it off. I think he’s grown in his craft quite a bit since then but not sure he’s right for a successful reboot which I really think is needed.


  8. Nice.

    Get Tarrantino to direct!!!

  9. Spawn was never really a big person and the only body part they mostly shown from the comics was his ghoul-like face. So *meh* :/

  10. Omar Sy as Spawn. DO IT.

  11. I’m a hugh Spawn fan and would LOVE to see a movie come out about Spawn.

  12. If you make it, make it noticeable that the rating of this movie is R. I’m sure fans would watch it regardless but for new fans they need a little push to even think of watching this in Theaters.

  13. Jamie Fox is as good for this role as Timothy David Olyphant for Hitman. Gimmie Micheal Jai White.

  14. Foxx is def a good actor, but Michael Jai White should be brought back no questions asked. Under-rated actor

  15. PLEASE make another spawn movie whether it’s the sequel or reboot Idc I just want to see something done with it. It’s too good of a story to leave alone.

  16. I would like to see Michael Jai White back in the suit and in the reboot of this epic movie and I can’t wait until the movie arrived